Contact & Brandy: Still The Best Mix After 15 Years

With ‘Le Meilleur Mix – Contact’, France is being introduced to a new sonic logo – and  it’s the heart of the make-over that Contact FM is conducting on its 40th anniversary.  The station attaches great importance to a highly distinctive identity. It envisioned  translating this into sonic branding with a surprising twist and, of course, its own  musical and vocal sound. A mission that fit BRANDY like a glove. 

Brandy’s Belgian radio consultants and sound designers composed 10 custom-made  jingles, including a Top of Hour and beds for news, weather and traffic. The core is a super recognizable 6-note logo built around Contact’s new tagline. Nicolas Pavageau, Groupe  Rossel’s Director: “We wanted a more contemporary sound that builds on our strengths.  Having the station’s named and slogan sung works very well for our brand – we wanted to  keep that and translate it into an updated version.” 

“Just about every briefing contains keywords like ‘current’ and ‘fresh’. But Contact wanted a  design that fit with the station’s musical spectrum and brand values and, at the same time, it  had to sound really different from what you hear on other French radio stations. Which is  exactly what we love to sink our teeth into!” says Tom Van der Biest, Creative Director at  Brandy. 

Contact has been calling on Brandy for 15 years now. This is the 9th jingle package that Brandy  has produced for the station. “Brandy is a long-standing partner of Rossel Radio, and we can  truly rely on them. We especially appreciate their great professionalism,” Nicolas Pavageau  concludes. 

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