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Willy Rocks The Nation

Belgian rock station WILLY has received a substantial imaging update. Three years ago, the digital-only station started with a limited imaging toolbox built around solid basses, resounding guitars, and pounding drums.

Today, BRANDY has added 7 custom-made idents. Robust, functional and musical. The new package makes WILLY instantly recognizable.

Diederik Decraene, Managing Director at Brandy: “In a digital world, only brands with a highly distinctive profile survive. The radio brand WILLY has a superior alternative music format that’s presented by a range of presenters who know what they are talking about and who also have a story to tell.”

Brandy was asked to build a sonic identity that draws the listener to immediately identify with that particular station.

“That recognisability is essential,” says Tom Van der Biest, Brandy’s Creative Director.

“In just a few seconds, the jingles have to tell what WILLY stands for. But they also have to help the DJs tell their stories, to make truly contemporary radio, to generate flow. And when you listen to WILLY, you hear that this is perfectly possible – even for a station that always rocks!”

Discover an aircheck at https://soundcloud.com/brandingcompany/music-matters

Brandy’s Memorable Sound on WNIC Detroit


A new series of jingles, produced by Brussels-based BRANDY, is on air at the legendary station WNIC in Detroit. This is the third time that morning host Jay Towers has called on the Belgian branding agency. Tracks from the Kick Up series were used as the basis of the new package and then were tailored for one of the leading morning shows in the States.

For the third year in a row, BRANDY has produced the audiobranding for ‘Jay Towers in the Morning’. The American radio and television personality has again selected tracks from the Kick Up catalogue, which is continually being expanded. The tracks are edited and crafted to sound as if they have been custom-made. “The special thing about Brandy is the unique sound they create,” says Jay Towers of WNIC. “Brandy always finds ways to give our show a memorable sound to enhance our brand. And it just can’t be duplicated.”

Tom Van der Biest, Creative Director at Brandy: “It’s a pleasure to work with Jay. He knows exactly what he wants. And a strong end-result almost always starts with a strong briefing.”

Jay Towers: “Consistency is everything for us. With our show, with our features. And when you use jingles, you want them to be an extension of your brand. They should never sound out of place. They have to be part of the fabric of your show. And our listeners come up and sing our Brandy jingles to us. So Brandy, Detroit loves you!”
Listen to the jingles… and Jay:


Brandy is a European consultancy and production company, based in Brussels, specializing

Brandy and TOP Make You Move: New Name, Slogan and Jingles for TOP


TOPradio is now TOP – and the station chose BRANDY to add musical and recognizable power to this change. In the last few months, the station has undergone a metamorphosis: new state-of-the-art studios, an updated program schedule – and also, since this week, ‘We Make You Move’ as a slogan and a complete jingle makeover.

The reactions to the audio design for a station with a unique positioning and a distinct musically danceable format are unambiguous: the result is top!

With the design for TOP, Brandy has once again created a unique jingle sound that accents TOP’s ‘hits with a beat’ format. The station also sought a highly recognizable auditory identity – and our audio wizards found the building blocks for this in the station’s new ‘We Make You Move’ slogan. “The fact that Brandy was involved in choosing the slogan is not only a sign of confidence in our expertise,” says Tom Van der Biest, Creative Director at Brandy. “It also helped bring the right ingredients together for a strong sonic brand.”

Brandy produced 8 basic jingles, a top of the hour, beds and service beds for weather and traffic. Moreover, the jingles received a thorough post-production treatment.

“The result is astonishing. Thanks to Brandy’s boundless creativity, TOPradio has literally become TOP,” TOPradio’s Bram Vanhee comments. “The collaboration with Tom and his team was intense and fantastic. The station’s sound has been perfectly translated into the new audio design. The immediately recognizable audio logo combined with today’s musical sounds achieve an unprecedentedly high international level.”

Here’s how it sounds: https://soundcloud.com/brandingcompany/we-make-you-move

Radio 2 Enters Into New Partnership With Brandy

Belgian market leader, RADIO 2, is working with BRANDY again. The station has faced its  most massive makeover in over a decade. And now the station wants to reflect better being  a part of the public broadcaster VRT. The station got a new slogan and wants to be connected  with a more contemporary form of radio. Brandy was asked to produce an extensive jingle package including show starts, flow jingles, beds and a series of service elements.  

The challenge for Radio 2 was big and probably a bold move. The addition of “VRT” to the logo  means the station is embarking on a new path. Radio 2 wants to break new ground in terms of sound  to improve its alignment with contemporary music production and better meet the changing  expectations of the listener. The broadcaster used a European competition to find a partner who  could translate these strategic choices into efficient sonic branding.  

Bart De Raes, Imaging Director Radio 2: “It’s a big change. Thankfully, the whole team is very  enthusiastic about the new station sound. It’s fresh and innovative while still being familiar to the  listener. The most heard reaction from the Radio 2 presenters and producers is that the jingles give  their programmes a fresh, cool sound. This adds a new dimension to Radio 2”.  

“It is an honour for our consultants and producers to fulfil such an important assignment,” says  Diederik Decraene, Managing Director at Brandy. “We know the station very well and are happy to  pick up the Radio 2 thread again and support Bart and the imaging team. The result is a  contemporary jingle package that fits the ear very well yet is sufficiently distinctive compared to  commercial broadcasters. After all, Radio 2 was explicit about this”.  

Here’s how it sounds: https://on.soundcloud.com/h4Fuu 

New Dutch Sing-Along In The Making: This Is Joe

Joe 70s & 80s is a new national radio station that went on air at the beginning  of this month via DAB+ in the Netherlands. The station called on BRANDY  for its sound – and the result is a contemporary package that perfectly  matches the music of the 70s and 80s. The music was originally composed  for Joe in Belgium; so, the tracks for Joe 70s & 80s received new vocals and  a very catchy ‘This is Joe!’ sonic logo. 

DPG Media Nederland, which also owns Qmusic, started the new national channel on 1 May via DAB+. Joe 70s & 80s plays classics and hits from those 2 decades.

From ABBA to ZZ Top, from George Michael to Michael Jackson, and from Prince  to Queen … the station focuses on the time when disco, funk, soul and rock reigned supreme.

The jingles for Joe 70s & 80s are a customized production of jingles from the ‘Joe  All the Way’ packages, which were produced for the station of the same name in Belgium.

Have a listen to the aircheck here:

Visit the Brandy Jingles website: https://www.brandy-jingles.com

The Ultimate Kick For Radio Branding

The ‘Kick Up’ jingle series has been expanded again. Eight new tracks – with a high sing-along factor and huge doses of enthusiasm and positivity – fit perfectly with any Hot AC format. For CHR stations, the Brandy producers have pulled out  all the stops to provide muscular remixes.  

Kick Up is on air in the USA, Poland, Ireland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

The Kick Up package is continuously growing bigger to respond to current music trends.  These tracks form the basis for the on air design of dozens of radio stations around the  world. And yet they all sound different. The unique personalization allows each station  to retain the energy and feel-good of the base tracks – but with the updated sonic logo  and unique vocal sounds, the jingles sound like they’ve been custom-made.

For more information, visit https://www.brandy-jingles.com/en/

Have a listen to the air check:

LFM Goes For Unique Sound In Radio

What can distinguish LFM in the Swiss radio landscape? Its on-air branding! So  the market leader among French-language commercial stations in Switzerland is  working with BRANDY, the Belgian producer of sonic design. This spring, LFM is  receiving 10 new tracks – and 3 of them have been custom-produced for the station’s morning show. As the commercial market leader in French-speaking Switzerland, LFM is known for its  solid content and exquisite musical format. By implementing the new audio branding at  the end of 2020, LFM added a decisive factor.

Fabrice Benedet, Artistic Director at LFM: “Brandy’s powerful jingles give LFM a strong emotional colouring. In no time, they became part of the original soundtrack in Suiss Romande.”

This spring Brandy produced a hybrid package with original tracks for the morning show  and jingles that were first composed for Joe and Radio 2 in Belgium. “And yet every track,  every jingle, sounds like it was custom-made. At the same time, everything forms a  unified whole,” says Diederik Decraene, Managing Director at Brandy. “That makes a  hybrid production advantageous: it delivers a unique sound for a lower budget.” 

Have a listen to the aircheck:

Ukraine 12-12 Sounds Unisono Via 6 National Radio Stations

The major media houses in Flanders – VRT, DPG Media, SBS and Mediahuis – are  joining forces on behalf of the victims of the invasion of Ukraine. Today, 17 March, they  launch the Ukraine 12-12 benefit action on 3 television channels and 6 national radio  stations. The sonic branding was created by branding agency Brandy. 

Radio 2, MNM, Studio Brussel, Nostalgie, Qmusic and Joe broadcast 14 hours of live radio  dedicated to helping the citizens of Ukraine. In the evening, a TV show will be broadcast on  één, VTM and Play4. 

Bart De Raes, who is coordinating the sonic branding for the project, recalls teaming with  Brandy: “A benefit action on 6 radio stations at the same time – what does that sound like? We  got together with Brandy to work on this question. Given the situation, we want to keep it  serious enough – still, the nature and tone-of-voice of the stations require a certain lightness,  a certain smile. Not an easy exercise, but you should definitely hear the result!” 

Brandy developed a recognizable musical theme and integrated it into tracks from the  international KickUp jingle series. Anne Paulissen and Wouter Landuyt were cast as voice overs. Listen to a selection via


Tomorrowland’s One World Radio Goes Worldwide With Brandy

ONE WORLD RADIO – TOMORROWLAND’s radio station – is celebrating its 3rd  anniversary with an imaging update produced by BRANDY. The ID package builds  on the unique orchestral sound of the world’s best dance festival. One World  Radio can already be received nationwide 24/7 in various European countries via  DAB+ and FM, and it’s also on air on Saturdays via Qmusic in the Netherlands and  Fun in France. 

Tomorrowland is a monument in the world of entertainment. And one of the pillars of its  success is that it requires the highest standard in everything it undertakes. When it  launched a radio station 3 years ago, it chose Brandy as its imaging partner for One  World Radio. Which was the start of a dream – and perfectly natural – collaboration, says  Stijn D’hont, head of Music Programming at OWR: “Tomorrowland wants to bring people  together: uniting the People Of Tomorrow with The Sound Of Tomorrowland 24/7 all  across the world. Brandy is unique in its ability to communicate that DNA in its  productions.” 

A new spectacular ID is the basis for a toolbox in which One World Radio can easily  process quotes and voiceovers. Tom Van der Biest, Creative Director at Brandy: “We’re  building on the unique orchestral sound that is so characteristic of Tomorrowland. The synths and timeless classical instruments come together in a tight hybrid orchestral  sound. The intention was to immediately create a lot of momentum in the basic ID while  still being able to build up enough musically.” Here’s how the main ID sounds:


Qmusic 2022 – The Sound of Today’s Musical CHR Imaging

The commercial market leader in Belgium and the Netherlands, Qmusic is one of the sexiest radio brands in Europe. And as the station strives to innovate continuously with its imaging, Brandy reinvented the power intro especially for Qmusic’s image … and Q made it hot again! 

The station wants to set the example in all areas in 2022 as well. The latest jingle package – ‘Q Hits Better’ – was remixed to drive the energy levels completely through the roof at certain moments. This is the sound of musical CHR today.

Get Brandy Jingles for your station now, head to www.Brandy-Jingles.com for more.

Champagne FM Pops With Brandy Jingles

More than ever, Champagne FM is positioning itself as ‘La radio pop’ in the  Champagne-Ardenne region (France). So, in their search for an earcatching sonic  signature, the station turned to Brandy Jingles. The Belgian audio designers  created a new and super-recognizable sonic logo that clearly distinguishes the  package of 11 jingles and the news styling. 

Following Contact FM and RDL, Champagne FM is the third station of the Rossel Radio  group to receive an imaging makeover from Brandy. 

The Champagne FM team selected basic tracks from Brandy’s extensive catalogue – each track then received a remake tailored to the brand with an updated logo and catchy  vocals. 

The jingles fit perfectly with the station’s optimistic, lively and familiar atmosphere. 

We are delighted to be working with Champagne FM,” said Diederik Decraene, Brandy’s  Managing Director. “Among other things, the station was looking for an effective way to  bring its new ‘La radio pop’ claim to the market. With this branding, they’ll be able to  captivate listeners with the positioning in no time.” 

Here’s how the package sounds:


Champagne FM is part of Rossel Radio, the French pole of Belgian Groupe Rossel, and has a  daily reach of just under 120,000 listeners. You can listen to the station in the Champagne Ardenne region and in the l’Aisne département. 


Brandy is a European consultancy and production company, based in Brussels, specialising in  on-air branding for media companies. Hear more packages at www.Brandy-Jingles.com.

Virage, Unique Styling For Electro-Rock Radio by BRANDY Jingles

Edgy, punchy, and full of character – that’s the sound that BRANDY has created  for VIRAGE Radio in France. The 10 custom-produced instrumental tracks make  the station instantly recognizable. 

Part of Espace Groupe in France, Virage Radio’s unique format combines a strong  selection of rock with distinctive, unconventional electro.

The Brandy team was  challenged to develop sonic branding that goes beyond the playlist and announces what  the station stands for. “Virage clearly wants more than the obvious sweeps: sound effects  and voice-over,” says Tom Van der Biest, Brandy’s Creative Director. “The Virage  package is a catchy combination of electronic and acoustic elements. It’s edgy,  recognizable and musical. Moreover, it was great to be able to sink our teeth into music  that is less common in radio imaging. This out-of-the-ordinary package was really cool  to produce!” 

Brandy created an instrumental logo that forms the foundation for the IDs.The basic  package consists of 10 tracks that can be easily adapted for other stations with a similar  format and 100% personalized with the station voice. The sonic logo can be customized  and is a great tool to use in liners and sweepers. 

Here’s how the new package sounds:

Visit Brandy Jingles at https://www.brandy-jingles.com/

Jingles To Sing Along With All The Way: JOE 2021 Package by BRANDY Jingles

A year after its restyling, the Belgian AC station JOE has enlarged its jingle package with 6 new tracks that have been produced by BRANDY Jingles from Brussels. The package is an example of how sonic branding that fits perfectly between the biggest hits from the past 50 years also sounds current. 

This summer, JOE launched a preview of the new styling. Half of the package was remixed in special summer versions of the new jingles. Along with 3 other tracks, they are now also on air in their ‘regular’ versions for the new radio season. 

The jingles are a perfect addition to ‘JOE Your Greatest Hits All the Way’ – the package  that went on air exactly one year ago. The energetic sound of the basic package has  been expanded with several softer cuts. Moreover, the references to the music of the  80s make the package match perfectly with the vibe of today’s hits. 

Here’s how the new package sounds:

The 2nd commercial radio station in Dutch-speaking Belgium, JOE focuses on an adult audience  and programs both recent hits and classics. 

Along with Qmusic, JOE is part of the DPG Media media group, which also owns the various VTM  TV stations and Het Laatste Nieuws, Belgium’s largest newspaper. 

Brandy is a European consultancy and production company, based in Brussels, specialising in on-air branding for media companies, for more info visit www.brandy-jingles.com

Smack Trax, Distinctive Sonic Branding from Brandy Jingles

MNM, the youth brand of public broadcaster VRT, has launched its newest jingle  update. “The reactions from DJs and listeners tell the story: this is another  magnificent package,” says Bart De Raes, Imaging Director at MNM. BRANDY has produced a series of new station IDs, styling for theme weeks such as  Marathon Radio and end-of-year celebrations. In addition, several programmes have  received their own generic, one of which was played by a small symphonic orchestra. 

The Smack Trax series is now in its 7th edition. Together with MNM’s management,  BRANDY devised a clear line for the station’s unique sonic branding. 

Bart De Raes: “With familiar recipes, but also with a serious dose of innovation, Brandy has  succeeded perfectly in finding the balance between a classic radio jingle and a modern  sound like you hear in music today. A crazy idea – we want a programme tune played by a  live band – can become reality. And how!” 

With these kinds of productions, we can illustrate our team’s versatility,” says Tom Van der  Biest, Brandy’s Creative Director. “Every time MNM knows how to challenge us, not only in  sound but also in coming up with sonic branding that answers all the needs of this digital  media age. And it’s especially nice when we can once again produce something that you  don’t hear anywhere else.” 

Here’s how the new jingles sound:

MNM is the youth station of the Dutch-language public broadcaster VRT. The station draws a daily  reach of 8,9% and a market share of 7,7% (C.I.M. RAM Mar-Jun 2021). MNM brings contemporary  hits and lots of information for and by young people.  

Brandy is a European consultancy and production company, based in Brussels, specialising in on-air  branding for media companies, hear more at https://www.brandy-jingles.com

Brandy Provides Jingle Update For Metropolys

Metropolitan, recognizable, and positive – that’s how you can describe Metropolys’  sonic identity. The 6 new Brandy jingles make the station’s imaging 100% up to  date. The tracks were selected from the Kick catalogue, which is constantly being  expanded and forms the basis for the branding of radio stations around the world. 

Brandy Jingles has been Metropolys’ (France) imaging partner for 12 years now. The  station draws the basis of its styling from the Kick series – Brandy’s most extensive  catalogue of contemporary, musical jingles that also fit into a wide-spanning playlist. And  that last advantage is precisely one of the hallmarks of Metropolys, which programs both  current hits as well as classics from Kool & the Gang or Depeche Mode. 

Metropolys prefers distinctly female vocals that give the station instant recognisability  and distinguishes it from its colleagues. 

This is what the new jingles sound like: https://bit.ly/3hbFivE 

Metropolys serves the north of France (les Hauts de la France) with a one-of-a-kind  musical format that is a mix of recent hits and an exquisite selection of groovy classics  from the past 30 years. The station is the market leader among independent radio  stations in the metropolitan area of Lille. 

Listen to all the packages produced by Brandy Jingles at www.brandy-jingles.com.

Brandy Pumps Extra Energy Into Qmusic

Qmusic, one of the sexiest media brands in Europe, has a new on-air styling.  Following their introduction last week in the Netherlands, the jingles can now also  be heard via Qmusic in Belgium.

The package was developed and produced by  Brandy together with the station’s designers.

The sonic logo and the slogan have  remained the same, but the production of the jingles is an innovative updating for  the DJs as well as the listeners. 

Qmusic is the commercial market leader in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Hits and  Feel Good are the mission, which has been translated into a new and energetic – but  extremely musical – sound.

In the last few years, this combination has almost become  Brandy’s trademark. The structure of the jingles makes them even more enjoyable for  the DJs to use. And the sound evokes an instant good feeling! 

Brandy is a European consultancy and production company, based in Brussels,  specialising in on-air branding for media companies. Visit the website: http://www.brandy-jingles.com

Brandy Adds More Sizzle to LFM, Joe, MNM On Air Sound

The Summer of 2021 made a new mark in radio from the world leader of audio branding BRANDY Jingles. Dubbed the hottest summer yet in the Brandy studios, expect more branding quality staring autumn and the beginning of next year on radio stations all over Europe.

And of course, there had to be a build-up to these warmest months. Ukuleles, ocean drums, slide whistles, congas, bongos, … were brought in and out, so that summer fairly splashes from the radio.

Listen to these sounds for LFM, MNM and Joe. Hear more at www.brandy-jingles.com.


LFM, the largest French-speaking commercial radio station in Switzerland,  has chosen BRANDY as its new imaging partner. The Belgian branding  house has created a new sonic logo and implemented it in a new fresh on air  sound. The package includes 10 jingles, a top of the hour, and beds for news  and weather. 

At the end of last year, LFM chose Brandy’s sound for its Christmas styling. Now,  that avant-premiere of LFM’s new sonic logo has received a definitive follow-up. ‘LFM, les plus belles chansons’ has been integrated into a stylish, contemporary  jingle package that radiates great positivity. The clever integration of the slogan  gives the logo even more character and melodic recognisability. 

Fabrice Benedet, Artistic Director at LFM: “Brandy has done a wonderful job! LFM  needed a thorough makeover. And that mission has been accomplished thanks to  all the talent Brandy is known for”. 

The LFM package is composed of custom-made tracks and a few tracks from the  Brandy catalogue in which LFM’s new sonic logo has been incorporated. Have a listen to the aircheck

Jay Towers, WNIC on Top of the Holidays

Brandy Jingles and WNIC are kicking off the holidays with a brand new set of Christmas jingle imaging.

“I’m proud to announce our most recent Christmas production for WNIC’s morning show “Jay Towers in the Morning”. 

Diederik Decraene, Managing Director, BRANDY Jingles

These jingles are based on tracks from our The Kick catalogue which is on air in several European countries.

Listen to the package here and hear more at www.brandy-jingles.com

JOE’s AC Jingle Package 2020 – Sonic Branding at its very best @BrandyJingles


The Belgian AC station JOE sounds brand new. BRANDY Jingles (Brussels) created the sonic branding: an extensive jingle package that builds on the ‘Joe All  the Way’ musical theme while reflecting Joe’s musical promise ‘Your Greatest Hits’  even better than before. The result is a contemporary package that fits with the  greatest hits of the past 50 years, but, at the same time, makes a strong connection to the sound of today. 

The sound that Brandy has created for Joe breathes positivity and goes with the station’s  very wide and eclectic selection of musical styles: rock by the Stones to disco by the Bee  Gees, new wave by The Cure to Latino pop by Shakira, ballads by Céline Dion to electro  dance by Daft Punk, to the hits from today’s charts. 

The contemporary touch was very important in the production,” says Tom Van der Biest,  Creative Director at Brandy. “Joe plays a lot of classics but chooses to sound like a  station that is very close to what is happening right here and now. In addition, the jingles  give the station its own unique and instantly recognizable sound. That’s sonic radio  branding at its very best.” 

Here’s how the new jingles sound: https://bit.ly/3e5gl26


For the new radio season, BRANDY has produced an imaging update for  Qmusic. The radio station, which airs in the Netherlands and Belgium,  strives to constantly respond to the changing expectations of its audience,  and it wants this to be heard in the styling too. Not by placing new music  beds under the existing vocals, but by regularly adding custom-made  jingles to the existing package. 

Last year, Qmusic changed its claim. ‘Q Sounds Better With You’ is now solidly  established, and that slogan is also the common thread in the new tracks. 

For us, as jingle producer, Qmusic has always been an outsider,” says Tom  Van der Biest, Brandy’s Creative Director. “They were the first major media  brand in Western Europe to re-introduce power intros – but always tailored to  the song. And even now, they are one of the few hit stations to opt for a distinctly  musical jingle sound.” 

Here’s how the new jingles sound:

Visit www.brandy-jingles.com now to hear more.

Smack Trax 5 by BRANDY Jingles Radiates Unique Sound of MNM


BRANDY has once again augmented the SMACK TRAX package for MNM  with several new jingles and beds for news, weather and traffic. The  Smack Trax jingle catalogue now comprises more than 35 tracks that  combine poppiness, a certain coolness and feel good. 

MNM wants to reach and connect with young people in a positive way – and to  radiate this DNA in every way possible, including in its styling. The result is unique.

Hit broadcasters all over the world bombard their listeners with  explosive impacts, a wall of sound effects, and, often, screaming voices. MNM  is opting for a musical alternative: customization in the world of sonic branding.  And that’s exactly what we like to sink our teeth into at Brandy,”.

Tom Van  der Biest, BRANDY’s Creative Director

Have a listen to the aircheck: https://bit.ly/2ZYsQGM. Visit brandy-jingles.com to hear more.

Contact FM Powers Up with Brandy

Contact FM, the largest independent radio station north of Paris, is kicking off the new radio season with a complete jingle makeover. The new package is designed by Brandy with whom the station has been working for 12 years. It better reflects the station’s DNA and audience expectations. 

This update of Contact FM’s imaging extends beyond a simple refresh of the largest radio station of the Rossel La Voix publishing group. The station has also seen a renewed increase in market share. It is precisely this market leadership, pursuit of innovation, as well as positivity and connection that the station seeks to emit through its on-air imaging. Brandy was responsible for the creative and production. 

Contact FM is in a positive vibe, which motivates us to continue evolving. We have implemented several structural improvements to our flow which require some adjustments by our DJs and I’m sure our audience will welcome the changes. Brandy was the ideal sparring partner.” 

Nicolas Pavageau, Director of Groupe Rossel’s Radio Unit.

Brandy held an extensive voice casting to create a unique vocal sound that further differentiates Contact FM. The ‘top of the hour’ sequence has also received a complete makeover. The new jingle package consists of 12 station IDs, a top of the hour and new beds for news, weather and traffic. Have a listen to the aircheck: https://bit.ly/3lIL9t1

Brandy is a European consultancy and production company, based in Brussels, specialising in on-air branding for media companies, visit www.brandy-jingles.com.

WNIC, Jay Towers celebrate 30 years of impressive radio with @BrandyJingles package that stands out

WNIC, Jay Towers in the Morning Jingles by Brandy Jingles


The popular morning show of the legendary WNIC radio station in Detroit has received an imaging update, produced by BRANDY Jingles in Belgium. The programme’s host, Jay Towers, was looking for a way to differentiate himself and found it in a series of Coming Up beds and sung programme jingles with integrated station calls. 

Over the past couple of decades, hundreds of European radio stations have used jingles that were originally produced for American colleagues. But ‘Jay Towers in the Morning’ did exactly the opposite and selected some tracks from Brandy’s Kick catalogue, which is on air in several European countries. 

“Although the musical basis might be the same, the jingles sound as if they were tailor- made for WNIC,” says Brandy’s Creative Director, Tom Van der Biest. “A successful radio station simply cannot be satisfied with less.” 

Jay Towers, WNIC Detroit’s morning DJ, comments: “I have been in the business for 30 years and have worked with just about all of the fantastic imaging companies – but Brandy’s refinement was a new experience for me.”

“The detailed work with Brandy is like nothing I’ve ever been a part of”, the morning show host added.

A bed was produced from each track and super-effective shotguns were recorded with catchy programme and station branding. 

“We are very proud that we were able to surprise an experienced on-air personality like Jay. He knows exactly what he wants to achieve with his imaging. And that’s when Brandy is at its best. The result is artful jingles that can be used to make the most impressive radio,” concludes Diederik Decraene, Brandy’s Managing Director. 

Learn and hear more about Brandy Jingles at www.brandy-jingles.com

Brandy Jingles Raised The Bar Again With New Package for Radio Contact

RADIO CONTACT is celebrating its 40th anniversary – and market leadership in French-speaking Belgium – with a complete makeover.

BRANDY was selected as the new imaging partner. 15 new jingles, a super-catchy top of hour, and service beds for news, weather and traffic are the first fruits of this partnership.

Since the end of last year, with a market share of almost 16%, Radio Contact has been the best listened to radio station in the south of Belgium. And it’s no coincidence that this station – which is part of the RTL group – is now working with Brandy. “We want to keep raising the bar, both creatively and strategically,” says Diederik Decraene, Managing Director at Brandy. “So, we’re very happy that we can team up with the leading radio station in French-speaking Belgium, our neighbours in Brussels no less.”

Justin Douilliez, Production Director at Radio Contact, is very proud of the work that’s been done: “Brandy surprised us with the strength of their proposals in every phase of the production. This new styling reflects our DNA 100%: personality, creativity and up-to-the-minute.”

Listen to an aircheck here and make sure to visit www.brandy-jingles.com to hear more.

The Finest CHR Jingles in 2020 @BrandyJingles

Brandy Jingles has just released the 2020 CHR jingles for Finest Radio. Finest FM is the people’s Choice online radio and fm radio station. They are Playing Soul, Funk, Jazz, Electronic, Blues and World music. They give you sounds like no-one else can. Finest FM broadcasts to the greater Finland area and beyond.


The Brussels-based branding experts from BRANDY have let themselves go loose for WILLY. The new national music channel was named after Willy Willy, a famous Belgian rocker who passed away last year. His authenticity helps to shape the soul of the channel. The essence for the production were sturdy basses, bold guitars and banging drums. The very own sound for news and weather also provides an immediate recognisability. 

With WILLY ROCKS, BRANDY launches its second rock-oriented jingle package in a short time. Previously, Brandy produced the imaging for P13 from the Norwegian public broadcaster NRK. Apart from the functional production like Top of Hour and service beds, they realised a package of short tailor-made IDs for Willy. 

It’s always nice as musicians, producers and radio freaks to leave the well-trodden paths and to get the opportunity to think out of the box. It was delightful to present a sound together with the WILLY’s that stands solid as a rock. In short: it rocks!” says Tom Van der Biest, creative director at Brandy. 

Discover an aircheck at: https://soundcloud.com/brandingcompany/willy-rocks-2019 

ABOUT WILLY Willy is the youngest radio station by DPG Media, which also manages Qmusic and Joe. The channel is directed at the music lover age 35 or above who likes to turn up the volume and who wants to get musical surprises. Willy can be received over DAB+ and online. 

Hear more packages from Brandy, visit www.brandy-jingles.com

MNM Pops With Smack Trax 4 by Brandy

BRANDY has restocked the SMACK TRAX package again with 6 cuts: 5 super sing- along jingles and a special programme-theme. Poppiness and a broad inviting feel were the focal points during the making of this package.

For many years, BRANDY and MNM have been working together for the production of station’s on air design. MNM wants to make a clear difference with its jingles: to sound contemporary and innovative, without losing musicality or functionality.

Bart De Raes, responsible for the netflow of MNM, is very happy with the collaboration:

“It’s so nice to be closely involved in the production process. The briefing is followed up with a lot of care, all the while leaving room for debate and discussion. This is a jingle package like we wanted it, that is tailor-made”.

Meanwhile, the SMACK TRAX series consists of almost 30 cuts and hundreds of mixouts. It is built around the recognizable 3-note logo and the baseline “Music and More” and is also available for resings.

Discover an aircheck via: https://soundcloud.com/brandingcompany/smack-trax-vol-4

MNM is the youth station of the Dutch-language public broadcaster VRT. The station draws a daily reach of 12,68% and a market share of 10,28% (C.I.M. RAM Mar-Jun 2019). MNM brings contemporary hits and lots of information for and by young people.

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Q Sounds Better with You and @BrandyJingles


The international radio brand Qmusic has entered the autumn with a new slogan and new jingles. BRANDY produced the package, including imaging for news, weather and traffic. 

Belgium had the premiere last week, followed by the Netherlands this week. Qmusic is striving to emphasize its position as a hit channel even more strongly than ever. So, BRANDY developed a new jingle package, featuring a new sonic logo and a brand new vocal group. 

Every hour, the new Top of Hour provides a strong kick-start that goes perfectly with the tracks from today’s charts. A separate theme was created especially for the Belgian morning show. 

Qmusic has grown to become one of the sexiest radio brands in Western Europe. The group has national stations in Belgium and the Netherlands. For 18 years now, the station has been working with Brandy as its prized imaging partner. Hear more at www.brandy-jingles.com

Brandy Delivers The Warmest Jingles @BrandyJingles

Brandy, the European jingle producer based in Brussels, has just delivered the styling for ‘De Warmste Radio’, the VRT charity programme that will be broadcast simultaneously on 4 of the public broadcaster’s radio networks − Radio 1, Radio 2, MNM and Studio Brussel − on Monday, 24 December. The programme will also appear on television and can be followed via internet streaming.

Brandy produced the theme for De Warmste Radio: not a traditional radio logo, but a catchy melody that radiates great solidarity and fits the multiple radio networks, which have very different formats and target audiences. The package expresses the end-of-year atmosphere without using the traditional jingle bells.

The Warmest Jingle package includes a top of hour, 3 jingles & beds and beds for news and traffic.

The fact that Brandy is providing jingles to all but one of the VRT’s channels creates a unique radio situation. Because the commercial broadcasters of Medialaan, Qmusic (You Make The Magic) and Joe (Christmas All The Way) have also received adapted end-of-year imaging from the Belgian sonic branding house, about 90% of all Flemish radio listeners will hear programmes that have been styled by Brandy.

This is not the first time that Brandy’s productions are omnipresent on national radio within one market. That was also the case in 2010, when both public and commercial broadcasters went on air together to collect money for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

At that time, Brandy provided the branding for Radio 1212.

Discover the warmest package via: https://bit.ly/2V0cB7Y