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Z100 New York Updated Their Playlist With These 2 Songs, Check It Out

The other week, New York’s number 1 hit music station Z100 has included into their playlist JP Saxe and Julia Michaels with their song “If The World Was Ending”.

Now updated just recently, Z100 New York included another collab with Julia Michaels. The song is called Heartless and it is a collaboration with Morgan Wallen and Diplo. It seen as an update made on April 28.

Another huge name in pop music Conan Gray is also now heard on Z100 New York. His song is one of the most streamed smasher on Spotify, and he is none other than Conan Gray and the hit Maniac has made it into their playlist.

In other radio related news in Puerto Rico.

The Association of Radio Broadcasters of Puerto Rico reported this Friday that more than 45 radio stations in the country will join their signals to broadcast a series of special programs focused on offering tools to deal with the impact of COVID-19 .

The president of the organization, Alan Corales Valle, indicated that the participating stations “will be broadcasting the forums, ‘La Radio Por Puerto Rico’, which are a series of programs focused on health, society and smart and safe openness of the economy. ” These programs will begin this Monday, May 4, and will run until Friday, May 8, from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm , as reported in a press release.

Beatriz Archilla, from WALO Radio, and who is the vice-president of the association, added that this effort aims to unite the country at a time when it is facing this global pandemic.

“Our objective at the beginning of May, National Radio Month, is to unite the country, seeking consensus, reaching agreement, and, at the same time, offering the latest information on the course that the government, health authorities and the private sector faced with the challenge of opening the economy and gradually lifting the curfew, “said Archilla.

The programs will be moderated by the representative voices of the different radio stations. Some of them are: Luis Penchi, Luis Herrero, Alex Delgado, Jerry Rodríguez, Ileana Rivera Deliz, Debra Feliciano Ledée, Manolo Santiago Santos, among others .

Among the resources of the government and private entities that have already confirmed their participation are: the secretary of the Department of Health, Lorenzo González Feliciano; the Secretary of Economic Development and Commerce, Manuel Laboy Rivera; the president of the United Retail Center, Jorge Argüelles; as well as some of the members of the initiative “Puerto Rico: We are Ready”, Carlos López Lay of the Bella Group, Felipe Pérez of El Mesón, Rafael Rojo of VRM and Ramón Leal of ASORE. The president of the Trade Association also confirmed participation. Retail, Iván Báez, among others.

The stations that will be linked to this special transmission are: MIX: WQBS 107.7 (subway), WZET 92.1 (west) FRESH: WIOA 99.9 (subway), WIOC 105.1 (south) and 106.9, WIBS 1540 (Guayama), RADIO ISLA: WSKN 1320 (subway), WLEY 1080 (Cayey), WKFE 1550 (Yauco) and WDEP 1490 (Ponce), WNIK-A 1230 (Arecibo) WNIK-FM 106.5 (Arecibo), WMSW 1120 (Arecibo), NOTIUNO: 630 and 94.3 (metro), 910 (Ponce), 760 (Mayagüez ), 1280 (Arecibo), WNEL 1430 (Caguas), WALO 1240 (Humacao), WORO 92.5 (metro), WKVM 810 (metro), WLRP 1460 (San Sebastián), WBQN 1160 (Manatí), PR Digital Radio (web) , WGDL 1200 (Lares), RED93 (web), WENA 1330 (Yauco), WPUC 88.9 (Ponce), WAEL 96.1 (Mayagüez), WXEW 840 (Yabucoa). WKJB 710 (Mayagüez), WEXS 610 (Patillas), WVJP 103.3 (Caguas), WRTU 89.7 (meter), WLEO 1170 (Ponce), WKUM 1470 (Orocovis), WERR 104.1 (meter), WIDA 90.5 (meter), WSOL 1090 (San Germán), WMDD 1480 (Fajardo ).

New York’s Turning Up Hit Music with recent CHR Radio Imaging

New branded intros and radio imaging from Imaging Blueprint showcasing Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello and more.

Created and designed by the team at Contraband Media Ltd, Imaging Blueprint is the first artist focused radio production service. It features an innovative, online database containing thousands of audio files including sound design, music beds, artist-imaging workparts, vocal work parts, topical elements and much much more!

This is a small demonstration of audio uploaded to Imaging Blueprint throughout the month of August 2019. For more info go to www.imagingblueprint.com or www.premierenetworks.com

This Imaging Toolkit is ‘Serving The Universe’ Z100 Style

Trynity HDFX is the most comprehensive and powerful imaging tool kit in the planet and it is now being used on the air at Z100 New York.

Creative Services Director Staxx Williams shared his thoughts about the advantages of using the online service. Check out the video below.

TRYNITY HDFX prod is like a bunch of advanced sonic legos. All various shapes and sizes that somehow always fit with one another. You can build literally anything.The sounds in the DFS package have a TON of presence. They sound alive. And that life shows in the finished product.

Staxx Williams, Creative Service Director Z100 / KTU at iHeartMedia Inc.

Trynity HDFX is the brainchild of Robert Dudzic. Robert is a producer, engineer and studio musician, who has spent the last 15 years designing and composing music and sound effects. Together with Grooveworx, he created several libraries of music and effects that you hear regularly on your radio, television and in the movie theater. 

His works are constantly heard on NBC, ABC, CBS, ESPN, HBO, SHOWTIME, TBS, Disney, SKY Network, MTV, MTV Europe, Telemundo and NETFLIX.

Dave Foxx, consultant and the voice of Z100 has this to say about Trynity, Robert and Staxx.

Everyone knows I’m a huge fan of Robert Dudzic’s work…I have been from the time we first met. Robert is STILL my go-to source for imaging workparts, but to see Staxx embrace Trynity HD/FX as well makes me…um, giddy. (Goofy word, but I cant think of another that says it as well.) 

If I have any kind of legacy through my work at Z100 and beyond, I am so very pleased that he guy to carry it on and make it grow is Staxx. Whenever I pop Z100 on to see how Staxx Williams does with a VO session I’ve delivered, he ALWAYS hits the mark and most often just blows it up into something much bigger. I always smile, shake my head and say a quiet thank you to Mark Medina for having the smarts to bring Staxx on board.

Like Robert Dudzic, Staxx just keeps getting better. What a great combination!

Posted here

Looking for a voice to be the signature sound of your radio station? Dave Foxx is available exclusively through Atlas Talent. Listen to demos and contact via website here https://www.davefoxx.com/


For years, I’ve been telling Robert what I like (and a lot less often what I don’t like) in his Trynity HD/FX library. To some extent, I think it has had an effect on his effects. With this library, it is in TOTAL effect! I love these sounds. They’re as fresh and challenging as any effects I’ve ever heard. Just on inspiration factor alone, this library is astounding.


Learn more about Trynity HDFX and listen to the demo by visiting the website here http://www.trynityhdfx.com/

Billie Eilish, Sam Smith in spotlight for Z100’s recent radio imaging

Billie Eilish, Sam Smith, Post Malone are in the spotlight for the recent highlight of Production Vault CHR for Z100 New York.

Check out the rest of the recent highlights from productionvault for other formats.

productionvault is the world’s most complete imaging toolkit. From sweeper and promo shells ready for your VO to playlist-current song intros, sound effects, listener clips and custom music beds, productionvault gives you the content you need to sound your best.

Heard in the recent highlight for Z100 are promos and imaging showcasing artists like Post Malone, Sam Smith and Billie Eilish, who is in the limelight these days for her unconventional pop image.

With a good safety margin we can say that we have already found our album of the year, which has a beautiful title, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go ? and is signed by the most amazing artist that America has given birth to in the last few years. Write down this name, because Billie Eilish seems to come from another planet, but now that it’s here between us it seems obvious to us that she intends to stay there for a while, since her music is making everyone fall in love, at any latitude. To tell who it is, this 17 year old grew up in Los Angeles (from, as she tells herself, “two parents who all say to be actors, but who, and I say with immense love towards them, are actually more actors missed, than most have done commercials; the people who follow me send me gifts that I don’t know where to put, because I grew up in a really modest environment “) we can leave by saying what it is not : not a breathtaking, super confident and highly sensual like our beloved Dua Lipa , it is not an Ariana Grande, a splendid talent without a doubt but already more canonical, and it is not a panic rapper like Cardi B, as much a blood thrown in its bars as it is coherent with the imaginary of the woman rapper, angry, provocative, eager for money and success, foul-mouthed and very, very funny. Here:

Billie Eilish is Billie Eilish because at the age of 17 she manages to clear everything, and to create new rules in the infinite show that is music. Like very few before her (Madonna, Bjork, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey) this teen ager is revolutionary. Why? Because his verses touch the abyss of depression and anxiety, of which he never made a secret of suffering, with sounds that can only be defined pop, maybe dark, but pop. According to Dave Grohl, the singer of the Foo Fighters, the same thing that happened in 1991 with Nirvana, his historical band, is happening with Eilish. He knows this because his daughters are obsessed with Eilish, as well as many other American teenagers but not only, given that his Instagram has almost 16 million followers.

Despite having a beautiful face, Eilish focuses on everything but his attractiveness: his videos are dark, sometimes disturbing, similar, so in span, certainly more to an imaginary from Marylin Manson rather than to those of colleagues like Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus. And also her look, with her hair now gray, now blue and the oversize clothes that show a few centimeters of skin and place it, as well as her very winking attitude, make her an artist beyond any gender stereotype

As the New York Times wrote : his latest album “will probably consolidate his reputation as a unicorn of the music industry of the 21st century, which embodies all the hopes of online youth culture”. And so, let’s add, because if a girl is not rich, with Tourette’s syndrome (of which she has widely spoken on her social networks, after videos of her tics were included), who at 17 writes and composes from alone, flanked only by her 20-year-old brother Finneas, who does not feel the need to become the Lolita on duty to have followed, and above all, capable of giving us pieces, all but all incredible and all in a profoundly different way, like those of When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?well then there is great hope for future generations.

Z100 New York Radio Imaging Highlight Mid 2019

Z100 Imaging Director Brent Williams has just posted an update of Z100 New York’s imaging including branded intros, sweeps, and promos, with clever copy and use of song snippets from Khalid songs.

Speaking of Khalid, in some related news, the collab with him and Ed Sheeran continues to be a massive hit.

From 12 July the project “it will be available in stores and in all digital platforms. 6 Collaborations Project ”. After choosing “I Don’t Care” with Justin Bieber and ” Cross Me” with Chance the Rapper and PnB Rock, the third single extracted is “Beautiful People”, in collaboration with Khalid. These are the words of Ed Sheeran about his colleague: «Khalid has an undoubtedly soulful voice and I knew it would be perfect for this track. I think we get connected to the song in the same way and I’m really happy that we ended up working together. ” Another piece with a summer flavor that deals with the importance of staying true to oneself. In the text Ed Sheeran speaks of people who think only of appearances (“Beautiful People”) and of the need not to be influenced. What matters is not the material goods, this is the strong message that the songwriter has transmitted to the song and in the video. In fact, in the images that accompany the song, the two artists find themselves in a world where the things that matter are only luxury and appearances. A world of excesses that need not necessarily be shared. The video was directed by Andy McLeod, while the song is produced by Shellback, Max Martin, FRED and Ed Sheeran.

The album comes eight years after the last “Collaborations Project”. Meanwhile Ed Sheeran has become one of the most appreciated and loved by the public international artists. He is currently on tour in Europe and will end his live activity in August with four shows in Ipswich. The “No. 6 Collaborations Project ”arrives two years after“ Divide ”from which were then extracted iconic singles such as“ Shape of You ”,“ Castle on the Hill ”and“ Happier ”. Ed Sheeran’s intention is to have fun and entertain with the help of colleagues and artists he loves and who represent a source of great inspiration. “My rule was: if I listen to his music in the car, then I’ll cooperate. There are a lot of great artists I could have worked with, but it wouldn’t have made sense.

The Real Camila Cabello ‘Drops By’ Your Station’s Imaging @i_BluePrint

Imaging Blueprint continues its commitment to provide quality, authentic and relevant sounds for your station imaging as recently they had on board the one and only Camila Cabella doing imaging lines and they are all available to all existing Imaging Blueprint subs. If you have not already, make sure to get your hands on the ‘Blueprint’ at www.imagingblueprint.com  .

Created and designed by the team at Contraband Media Ltd, Imaging Blueprint is the first artist focused radio production service. It features an innovative, online database containing thousands of audio files including sound design, music beds, artist-imaging workparts, vocal work parts, topical elements and much much more. This showcases radio imaging demoed for Z100 New York.

This is a small demonstration of audio uploaded to Imaging Blueprint throughout the month of May 2019.
For more info go to www.imagingblueprint.com 

These Recent CHR Imaging Sounds Legit on Z100, voiced by Dave Foxx

Check out the recent highlight on Imaging Blueprint with demo for Z100, with voice by Dave Foxx.

Created and designed by the team at Contraband Media Ltd, Imaging Blueprint is the first artist focused radio production service. It features an innovative, online database containing thousands of audio files including sound design, music beds, artist-imaging workparts, vocal work parts, topical elements and much much more!
This is a small demonstration of audio uploaded to Imaging Blueprint throughout the month of April 2019.
For more info go to www.imagingblueprint.com or www.premierenetworks.com

New 102.7 KIIS FM, Z100 New York Jingles are sizzling hot!

Check out ReelWorld ONE’s latest highlight which includes sung jingles for KIIS FM Los Angeles, and Z100 New York.

ReelWorld ONE is a massive library of custom Jingles, Music Beds, Imaging Workparts, Song Intros, Sonic Logos and Vocal Elements plus monthly updates to keep your station brand sounding current and musically on-trend.

Get your starter kit and monthly jingle updates, by going to

KIIS and WHTZ are among the top stations in the world that use ReelWorld for on air sound supremacy. Both KIIS FM Los Angeles and Z100 New York are owned by iHeartMedia which is now a separate company from Clear Channel Outdoor. Led by its CEO, William Eccleshare, this holding, integrated by Clear Channel International and Clear Channel Outdoor Americas, will operate with its own board of directors and will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CCO.

The outdoor advertising company Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings ( CCOH ) has completed the separation of iHeartMedia to become an independent company with its own board of directors. The ordinary shares will continue to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CCO.

CCOH is a holding integrated by Clear Channel International ( CCI ), which covers the business of Asia, Europe and Latin America; and Clear Channel Outdoor Americas ( CCOA ), which includes the markets of the United States and the Caribbean. The two will continue to operate as separate business divisions.

This new chapter of the company will be led by its CEO William Eccleshare and the recently appointed board of directors of CCOH.

The separation of CCOH from the parent company iHeartMedia was announced in December 2018 as part of the financial restructuring process of iHeartMedia, while the appointments of the board of directors of CCOH were published at the beginning of the year and today the separation has become effective.

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings is one of the largest advertising companies in the world, with a portfolio of 450,000 screens installed in 31 countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. A growing digital platform that includes more than 13,500 digital screens in its international markets and more than 1,200 digital posters in 28 markets in the United States.

Variety, iHeartMedia Launch New Film Podcast ‘The Big Ticket’

New CHR Jingles for Z100, KIIS, Kiss 108 & More

When it comes to sung jingles, nothing beats the world leader, ReelWorld.

This month fresh & radio jingles, imaging and song intros as heard here for Z100 New York, KIIS FM Los Angeles and Kiss 108 Boston.

As well as new jingles for country stations 100.3 KILT, Cat Country 96 and for AC station 93.9 WLIT.

So be it, AC, CHR or Country there is a wide variety of choices and best of all the service is updated monthly.

ReelWorld One is always current, always fresh, always musically on-trend. The service also includes vocal, logo and imaging tools to ensure your station brand continuously sounds as hot and happening as the songs you play.

So if you want your station to sound as fresh as your music, the choice is clear, ReelWorld ONE.

Make sure to drop them a line at reelworld.com/jingles and for stations in Asia and the Pacific, look for Ricky Brataamadja.

6 Years Ago Today These Were on Z100 New York

Radio imaging on the air at Z100 between last week of March and first week of April 2010.

Showcased are a Black Eyed Peas Weekend Promo, Z100 Payoff, Free Money, Lady Gaga Weekend ID, 2 music image promos and the Justin Bieber weekend spot.

The Bieb in 2010, wow, he was only 16.

Credit to Dave Foxx, Kelly Kelly Kelly and Dave Kampel, with jingles from ReelWorld.

Throwback – Z100 Commercial Free Radio Imaging

Voiced by Kelly Kelly Kelly and Dave Kampel.

These are imaging for Z100 New York’s 100 minute commercial free block.

First aired in September of 2010.

From the creative mind of the Prod God Dave Foxx.

Jingles from ReelWorld Seattle.

Visit www.reelworld.com

All copyrighted materials remain property of the owners Z100 New York, WHTZ, iHeartMedia and ReelWorld Seattle.

Listen, Listen! Z100 New York’s Halloween IDs

6 years ago today!

These were playing on the mighty Z100 New York.

These topical IDs for Halloween 2009 were aired using the iconic voices of Kelly Kelly Kelly and Dave Kampel.

Never gets old.

Copies cover tricks and treats, big halloween parade, bags of chocolates, best costume for halloween, Lady Gaga costume.

Jingles by ReelWorld. Visit www.reelworld.com

Listen to these Z100 New York All The Hits Sweepers

Z100 is king not only in serving hit music for New York and not only in radio production techniques.

They are masters in crafting imaging that delivers.

Sweepers never grow old but it’s the writing genius copy that does the trick.

The station is home to 100 minutes of commercial free music and that means it’s also coupled with smart sweepers that gets the message across effectively.

Maxwell handles the graveyard shift and the sweepers with voices by Kelly Kelly Kelly and Dave Kampel really rocks it.

These are just some of those All The Hits Sweepers, cleverly written, effectively produced.

We Are Dealing Hit Music – Z100
All Hits, All Day, All Night – Z100
If It’s A Hit, Yeah We Play That – Z100
This Is The Place, For Hits – Z100
Tune Us In Anytime, You’ll Hear A Hit – Z100
Crave The Hits – Z100

Audio showcases a scoped aircheck of Maxwell and the 100 minutes commercial free program along with the sweepers.

Z100 New York Elvis Duran & The Morning Show Jingles, Aircheck March 4, 2013

New York’s Hit Music Station and home of Elvis Duran!

Online at http://www.z100.com/

Twitter @Z100NewYork,

and listen through iHeartRadio!

WHTZ (100.3 FM) — branded Z100 — is a commercial pop/contemporary hit radio(CHR) radio station licensed to Newark, New Jersey serving the New York metropolitan area.

The station is currently owned by Clear Channel Communications. The WHTZ transmitter is located on the Empire State Building.

The call letters are supposed to represent the word “hits”; indeed, an early advertising campaign for the station claimed that HTZ was “The New Way to Spell ‘Hits’ in New York.”

Z100’s current slogan is “New York’s Hit Music Station.”, used in tandem on-air with “All The Hits”.

The long-running “#1” part of the slogan was removed in 2007. The former slogan was “Today’s Best Music.”

Z100 is considered the 2nd largest pop/CHR/Top 40 station in the world after BBC Radio 1, pulling in an audience of 5 million daily.

Additionally, according to the radio industry website, RadioStats.Net, Z100’s site is the most visited US CHR website in the world and, in fact, one of the most frequented radio websites overall.

Hit FM Jingle Package 2013 by Novaz Audio Imaging

Novaz Audio Imaging has just released the new package for Hit FM 101.7, a Russian radio station.

Also, recently, Novaz Audio Imaging announced the new package for Paradise FM.

Marksmellow is the weekly essential dance show on Paradise FM, featuring the hottest DJ sets as well the old school classics.

NOVAZ Audio Imaging created a suitable fresh and funky imaging package for this radio show. As you can hear we grabbed some of the finest old school house classics to fit the imaging.

Paradise FM is a station broadcasting from Curaçao in the Pacific. Curaçao is a multi lingual Island, speaking Dutch, Papiamentu, Spanish and English. NOVAZ can also produce jingles, and sweeper packages like this, in any language for any format.

Check out the demo here:

ReelWorld Goes High Voltage With Power Hit Radio KTU 2013 Package

ReelWorld Productions have helped three Power Hit Radio stations in Europe rebrand with a new image for 2013.

The stations in Sweden, Lithuania, and Estonia have all taken delivery of the latest WKTU New York package and are airing them now.

In Sweden the Power Hit Radio brand has had fresh life breathed into it after changes made by owners MTG Group.

The reaction of Richard Johnson, Production Director at MTG Radio in Sweden, says it all: “Yes! These jingles sound fantastic. I’ve had so much fun getting these to air. Once again ReelWorld has delivered a quality jingle package.”

ReelWorld have been expanding their European activity over the last 12 months with the launch of a new London studio and tailored content for their European clients.

You can hear a demo of the new jingles here and follow ReelWorld Europe’s story on Twitter via @reelworldeurope




Ricky Roo Creative Radio Imaging

Ricky Roo’s Overview

  • Owner at RickyRoo Creative

Ricky Roo’s Summary

Radio Production, Song Writing, Beats, Tracks.

Specialties: Digidesign ProTools, Propellerheads Reason, Apple Logic, Adobe Audition ( I use the disc as a drink coaster), Apple Final Cut Pro.

Ricky Roo’s Experience


RickyRoo Creative

April 2001 – Present (11 years 10 months)

Music production, Remixes, Song writing, Radio production, Video Editing and Voice Talent

VP Creative

TM Studios

Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Broadcast Media industry

June 2010 – November 2012 (2 years 6 months)

Creative Services

Clear Channel Radio

Public Company; 10,001+ employees; CCU; Broadcast Media industry

September 2008 – June 2010 (1 year 10 months)

Creative Imaging for KDWB-FM and KTLK-FM.


TM Studios

Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Broadcast Media industry

April 2008 – September 2008 (6 months)

Producer, Audio and studio engineer.

Imaging Director

CBS Radio/Dallas


April 2001 – February 2008 (6 years 11 months)

Imaging duties for KMVK-FM (Movin 1075), KLLI-FM (Live1053), KRLD-AM (1080KRLD), KJKK-FM (Jack FM), Weekly session for CBS National “Jack” stations. Copy-writing, spot production, and Corporate projects.

APD/Imaging Director/Air-Talent

Nassau Broadcasting

Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Broadcast Media industry

September 1998 – April 2001 (2 years 8 months)

Began as Imaging director of WJLK, added afternoon swing jock. Left on a four month sabbatical which took me to Lawrence Kansas of all places. I returned to fill the imaging director seat at WBBO. I eventually added Assistant P.D. and afternoon air talent to my plate.

Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; BBGI; Broadcast Media industry

October 1994 – September 1998 (4 years)

My “Alma Mater”
I started as a over-night weekend jock and left as a a full time night jock.
I was the un-official imaging director as well.


Techtronics Sound & Lighting

1989 – 1996 (7 years)

Installed sound systems and light shows in nightclubs. Performed repairs and maintenance on sound and lighting systems. Disc Jockey for parties, weddings, corporate functions. Disc Jockey for nightclubs.
Courtside Bar and Grill, Rumors nightclub, Norma Jeans Hideaway, Edisons Electric, Animations, Shoeless Joes Sports Cafe, The Junkyard, Danceteria…

Envision Radio Networks®’ AudioMonky Welcomes WKZX-FM

Envision Radio Networks® is proud to announce WKZX-FM/Knoxville, TN as the latest affiliate of AudioMonky, the new imaging and production elements library exclusively for Spanish Pop and Regional Mexican radio stations at AudioMonky.com.

With WKZX-FM now utilizing AudioMonky, it joins over 300 affiliates on the Envision Spanish Network.

“We are so happy to have AudioMonky. It has all the materials and resources we need to have more impact in our daily programming and production. AudioMonky.com is a great site,” said Milton Pineda, Operations atWKZX-FM.

Available on a barter basis, AudioMonky’s cutting edge and diverse collection of imaging has been crafted to specifically target the Spanish language listener.

Affiliates of AudioMonky can easily customize the sound of their station with the full pre-produced imaging pieces or mix and match elements to create their own original productions.

Updated twice monthly, AudioMonky provides everything needed to image Spanish formats including sweepers, work parts, FX, music beds, artist IDs, and movie drops.

Created by a team of producers in the U.S. who have worked at radio in Los Angeles and Chicago, AudioMonky helps stations by providing high quality sound and imaging that cuts through the competition.

Interested stations should visit envisionradio.com to sign up for a two-week trial.

For additional details on AudioMonky, contact Melissa Bachtel at216-831-3761 or melissab@envisionradio.com for more information.

From Z100 New York to Kiss Phoenix, Hot Mix Blazes On


Burbank, CA – As if Phoenix wasn’t hot already, Friday nights are about to get even hotter! Benztown Radio Networks is pleased to announce the addition of 104.7 KISS FM (KZZP-FM), Phoenix, to the Hot Mix affiliate list.

KZZP-FM Program Director Tim Richards knows that Hot Mix will deliver, noting, “Hot Mix is a perfect fit for KISS. Every song counts in a PPM world and Hot Mix makes sure that the flow is perfect. We’re glad Hot Mix is on our team!”

Hot Mix recently celebrated it’s 25th anniversary as the nation’s hottest

mix show, and Darin Taoka, Hot Mix’s Director of Programming and the man behind the mix is excited to bring his signature show to Phoenix.

“I’ve known Tim for many years, and working with him to bring the best mix show in radio to Phoenix is an honor! It’s going to be a blast!”

From Z100 in New York, all the way across the country to its newest home in Phoenix, Hot Mix continues to light stations up every weekend by mixing the biggest hits beat-to-beat and back-to-back.

“Hot Mix does a great job at balancing the hits and mixing the songs in a way that it doesn’t lose the songs original core.” – Sharon Dastur, PD, WHTZ, Z100 New York

If you want your station playing the hottest tracks, click to learn more about Hot Mix. http://www.benztown.com/hotmix/

Hot Mix Crossover

Hot Mix Mainstream

Hot Mix Radio Network

New Z100 Imaging from PV CHR

Production Vault CHR is stuffed with lots of hot new elements for your production this May 2011. Arnold Schwarzenegger themed audio are up. Also check out new drops from the movie Pirates Of The Carribean.

Numbers and letters; add, substract, spell to your heart’s content. And get even more excited with PV’s hot new microbeds.

Doing a concert promo, beatmix or sweeper for Lady Gaga and Jason Derulo? No problemo! Download acapellas and instrumentals from today’s hottest artists.

If it’s not enough, check out phone taps, Bin Laden, graduation, Hangover Part 11 and more pop culture sound bytes only at Production Vault CHR.

ReelWorld – pursuing production and imaging perfection since 1994.

Creators of ReelWorld Jingles and the Production Vault family of imaging services.

New CHR Demo

Z100 1985-1993 in 6 Minutes

Year covered: 1985 to 1993
Station: WHTZ 100.3
Originally Posted: www.aircheckdownloads.com

The audio is available at www.aircheckdownloads.com. Get more updates using their Facebook page here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Aircheck-Downloads/128706277164469?Facebook=