New Jingle Sound For Bayern 1

German radio station Bayern 1, the market leader in Bavaria, has once again chosen  BRANDY for its sound design. Positive, familiar and unique were the key words. In addition to a series of station IDs, BRANDY also produced custom made show  openers and promo beds for all major time slots. And both presenters and Bayern 1  listeners are responding extremely positively. 

Bayern 1 has been entrusting its sonic branding to Brandy for almost 10 years. And even  though it was not explicitly the station’s request, we suggested to the station that the sound  should evolve once again. Tom Van der Biest, creative director at Brandy, says: “As a producer,  

you have to think along with your partners and take them beyond the familiar paths. Since the vocals in jingles attract the most attention, we set out to create a new vocal sound which is  completely unique in Germany.” 

The station IDs are based on tracks originally composed for radio2, MNM, Joe (Belgium) and  LFM (Switzerland). “The choice of tracks from different packages illustrates the diversity of the  Bayern 1 channel. But at the same time, it is a great example of how Brandy can make a resing  sound like a bespoke product,” explains Diederik Decraene, director at Brandy. 

Tobias Prager, imaging director at Bayern 1, says: “The feedback from the team was  unanimously positive. And we are proud of our new design. Thank you for this production.  Brandy has done it again!” 

Listen to the aircheck via