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Freshness on the air in France

A new generation of imaging for mainstream Adult Contemporary – it’s the recent  update for Oxygène, one of France’s most successful independent radio stations.  They recently commissioned PURE Jingles again to create custom audio branding.

Oxygène, ‘Radio de la Seine et Marne’, is listened to by more than 300,000 people in  Ile de France. It’s a family brand, focused on a core audience of young adults, mainly  25-49 year-olds. Following their massive custom package from 2021, they’ve called  on PURE to create a new batch of AC jingles.

Programming strategy

Assistant program director Aurélien Descamps: “This collaboration was born from a  strategic desire to have a real sound identity that can be recognised throughout the  production. The proposals and advice from the PURE Jingles team helped us getting  a strong sonic logo. A brand design living up to our expectations.”

“We like the exchange with the Dutch production team”, Descamps continues. “PURE  Jingles is attentive to every detail. Agreeing to rework each production until the last  note, so that we are fully satisfied with the result once it’s on air.” Merci, Aurélien! Nous sommes impatients de continuer à cocréer la magie de la radio!

Their jingles can also be heard at https://purejingles.com/showcase/oxygene-2022?lr

Chérie Belgium Get New Soft AC Package from PURE Jingles

A jingle package to cherish

When you’re programming a Soft AC format and looking for inspiration for its sound,  take a listen to Chérie Belgium! They’ve now put the cherry on the cake with custom  imaging from PURE Jingles.

Part of the Belgian NGroup (Nostalgie, Nostalgie+ and NRJ), Chérie is a digital radio  station launched online in 2015 and on DAB+ in 2019. It’s the cousin of Chérie FM in  France with a specific strategy and positioning for the Belgian radio market.

Chill, smooth and easy-listening, Cherie’s musical programming is tailor-made for  young adults between 25 and 45 who want to slow down the rushy rhythm of their  lives. Reflected in their slogan Chérir la vie en Musique (Cherishing Life in Music).

Brand & format promise

“As a pop-soft format, we aim to conciliate this relaxing feeling to new music trends,  which PURE Jingles has perfectly understood”, brand manager Lydwine Derny says.  “It’s also very important to us that our brand & format promise is being translated  through our imaging. PURE’s sound design is a huge part of our station’s identity.”

“They have worked on the basis of inspirational tracks and made very good creative  propositions. The team knows very well what it’s doing, is always looking forward to  feedback and deals with it fast and easily. We were also invited to attend the vocal  session, which has been a great pleasure. Efficient in a relaxed atmosphere.”

Listen to the complete package here: https://purejingles.com/showcase/cherie-2022

New Jingles for Ekdom in the Morning- Radio 10 Netherlands

For the third time, Sonic Spring created custom made themes for Ekdom in the morning, with Gerard Ekdom at Dutch operated Radio 10.

4 Personality songs and 4 jingle ID’s that are full of energy, fresh, modern, funky, but have a retro old school vibe as well.

Here’s the demo (in Dutch). This package can be syndicated in any language for terrestrial and online radio or podcasts.

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/sonicspring/ekdom-in-de-morgen-2022-radio-10-demo

SONIC SPRING is a boutique jingle company offering Jingles and imaging for stations and brands that want to break away from the herd. Founded by Maurice Verschuuren, with over 15 years of experience with the world’s industry leaders, finally there’s something DIFFERENT on the RADIO. Hear more at www.SonicSpring.com.

Flex Media Factory Expands with New Radio Commercials Online Services 

Flex Media Factory is a Dutch-based audiovisual production company, specialising in jingles, radio and tv commercials, retail radio, podcasting and voicecasting. In 2022, the company expanded with the launch of Voordelige Radio Commercials  http://www.voordeligeradiocommercials.nl/.

Voordelige Radio Commercials offers radio commercials for both the local, regional and national market, and this works completely online. This makes Voordelige Radio Commercials the only company in the Netherlands that allows the processing of the order for a radio commercial to take place completely online.

Available both in Dutch and English, Flex Media Factory continues its commitment to offer high quality, industry standard audio branding and production services:
– Radio commercials
– Voice casting
– Spoken and sung station imaging
– Sung powerintro’s
– Podcasting services
– Retail Radio 

Contact the team at www.FlexMediaFactory.com

Imaging Blueprint’s New Free DAW Plugin is Creative Boost for Radio Producers, Voice Talents

Imaging Blueprint has released a new Reverb audio plugin designed for radio imaging and created with radio producers & voice overs in mind.

As part of Imaging Blueprint’s growing ‘Construction Series’ suite of plugins, the Construction Reverb is the latest in the series joining the Construction Compressor, Limiter and EQ plugins.

This plugin is a two-band algorithmic Reverb created for adding space and depth to voice-overs.

To get the Construction Reverb or any of their Plugins for free, go to https://imagingblueprint.com/plugins and fill out the contact form.

IB Construction Series – Reverb from Imaging Blueprint on Vimeo.

Timeless And Modern: PURE Jingles Delivered RTL 2 – Pop-Rock AC sound of 2022

RTL 2 unveils the Pop-Rock AC sound of 2022

I Love Rock ’n’ Roll! One of the songs expressing exactly what RTL 2 stands for: the  best Pop-Rock of yesterday & today. They just received another batch of jingles to fit  the core of the format while reinforcing a modern image.

PURE’s client relation manager Thomas Giger explains: “Playing the greatest hits of  all time means that the overall music composition on the station is largely constant.  Our goal is to surround these timeless classics with a sound that naturally fits the  music played, but which at the same time keeps the radio station in the present. A  contemporary sound creates a timeless brand – just like the music it features.”


The general rules of radio programming apply to any radio format, so also to Pop Rock AC: “Flow remains to be a key element to achieve long Time Spent Listening,  which helps maintain a strong market share. Transitioning from song to song, every  segue needs to be flawless. That’s why also this update covers several transitions in  tempo and/or intensity. It gives the presenters more tools to work with.”


RTL 2’s production director and assistant program director, Christian Reynaud, adds:  “We work since almost 10 years now with the dedicated team of PURE Jingles. Since  we began, it’s been a constant evolution of the RTL 2 colour and spirit. A wonderful  co-creation. Every year, a new adventure. Always exciting, always inspiring. This new  package is once again an evolution; a rebirth of our radio. It’s a Kind of Magic.”

Listen to RTL 2 package here: https://soundcloud.com/purejingles/rtl2-2022

Listen to more audio here:https://purejingles.com/showcase?lr

Wisebuddah launch the new sound of BBC Newsbeat

BBC Newsbeat has a new sound, produced by Wisebuddah in collaboration with the BBC Popular Music Station Sound team.
The new identity incorporates a new 2 note “Newsbeat” sonic logo and it can be heard across BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC Asian Network.
The new sound has been created to unify Newsbeat and the network with slick, modern production with a specific focus on maintaining energy and pace throughout.
Wisebuddah’s Managing Director Phil Tozer said: “Newsbeat is one of the world’s most iconic radio news programs. It feels particularly special to play a small part in radio history by producing a sound which matches the core values of the network. The music is rich, contemporary and designed to cover all styles of news story, whilst retaining the energy and gravitas of such a key part of the output.”
Matt Fisher, Lead Station Sound Producer at Radio 1, 1Xtra & Asian Network added: “The new package brings with it a change in format and a step into new sonic territory. It allows show teams on all 3 stations to transition effortlessly into and out of our news output like never before.”
Wisebuddah has also recently completed new full station rebrands for Nova (Australia), Virgin Radio Canada, ERF Jess (Germany) and Radio VLR (Denmark). Find more at www.wisebuddah.com.


Jingles with good vibes for 100% NL

100% NL has completely renewed its audio branding with PURE Jingles. Positive  sounding AC jingles, matching ‘the best music of the Netherlands’ as the station’s positioning says.

“In order to keep up with new music trends, we want to regularly update the jingles,”  says Herbert Visser. Together with Carlo de Boer, he’s managing Dutch commercial  radio operator RadioCorp. “In November, PURE Jingles already contributed to the  launch of our soft-pop station Sunlite. The result of that good collaboration made  them the logical choice for us to also restyle our flagship.” Over 1 million listeners  tune in to 100% NL every week. 

“One of the most important things you hear on a station is the jingle package,” radio  director Martijn Zuurveen explains. “Sound design creates the recognisability and a  nice feeling that you want to listen to. Completely matching with the target group of  young families that we reach. Our sonic branding supports the program & music strategy. Especially in his time, where ‘Nederpop’ (Dutch Pop) is loved.”


“It is always a great and beautiful moment to renew our jingles”, radio coordinator  Raoul Schram adds. He supervised the project on behalf of 100% NL. “After the initial  briefing, we were able to provide suggestions for perfections. PURE Jingles handles  feedback very well and has 20 years of experience. They know what they are talking  about and that is a great way of working. And they always deliver quality. We now  also have the best jingles in the Netherlands.”

Listen to the demo here:

Modern Sung Jingles for Glam Radio from LFM Audio

New trending Glamorous Sung Jingles from LFM Audio

LFM Audio composes Modern Sung Jingles for Glam Radio to ensure they have a trending sonic sound on the airwaves – 6 Themes with multiple cuts for just $2899.

These Sung Jingles are now available to be customised and resung for your station in either English or German for just $699 one time cost.

Make your station sing with LFM Audio, visit https://www.lfmaudio.com/glam-radio/

Listen to the package here:

Watch behind the scenes here: https://youtu.be/4bC_xTgM_28

New Dutch Sing-Along In The Making: This Is Joe

Joe 70s & 80s is a new national radio station that went on air at the beginning  of this month via DAB+ in the Netherlands. The station called on BRANDY  for its sound – and the result is a contemporary package that perfectly  matches the music of the 70s and 80s. The music was originally composed  for Joe in Belgium; so, the tracks for Joe 70s & 80s received new vocals and  a very catchy ‘This is Joe!’ sonic logo. 

DPG Media Nederland, which also owns Qmusic, started the new national channel on 1 May via DAB+. Joe 70s & 80s plays classics and hits from those 2 decades.

From ABBA to ZZ Top, from George Michael to Michael Jackson, and from Prince  to Queen … the station focuses on the time when disco, funk, soul and rock reigned supreme.

The jingles for Joe 70s & 80s are a customized production of jingles from the ‘Joe  All the Way’ packages, which were produced for the station of the same name in Belgium.

Have a listen to the aircheck here:

Visit the Brandy Jingles website: https://www.brandy-jingles.com

Newtones Delivers Unique, Authentic New Sonic Identity for Africa Radio

Africa radio, the biggest french-speaking african radio station recently asked Swiss sonic agency Newtones to create a new sonic logo as well as a brand new top of the hour.

The new imaging elements started airing on April 11th to highlight the French Presidential Election special programming.

We wanted to reinforce Africa Radio’s identity with a top of the hour that would combine music and singing. The main requirement was that it has to be cohesive with the musical landscape of the station and its unique programming. 
“The Newtones team managed to isolate the fundamentals of our catalogue in terms of rhythms and sound. The result underlines the originality of Africa radio and blends perfectly with our programs.” Dominique Guihot, Africa Radio CEO

“That was an exciting challenge!” says Thomas Bise, CEO of Newtones. 
“Africa Radio can not only be heard in all of the big French cities on DAB+, but it also airs in Ivory Coast and Republic of Congo. It’s a fantastic showcase for us”

Listen more about Newtones at www.newtones.com

Listen to Africa Radio Top of Hour:

Original 106 AudioSweets Jingle Package Offers A Fresh and Familiar Feel

Simon Prentice, Marketing Director of AudioSweets, at Original 106

AudioSweets ID are proud to announce our latest jingle package for Aberdeen’s Original 106. A custom package consisting of a 7-cut jingle suite and full Utilities pack. This latest package has a mainstream pop feel that really reflects the current sound of the station, and can blend seamlessly with playlisted artists such as The 1975, Blossoms & Dua Lipa.

Craig Lumsden, Programme Controller said: ‘We were looking for an imaging refresh to work alongside our more mainstream sound whilst keeping the familiar feel of the station. Simon and the team at AudioSweets came up trumps with this package that keeps our sonic logo but with a fresher feel. The guys guided us through the process from start to finish and gave us a first-class service that I can’t recommend enough!’

Hear the latest package here: https://www.audiosweets.com/asid/packages/original-106-3

New AC Jingle Package ORTS from PORS Impact Creative

PORS Impact Creative announced the release of the new AC jingle package for ORTS.

Nieuwe jingles voor de ORTS : de omroep van, voor en door Oosterhout.
Vanaf morgen te beluisteren op radio en tv maar nu alvast een impressie op https://www.pors.nl/albums/12/details/147/orts.html

Pors Impact Creative produces jingles, commercials and voice-over projects. Situated in Geldrop, the Netherlands, they can deliver in any language, throughout the world. https://www.pors.nl/

Listen to ORTS Demo here:

Coast 93.3 Jingles and Radio Imaging

TBT Radio ID jingles and imaging for WNCV FM Coast 93.3

WNCV (93.3 FM, “Coast 93.3”) is a radio station licensed to serve Shalimar, Florida, United States. The station is owned by Cumulus Media and the license is held by Cumulus Licensing LLC.

A scoped audio of the station’s sung jingles and radio imaging captured April of 2018.

Jingle Coast 93.3 Fast to Slow Transition
Jingle Coast 93.3 Pop Rock Slogan
Jingle Coast 93.3 Shotgun LiteRock
Jingle Coast 93.3 Shotgun
Jingle Coast 93.3 Slow to Medium Transition
Jingle Coast 93.3 Todays Hits and Yesterdays Favorite Fast to Slow
Jingle Coast 93.3 Todays Hits and Yesterdays Favorite Medium
Jingle Coast 93.3 Todays Hits and Yesterdays Favorites Lite
Jingle Coast 93.3 Transition Slow to Fast
Jingle Coast 93.3 Weather
Jingle TOH Coast 93.3 Your Station for the Workday WNCV Cumulus Station
ID All Along Emerald Coast 93.3
ID An Amazing Variety Female
ID Coast 93.3 Music Image Old and New Music
ID Coast 93.3 Short Sweeper Female
ID Coast 93.3 Short Sweeper Male
ID Coast 93.3 Sound Like This Sweeper B
ID Coast 93.3 Todays Hits and Yesterday Favorites More Variety on Emerald Coast
ID Congratulations Your Workday Just Got Better
ID Contest Promo 4000 Dollar Workday Payday
ID Great Variety While At Work Upbeat
ID I Love Maroon5 Katy Perry and 80s Music
ID I Love This Station Listener
ID Its Really Quite Simple We Play Sweeper
ID Listener All My Friends Listen to 93.3
ID Listener I Love Listening to Coast Forget Im At Work
ID Listener Its My Favorite Radio Station ON My Way to Work
ID Make The Day Go By Faster Male
ID More of Todays Hits and Yesterdays Favorites Medium
ID More of todays hits and yesterdays favorites
ID More Variety for Workday and we Prove it Everyday
ID Music Image Pull Me Close to Cut Loose
ID Music Image Swiftie and Open Arms More Variety on Emerald Coast
ID Promo Awesome 80s Weekend Nonstop All Weekend Long
ID Segue to 80s Music
ID Segue to Pop Rock
ID Segue to Soft Rock Music
ID Sound Like This Sweeper
ID Todays Hits and Yesterdays Favorite Sweeper
ID Todays Hits and Yesterdays Favorites All My Coworkers Love It
ID Todays Hits Listener Yes


Diverse, Unique – Wisebuddah Radio Idents Air on New BBC Radio 2 Shows @WBJingles

New radio shows from the BBC with new idents from Wisebuddah

As part of its recent schedule change, BBC Radio 2 commissioned Wisebuddah to produce a host of new idents across the station’s output.

The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show sees four brand new Show Openers, whilst Sarah Cox has two new Openers as well as a makeover for All Request Friday. Both shows air a new shared Sports theme and have also had various music elements created by Wisebuddah for their regular features.

In addition, Wisebuddah created bespoke themes for Trevor Nelson’s Rhythm Nation and Rylan Clark-Neal’s new show ‘Rylan on Saturday’. There’s also a re-mix of the travel bed, along with a new theme for the network’s story-writing competition, 500 Words.

Paul Plant, MD of Wisebuddah Jingles: “As ever it has been a truly rewarding experience for our production team faced with the challenge of creating something from scratch for the UK’s most listened to network. The range of content and music across the station is as broad as it gets and, in this respect, makes BBC Radio 2 unique”.

Wisebuddah has also recently created new packages for Radio 538 (Holland), Absolute Radio (UK) and Fun Radio (France). Check out all of the audio at wisebuddah.com.


NEW JINGLES: 2018 Hot AC Package for Smash Hits WHGM @FloydMedia

Floyd Media jingles for Maryland’s Smash Hits WHGM

Hand-picked from Floyd Media’s ‘Jingle Vault’ service: Hot AC package for Smash Hits WHGM in Maryland, USA.
Introducing the slogan “80’s To Now”, each cut has been carefully remixed and adapted for station’s dynamic music format.

This uplifting jingles package has a total of 105 audio elements including Top of The Hour, ramps, basic ID’s, shotguns, hyper ID’s, news, weather, traffic and range of various mixouts with each theme.

Jeff Davis, General Manager said:
“We put them on the air and right away, the station sounds like a million dollars! We have had so many radio people commenting on the jingle package and how different it sounds to any other USA radio stations. They sound SUPERB!”

Smash Hits WHGM is Harford & Cecil County’s Station for best music, broadcasting 24 hours a day from the city on the bay, Havre de Grace, Maryland. WHGM is Northeastern Maryland’s fastest growing radio station. People across both counties tune in for everything ultra-local & more!

This package is available for re-sing and customization with your station’s name and slogan and/or sonic logo. Email for more details at office@floydmedia.net

Village Radio gets a Resung Jingle Package (Power 181) – LFM Audio

From LFM Audio :

“Ethan & the crew at LFMAudio understand radio imaging… and deliver it at an affordable price,”

“While working with us to adapt a resung jingle package for VillageRadio.Net, they asked plenty of the right questions and guided us through the production of the package, step by step. They were truly a PLEASURE to work with!” says RJ Jordan of Village Radio.

Get this package customised for your station now for under $1000!

posted on April 09, 2016 at 12:42PM

Cambridge 105 Sung Jingles

Check out these Devaweb jingles for community station Cambridge 105, resung from the Ignite Jingles package for Central Radio.

They’re sung with a single female vocalist and are available for resing now. Visit www.devaweb.co.uk and www.ignitejingles.com.

Miskaudio Radio Jingles and Sonic Branding

Miskaudio Radio Jingles and Sonic Branding

Miskaudio is now offering station branding using sung station jingles and audio logos.

On both sides of the Atlantic, the Miskaudio jingle packages are now being heard.

The company is run by composer and producer Alistair Miskin, who has been in the radio industry for 15 years working with some of the biggest radio brands such as BBC, The Century FM Network, TLRC, Bauer Radio, Global Radio, Hallam FM, and Channel 4.

Contact Alistair Miskin now at Miskaudio.com.


Real AM Demo

Radio Scilly Sonic Logo Demo

92.5 Dream FM Urban AC Radio Jingles, Sweepers [AUDIO]

R & B Jingle for 92.5 Dream FM with sweeper id mix-outs.

Produced by Sound Freqz.


About Sound Freqz

Sound Freqz prides itself in being a boutique style audio production/sound design solution for creative directors and producers who need high-end, quality audio branding elements that are also affordable.

Sound Freqz provides royalty free/buy-out audio branding tools, such as music loops/beds, transition fx, audio wipes, impacts, breakers, drops, drones, sweepers, plug & play shells, branding logos, custom radio ids, game sounds and much more.