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Apple Music Gets Ahead Vs Spotify, YouTube Music with Replay 2023 Real Time Charting

Get a first peek at Apple Music Replay 2023. There’s still time to remove such unwanted songs from the lineup later this year.

Apple Music Replay is the streaming service’s tailored yearly collection of your top 100 songs. Apple Music, like Spotify Wrapped, offers a year-end montage of your favorite artists, albums, tracks, and other major moments in a shareable visual.

Instead of releasing everything at once by December of the year as Spotify Wrapped does, Apple Music Replay for the current year is virtually always accessible. This makes it simple to keep track of your most-played songs of the year and is updated in real-time. If you listened enough to Apple Music in January, your Apple Music Replay 2023 will be accessible today.

How to Locate and Listen to Apple Music Replay 2023

On any device, you should be able to access all of your Replays for each year at the bottom of the Listen Now page. For this year’s, go to the cover art listing ’23’. To add the playlist to your Library, tap the + symbol in the upper right corner. If you don’t hear Replay 2023, you may need to listen again.

Navigate to to start and monitor replay.

Top audio cos Apple, iHeartMedia, Spotify to see epic growth in online audio consumption within this decade

In the upcoming years, the market for online audio consumption and internet radio is projected to grow quickly due to the explosive adoption of 4G/5G networks and the declining cost of streaming.

The market for internet radio is predicted to increase as a result of rising demand for better streaming done more effectively and massive data storage capacity globally.

The need for such services is also anticipated to rise due to the increased acceptance of audio streaming across a number of industries, including media and entertainment, retail, travel, airlines, hotels and restaurants, and insurance.

A new research study on Internet Radios (online consumer audio services) sheds light on the key market players who are flourishing; it keeps tabs on their company plans, financial situation, and new products.

Several of the leading businesses in this market include: AOL Radio, DI.FM, Spotify Ltd., Google Inc.,, Inc., Deezer,, LLC, TuneIn, Pandora Media, Inc., 8tracks, AccuRadio, LLC, Napster, Slacker, Inc., Apple Inc., iHeartMedia, Inc.

Regions where companies will see increased growth are North America, South America, Asia and Pacific region, Middle East, Africa and Europe.

The top segments in online audio consumption are the following: Streaming, E-Radio and Online Radio.

The top categories in the market are the following: News, Sports, Music and Games.

Forecasts indicate that the industry will demonstrate high growth due to increased demand in many markets.
The market research study on Internet radios contains all relevant information. By providing its clients with accurate data, it provides the market outlook and aids in the making of crucial decisions. The market is described in general terms, along with its description, applications, advancements, and technology. This market research study on Internet radios keeps tabs on all new advancements and inventions. It provides information on the hurdles faced when starting a business and offers advice on how to deal with impending difficulties. And this report can be accessed via

Apple Music’s Tokyo Highway Radio A Big Boost for Tokyo Music Industry

Mariya Takeuchi appearance as a guest on episode 36 of Apple Music ‘s radio program “Tokyo Highway Radio” released on November 3rd was celebrated by both fans and insiders in the local music industry.

Takeuchi talked about her childhood musical background, her fateful encounter with The Beatles, studying abroad, how she made her debut, and conflicts during her musical years.

The performer is an influential name in Japanese pop music and her guesting helped in introducing their local culture and music to new ears globally.

The full Mariya Takeuchi interview is now made available via the “Tokyo Highway Radio” section beginning November 5 on Apple Music app.

“Tokyo Highway Radio” works in conjunction with Apple Music’s playlist “Tokyo Highway” to introduce the most notable and trendy “Tokyo Sound”.

From city pop to indie rock, hip hop to future soul, it is a playlist where you can feel the city of Tokyo with songs by artists with alternative sensibilities.

In addition, the playlist “Plastic Lovers”, which is a collection Takeuchi’s hit and related songs, was released last November 3rd.

Hear it now at

ReelWorld’s Reel2Media Uses Recall Power of ‘Jingles’ in new Amazon Alexa Skill

Sing My Number turns any phone number into a catchy, memorable song that kids can call on for help

Reel2Media, part of ReelWorld – global leader in radio station identification jingles and production services, has released a new Amazon Alexa Skill ‘Sing My Number’.

Reel2Media, which specializes in digital, on demand audio content, and sonic branding, explains that this new Alexa Skill enables people to create songs with billions of possible different versions.

The new skill creates a personalized song to help families remember important phone numbers, and can serve up one of over a billion different permutations within seconds.

The idea works just like the magic of jingles. The recall power is just simply unmatched.

Designed for parents with children either too young to own a phone, or who find themselves in an emergency situation without one, Sing My Number turns any phone number into a catchy, memorable song that kids can call on for help.

Talking about the inspiration behind the skill, Reel2Media co-founder Anthony Gay said: “It’s a parent’s worst nightmare when a child goes missing, however briefly, and it’s a nightmare that’s only made worse when they don’t have a phone. Today anyone can access hundreds of phone numbers with just a few taps of a screen but can you remember any of them? It’s all too easy to forget the importance of teaching essential numbers to our children should they need them in an emergency.”

Sing My Number is the second family focused skill from Reel2Media, following the successful launch of Yak Talk Back! in April 2020. Sing My Number is both a standalone skill and an extension to Yak Talk Back! as the Yak character hosts the experience.

Fellow co-founder Mike Thomas added: “As a parent, it’s reassuring to know my kids have a way to contact me in an emergency. Drawing on our decades of experience creating jingles for the world’s biggest radio stations, and combining those skills with technology, we’ve been able to create a unique skill that is both fun and has purpose.”

Currently available in both North America and the UK, Sing my Number can be accessed and enabled from the Alexa Skills Store now. Or simply say “Alexa, enable Sing My Number’ to get started.

Learn more about Reel2Media at

Napster in 2019 Tops List of Highest Streaming Payouts

From Digital Music News

Napster, the king of streaming music payouts, now pays out $0.019 per stream.

To meet the monthly minimum wage amount in the US ($1,472), an artist needs 77,474 total plays.

TIDAL remains a top player.

The service pays artists $0.0125 per stream.

Artists on TIDAL now need 117,760 total plays to earn $1,472

Taking third place, Apple Music now pays $0.00735

Deezer’s per-stream rate rose to $0.0064, placing it right behind GPM

Spotify reportedly pays $0.00437 per play

Right behind Spotify, Amazon now pays $0.00402

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Streaming Payouts in 2018