Get 52 Radio Production Elements, 20+ Ident Sounds


Get these 50 plus radio production elements such as voice over, station liners, idents, countdown numbers and more. And almost 30 signature sounds and ID elements. The audio are provided free with licensing info. Listen to all the sounds using the link 1 and 2.

Preview of some of their sounds in their library

These elements are made available via ZapSplat an online service for sound effects and sound design. Companies like ZapSplat have embraced digital platform for distributing content. Among other companies that have chosen this route is Sound Ideas, which have chosen to make their libraries available on Spotify.

You can listen to their playlist here

Related news about Spotify. Spotify advertisements become interactive. The free version of Spotify will allow you to interact with advertisements through voice commands: the test of functionality at the start in the USA.

Immediately after announcing the achievement of 100 million subscribers , Spotify focuses attention on those 117 million users who instead rely monthly on the free version of the service, accepting to listen to the reproduction of advertisements between tracks: l advertising becomes interactive, with the introduction of support for voice commands .

The feature is currently being tested for a small circle of US subscribers (only if support for voice commands has been activated in the Android or iOS apps) and, at least initially, all you can do is start playing a playlist or podcast within the platform. Below is an example, with the advertising that suggests the streaming listening of the Stay Free podcast: The Story of the Clash of the Spotify Original series, intended for those who want to know the career of Joe Strummer’s band.

As you can see, a microphone icon appears at the bottom of the screen. The advertisement leaves the user a few seconds to respond and if the latter pronounces the “Play now” command it starts listening to the sponsored content . Otherwise, in case of silence or other words, a notification sound is played and the microphone is deactivated. Users still have a way to customize the behavior of the feature in the application settings.

The will seems to be to allocate a similar form of advertising not only to smartphones, but also to all those devices that integrate a virtual assistant , from smart speakers to smart displays with Alexa or Google Assistant. In this way, Spotify can aim to further expand its range of action, monetizing the provision of the service to those who do not wish to subscribe to a Premium account but want to listen to the tracks in streaming by accepting in exchange for being the recipients of the advertisements.

Among the other features put in place by the platform also the customization of editorial playlists by ad hoc IA algorithms designed to meet the tastes of everyone. It is through initiatives of this type that the group aims to keep its leadership in the sector built so far, keeping at a distance a competition that has no intention of watching.

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