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ReelWorld’s 2023 Branded Intros for MNM Bring Sonic Power to Both Songs and Producers

ReelWorld, the undisputed global leader in radio jingles, production and on air services, kicks off the year in full fire power with 2023 branded song intros for MNM Belgium.

As part of ReelWorld Europe and Belgium’s MNM partnership, they are arming the station with exclusive branded intros. A powerhouse cast of vocalists carry the energy of MNM’s new ReelWorld sonic identity onto their biggest songs. And there’s a huge vocal kit so their own producers can join in the fun!

Listen to this epic showreel and visit www.reelworld.com to find out how you upgrade your on air sonic armament this 2023.

ReelWorld Straight In At Number 1

Who doesn’t love a good countdown? 

The BBC are celebrating 70 years of the Official Singles Chart with a series of special  shows that also utilise new custom themes composed by ReelWorld.  

The first ever singles chart was published on 14th November 1952, and The Official  Chart Company have created a new chart which features the most-streamed song  released in each of the past 70 years.  

The chart will be broadcast on BBC Radio 2’s Sounds of the The 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s  shows on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November. BBC Radio 1 will cover the most  streamed songs released from 2000 to 2022.  

The custom themes from ReelWorld feature musical influences from across the decades, and include a new rundown bed to countdown the most streamed songs  from 1952 through to today. 

Anthony Gay, Managing Director of ReelWorld said: “It’s been a privilege to work on  these themes for such an iconic moment in pop music history. To provide the soundtrack for some of the UK’s best-loved presenters to count down the country’s all time favourite songs has been a real honour”.  

The chart shows are available to stream now on BBC Sounds ahead of their radio transmission the weekend of 12th and 13th November.

ReelWorld is the world’s leading radio jingle, station imaging and media branding company. Find out more about their services at http://www.reelworld.com/

Powerful 2022 ReelWorld Hot AC Jingle Package now airing on Radio3i

Radio3i in Carona, Melide, Switzerland announced the airing of their brand new jingle package from ReelWorld, the global leader in radio jingle, station imaging and media branding company.

This powerful Hot AC jingle package is based on the European Modern AC themes designed for RFM. The package fits perfectly with the Modern Adult Contemporary sound of Radio3i, home to the Guinness Book of Records Title for the longest radio broadcast in the world and the best Swiss public and private radio stations of the year award.

The RFM package is available for worldwide syndication, contact the team at ReelWorld.com now to get this package for your station – https://reelworld.com/jingles/packages/rfm-2021/

Radio 3i is a private radio broadcaster of Italian-speaking Switzerland spread throughout the Canton of Ticino and in some Italian border territories (provinces Como and Varese).

ReelWorld Fuzion CHR Vol. 3 is Here


The best of both worlds, this is what Fuzion CHR Volume 3 from ReelWorld is all about. High impact short-form IDs that combine the power of VO-driven imaging with the proven recall of a sung melody. Without sounding like a traditional jingle.

Fuzion continues to be a big part of what makes Power 96.1 cut through and stand out. There’s nothing else like it.

Dan Hunt, Program Director

Package Features

  • 15 Core Themes
  • Production Beds
  • Multiple Length Mixes
  • Produced Vocal Workpart Kit

PD Mark Adams on ReelWorld Star 101.3 2022: “These Jingles Deliver!”

Star 101.3 2022 ReelWorld Jingle Package – Bright, dynamic Hot AC jingles that pair perfectly with pop hits from the 90s to today and create a powerful signature sound designed to make your station brand shine.

Great brands need great imaging, and these jingles deliver!The package is fun, distinctive, contemporary, and fits perfectly with our music and brand position.

Mark Adams, Program Director

Package features:

  • 11 Core Themes
  • Top of Hour
  • Promo Theme
  • Traffic
  • News
  • Weather
  • Multiple Length Mixes
  • Instrumentals
  • Vocals
  • Production Beds

Reel2Media Takes Home Double Platinum At This Year’s Hermes Creative Awards

Recognizing outstanding work among creative professionals, this year saw the Hermes  Awards receive over 6500 entries from corporate marketing and communication  departments, advertising agencies and production companies across the globe.

Both Reel2Media submissions ‘North Pole Live’ – an Amazon Alexa Skill that allows users to  listen in on Santa’s workshop and Bali-based alternative wellness podcast, ‘Finding Feel  Good’ received the highest accolade – Platinum recognition.

Talking about the double win, CEO Anthony Gay said: “Only a small percentage of entrants  receive Platinum so it’s a great honor to be acknowledged at this level. Last year we also  had a double win of Platinum and Gold, so to go one better this year is fantastic! Finding Feel Good was the first-ever podcast for Reel2Media, and this Hermes Award marks the  series’ second accolade after winning an AVA Digital Award in February. To have received  this kind of recognition not once but twice for our debut project is truly amazing. As for North Pole Live, the skill proved to be extremely popular during the last festive season and as a  result, we have big expansion plans for it this year, so watch this space!” 

Reel2Media is a new audio content company from the team behind ReelWorld – a global  leader in audio branding with over 25 years’ experience working with the world’s biggest  radio stations on their imaging and jingles. ReelWorld provides station sound for thousands  of radio stations around the world including Z100 New York, BBC Radio 1, KIIS LA, and  Heart UK. Find out more at www.Reel2Media.com

Radio Latina ReelWorld Jingles 2021

ReelWorld Europe announced the release of the latest jingle package for Radio Latina France.

Nothing connects a station brand with its listeners like a jingle. Heard by millions of listeners around the world every day and sung in cars, elevators and showers again and again, ReelWorld jingles are designed to make your station sound exciting, relevant, musically on-trend and as memorable as the songs radio stations play. They literally make your station sing.

Hear more at https://reelworld.com/jingles/packages

ReelWorld Presents “kronehit” Jingles 2022

Kronehit are back with fresh jingles and a brand new sonic logo for 2022. These dynamic themes are filled with modern sounds and textures designed to reflect the current playlists of European CHR.

Showcased here are new themes alongside some of the biggest pop and dance hits in this demo.

Programme Director for kronehit, Dani Linzer, said: “The themes all sound very modern, dynamic and deliver warmth and joy, perfectly reflecting the positivity of our playlist and playfulness of our presenters.”

“It’s always a positive experience working closely with the team at ReelWorld, experimenting and seeing our input translated into some really perfect music,” says Thomas Wollert, Producer.

The whole package is now live at the ReelWorld website, where you can listen to every theme: reelworld.com/jingles/packages/kronehit-2022

2021 Z100, KIIS FM – Always On-trend On Air Sound with ReelWorld ONE

ReelWorld ONE continues to be Most Comprehensive Updating Sonic Branding Service On The Planet.

This service is a massive library of custom jingles, music beds, imaging workparts, song intros, sonic logos and vocal elements plus monthly updates to keep your station brand sounding current and musically on-trend.

Your One library starts with a huge collection of core and specialty Jingles including Top of Hours, Morning Shows, Weather, News, Traffic, Holiday and Contest Themes. And your library continues to grow with new Jingles added every month.

Access the massive updating catalog of Produced ID’s. These Imaging/Jingle hybrids give you a unique way to brand your station using the power of an Imaging piece combined with the energy and proven recall of a sung jingle.

Sonic Logos
A massive updating library of your station sonic logo in a vast array of sounds, textures, keys and tempos. Provided as Imaging-style stingers, long-form talkover pads and drones plus standalone logo tones to give you maximum flexibility.

Song Intros
Fully produced song intro shells featuring either a vocal element or a musical sonic logo to stamp your brand onto the intros of hit songs.

Vocal Kit
Your station name sung in every key, plus positioning statements, dial positions, specialty sings and more, giving you the toolkit you need to make your brand sing.

Key & BPM Charts
Quickly find critical key and bpm info for chart songs allowing you to seamlessly key and tempo match your Jingles and Imaging with the music you play.

CHR, Country or AC, contact the ReelWorld ONE team now to get started. https://reelworld.com/one

Selection of Z100, KIIS jingles from ReelWorld ONE in 2021

RTÉ Radio 1’s 2021 Audio Imaging from ReelWorld: Real Pride and Joy

Ireland’s most listened to radio station, RTÉ Radio 1, has updated its brand sound with custom music from ReelWorld, performed by the RTÉ Concert Orchestra.

The national broadcaster set out to modernize the audio image of the station, with a focus on its continuity themes and top of hour sequence, united by a new sonic logo.

15 new compositions make up the package which combines contemporary and traditional music styles, with an authentic sense of the station’s character running throughout. The themes span genres including folk, pop, Americana, and traditional Irish.

RTÉ Radio 1 Deputy Editor, Penny Hart, said: “What a truly wonderful experience it has been, working on this collaborative project to align the radio station’s content offering and tone of voice through music. We’re so proud of our identity and to hear it shine through these beautiful compositions is a joy.”

Following a competitive tender process, RTÉ selected ReelWorld, based in MediaCityUK, to work closely with the broadcaster’s staff on this unique project.

The RTÉ Concert Orchestra recorded the themes at RTÉ Radio Centre’s Studio 1 under COVID guidelines, in separate sections and across multiple sessions with remote direction via video link between conductor Gavin Murphy and the ReelWorld team. Alongside the orchestra’s core sections of strings, woodwind, brass, and percussion, its members also played traditional instruments including the fiddle, tin whistle, Irish flute and concertina.

Anthony Gay, Managing Director of ReelWorld added: “This is ReelWorld’s third recent experience working with the orchestras of national broadcasters, and we are privileged to support RTÉ with their new sound. We’re thrilled with the results and it’s wonderful to hear the project now on air.”

Creative Audio Manager for RTÉ, Shane Freeman said: “The passion of everybody working on this project is what has made it so special, resulting in something that will stand the test of time and carry the audio brand of the station into the future.”

ReelWorld continues to partner with some of Europe’s biggest broadcasters, including a 2021 update for Heart UK, the country’s most listened to commercial radio network, and the Netherlands’ most listened to radio station, NPO Radio 2. Recently they have also produced a new brand sound for the Bloomberg Television Network.

ReelWorld & Reel2Media Create New Sonic Brand For Bloomberg Television And Radio

Drawing on over 25 years of experience branding the world’s most influential radio stations, ReelWorld and sister company Reel2Media announce the launch of a new sonic and musical brand identity for Bloomberg Television and Radio. 

Created by ReelWorld co-founder/Reel2Media Music Director Erik Huber and his Seattle-based production team, the comprehensive package consists of more than 50 unique musical themes – anchored to a memorable two-note sonic logo – that unify the Bloomberg Television, Radio and Digital platforms under a single sonic identity. 


“This is a monumental achievement and a proud moment for our company,” said ReelWorld CEO/Reel2Media Chairman Mike Thomas.

“To be entrusted with the task of crafting a new audio signature for a brand as significant as Bloomberg is testament to the credibility we’ve built as the radio industry’s sonic branding leader. Our work for Bloomberg marks the dawn of a new era of content creation for us and I’m excited to grow our media branding portfolio.”  

ReelWorld & Reel2Media created a comprehensive suite of musical themes and visual brand identity workparts for Bloomberg Television’s roster of shows. An accompanying collection of radio-centric themes and workparts was produced for Bloomberg Radio, including themes for top of hour, traffic, weather and sports segments, Business Flash updates and breaking news.

See and hear more at www.reelworld.com/bloomberg.

2021 ReelWorld Jingles for Kronehit Austria: perfectly reflecting positive playlist, presenters’ playfulness


The largest nationwide commercial radio station in Austria, kronehit, has launched an  updated station sound from ReelWorld, including a brand new sonic logo. 

13 new themes have been composed, rooted in mainstream and rhythmic pop and  dance, aligning with fresh news and utility elements. The collaboration saw kronehit in  Vienna working closely with ReelWorld creatives also based in the Austrian capital, as  well as MediaCityUK and Seattle.  

Programme Director for kronehit, Dani Linzer, said: “I’ve enjoyed many years of playing  ReelWorld jingles on the morning show, so it has been a great experience to now  refresh the sound in my new role as Programme Director. The themes all sound very  modern, dynamic and deliver warmth and joy, perfectly reflecting the positivity of our  playlist and playfulness of our presenters.”  

Anthony Gay, Managing Director of ReelWorld added: “It is an honour to have been  supporting kronehit with jingles over the years, and in particular with custom packages  since 2015. We can’t wait to hear the new themes in action on air.” 

Thomas Wollert, Producer at kronehit said: “Developing a new jingle package is always  exciting, from preparing the first briefing until getting the final mixes, especially this  time around implementing a new sonic logo and updated vocal sound. It’s always a  positive experience working closely with the team at ReelWorld, experimenting and  seeing our input translated into some really perfect music.”  

ReelWorld has successful partnerships with some of Europe’s biggest broadcasters, including a 2021 update for NPO Radio 2 in the Netherlands and themes for RTÉ Radio 1  in Ireland due to launch in the coming weeks. BBC Radio 1 and Heart UK, NRK P1  Norway, Los 40 Spain, and RTL Berlin are all stations ReelWorld proudly support to  #makegreatradio.  

kronehit 2021 will be available for syndication from October via reelworld.com. Hear more at www.reelworld.com.

ReelWorld’s Reel2Media Uses Recall Power of ‘Jingles’ in new Amazon Alexa Skill

Sing My Number turns any phone number into a catchy, memorable song that kids can call on for help

Reel2Media, part of ReelWorld – global leader in radio station identification jingles and production services, has released a new Amazon Alexa Skill ‘Sing My Number’.

Reel2Media, which specializes in digital, on demand audio content, and sonic branding, explains that this new Alexa Skill enables people to create songs with billions of possible different versions.

The new skill creates a personalized song to help families remember important phone numbers, and can serve up one of over a billion different permutations within seconds.

The idea works just like the magic of jingles. The recall power is just simply unmatched.

Designed for parents with children either too young to own a phone, or who find themselves in an emergency situation without one, Sing My Number turns any phone number into a catchy, memorable song that kids can call on for help.

Talking about the inspiration behind the skill, Reel2Media co-founder Anthony Gay said: “It’s a parent’s worst nightmare when a child goes missing, however briefly, and it’s a nightmare that’s only made worse when they don’t have a phone. Today anyone can access hundreds of phone numbers with just a few taps of a screen but can you remember any of them? It’s all too easy to forget the importance of teaching essential numbers to our children should they need them in an emergency.”

Sing My Number is the second family focused skill from Reel2Media, following the successful launch of Yak Talk Back! in April 2020. Sing My Number is both a standalone skill and an extension to Yak Talk Back! as the Yak character hosts the experience.

Fellow co-founder Mike Thomas added: “As a parent, it’s reassuring to know my kids have a way to contact me in an emergency. Drawing on our decades of experience creating jingles for the world’s biggest radio stations, and combining those skills with technology, we’ve been able to create a unique skill that is both fun and has purpose.”

Currently available in both North America and the UK, Sing my Number can be accessed and enabled from the Alexa Skills Store now. Or simply say “Alexa, enable Sing My Number’ to get started.

Learn more about Reel2Media at https://reel2media.com

New 70s, 80s, 90s Jingle Package for Cool FM from ReelWorld

Feel-good Classic Hits jingle anthems full of the iconic sounds of the 70s, 80s and 90s. An instantly memorable sonic logo paired with a vibrant group vocal will have listeners singing your station name right along with the hits you play.

The package is anchored on the world famous Bob FM logo melody. Listen more and contact ReelWorld now at this page http://reelworld.com/jingles/packages/cool-fm

Package includes:

  • 8 Core Themes
  • Top Of Hour
  • Weather Theme
  • Traffic Bed
  • News Bed
  • Multiple Length Mixes
  • Instrumentals
  • Vocals
  • Production Beds
  • Logo Workparts

2020 CHR Jingles for 99.5 ZPL Indianapolis from ReelWorld just dropped

ReelWorld has just released the most powerful sonic branding for Pop CHR Radio with dynamic female vocals, modern pop music production and a signature 3-note sonic logo combine to create CHR jingles that sound as powerful and memorable as the hits on CHR Radio play today.

You guys keep topping yourselves, this is my favorite package yet!!! – JR AmmonsOperations Manager Cumulus Station Group, Indianapolis

Package includes:

  • 8 Core Themes
  • 2 AM Shows
  • Top of Hour
  • Weather Theme
  • Promo Theme
  • News Bed
  • Traffic Bed
  • Multiple Length Mixes
  • Instrumentals
  • Vocals
  • Production Beds
  • Logo Workparts

Hear more and contact ReelWorld to #makegreatradio at http://reelworld.com/jingles/packages/wzpl-2020

ReelWorld Treats Australia Radio Listeners with Fresh, Fun Jingles for Hit Network

The new sound of 2DAYFM and SCA’s Hit Network in Australia is now on air!

“What an incredible journey this has been and I can’t thank the ReelWorld team enough for bringing our vision and sound to life. They absolutely nailed what we were striving for and I love every single item. Every time a new piece came through I was thrilled and amazed at how the team just ‘got’ what I wanted. ReelWorld provided us with the best possible sound we could have dreamt of and were so patient with us along the way. On top of all this we had ridiculously tight deadlines, which of course they met. The most impressive part was the enthusiastic approach from the ReelWorld team from day one. I’m so happy that all of Australia get to hear their incredible work and my deepest thanks to ReelWorld for the wonderful collaboration and world class audio mastery!” – Gemma Fordham, Head of Hit Network

Founded in a one-bedroom Seattle apartment by two friends in 1994, ReelWorld Productions turned the radio industry on its ear by creating a groundbreaking jingle package for WPGC-FM in Washington D.C. 

For the first time, production techniques and musicality were paired with the playlist of a station, creating a seamless transition between its branding and core artists. 

From that day forward radio jingles were no longer something that stopped the music cold while a barbershop quartet belted out schmaltzy call letters. Instead, they stood toe-to-toe with the hits of the day, keeping the on-air flow intact and listeners glued to their speakers. 

In the years that followed, ReelWorld continued to develop new radio jingles and radio imaging services, further redefining the idea of radio branding. 2011 saw the opening of ReelWorld’s European headquarters in London, which relocated to MediaCityUK in 2013, further expanding our global reach.

Today, ReelWorld proudly employs a worldwide team of seasoned producers and composers across our unique and innovative product divisions of radio jingles and radio production.

With dozens of products airing on thousands of stations across six continents, ReelWorld is the company stations trust to help them #makegreatradio. Start now at http://www.reelworld.com

A Modern ‘Breeze’ of Soft AC Jingle Imaging by ReelWorld

ReelWorld, world’s leading radio jingle, production and branding company has launched this month the brand new Soft AC jingle package for The Breeze 106.1 WISX FM.

Today’s Soft AC may be relaxing but it’s definitely not sleepy. Designed to pair seamlessly with a wide range of soft favorites, these vibrant and uplifting jingles will make your listeners feel good and your AC station sound great!

Soft AC spans multiple decades, styles and instrumentation. ReelWorld found a way to blend them all without sounding dated. In fact, they created a package that’s perfect for our brand and smooth enough to transition into even the slowest ballads. They really exceeded our expectations!

Brian Check, Program Director WISX-FM

The Breeze package contains 8 core themes, two morning show themes, top of hour, holiday theme, weather, news and traffic. It also comes with multiple mixes of every theme, instrumentals, vocals, production beds and logo workparts.

Get in touch with ReelWorld now to get this package for your AC station, visit http://reelworld.com/jingles/packages/the-breeze

UK radio listeners will ‘Heart’ these feel-good up to date jingles from ReelWorld

The new sound of Heart 2020 from ReelWorld as heard on-air with added imaging elements! Perfectly paired with the songs on Heart’s feel-good playlist, these new themes will help your station sound bang up to date. These themes work perfectly alongside the Heart 2019 jingles, or as a standalone solution.

Hear the pack cut-by-cut on our website -http://reelworld.com/jingles/packages/heart-2020

Radio KissKiss

In other news, starting from 17 July 2020, the Radio Kiss Kiss summer Kiss Kiss Play Summer 2020 compilation is available for purchase, also on Amazon.it . The playlist includes some of the most successful national and international hits of summer 2020, such as Baby K and Chiara Ferragni, Boomdabash and Alessandra Amoroso, Aiello, Giusy & Elettra, Tiziano Ferro and Jovanotti, Fedez, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish , The Weekend and many others.

Through this partnership, explains a note, Amazon and Radio Kiss Kiss join forces to give a
special return among the school desks to some lucky Italian students: part of the proceeds from the sale of the compilation on Amazon.it will in fact be donated to three schools located in the areas adjacent
to three Amazon sorting depots in Italy for the creation of Stem laboratories. By purchasing the Kiss Kiss Play Summer 2020 on the Amazon marketplace, customers will support the charity initiative and, with a symbolic gesture, will wish a good return to class in September to Italian students, who have had to start from the Covid-19 pandemic follow lessons remotely.

“As part of our commitment to supporting the communities where Amazon employees live and work, we are proud to partner with Radio Kiss Kiss for this special initiative in support of the digitization of Italian schools,” said Gabriele Sigismondi, Amazon CEO Logistics in Italy. “In this way we hope to wish all the students of the schools involved a happy return to class. In recent months, we have carried out several projects to offer innovative solutions to support teachers and students who have suddenly had to try their hand at the world of distance learning “.

Lucia Niespolo, president of the Board of Cn Media (Radio Kiss Kiss) commented: “We are happy that Amazon has readily accepted our invitation to this project linked to the purchase of our summer compilation, the Kiss Kiss Play Summer 2020. Radio Kiss Kiss like Amazon, it knows how important it is to invest in the training of young people and the digitalization of the Italian school. A school in step with the times, smart and digital, is a goal to be achieved in the shortest possible time, we project ourselves into the school of the future, for this reason, before the start of the school year, together with our Amazon friends we will deliver three Italian schools 3 Stem laboratories that will allow the teaching staff of the respective 3 schools to improve distance learning with their students.

The drivers of the delivery service providers, with the support of the Radio Kiss Kiss speakers, will soon leave for the three institutes located in three secret locations that will be revealed in the coming weeks. All updates on the project will be published in the next few days on the social channels of Amazon.it and Radio Kiss Kiss.

This initiative develops within a wider commitment undertaken by Amazon to support the communities in which its employees live and work, thanks to the activity of the Amazon territorial committees in the community. For example, during the health crisis Amazon has carried out numerous projects to support bodies, institutions and organizations on the front lines in the fight against Covid-19, such as the Civil Protection, the Italian Red Cross and the Food Bank of Lombardy. In addition, during the lockdown, Amazon organized free webinars related to Stem issues dedicated to teachers from all over Italy, to provide them with innovative tools to be used in distance learning.

Amazon’s commitment to training and the dissemination of technological knowledge also includes the ‘Amazon Innovation Award’ initiative: launched in 2016, the contest involves three of the most prestigious Italian universities, the Politecnico di Milano, the Politecnico di Torino and the University of Rome Tor Vergata, and invites students to propose innovative ideas to optimize Amazon’s logistics activities. Starting from last year, some European universities can also participate in the Amazon Innovation Awards.

ReelWorld Drops 2020 KIIS LA CHR Package

Designed to push musical boundaries and capture the energy, mood and diverse textures of today’s pop charts while continuing to elevate the sonic brand of the iconic CHR powerhouse. Listen to the full package and contact ReelWorld now http://reelworld.com/jingles/packages/kiis-2020

We’ve trusted ReelWorld to create our jingles for more than 16 years now. They always capture the essence and energy of KIIS and know exactly how to keep pushing our iconic sonic brand forward.

John Ivey, Program Director 102.7 KIIS FM

Package includes:

  • 12 Core Themes
  • 2 Top Of Hours
  • Weather Theme
  • Promo Theme
  • Traffic Bed
  • News Bed
  • Multiple Length Mixes
  • Instrumentals
  • Production Beds
  • Logo Workparts
  • Vocals

ReelWorld is at the forefront of audio revolution with launch of audio content company Reel2Media

ReelWorld, the global leader in radio jingles and branding, has launched a new audio content company.

Reel2Media will focus on smart speaker experiences and innovative Alexa Skills as well as podcasts and sonic branding. Building on its world-class audio branding heritage, Reel2Media will create unique and memorable audio that will enable brands to engage and interact with their audience using the power of sound.

Reel2Media official logo

Chairman and Co-Founder Mike Thomas said: “The audio revolution is here and how brands engage with audiences using sound is a space in which we feel we can make a significant impact. With over 25 years’ of experience in audio branding and music composition we are uniquely positioned to add real value, creating content that will both delight audiences and wow brands.”

Reel2Media’s first Alexa Skill will be released soon and promises a new benchmark in quality and interactivity.

CEO and fellow Co-Founder Anthony Gay said: “Interactivity and on demand are driving the future of audio consumption, and the podcast explosion is just the beginning of this audio revolution. Smart speaker technology is now beginning to gain real traction and it’s only going to get bigger. We see a huge opportunity for brands to reach their audience using sound and we aim to raise the bar with the quality and relevance of our audio experiences, to deliver content that adds value, content that creates connections and content audiences want to listen to. With Reel2Media we feel we’re at the beginning of something special.”

The Seattle based company with European Headquarters at MediaCityUK, already has a strong presence in both the US and the UK through ReelWorld and will initially be targeting those territories with its new offering.

ReelWorld is responsible for the sonic identities of thousands of radio stations across every continent including some of the world’s most iconic broadcasters – Z100 New York, BBC Radio 1, KIIS LA, Heart UK, NRK P1 in Norway, Radio 2 Belgium and most recently the team re-imagined the sound of BBC Local Radio across the UK. Their work is heard by tens of millions of radio listeners every day.

Reel2Media is a new audio content company from the team behind ReelWorld – a global leader in audio branding with over 25 years’ experience working with the world’s biggest radio stations on their imaging and jingles. ReelWorld provides station sound for thousands of radio stations around the world including Z100 New York, BBC Radio 1, KIIS LA, and Heart UK.

Reel2Media was formed in 2019 with the purpose of helping brands engage audiences using the power of sound.

Combining rich storytelling, music, and high production values with the latest audio and smart speaker technology, Reel2Media creates innovative and interactive audio experiences, podcasts and sonic branding, delivering content that adds value. Content people want to listen to. Content that connects brands with their audiences.

For more information visit www.reel2media.com

Kiss108-Energized Jingles Are Blazin on this CHR Station

Heard here is an offair montage of ReelWorld ONE CHR jingles for Mix 93.3 Kansas City using the KISS108 Boston logo, uploaded by KCMike. ReelWorld ONE is The Most Comprehensive Updating Sonic Branding Service On The Planet. A massive library of custom Jingles, Music Beds, Imaging Workparts, Song Intros, Sonic Logos and Vocal Elements plus monthly updates to keep your station brand sounding current and musically on-trend. Learn more at http://reelworld.com/one

Other radio related news. How Mexicans listen to radio.

In 2019, the radio received an investment of 7 thousand 434 million pesos from brands and companies.

Smartphones represent the third most used device to listen to the radio.

Although for many it seems incredible, radio is still a means of communication that can be considered valid, both for audiences and for brands and companies; as we reveal in the Annual Study of Investment in Media 2019, the radio still receives a considerable amount of resources, even more than what newspapers, cinemas, directories and internet receive, at least in the case of Mexico, the number reported in the study it indicates that 7 thousand 434 million pesos were destined to this medium. With that data, it is also possible to confirm that it is still possible to find millions of people who spend a good part of their time listening to the radio.

According to the Digital Audio Studio of the IAB Mexico , radio is among the main ways of consuming entertainment, although it is placed below the Internet and Television in that regard. However, the way in which the radio is consumed has changed considerably thanks to the arrival of new technologies and devices.

In the graph of this day, with data from the previously mentioned study, we highlight what are the devices currently used for radio consumption in the country.

Interestingly, the conventional device for listening to the radio is the device most used today for this activity, 22 percent of those consulted in the study highlight using it to listen to programs. The second position, by percentage of users, is the car stereo, however, the study highlights that it is mainly when they are in the car that people decide to listen to the radio programs.

Finally, according to the information, the third most used device is smartphones, consumers find in these devices a practical tool for radio consumption because the ease of use is clear and also allow mobility.

Since it is possible to observe how the radio has adapted to new platforms or devices, it is possible to understand that it is a format that still has a lot to offer for both audiences and brands.

[AUDIO] This is where Hit Imaging Lives

ReelWorld unveils its recent Red Hits highlight. RED Hits is a constantly updating sonic goldmine of Imaging Shells, Music Promos, Top of Hours, Topical IDs, Music Mashups, Contest Workparts and more. Designed to reach beyond traditional Pop format boundaries and add a flash of color to your on-air brand. Learn more about Red Hits, visit http://reelworld.com/red-hits#!/demo

Radio News: Elise Kvien becomes NRK Vestland’s new morning voice

Elise Kvien (23) has got a permanent job in NRK Vestland, and will direct the morning broadcasts on radio, in God Morgon Sogn and Fjordane.

  • It’s amazing. It’s very surreal in a way, because things have gone so fast. I feel very lucky, Kvien tells the Journalist.

She becomes a program manager with Stian Sjursen Takle.

  • No dream too big
    She comes from Vartdal in Ørsta, was a Norwegian Norwegian trainee in NRK’s ​​Nynorsk media center in 2018-2019, and had practice in P3 News at Tyholt after that. Now she works in a temporary agency in NRK News, for Dagsnytt and Always News at Marienlyst.
  • We as temporary agents go from contract to contract, and it’s hard not to know what the future brings all the time. That is why it is also very nice to get a permanent job, says Kvien, and admits that she is quite proud of the new job.
  • I’ve gained a lot in a short time, mainly because I’ve been burning for making radio all the time. No dream is too big! I am primarily proud of myself, but would not have done it without anyone who has supported me.

From April 1, she will be heard by listeners in the Sogn and Fjordane section of the new county Westland. In the long term, there will probably be more cooperation between the two former district offices.

Controlled the entire radio alone
Kvien appreciates that she got to be at the Nynorsk media center, which became an eye-opener for her in terms of language, but also a springboard into NRK.

She started with radio when she studied marketing and management at NTNU in Ålesund, where she had regular broadcast time in Radio Ålesund’s afternoon broadcast every Wednesday, in addition to substituting for morning and afternoon broadcasts on other days.

  • It has been worth my while to work in local radio. The local media is a springboard for journalists. One learns so much with so few resources, she says.

Three summers in a row, she controlled the entire radio alone. Then she started the day with morning broadcast, then she went out and was a reporter after a quick lunch, then it was back in the studio to make afternoon broadcast.

  • It was very, very long days and incredibly hectic. A big challenge, but also exciting.

New Station, New ReelWorld CHR Jingles Launched in 2020

MTV Radio in Denmark is the first radio station using the MTV brand in the world.

The station worked with ReelWorld to create their launch sound.

Philip Lundsgaard is the CEO of the new station – “In 2019, together with Viacom, we launched the first MTV Radio in the world. We worked with the ReelWorld team and both the MTV Radio and Viacom Denmark teams are very excited about the final sound, they work really well in our flow. This is not the last time we use ReelWorld!”

The station also signed up to ReelWorld’s RED Hits production library.

Listen more at www.reelworld.com

MTV Radio went on air in Denmark on November 01, 2019. The station can be received nationwide via DAB, via app, on the web radio at MTVRADIO.dk and via the local FM frequency 98.6 MHz in North Zealand, north of Copenhagen.

MTV Radio is a merger of VIMN Nordic AB and TVR Media. VIMN Nordic AB is a subsidiary of MTV operator Viacom, TVR Media already operates the radio station ENERGY in Denmark, which is also broadcast nationwide via DAB.

ReelWorld Re-Inventing The Sound of Radio Branding Once More #kronehit2020 @ReelWorldEurope @KRONEHIT

Austria’s kronehit get killer new sound from ReelWorld

Contemporary Hit Radio never stands still and ReelWorld have just served up a new sound for Austria’s kronehit featuring 14 new jingles themes that capture the essence of today’s hit music playlists.

kronehit Programme Director Rüdiger Landgraf is thrilled with the result: “ReelWorld continue to re-invent the sound of radio branding around the world. This jingle package raises the bar and gives us a killer sound for 2020. We’re glad they’re on our side!”

ReelWorld Managing Director Anthony Gay said: “We love working with Rüdiger, Thomas and the team at kronehit. Their attention to detail and focus on keeping the brand fresh is inspiring. A highlight of the year.”

You can hear the full package at reelworld.com including all the themes and mix outs. http://reelworld.com/jingles/packages/kronehit-2020

It’s been a busy year for the MediaCityUK and Seattle based company who continue to support Europe’s biggest broadcasters including the UK’s BBC Radio 1, RTE 2FM in Ireland, and Los 40 Spain.

Billie Eilish, Sam Smith in spotlight for Z100’s recent radio imaging

Billie Eilish, Sam Smith, Post Malone are in the spotlight for the recent highlight of Production Vault CHR for Z100 New York.

Check out the rest of the recent highlights from productionvault for other formats.

productionvault is the world’s most complete imaging toolkit. From sweeper and promo shells ready for your VO to playlist-current song intros, sound effects, listener clips and custom music beds, productionvault gives you the content you need to sound your best.

Heard in the recent highlight for Z100 are promos and imaging showcasing artists like Post Malone, Sam Smith and Billie Eilish, who is in the limelight these days for her unconventional pop image.

With a good safety margin we can say that we have already found our album of the year, which has a beautiful title, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go ? and is signed by the most amazing artist that America has given birth to in the last few years. Write down this name, because Billie Eilish seems to come from another planet, but now that it’s here between us it seems obvious to us that she intends to stay there for a while, since her music is making everyone fall in love, at any latitude. To tell who it is, this 17 year old grew up in Los Angeles (from, as she tells herself, “two parents who all say to be actors, but who, and I say with immense love towards them, are actually more actors missed, than most have done commercials; the people who follow me send me gifts that I don’t know where to put, because I grew up in a really modest environment “) we can leave by saying what it is not : not a breathtaking, super confident and highly sensual like our beloved Dua Lipa , it is not an Ariana Grande, a splendid talent without a doubt but already more canonical, and it is not a panic rapper like Cardi B, as much a blood thrown in its bars as it is coherent with the imaginary of the woman rapper, angry, provocative, eager for money and success, foul-mouthed and very, very funny. Here:

Billie Eilish is Billie Eilish because at the age of 17 she manages to clear everything, and to create new rules in the infinite show that is music. Like very few before her (Madonna, Bjork, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey) this teen ager is revolutionary. Why? Because his verses touch the abyss of depression and anxiety, of which he never made a secret of suffering, with sounds that can only be defined pop, maybe dark, but pop. According to Dave Grohl, the singer of the Foo Fighters, the same thing that happened in 1991 with Nirvana, his historical band, is happening with Eilish. He knows this because his daughters are obsessed with Eilish, as well as many other American teenagers but not only, given that his Instagram has almost 16 million followers.

Despite having a beautiful face, Eilish focuses on everything but his attractiveness: his videos are dark, sometimes disturbing, similar, so in span, certainly more to an imaginary from Marylin Manson rather than to those of colleagues like Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus. And also her look, with her hair now gray, now blue and the oversize clothes that show a few centimeters of skin and place it, as well as her very winking attitude, make her an artist beyond any gender stereotype

As the New York Times wrote : his latest album “will probably consolidate his reputation as a unicorn of the music industry of the 21st century, which embodies all the hopes of online youth culture”. And so, let’s add, because if a girl is not rich, with Tourette’s syndrome (of which she has widely spoken on her social networks, after videos of her tics were included), who at 17 writes and composes from alone, flanked only by her 20-year-old brother Finneas, who does not feel the need to become the Lolita on duty to have followed, and above all, capable of giving us pieces, all but all incredible and all in a profoundly different way, like those of When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?well then there is great hope for future generations.

ReelWorld Elevates The Sound of RTÉ 2fm to a New High

ReelWorld announced the release of the brand new imaging for RTÉ 2fm Ireland. In conjunction with the station’s 40th year, ReelWorld delivered a package that takes the station sound to a new level – a CHR imaging package that sounds like now and the future.

New ReelWorld imaging for Ireland’s 2FM

Ireland’s 2FM – the youth station from state broadcaster RTE – is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a new on air branding package from ReelWorld.

The station challenged ReelWorld to create a sound to accompany the launch of a new daytime line-up. This extensive new package includes a new sonic logo, core imaging and custom themes for each of the daytime shows.

Alan Swan is the station’s Head of Music – “This year has seen us celebrate our fortieth birthday with loads of great memories from the last 4 decades whilst looking to the future with a new daytime line-up. Alongside our new shows, the new imaging and show themes from ReelWorld pull the whole sound together. 2FM sounds better than ever!”

Shane Freeman leads the station’s imaging and production – “We set ambitious goals with our new sound and the team at ReelWorld have certainly met them. With a new standout sonic logo, memorable show openers and high impact imaging, our wide reaching new package has elevated our station sound to a new high”.

ReelWorld have worked with the team at RTE 2FM since 2014. The production company are the world’s leading producer of imaging and jingles with bases in Seattle and MediaCityUK.

Paul Fernley is ReelWorld’s European Sales Manager – “It’s a real honour to be given the opportunity to continue developing the sound of 2FM for a sixth year. This new package is on another level – it’s great to hear it on-air!”

ReelWorld work with station across Europe to create bespoke imaging solutions. Recent projects can be heard on Norway’s NRK MP3, BBC Radio 1 in the UK and Virgin Radio Switzerland.

This Mashup for AC Radio Imaging is Spot-on from ReelWorld Production Vault

Production Vault, the world’s most trusted imaging service showcases a cool mashup of AC radio’s most sought after hits. Listen to the latest highlight in 2019.

A focus on listener-driven production paired with inspiring artist and music shells and topical promos gives a fresh, creative voice to AC radio imaging.

Production Vault AC Highlights 2019

ReelWorld’s New Hit Music Imaging is a Smasher!

ReelWorld released the latest update on the new RED Hits service for April of 2019 including the new branded intro of Taylor’s new hit ME.

RED Hits – A constantly updating sonic goldmine of Imaging Shells, Music Promos, Top of Hours, Topical IDs, Music Mashups, Contest Workparts and more. Designed to reach beyond traditional Pop format boundaries and add a flash of color to your on-air brand.

Find out more at

This month’s update includes new power intro for Swift and Urie’s new song ME!

“Me!”, Taylor’s new video that has already broken all records. In just 24 hours, the clip received over 65 million views.

After two years away from the scene, Taylor is back and did it in style: her new single, feat. Brandon , entitled ” Me! “Has already won over fans from all over the world.

The video of the song has already broken all the records: in the first 24 hours after the publication the clip has in fact obtained over  65 million views . After only 4 days the number has grown to almost 100 million , a goal that will certainly be achieved soon.

Meanwhile, Taylor can be said to be satisfied given that with this boom on YouTube she has already beaten her colleague Ariana Grande who, with the video of ” Thank U, Next “, got 55.4 million views in a single day . The singer wanted to thank the fans for the affection received but also the talented dancers who appear in the clip: ” Thank you for making the video so magical and keeping the secret so long, ” he wrote on social media.

But that’s not all: Taylor, in fact, announced that he had adopted the kitten that appears in the clip along with his two kittens, Meredith Gray and Olivia . The cat was named Benjamin Button and the singer loves it. As for the song, destined to become a pop hit, Taylor recently explained: “ME! is a song that talks about when you embrace (and you own) your individuality “.

Hit FM China Rules with Production Vault from ReelWorld

Hit FM China has used the Production Vault services from ReelWorld. The leading network of stations in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are among the stations in Asia that are using ReelWorld for radio dominance.

About Hit FM. It is an international popular music broadcast under China Radio International, which broadcasts a frequency of 88.7 MHz in Beijing. On April 16, 2003, Hit FM began trial broadcasting in Beijing, and then landed in Guangzhou (88.5 MHz) and Shanghai (87.9 MHz). Different from the traditional Chinese comprehensive radio station, it adopts the most mature and professional type of Pure Radio in the world, and broadcasts the most dynamic and fashionable hits of the international pop music scene 24 hours a day. Let music be a necessities for high quality pursuers to enjoy.

It is an international popular music broadcast under China Radio International, which broadcasts a frequency of 88.7 MHz in Beijing. On April 16, 2003, Hit FM began trial broadcasting in Beijing, and then landed in Guangzhou (88.5 MHz) and Shanghai (87.9 MHz). Different from the traditional Chinese comprehensive radio station, it adopts the most mature and professional type of Pure Radio in the world, and broadcasts the most dynamic and fashionable hits of the international pop music scene 24 hours a day. Let music be a necessities for high quality pursuers to enjoy.

Through the “Chasing Star” series of activities, the audience will be invited to the global music industry big-name concert, the Radio Aid Indian Ocean tsunami disaster broadcast charity performance; broadcast world-class pop music festival and Beijing’s major pop and rock music festivals; host the 2007 Beijing Pop Music Festival Hit FM Stage Stage; the 6th Anniversary Birthday of 2009, the “Drug Health and Bone Bone Fine” drama; the 2013 10th Anniversary Never Stop the Beat series; and the annual Christmas Par, New Year Countdown Special Program, organize “Hit Bar” A series of activities such as the Beijing Club Nightclub Alliance, Hit FM dynamic, fashion, and internationally integrated brand image has been deeply rooted in the majority of urban youth.

To date, Hit FM has a range of popular music programs that are popular with listeners. From Monday to Friday, Morning Hits, Mid-day Hits, Afternoon Hits, Traffic Hits, New Music have become Hit FM features and endorsements. The weekend’s American Top 40, Hit FM Top 20 Countdown, Hit FM OST, Hit the Road, Weekend Hits, Rock DJ and Hip Hop Park The Park brings together the world’s hottest hip-hop, rock and pop music programs for the European and American markets. Fans have created the auditory space that is most in line with the international trend.

Hit FM will unify and organize the music program 24 hours a day, in addition to providing trend followers with the latest dynamic songs in the world’s major rankings, as well as a lot of well-known songs for those who are obsessed with classics. From http://www.hitfm.cn