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Here’s Whats Rockin on WPLJ #MemorialDayImaging

The team at Omega Productions is making your prod for Memorial Day rock!

And with 2 good reasons and ways.

Now also being used at WPLJ New York, two radio production FX packages are up for grabs at an amazing deal.

Get the Noise 8 and 7 libraries at the price of one.

Used by imaging producers on these world class stations WPLJ New York, WSKQ La-Mega New York, WYUU Maxima FM Tampa, WTLQ 97,7 Latino Fort Myers, WERG 90,5 Erie, KISS 92.5 Toronto Canada, Hit Radio N1 Nuernberg Germany, Grupo Radio Mexico, Kaya-FM Johannesburg South Africa, Radio National de Angola, 95,2 Athens DeeJay Greece, Audio Studio Brazil, SIM FM Brazil, and Arara Azul FM Brazil.

Follow the secure link below to get Noise 8 and 7


Noise 8 Demo

Noise 7 Demo

Yes, Time to Download the new Morning Freqz Vol 1 & 2 Imaging FX Libraries

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Sound Designers and Imaging Producers, Bryan Apple & Joe D’Agostin team up to bring you “MORNING FREQZ” Vol 1 & 2

Morning Freqz is here! A total of 711 tracks specifically designed to reinvigorate your Morning’s imaging!

You can never have enough material for your Mornings, and “MORNING FREQZ” is essential for updating your most important branding needs. Your Morning Show’s imaging is the equivalent of the Ole’ adage, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Mornings set the pace for the rest of your listeners’ day.

Guarantee that they wake up on the right side of bed!

* Interchangeable Elements To Inspire, Create & Revitalize
* Plug & Play Morning /Breakfast Themed Shells
* Morning Infused FX
* A Multitude Of Mix & Match Audio Building Blocks
* Beds
* Drops
* Listener Drops
* Contest/Game & Social/Tech FX
* Loads Of Mix-Out Tracks

Morning Freqz Vol. 1 & 2 Includes: 237 Imaging FX + 54 Beds plus mix-outs (195 Tracks)
+ 136 Morning, Breakfast & Start Off Related Drops + 68 Listener Drops + 75 More Assorted Elements (Shells/Mixouts)

Now available here:


Joe & Bryan have created this imaging library with their fellow overburdened production friends in mind.
Given the stressful deadlines, producing multiple stations and late nights, these tools should increase
your productivity, keep your workflow moving quickly & give you a chance to come up for air
………you might even get a night or weekend off!

AUDIO: 1500FX Radio Imaging FX @miskaudio

Get 1500 radio imaging production FX elements from all 11 Miskaudio radio sound effects packages.


362 Elements
249 Separators
163 Impacts
136 Drones & Atmospheres
104 Tones
94 Whooshes
74 Static & High Frequency
97 Glitches
47 Christmas Effects
56 Beds & Loops
45 Swipes
31 Soft
22 Rise and Falls
10 Tuners
8 News Elements
7 Stagers
3 Scratches

From: miskaudio

5 and 3 Are Radio Producers’ Lucky Numbers, Check It Out Here @StickyFX

5 because Cool Cutz Level 5 is here, the latest imaging FX library from Sticky FX.

Cool Cutz Level 5 contains 75 FX with the distinctive Cool Cutz sound. Short and powerful FX that will boost your imaging to a new level.

This library is now available for download for just 49 EURO. Cool Cutz Level 5 is also included in the Cool Cutz Bundle.

And why 3, because Glide 3 is also here.

After months of hard work Sticky FX finished Glide 3, the perfect library for AC and Hot AC with over 600 FX and Work Parts.

The price of this new library is 400 EURO. For a limited time only you can get Glide 3 for just 350 EURO. Just order Glide 3 from the website to take advantage of the discount. The discount will be automatically applied to your order.

Now heard on Dutch Full Service Radio Station Omroep Brabant, Rhône FM Switzerland and Spreeradio 1055 from Berlin Germany.

If you’re for more deals, check out these 3 packages now on sale.

Sampler Pack: 20,00 -> 15,00 EURO
Micro Shots: 49,00 -> 34,00 EURO
Cool Cutz 1: 99,00 -> 49,00 EURO

Visit StickFX.com now

Download Noise 8 Imaging Library Now, From La Mega New York Producer

Noise 8 has just landed.

Designed by the creative services director of Mega 97.9 New York, this is the hottest Imaging Library ever made.

The library contains over 250 beds and FX. Long Sweeper FX, Explosions, Impacts, Drones, Whooshes, Short FX, Sparks, Beds and Loops!

Buy and Download “Noise 8″ for only $299.00.

Available for radio stations, web radios and independent producers.

Now on the air at La Mega 97.9 & Amor 93.1 New York, KLOS 95.5 Los Angeles, Audio Studio Brazil, Athens Deejay Greece, and Sfera FM Cyprus.

Visit OmegaProductions.com now. Listen to demo below.

FX Vol 2 Arrives with 200 Original Sound Designs from #TeamAudioSweets @ASXaudio

Fresh sound design from #TeamAudioSweets – FX Vol. 2 out now from ASX!

AudioSweets is proud to announce the release of FX. Vol. 2 – the latest release from the ASX library.

Following on from the success of the first ASX FX album, FX Vol. 2 is crammed full of 200 original sound designs, separated into 8 categories to cover all your imaging needs; no matter what your format or brief!

Including Impacts, Beeps, Reverse, Soft, Separators, Sub, Live and Imaging Beats! All for just £50(GBP)+VAT!

Check out the video show reel now:


From the same production team as AudioSweets, ASX is a buyout imaging production library available to every station and producer, no matter how big or small.

The service is created for radio producers by radio producers – with useful elements and work parts, allowing users to make some sweet radio while saving time and money.

The complete ASX album collection is available for instant download on the all new AudioSweets at https://www.audiosweets.com/asx

Sign up for as a member of AudioSweets.com to manage your bought content and for exclusive discounts.

From USA to Serbia, X-Calibur Production Library Is A Hit!

X-Calibur is now being used in major stations worldwide and it’s favorite by producer Ricky Roo of JAMN 94.5 Boston and PD Program Director Vladimir Vucinic of Radio Signal Serbia.

Creative Services Imaging Director Ricky Roo:

“I’m stuck on Sticky FX cause Sticky FX is stuck on me! I’m called upon to create content at a moments notice and everything needs to be done yesterday, so I find myself editing my prod libraries down to their most usable cuts and tossing the clutter.

I need to find an element as quickly as possible and with Sticky FX, I feel they have done the proper curating for me. I can always find the element that I need. From FLY IN’s to SIGNALS, HITS and DRONES.

Each has a place in my production.” www.jamn945.com

“I feel (X-Calibur has) done the proper curating for me.”

Program Director Vladimir Vučinić:

“We are very pleased with X-Calibur for our imaging. HIT, IMPACT, STARTER and SEPARATOR sfx from this package are truly awesome, they basically fit everywhere.

The whole X-Calibur package was the missing part in our production that we were looking for a long time.

Radio Signal is ready for the summer 2014, loaded with fresh and sexy effects from Sticky FX :)”

“Keep doing great stuff like this, we simply love it.” www.radiosignal.rs

“(X-Calibur) is loaded with fresh and sexy effects from Sticky FX “


The wait is over! Finally it’s here…the long awaited follow up library of the two legendary FX libraries ‘X-Attack’ and ‘X-Stream’. With the same raw sound as the two predecessors from the 90’s but with a more polished sound of today. A jam packed library with some unique imaging tools that give you the ability to really make your station stand out from the competition with their alike sounding imaging.

‘X-Calibur’ has 125 fx and work parts including hits, breakers, impacts, starters, beds, drones and plug and play shells in which you only slap your voice over and you’re ready to go! And you get the remastered versions two classic libraries ‘X-Attack’ and ‘X-Stream’ for free as well with this bundle. Giving you a total of 327 fx and work parts. It’s total production freedom!

Find out more about X-Calibur here:


Odessa’s La Caliente 101.3 Adds Spanish Imaging and Production Library

(FEBRUARY 2013) – Envision Radio Networks® is proud to announce KMMZ-FM/Odessa, TX as the latest affiliate of AudioMonky, the new imaging and production elements library exclusively for Spanish Pop and Regional Mexican radio stations at AudioMonky.com. With La Caliente 101.3 now utilizing AudioMonky, it joins over 150 affiliates on the Envision Spanish Network.

Available on a barter basis, AudioMonky’s cutting edge and diverse collection of imaging has been crafted to specifically target the Spanish language listener. Affiliates of AudioMonky can easily customize the sound of their station with the full pre-produced imaging pieces or mix and match elements to create their own original productions. Updated twice monthly, AudioMonky provides everything needed to image Spanish formats including sweepers, work parts, FX, music beds, artist IDs, and movie drops.

Created by a team of producers in the U.S. who have worked at radio in Los Angeles and Chicago, AudioMonky helps stations by providing high quality sound and imaging that cuts through the competition.

Interested stations should visit envisionradio.com to sign up for a two-week trial. For additional details on AudioMonky, contact Melissa Bachtel at 216-831-3761 or melissab@envisionradio.com for more information.

Pink Noise Changes The Color Of Radio Production

In today’s competitive radio world it’s important to make your imaging stand out so it makes it easier for your listeners to remember your station’s name. When others zig, you zag. When others go grey, you go PINK!

Pink Noise is the ultimate Sound Design tool to brand your station’s name into the heads of your listeners. When you want to make sure your message is heard, you need the most extreme imaging FX ever! Over 400 FX & Work Parts that enhance the impact of your imaging. All categorized by purpose to make your imaging job even easier.

Charge Shells that help you start off back-to-the-music sequences or promos. These work parts get immediate attention with power quotes and are easy to use. Just splice in your station’s name, slogan and location and you’re ready to go. Pink Noise also features a load of short fx StickyFX calls Connectors. Sharp intense little suckers you can squeeze in anywhere to connect different moods or tempos.

When you want to add some extra drama or just need a plug and play talk over drone, there’s the Drone Attacks. Drones that start with loud impacts followed by endless drones that really carry the voice of your VO or jocks.

With the Ground shakers you can literally shake up your listeners radios. They’re the ultimate attention grabbers, heavy deep bass explosions to emphasize your message or music. And when you need some more short and fierce sounding hits and impacts, there’s an arsenal of Pounders that give your imaging extra punch.

Then there’s the intense sharp sounding and screaming Razors, ideal for separating different messages. And Rechargers for when you need to build up tension in an extreme way. The Smart Bombs are great if you want to do some whacky stuff in your imaging. They’re weird off the hook sounding explosions that make your message sound even bigger and louder.

Also there’s a set of Stoppers which are really handy for when you want to break down imaging in several parts or when you want to give your promo a natural ending. For your more smooth sounding transitions there are the Transporters; A great way to create flow between different tempos, moods and energy.

The most extreme imaging FX ever in one package with over 400 FX & work parts. Check out the demo and the track listing and get Pink Noise for your station to make a lasting impact!

Check out the demo and track listing and get it now to make your station’s imaging Glide. Head to www.stickyfx.com

‘Pink Noise’ New Radio Production Library Arrives September 30, 2012

The Dutch team of Sticky FX has announced that their new library ‘PINK NOISE’ will be released on September 30th.

The creators of ‘Sticky FX – CHR Volume 1’ and the AC library ‘Glide’ say that this library will get the attention of your listeners in a new and extreme way.

The FX and Work Parts will include special ‘Charge Shells’ where you only have to splice in your station’s name, logo, slogan and location.

It will also feature a couple of brand new categories that promise it to be very spectacular like ‘Rechargers’, ‘Groundshakers’, ‘Pounders’ and ‘Connectors’.

And the best news is, that they have a special introduction discount on ‘PINK NOISE’!

In the first 24 hours of September 30th. you’ll get 50 Euro’s off on this new library with over 400 FX and Work Parts.

Complete details you can find at www.stickyfx.com

Launch of ASX – AudioSweets’ Baby Sister

Following the success of AudioSweets.com; the ultimate pick and mix imaging production library – their creative team is proud to announce the latest member of the AudioSweets family…. ASX.

From the same studios as the ever popular AudioSweets.com, ASX is a buyout imaging production library available to every station and producer, no matter how big or small.

The audio and website has been put together by an experienced collection of imaging producers, station programmers and composers.

The result is a service created for radio producers by radio producers – with useful elements and work parts, allowing users to make some sweet radio whilst save time and money.

For a one off fee of £50+VAT (GBP) per volume, ASX Vol. 1 (Pop 2012) is available now and consists of 90 files of artist drops, breakbeats, power intros, sound design, beds, beat-mixs and remixed beds.

For more information contact thesweetfactory [at] audiosweets.com (all demos can be found on their SoundCloud page: click here).

AudioSweets.com can be heard on nearly 100 stations around the globe (including over 40 UK ILR station as well as stations across the world in Ireland, Denmark and South Africa)

Visit http://www.AudioSweets.com/ASX

ASX - AudioSweet'sBaby Sister

WIOQ PD Discovered Something Awesome-Fi, What Is It?

Tim “Romeo” Herbster becomes yet another fanatic of the “iDENTi-Fi” audio branding tools library! www.iDENTi-Fi.com.

The relevance and usability of this library is fast becoming every modern imaging producers secret weapon! Check out what Tim had to say.

“Identi-Fi should be called Awesome-Fi, I’ve instantly started incorporating it into my production package for Saturday Night Online Live with Romeo heard in multiple markets.”

“I take the sound design of the show very seriously and this package keeps the standard high and relevant with today’s hi tech, interactive world, which is so much apart of my show. Thanks guys!” – Tim “Romeo” Herbster WIOQ Program Director, Saturday Night Online Live Host.

identi-fi is a 2GB (430 Tracks) royalty free, buy-out production library consisting of modern, user friendly “Audio Branding Tools” that interface with the gadget addicted, cinematic, gamer cyberculture of today.

Get Free Tracks For Your Production here:

iDenti-Fi is also available on Radio Express, click here.

City Music FM 103.3 Radio Imaging

It’s Chemical FX in action.

Frank Koster of RadioJingle.nl recenlty announced that their new production library is on the air at European radio station City Music FM 103.3.

Chemical FX is a new library that offers over 100  Sound FX, and sound elements like “beeps, blips, beds, drones, lifters, splitters, impacts, sweepers, beats and more chemical stuff!

Chemical FX is produced by audio engineer Frank Koster from the Netherlands, owner of production company RadioJingle.nl (Jingles and Commercials).

“Finally it’s here a production library you can afford.  The must have of 2011! Don’t hesitate and get your own Chemical FX now!”, — Frank Koster.

Download free samples of the Chemical FX package here

Audio Demo | Download

Introducing Chemical FX Production Library 2011

Producers all over the world are stunned. In a laboratory on European ground a team created the ultimate lethal weapon, Chemical FX – Part 1  “The mindblowing chemicals”.

For years a small group of the best audio engineers experimented on this project.

Their existence was denied by many. But now… their secret is out in the open. A brand new package … that will change the future of audio-imaging.

Chemical FX provides you over 100 chemical Sound FX, the package contains: “beeps, blips, beds, drones, lifters, splitters, impacts, sweepers, beats and more chemical stuff!

Chemical FX is produced by audio engineer Frank Koster from the Netherlands, owner of production company RadioJingle.nl (Jingles and Commercials).

“Finally it’s here a production library you can afford.  The must have of 2011! Don’t hesitate and get your own Chemical FX now!”, — Frank Koster.

Download free samples of the Chemical FX package here

Audio Demo | Download
[audio:http://www.fileden.com/files/2009/10/26/2621055//Demo Chemical FX Part 1 Te Mind Blowing Chemicals.mp3]

Chemical FX is a product of Radiojingle.nl

Sticky FX Launches Beat Fillers Library

They’re fat, full of energy, they make you move and it ain’t The Weather Girls!

It’s the newest library from the guys at Sticky FX. Last year they released a complete radio station imaging toolkit called ‘Sticky FX – CHR Volume 1’.

One of the categories featured on this library was ‘Beat Fillers’. Turns out you liked those beds full of beats so much that by popular demand Sticky FX now has released a library fully dedicated to just music fillers with a beat. It’s name? ‘Beat Fillers Volume 1’!

They’re all new beds that aren’t featured on any of the other libraries from Sticky FX.  ‘Beat Fillers’ features 25 original 60 second fillers for promo’s, commercials or you can use them as talk up beds for your jocks. These energetic music beds come in different moods, tempo’s and intensities so whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in ‘Beat Fillers’. Great royalty free library with some very usable fillers!

Check it out at www.stickyfx.com

How Z100 Uses New Dave Foxx Signature Series

The radio production industry is excited to know about the launch of a custom FX library designed for Dave Foxx, Creative Services Director of Z100 New York, now made available by Groove Worx.

The ProdGod, earlier blogged about this on his website, DaveFoxx.com.

The library is produced by Robert Dudzic, who has been working with Foxx for years.

“For years, I’ve been telling Robert what I like (and a lot less often what I don’t like) in his Trynity HD/FX library. To some extent, I think it has had an effect on his effects. With this library, it is in TOTAL effect! I love these sounds. They’re as fresh and challenging as any effects I’ve ever heard. Just on inspiration factor alone, this library is astounding.” — Dave Foxx

Here is how the Dave Foxx signatures Series sounds on Z100.


Visit http://trynityhdfx.com/

The Dave Foxx Signature Series© Launches

Robert Dudzic of Trynity HDFX and Dave Foxx, of Z100 New York teamed up and created a library that was based on the inputs of the world famous Z100 producer. The library which is called The Dave Foxx Signature Series© is distributed by Grooveworks.

For years, I’ve been telling Robert what I like (and a lot less often what I don’t like) in his Trynity HD/FX library. To some extent, I think it has had an effect on his effects. With this library, it is in TOTAL effect! I love these sounds. They’re as fresh and challenging as any effects I’ve ever heard. Just on inspiration factor alone, this library is astounding. — Dave Foxx

Visit http://trynityhdfx.com/

Generic Demo for Trynity HDFX:

Producer Drops 1400-Track Music Library Price to $99

Wavtracks.com announces its price drop for its entire library of over 1400 premium royalty free music tracks to only $99 USD.

This includes 12 months of unlimited download access to every track on the site PLUS a 12 month subscription to download every new track released on the site for 12 months after the purchase.

Perfect for radio cues, advertisements, corporate videos, fitness instruction or even films!

Wavtracks.com says ,“our licensing is very liberal and effectively allows you to use our royalty free music for any purpose without the need to pay any further fees ever.”

New tracks are released every week available for you to download!

All tracks are in super high quality .WAV format.

Download tracks individually or over 16 archived parts.

Or, for an additional $150 USD, you can even have the library shipped to you on a SAMSUNG 650GB Portable Hard Drive.

More details, log on to http://www.wavtracks.com/

Image sourced from: SXC.hu