Brandy Jingles Enhance One FM’s On-Air Flow

One FM – the largest commercial hit station in French-speaking Switzerland – has once  again commissioned BRANDY to design its sonic branding. Brandy delivered a package of customized jingles, a tailor-made Top of the Hour and functional beds. The package  is a ‘custom-ization’ that sounds like 100% made-to-measure. And the One FM DJs are  delighted! 

After 6 years, One FM, French-speaking Switzerland’s leading hit station, has again entrusted  its sonic design to Brandy. The Brandy producers built on existing tracks to provide the station  with a contemporary, energetic imaging that is also positive and musical. “You can’t really call  this a resing anymore,” says Tom Van der Biest, Brandy’s Creative Director. “The jingles have  been entirely reworked and given their own One FM twist – we can hardly even remember the  original jingles.” 

The One FM DJs are over the moon. Hervé, the station’s L’Happy Hour presenter: “The new  jingles add freshness to our programmes and provide great dynamics while keeping a  wonderful flow between our tracks.” The Top of the Hour – the station’s key jingle – is fully  custom-made. “Thanks to its musicality, the build-up in energy, and the powerful vocals, this  jingle relaunches the music after the news sublimely,” adds Hervé. 

Brandy produced beds for news, weather and traffic that perfectly match the station’s  personality. Morning DJ Stéphane: “Thanks to their colourful punch and dynamics, the  functional beds augment One FM’s flow between breaks and tracks. In particular, I find the  beds for the traffic and weather spot-on!” 

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