Le Figaro Launches French Radio & Television Station  With Sonic Design By Brandy

The renowned French media group FIGARO GROUPE engaged BRANDY, the Belgian  audio designer, for the sonic branding of its radio and television channel being  launched today. BRANDY developed a highly recognisable logo, bumpers and IDs for  FIGARO RADIO and FIGARO TV. 

Last year, the Figaro Groupe decided to diversify its product range with an audiovisual offering.  BRANDY developed a very recognizable logo, bumpers and IDs for the FIGARO RADIO and  FIGARO TV broadcasts. As of today, Figaro TV can be viewed in the Ile de France region and,  at the same time, Figaro Radio is being officially launched via DAB+. 

The popular media brand was looking for a unique sound for its design to translate the brand’s  authenticity and style into audio. Brandy, which specializes in customization, provided the  perfect solution. 

Laurent Hongne of SECOM, the company responsible for developing the Figaro Groupe’s  audiovisual media: “I’ve been following Brandy’s work for some time. And the launch of Figaro  Radio was the perfect moment to take the plunge together. A talk format requires finesse, and  the result of this design is exactly what we were looking for. Super professional for a major  French brand – with a smooth, efficient and, at the same time, human approach. Bravo Brandy!” Listen to the aircheck via https://soundcloud.com/brandingcompany/figaro-radio