Brandy Provides Jingle Update For Metropolys

Metropolitan, recognizable, and positive – that’s how you can describe Metropolys’  sonic identity. The 6 new Brandy jingles make the station’s imaging 100% up to  date. The tracks were selected from the Kick catalogue, which is constantly being  expanded and forms the basis for the branding of radio stations around the world. 

Brandy Jingles has been Metropolys’ (France) imaging partner for 12 years now. The  station draws the basis of its styling from the Kick series – Brandy’s most extensive  catalogue of contemporary, musical jingles that also fit into a wide-spanning playlist. And  that last advantage is precisely one of the hallmarks of Metropolys, which programs both  current hits as well as classics from Kool & the Gang or Depeche Mode. 

Metropolys prefers distinctly female vocals that give the station instant recognisability  and distinguishes it from its colleagues. 

This is what the new jingles sound like: 

Metropolys serves the north of France (les Hauts de la France) with a one-of-a-kind  musical format that is a mix of recent hits and an exquisite selection of groovy classics  from the past 30 years. The station is the market leader among independent radio  stations in the metropolitan area of Lille. 

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