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News Theme 1 2022 Package from presents News Theme 1 2022. 

News Theme 1 contains 6 tracks, produced with a distinctive 5  note logo.

News Theme 1- Main  Bed (03.11)
News Theme 1- Main light Bed (03.10)
News Theme 1- Backsell/ Drone (01.48)
News Theme 1- Sounder 1 (00.21)
News Theme 1- Sounder 2(00.09)
News Theme 1 – Closer( 00.14)

Full package here:

YouTube Video link:

Wisebuddah launch the new sound of BBC Newsbeat

BBC Newsbeat has a new sound, produced by Wisebuddah in collaboration with the BBC Popular Music Station Sound team.
The new identity incorporates a new 2 note “Newsbeat” sonic logo and it can be heard across BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC Asian Network.
The new sound has been created to unify Newsbeat and the network with slick, modern production with a specific focus on maintaining energy and pace throughout.
Wisebuddah’s Managing Director Phil Tozer said: “Newsbeat is one of the world’s most iconic radio news programs. It feels particularly special to play a small part in radio history by producing a sound which matches the core values of the network. The music is rich, contemporary and designed to cover all styles of news story, whilst retaining the energy and gravitas of such a key part of the output.”
Matt Fisher, Lead Station Sound Producer at Radio 1, 1Xtra & Asian Network added: “The new package brings with it a change in format and a step into new sonic territory. It allows show teams on all 3 stations to transition effortlessly into and out of our news output like never before.”
Wisebuddah has also recently completed new full station rebrands for Nova (Australia), Virgin Radio Canada, ERF Jess (Germany) and Radio VLR (Denmark). Find more at

Newtones Delivers Unique, Authentic New Sonic Identity for Africa Radio

Africa radio, the biggest french-speaking african radio station recently asked Swiss sonic agency Newtones to create a new sonic logo as well as a brand new top of the hour.

The new imaging elements started airing on April 11th to highlight the French Presidential Election special programming.

We wanted to reinforce Africa Radio’s identity with a top of the hour that would combine music and singing. The main requirement was that it has to be cohesive with the musical landscape of the station and its unique programming. 
“The Newtones team managed to isolate the fundamentals of our catalogue in terms of rhythms and sound. The result underlines the originality of Africa radio and blends perfectly with our programs.” Dominique Guihot, Africa Radio CEO

“That was an exciting challenge!” says Thomas Bise, CEO of Newtones. 
“Africa Radio can not only be heard in all of the big French cities on DAB+, but it also airs in Ivory Coast and Republic of Congo. It’s a fantastic showcase for us”

Listen more about Newtones at

Listen to Africa Radio Top of Hour:

VRT Radio 1 chooses Audio Brothers for Brand New Jingle Package 2022

VRT Radio 1 has broadcasted their brand  new custom made jingle package, created by Audio Brothers. The  complete new audio branding consists of a Top-of-The-Hour, News  Imaging, Show Starts (incl. Extended Versions), and Flow Jingles. 

The overall sound and feel is “The soundtrack of what is happening in  the world today”. A package with an urgent and international character  for current affairs and news on the one hand, and variety and  playfulness on the other. All in support of the spoken word. 

Listen here to the new custom jingles of VRT Radio 1 

“Audio Brothers fully understand how we want Radio 1 to evolve in  terms of audio branding in the future. Radio 1 unites many worlds,  which they feel perfectly and translate into their compositions. Their  interesting musical approach and the close cooperation are a plus for  us”. 

– Alain Ryckman, Head of Radio Imaging VRT

Wisebuddah Deutschlandfunk Nova 2021

German public broadcaster, Deutschlandradio, has commissioned Wisebuddah to produce the new station sound for their alternative speech and music station, Deutschlandfunk Nova.

As the youngest member in the Deutschlandradio family, Deutschlandfunk Nova broadcasts nationally bringing dynamic, sophisticated and future-oriented radio to its young target audience.

The new package from the London-based production company features 12 bespoke themes, alongside a new punchy two-note sonic logo, which is built around and championing the unique ‘Nova’ character.

Dominik Evers, Editorial Management for Deutschlandfunk Nova, said: “The basic idea of the new sound design is that the jingle sounds vary throughout the day – based on our content. For instance, in the morning we have a jingle that goes well with the news and current affairs coverage; in the evening it gets more electronic and modern.

We have found Wisebuddah to be very professional, highly sophisticated and constructive. In this regard, we have truly benefitted from Wisebuddah’s broad experience.”

Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, Phil Tozer, added: “Deutschlandfunk Nova is one of the most unique stations in Germany, with its eclectic delivery of speech programming alongside an incredible playlist of alternative music. We were tasked with creating a sound which embraced the station’s output and appealed to its core listeners, and working alongside the Deutschlandfunk Nova team allowed us to produce something which truly brings the station to life.”

RTÉ Radio 1’s 2021 Audio Imaging from ReelWorld: Real Pride and Joy

Ireland’s most listened to radio station, RTÉ Radio 1, has updated its brand sound with custom music from ReelWorld, performed by the RTÉ Concert Orchestra.

The national broadcaster set out to modernize the audio image of the station, with a focus on its continuity themes and top of hour sequence, united by a new sonic logo.

15 new compositions make up the package which combines contemporary and traditional music styles, with an authentic sense of the station’s character running throughout. The themes span genres including folk, pop, Americana, and traditional Irish.

RTÉ Radio 1 Deputy Editor, Penny Hart, said: “What a truly wonderful experience it has been, working on this collaborative project to align the radio station’s content offering and tone of voice through music. We’re so proud of our identity and to hear it shine through these beautiful compositions is a joy.”

Following a competitive tender process, RTÉ selected ReelWorld, based in MediaCityUK, to work closely with the broadcaster’s staff on this unique project.

The RTÉ Concert Orchestra recorded the themes at RTÉ Radio Centre’s Studio 1 under COVID guidelines, in separate sections and across multiple sessions with remote direction via video link between conductor Gavin Murphy and the ReelWorld team. Alongside the orchestra’s core sections of strings, woodwind, brass, and percussion, its members also played traditional instruments including the fiddle, tin whistle, Irish flute and concertina.

Anthony Gay, Managing Director of ReelWorld added: “This is ReelWorld’s third recent experience working with the orchestras of national broadcasters, and we are privileged to support RTÉ with their new sound. We’re thrilled with the results and it’s wonderful to hear the project now on air.”

Creative Audio Manager for RTÉ, Shane Freeman said: “The passion of everybody working on this project is what has made it so special, resulting in something that will stand the test of time and carry the audio brand of the station into the future.”

ReelWorld continues to partner with some of Europe’s biggest broadcasters, including a 2021 update for Heart UK, the country’s most listened to commercial radio network, and the Netherlands’ most listened to radio station, NPO Radio 2. Recently they have also produced a new brand sound for the Bloomberg Television Network.

The latest news with the latest sound from Capital of Media

Fresh from the Capital of Media studios and ready to air on your station: “BNR Nieuwsradio 2021”. It’s the 3rd update of the station sound of BNR by the team of Capital of Media, the package comprises 16 jingles, beds, bumpers and a huge amount of mixouts. 

Andre Dortmont, BNR Nieuwsradio: “At BNR Nieuwsradio we bring the news all day long, we don’t play music. But just like with our news updates, we want to be on top of the music styles in our imaging. That’s why we teamed up again with Capital of Media. They listened very carefully to the input we gave and created an amazing new custom package for us. The end result exceeded our expectations! The team of Capital of Media are professionals without the fuss!” “In 2015, Capital of Media already introduced ‘news radio with a CHR flavour’, because the time of timpani, strings and trumpets on news radio is REALLY over. A completely instrumental jingle package, supplemented with the station voice of BNR. The third update we delivered ensures that BNR sounds fresh again!“, adds Anthony Timmers (Capital of Media).

Hear all the latest and greatest packages and get in touch with Anthony at Capital of Media

New Wisebuddah sounds hit the right notes for Austria’s Hitradio Ö3

Austria’s No.1 radio station, Hitradio Ö3, have scaled up their partnership with London-based production company, Wisebuddah; commissioning them to refresh their main station sound and information output. 

Ö3 reaches over 2.5 million listeners per day (with a market share of almost 40% within their target audience of listeners aged 14-49), and the new package features 25 shotguns of varying styles and genres to resonate with the demographic, along with two new Chart Show IDs – with influences from Dua Lipa to The Black Keys.

The first phase of the project saw a new Information Suite hit the Austrian airwaves earlier in the year following a herculean orchestral session, uniquely recorded amid the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. The session, with orchestral arrangement by the renowned Cliff Masterson (Oasis, Lionel Ritchie, Josh Groban), used the famous Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra – the ORF broadcaster’s official orchestra, and the only radio orchestra in Austria. The Suite features ten bespoke compositions, ranging from Breaking News to Elections. 

Heinz Donaubauer, Hitradio Ö3’s Head of Production, said: “Ö3 wanted to renew its news layout and was looking for the right company to work with on this project. In a competitive pitch Wisebuddah convinced us that they have the best ideas and approach to our new news layout.

In a time of fake news and misinformation it is very important to us that our listeners trust us and be ensured that the information we give them is based on facts and accurate without being manipulative. We also believe that the lack of trust in the news by classical media is a result of overly dramatic presentation and exaggeration. That is why we were looking for a news layout which helps focusing on the information and provides a calm and serious base for our news anchors to present the facts.

Because the production took place during the Coronavirus pandemic, we were facing several challenges. But with the help and expertise of Wisebuddah we achieved an excellent final product, that not only serves our needs but also sounds really good.

Since the launch of the new layout, we have received very positive feedback from our listeners, and I am quite confident that Ö3 will be using this layout for many years to come.”

Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, Phil Tozer, said: “When Heinz came to us with the brief for the new package, we knew it was going to be a special one to produce – orchestral elements, contemporary references, new vocal ideas – and it did not disappoint! 

Because of the unique circumstances, the new package has been over a year in the planning, and the time invested from all areas (from the musicians, the arrangement, the close collaboration from Heinz) means there are a lot of fond memories and love for this one. It’s great to hear it all come together and hit the airwaves.”Check out the Wisebuddah website featuring this package and many more (including work for BBC Radio 1 (UK), Radio 538 (Netherlands) and SWR1 (Germany) at

Wisebuddah is the choice of Newstalk 106-108FM Ireland to elevate on-air sound

Wisebuddah was asked to produce a brand new custom package for Ireland’s Newstalk; the only commercial radio station in Ireland to take on an exclusively news-based format.

The focus of the package was a new 4-note sonic that would tie the stations varied talk-show output together, and provide musical shells for sponsorship that would give the station a uniformed identity. The music format was entirely pop-rock based to give the station a more relatable and inviting sound.

The package includes, breakfast, lunchtime, drive, news special, news, travel and weather themes.

The package is entirely instrumental, with the VOs and Sponsorships added by the station.

Undergoing the biggest overhaul of Newstalk’s sound in over a decade was made so much easier with the help of Wisebuddah. Not only did they turn everything around in record time, but they absolutely nailed the brief and the package sounds great on air.

Hear more at

AC, Hot AC and NewsTalk Format Sung Jingles in 1 Package

LEO Middelsé is the station for the Leeuwarden region. Sonic Spring produced custom made jingles that perfectly fit AC, HOT-AC or news radio. Listen to the demo

SONIC SPRING is the boutique jingle company. Jingles and imaging for stations and brands that want to break away from the herd. The company is founded by Maurice Verschuuren with over 15 years or experience with the world’s industry leaders. Spring has arrived to the jingle world. Hear more at

Other news:

Korean Actor Resigns as On Air Host at SBS Love FM

On the September 8, 2020, SBS Love FM (103.5) announced that actor So Yi-hyun will withdraw from her position as on air host for “This is So Yi-hyun” radio show.

Hyun delivered the news herself live on air at SBS Radio Love FM during its September 7 broadcast.

“I am sorry, but I think I should put it down for a while.” 

“Please understand with your open heart and ask for your support and encouragement”, says Hyun.

She added, “I will show you a better image as an actor.”

The actor will be officially be resigned from the station on September 16.

Legendary WLS Chicago EVO-lves with Modern, Bold and Rock infused NewsTalk Sound

For decades, the News/Talk proposition has been that your station sounds ONE way, with no local, cultural, or demographic considerations. NOW, with the guidance of forward-thinking PDs across the country, TM Evo News/Talk follows the revolutionary TM Evo model of CHOICE. For the first-time, you have a powerful and dynamic tool to brand your station for YOUR market and evolve YOUR station toward the NEXT generation of listeners, without abandoning your core audience.

Launched on WLS-AM, Chicago among others, EVO is much more than a jingle service. TM Evo gives you TOTAL CONTROL of your musical style, offering the service in ROCK, MODERN and BOLD flavors. Plus, you pick your all-important LOGO melody and your vocal sound. EVO updates each month, providing additional themes, logo-based promo beds and logo elements to add constant, fresh branding to your station.

Check out the ROCK version for WLS-AM, and build your station sound, in REAL-TIME. Visit to hear more. TM Evo NewsTalk is also available in WABC, WMAL and KRLD logo melodies.

WLS Rock Theme Jingle 7 Voice Group
WLS Modern Theme Jingle Male Vocals
WLS Bold Theme Jingle 3 Voice Group

Wow @SonicSpring Nails It With MFM’s Third Package As Station Expands Market

MFM 2018 is a logo and VO based package that can also syndicated with sung vocals.

Created by Sonic Spring, it’s third package for MFM.

It fits CHR, Hot AC as well as contemporary news-talk stations.

Mark van Leest, program director of MFM says: “We recently expanded the market we serve, so we needed a fresh sounding update that blends with the current jingles, adding some more musicality. SONIC SPRING, again, got it right the first time.”

With five ID’s, A Top of the hour, Bottom of the hour, News beds and Traffic.

The package in the demo contains station VO but can also be produced with sung vocals… in any language.

Visit now.

New Package for Cork’s 96FM A.M. Show with K.C. and Ross Soon

Award-winning media and production company Music4 has hinted on a new project to completed soon for the Breakfast Show with Ross and K.C. on 96FM.

An article on the Sun announced Ross’s entry to the morning show.

The comedian is co-hosting the new breakfast show which will be dubbed the All New K.C. Show which will start on July 3.

The main anchor is Keith Cunningham, who used to be a presenter at Today FM.

Co-host Ross Browne has been doing a daily comedy stint on the current A.M. show in the last 18 months.

He is also known for his involvement in the RTE 2 awarded hidden camera show, The Fear.

Music 4 is a creator of custom music for media and production libraries. It has worked with many TV and radio stations in the United Kingdom, including BBC Radio 1 and ITV. The company produced the majority of the jingles for the Chris Moyles show on Radio 1 which attracted over 8 million listeners every morning.

Visit for all their latest works.

First and Only Imaging Service for ‘Visual Radio’ @CapitalofMedia

capital of media large
Capital of Media announced the immediate availability of their new label Eyedents: Visual Radio Design. It’s the first and only imaging service for ‘Visual Radio’.

Michael Janssen, Creative Director Eyedents, says: “In the Netherlands we call BNR Nieuwsradio ‘Hitradio with News Only’, the station is on top of news and delivers it to their listeners in a very CHR way. With Visual Radio and the power of design the BNR brand ties its relationship with their audiences in an even more engaging, emotional and dynamic way and re-imaging radio into a more fluid and intuitive platform.”

This new label by Capital of Media brings over 20 years of video and television experience to the world of radio. Eyedents are produced custom and are available for each part of radio imaging, in each format – but also for brands that have a radio commercial running on air.

Founder and director Capital of Media, Anthony Timmers: “Capital of Media is a creative, full service one- stop-shop for radio stations. Spine Jingles delivers high quality, creative jingles. TRIL – The Radio Imaging Library is a full service radio imaging platform with everything you need in radio imaging and now we’ve launched the perfect addition to the line-up: Eyedents: Visual Radio Design. We’ve been talking about it since the first small steps of Visual Radio, but the next generation Visual Radio is here and needs a little help on imaging. We’re proud to have started with BNR Nieuwsradio”.

BNR Nieuwsradio Visual Radio can be watched live on

NewsTalk Jingles? LFM Audio Delivers! @lfmaudio

WFLN 1480: LFM Audio touches down in USA with a new custom composed

Jingle Package

WFLN 1480 is a news talk radio station that’s been delivered programming in Arcadia since 1955. Like many other stations, the station manager at WFLN wanted a package of new jingles that would fit in perfectly with the station’s format. In this case, that meant a little bit jazzy, with tunes that were singable and memorable for their audience of people between 35 and 75 years old.

How LFM Helped

With such a wide range of audience members, producing jingles that would appeal across the board was going to be a challenge. As the company known for producing jingles for Current Hits radio stations, Newstalk was a new genre for LFM Audio. Still, LFM Audio were able to compose a fresh new package for WFLN’s airwaves, including a custom composed sung jingle package at an affordable price, with an unlimited broadcast license.

For a very low price, WFLN got the Jingle Package it needed, without having to pay ongoing costs for the package.

A Satisfied Customer

With the combination of a low price and a jingle package that fit well with the station’s branding, WFLN’s team was thrilled with the outcome.

“LFM did an excellent job at producing sung jingles for our station,” says WFLN station manager Joseph Fiorini. “They kept me in the loop through every phase of the process and made any changes that I suggested. The end product is amazing and better then I imagined. Thanks Ethan and company.”

With this delivery, LFM Audio proves once again it can tackle any format, any station, in any location around the world.

Get LFM Audio to compose your station its OWN Sung Jingle package or get some of this package resung for under $1000 at LFM

“Radio Branding that resonates!”

Check Out This “On The Hour” Track from Beds and Beats

When you want ‘News’ music, you go to the best in the business! Good news is, not only did these guys take the call but they all wanted to work with Beds and Beats!

The company put together a dream team that includes: David Lowe, Paul Farrer, Simon May, Dave Hewson, Roger Dexter and Dan Mumford.

Individually these guys have created the most iconic News themes in the UK. From BBC News, ITV News at 10 to BBC Three 60 Seconds and BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat.

From Current Affairs and Politics to News Headlines and Deadlines check out Todays Issues.

What Makes This News ID Package Unique? It’s CHR Flavored!

Today Holland’s biggest commercial news station, BNR, had the kickoff of their new custom made ‘CHR flavored’ jingle package by Capital of Media.

The package comprises 20 jingles, beds and bumpers.

Sjors Fröhlich, editor in chief BNR Newsradio: “I’ve been knowing Anthony Timmers for a long time. We did several projects together. So therefore I know Anthony is a freak when it comes to sound and radio. That’s the reason why we had great confidence in asking Capital of Media to produce the new station identity package for BNR Newsradio.

Being the biggest commercial news station in Holland, the sound logo and jingles are very important to us.

BNR wants to be an urgent, fast and modern news station. You can hear that in our formats and our anchors. And from this year on, you can also hear that in our jingles. We are very proud of our new sound. Thank you, Capital of Media. It’s been great working with you.”

Jeffrey Hermans, format producer BNR Newsradio:

“Working with Capital of Media was fantastic. The package has become exactly what we want. What I liked so much about the cooperation is that Anthony and his team always think with the client and are not afraid to give their opinion on proposed ideas, this can only result in benefits for the product. Along with the love for audio at Capital of Media, this has resulted in a great jingle package! 2015 could not start better!”

Listen to the 20 unique cuts montage on SoundCloud

Learn more about Capital of Media at

Radio 1 Updates Imaging With Brandy

06/03/2013 – In 2011 Brandy completely restyled Radio 1 with GLOBE, a huge audio branding package.

The said package features a recognizable sonic logo, 3 top of hours, 12 musical themes, morning and drive time beds and a full kit for news, weather and traffic.

In 2013 the package was extended with 5 new tracks, borrowing elements from new contemporary musical styles.

The new cuts work very well together with the existing package, yet bring some up-to-date color to the station.


Radio 1 is the Belgian public broadcaster’s information oriented radio channel.

The core of its programming is the news show in the morning and evening drive time. The station broadcasts an eclectic mix of current affairs, cultural news and a broad musical palette.

Brandy Jingles

BRANDY is a European media consulting agency specialized in brand and broadcast design, covering all aspects of brand development through both graphic and audio productions.

Our team consists of radio broadcasters, musicians, creative developers, producers and media communication consultants. Each one is an expert in his/her professional field. This guarantees powerful productions as well as a focused follow-up and tailor-made consultancy.

Radio Novosti News Imaging Steps Up With Breezebox (Hear The Result)

Client Type: Radio Station – News/Talk Format
Work Type: Radio Imaging / Branding

Radio Novosti is a station with a long tradition.

Being a part of the news publishing giant “Novosti” radio department is focused on news/talk format.

Radio Novosti thus brings some of the most popular interviews in the region, news on every hour, and lot of community subjects important for the capital city.

News department is dedicated to bring “the news in style”, so for their new news theme they wanted a combination of orchestral feeling blended with today’s best rhythmical imaging elements.

Breezebox offered “best of both worlds”, a theme that will hold the listeners glued to the radio while giving news presenters huge freedom of expression.

Radio Novosti News Imaging Steps Up With Breezebox (Hear The Result)

Client Type: Radio Station – News/Talk Format
Work Type: Radio Imaging / Branding

Radio Novosti is a station with a long tradition.

Being a part of the news publishing giant “Novosti” radio department is focused on news/talk format.

Radio Novosti thus brings some of the most popular interviews in the region, news on every hour, and lot of community subjects important for the capital city.

News department is dedicated to bring “the news in style”, so for their new news theme they wanted a combination of orchestral feeling blended with today’s best rhythmical imaging elements.

Breezebox offered “best of both worlds”, a theme that will hold the listeners glued to the radio while giving news presenters huge freedom of expression.

NewsTalk Production Library Adds New ‘Election’ Audio


Production Vault NewsTalk 2011 Highlights

Production Vault announces the latest additions to their News/Talk imaging library.

Fresh adds include:

Cain Is Out: Between now & next November, a lot will happen. Stay informed. Get the ELECTION promo now.

Hot Topic: Scoring political points on the economy? THE HOLIDAYS:

Get Ready For “Election Voices”. Less than a year to go. THE SAVAGE TRUTH. Michael Savage promo.

“A Christmas Story”: Get The App. Listen To The Promo Here: #productionvault

Hot Topic: Payroll Tax Increase. Also, pull the string on the new Obama Doll promo. #productionvault.

Don’t Shoot Your Ears Out! Get the new phone app promo that tells The Christmas Story.



ReelWorld – pursuing production and imaging perfection since 1994. Creators of ReelWorld Jingles and the Production Vault family of imaging services.

New Jersey 101.5 Jingles from TM Studios


It’s not New York, it’s not Philadelphia, it’s New Jersey 101.5.

Proud to be NJ … and sounding stronger than ever, with a brand new set of eight themes, from TM Studios.

Once you have heard these themes, there is no forgetting the logo.

New Jersey 101.5 for stations who want a strong identity, to cut through the opposition and be recognized at every junction in the hour, and heard at every junction in the city.

The package is now avaialable on TM Studios at

Winter Coverage Imaging Tools for NewsTalk Radio

Production Vault announces the latest additions to their News/Talk imaging library.

Fresh adds include:

HELP FOR CAIN. Obama and Bill give Cain some advice.

Winter Coverage. Soon snow….Coverage.

HOT TOPIC: Cain. THANKSGIVING TIMES: Time are hard promo. POWER UP: Storm coming? Power may go out.

Herman Cain Press Conference Cut Edited



ReelWorld – pursuing production and imaging perfection since 1994. Creators of ReelWorld Jingles and the Production Vault family of imaging services.

Production Vault News October 2011 Highlights

Check Out: ‘Qaddafi Is Dead’ Promo for News Radio

Production Vault announces its latest updates for its NewsTalk library.

Recent additions include:

Qaddafi Promo uploaded October 20, 2011

Hot Topic Promo: Qaddafi Is Dead

The War On Winter

GOP Fighting

Steve Jobs Tribute

Wall Street Protests

Catch them all on ReelWorld’s Production Vault NewsTalk.

Production Vault is the most comprehensive set of production tools in the radio industry.

About ReelWorld
ReelWorld is pursuing production and imaging perfection since 1994. Creators of ReelWorld Jingles and the Production Vault family of imaging services.

Check out

Production Vault News September 2011 Highlights


Production Vault Recent Highlights

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Benztown Takes Over News Radio WVTT

Benztown announced today that its own voice talent and imaging director are now on board WVTT.

Voice talent Cousin Deke handles the voice works while imaging director Chuck Matthews takes care of the imaging.

Deke’s portfolio includes voice works for stations 700 WLW Cincinnati, 102.1 The Edge Dallas and businesses like The Home Depot, The NFL, and Pepsi.

While versatile Imaging Director Chuck Matthews has imaged more than 18 stations across the US from Atlanta, Greensboror to Cleveland and Toledo.

WVTT (103.9 FM) is a commercial news-talk radio station, licensed to Kane, Pennsylvania. The station is owned by Colonial Radio Group.

Get your free trial today on Benztown Branding, click here.

Benztown is an International radio imaging, production library, voice-over services and radio syndication company with over 400 affiliations on six different continents, headquartered in Los Angeles, California and Stuttgart, Germany.

Benztown Branding Newtalk 2011 Demo

Tropical Storm Emily Hits News Radio Production

This just in.

Production Vault NewsTalk now has promos and elements re:  Tropical Storm Emily.

Look for TS Emily in PROMOS category. This also works great for any tropical storm developments.

Follow PV News at @reelworld_news

  1. TROPICAL STORM EMILY PROMO. For our East Coast stations, look for TS Emily in PROMOS. Great for any tropical storm. #productionvault
  2. “THE DEAL IS DONE”: :15 & 20 second promos are ready. Here the 20 here: #productionvault
  3. THE DEAL IS DONE promo. The 30 version is ready now. The 20/15 soon coming. #productionvault
  5. Rush wastes no time to discuss the BUDGET! Savage is EXTREME. Look in HOST PROMOS. JULY IS OVER. In PROMOS. Happy Monday! #productionvault
  6. HOT TOPIC PROMO: “Is this the deal Obama wanted? No.” Will we still default? Is it too late? Listeners speak. PROMOS #productionvault
  7. A DEBT DEAL. An agreement has been made. Some my not vote for it. Get the promo & news bytes now in PROMOS & CLIPS. #productionvault

Production Vault NewsTalk July 2011 Demo

99.5 WRNO NewsTalk Radio Imaging

99.5 WRNO NewsTalk radio imaging is on Production Vault June 2011 highlights.

Follow PV NewsTalk on Twitter now.

  1. IT IS HOT. And we aint talking weather. Listen to POLITICAL HEAT in PROMOS. Also: New SAVAGE, HANNITY & WEB promo.#productionvaultabout 13 hours ago
  2. HEATWAVE. Take precautions and inform your listeners, Look in PROMOS. HOT TOPIC. The next great depression? In PROMOS.#productionvault10:56 PM Jul 19th

  3. RUSH is a DEMOLITION MAN. Not Armageddon, but BUDGETGEDDON. These and lots more in the Vault for your Monday. #productionvault5:57 AM Jul 19th

  4. ARMAGEDDON! Take cover as the Budget Clock is ticking. The HOT TOPIC sets the stage for an interesting week. In PROMOS.#productionvault11:03 PM Jul 18th

  5. “Download the App” SFX, and more, now up in Sound Design! Check it out now, on #productionvault!6:05 AM Jul 16th via HootSuite

  6. It’s all about U, in Numbers and Letters, this week! Up now on#productionvault!2:37 AM Jul 16th

  7. Take a vacation to Hawaii! New Don Ho inspired Custom and Micro Beds are up now, and available only on #productionvault!2:04 AM Jul 16th


Production Vault NewsTalk June 2011 Highlights

Cellphone-caused Brain Cancer Promos

Here’s what’s new on Production Vault NewsTalk

Transformers Remix and Father’s Day Custom and Micro Beds are up now

Tennis SFX up now in Sound Design, check it out

“N” for NEW letters, up now in Numbers and Letters

RUSH is Hot. GLENN hates Canada. CELL PHONES cause brain cancer? Welcome back to a TON of promos ready to go!

How can your listener get to know the candidates? BY LISTENING TO YOUR STATION! In promos, look for FUNNY NAMES.

HOST PROMOS ready for your Tuesday return! SEAN HANNITY and the “MAGIC WAND” and SAVAGE is the “6TH BEATLE”.

Check out more PV Newstalk Goodies here


End Of The World Promo on PV News

Check what Production Vault has been up to this May 2011 for News format. Arnold Schwarzenegger themed Sound Design, and more, are up now on.

It’s a pirate’s life! Pirates of the Caribbean themed Custom and Micro Beds are up.

GET YOUR HOST PROMOS! Beck’s Apocalypse. Why Savage loves Texas. Fun Lovin’ Hannity. The Right Place with Rush.

New Numbers and Letters are up now! Spell, add, subtract to your heart’s content!

This week in Samples and Drops, egos blowing in from the east!

OBAMA & NETANYAHU CLIPS EDITED. The combo press conference is ready for your picking. Look in NEWS clips.

END OF THE WORLD”: Yup…we have a promo ready….just in case. Hear it here:

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New News Demo:

NewsBeds for Beat 102-103

Beat 102-103 is Ireland’s first regional radio station, broadcasting from Waterford City. It’s the only station licensed to target 15-34 year olds in the South-East and reaches across Wexford, Carlow, Kilkenny and South Tipperay.

Beat re-freshed it’s top of the hour news package with a brand package specifically written and produced by The new theme comprises of 4 inter-connecting beds comprising of Main News In, Travel, Sport and Weather, with a number of supporting  sub cuts and remixes. The new package went on-air on March 21st 2011.

Andy Matthews, Consultant Programme Director  of Beat 102-103 said “”We at Beat102-103 found that the guys at were fantastic. We needed a full package and like every station, needed it yesterday, from the very start the guys couldn’t have been more helpful.

We sent them some of our current jingles and within hours they were back with samples of the first custom cuts. From start to finish we had a new package within 10 days, a record turnaround.

We are over the moon with the sound the guys produced for us, exactly what we were after. They really stand out and have really added to the on air identity – top job!”

This brand new theme is available now from our website. Check out Theme 21 for the demo. All themes are now available in 24 bit 96kKhz format, should you want that super high bit-rate.