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WHTZ TOH 2021: Serving the Universe

A capture of the Top of Hour Station ID of WHTZ 100.3 FM Z100 New York by _jaybustamante, showcasing the iconic “Serving The Universe” jingle and ReelWorld ONE CHR imaging, captured 9/7/2021.

Other news:

Sanjo Radio 79.7 Kyoto Japan Starts New Show Nippon Night Talk

A radio program entitled NNT-radio (Nippon Night Talk) will begin at Kyoto Community Radio Sanjo Radio Cafe FM 79.7MHz. This program welcomes guests every night (midnight program) with the themes of “traditional culture”, which is a topic unique to Kyoto, “art” regardless of age, and various “manufacturing” topics.

NNT-radio, along with main commentator Tamamura Ryo, has three personalities: Dalia Lucina, who came to Japan with an interest in Japanese culture, Marie Mizuno, who develops art activities in Kyoto, and Kaori Sakurai, a popular person in the streets of Kyoto.

Nowadays, there is a feeling of distance among Japanese people due to the health issue, but based on the three themes (traditional culture, art, and manufacturing) that can be said to be Japanese specialty, listeners can see the future of Japan by listening to the stories of people involved in manufacturing.

Japan, which used to be the center of producing consumer items, in recent years there have been more stories of being overtaken by other countries. People who are still steadily working on manufacturing are in many local cities, including Kyoto, and they support families. 

In terms of art, Kyoto has long been the center of Japanese art and has created many artists, and even today, young and talented artists are secretly working on the creation of works day and night. 

Including them, the city of Kyoto has created and nurtured traditions and culture over the years of 1200. There is the power of Kyoto and Japan that cannot be seen just by visiting Kyoto for sightseeing. However, these themes have a high threshold, deep and heavy impression. Therefore, in order to make it easier for people to see and hear on this radio, the team aimed for a community-radio broadcast that can be enjoyed by setting the broadcast to midnight.

Sanjo Radio Cafe 79.7 is online at, its broadcast origin is from Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

Z100 Pay Your Bills

01 New Release Rundown, ReelWorld Jingle (This week’s iHeart New Release Rundown on Elvis Duran)
02 Z100 Pay Your Bills ID, Kelly Kelly Kelly Dave Foxx (Send us your bills at Z100 dot com)
03 Lets Go Right Here Right Now Sweeper
04 iHeart Radio Sia Featurette
05 Top of Hour Z100 ReelWorld Jingle Seattle
06 Z100 Paying Your Bills Register
07 Katy Perry Charlie Puth Sia Get To You Sweeper
08 Zee One Hundred Kelly Kelly Kelly
09 Student Loan Pay Your Bills Spot (Is that a student loan in your pocket …)
10 Music Promo

Captured October 21, 2016 9:15 am to 10:15 am iHeart Radio

Check Out This “On The Hour” Track from Beds and Beats

When you want ‘News’ music, you go to the best in the business! Good news is, not only did these guys take the call but they all wanted to work with Beds and Beats!

The company put together a dream team that includes: David Lowe, Paul Farrer, Simon May, Dave Hewson, Roger Dexter and Dan Mumford.

Individually these guys have created the most iconic News themes in the UK. From BBC News, ITV News at 10 to BBC Three 60 Seconds and BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat.

From Current Affairs and Politics to News Headlines and Deadlines check out Todays Issues.

[AUDIO] These are ReelWorld KISS Dallas 2015 Jingles

Checkin’ out these sung IDs by Seattle’s ReelWorld for KHKS FM 106.1 Kiss FM Denton Dallas ForthWorth.

Jingles are from the ONE package.

The audio showcases various themes and transitions from of the package as played out on the air with radio personality Priscilla on her April 4th stint. Also comes with a talked over Top of Hour and canned version.

In addition to the jingles, sweepers, whispers and the literal KISS Stinger is employed.

Kiss FM DFW had a custom package back in 2003 by ReelWorld Seattle,

Listen To These TM Studios Jingles for a Houston Station, TOH April 29, 2014

Jingles for KSBJ Houston, produced by LITE House Studios, a division of TM Studios. The package is based on the WLIT theme and is available as an updating package with new IDs every season.

The montage includes top of hour with slogan “reminding Houston God Listens”.

Visit LITE House Studios at

This TOH is a Certified Smash! Powered by ReelWorld KTU Jingles

New top of hour ID for Island 106 in Panama City, Florida showcased with a ReelWorld Jingle. Audio posted my Marc Summers 2 on Sound Cloud.

WILN is a CHR station in Panama City serving the Bay County.

The recently signed in a ReelWorld jingle package with the WKTU logo.

Today’s Best Music plus today’s best jingles = Island 106.

Check out the montage by playing embedded Sound Cloud player above.

For the original WKTU Jingles check out ReelWorl’s website.

Z100 ReelWorld Kickstarters Then And Now

Top of hour and kickstarter ramps produced by ReelWorld since the 2000s to present.

Includes aircheck showcasing voices of Dave Foxx, Kelly Kelly Kelly, Dave Kampel, ZJ Mo Bounce

These are selection of cuts from packages produced for WHTZ.

KKOB FM Albuquerque Legal IDs Sep 2012

New Top of Hour IDs for KKOB FM Albuquerque

Produced by Gavan Bruderer, who also runs his own radio imaging service at

The legal IDs are just few the many things that fills Gavan’s hands right now.

A self-confessed production geek, the 19-year old radio producer and voice talent as well, describes his work as “making the sound pound in between the songs and such.”

The 4 versions include voices of Kelly Kelly Kelly and Dave Foxx.

Contact Gavan Bruderer for radio production needs at

The WQHT Top Of Hour Story: Loud and Proud From The Top, Top, Top of the World Trade Center

Interview with Rick Allen who created WQHT-New York’s iconic Top Of Hour ID that ran for years and years in the 1980’s and into the 90’s on the anniversary of the World Trade Center Attack.

First the innocent and happy thoughts: Even though I’ve tried and tried, I can’t for the life of me remember the exact date but for some strange reason I can still remember almost every detail of the night I put that ID together.  I think it was somewhere around the summer of 1987.  We had just finished a recording session with Chuck Riley who, along with Eric Edwards, was the voice of Hot 103.  Joel Salkowitz was WQHT’s Program Director.  He asked for a new “top of the hour” ID using those new voice tracks.  He made it clear he wanted something special.

I remember taking the tape of the raw voice tracks home to my project studio at my home in Douglaston,Queens.  I had this little first floor apartment with stairs down to the basement.  I had set up my studio in that windowless damp basement.  It was cutting edge at the time, but when you consider the digital gear we work with today, it’s OK to laugh at what we thought was state of the art back then.  I had a Commodore 64 computer and a 5 inch floppy drive running a copy of one of the firstMIDIsequencing programs.  It controlled a Prophet 2000 sampler.  There was an analog ARP Odyssey synthesizer, Juno 106 and Mini-Moog to create the effects.   It was all recorded onto quarter inch tape at 15ips without the benefit of noise reduction.

I walked into the studio that night to the creative pressure of producing audio that could stand out in a radio market that included guys like Scott Shannon and JR Nelson over at Z100 (Can you believe this was before Dave Fox started at Z100).  I remember I found a little bit of courage from downing a couple of Bacardi and Cokes.  Then I looked at the script.  It was the line “Top of theWorldTradeCenter” that got me thinking.  It created a mental image of the broadcast signal rising all the way up the enormous height of the twin towers.  I began to search for the right effect to create just that mental image with audio and production.  One step at a time it began to come together.   I loaded the voice tracks into the sampler and started experimenting. With Chuck’s voice belting out “Top of the World Trade Center” spread across the notes of the keyboard, I pictured the station’s signal rising up One World Trade Center, all the way to the top of the antenna rising from its roof and started hitting keys, one after another, rising up the scale. Chuck’s voice rose in pitch with each note.  That was it… the beginning of the whole concept.  In the final version, the word “top” keeps rising in pitch as it repeats.  As the pitch rises the volume fades out.  Underneath it you can hear Chuck at his original pitch, repeating “top” on another track.  That track then finishes the phrase “top of theWorldTradeCenter.”

The next morning I took the final mix into the station and Joel came in the production studio to listen.  It just so happened that Terry Greiger, Emmis’ corporate chief engineer, was in town from LA working on some gear in my studio that morning.  The ID boomed out of the speakers, but before Joel could say a word, Terry blurted out, “That thing is way over-produced.  It’ll burnout in a day.”  Fortunately Joel didn’t thin so and it made it on the air.  To this day, Terry and I always start our conversations with Terry asking, “What are you up to?” And I always answer, “Nothing. Just sitting here over-producing.”

I don’t remember how many years that ID ran but it was somewhere around 6 years in various forms on the station.  When Emmis switched WQHT’s signal from 103.5 to 97.1 in 1988, the transmitter site changed from the WorldTradeCenterto the EmpireStateBuilding. The ID changed with it, but it was those twin towers downtown that originally inspired the concept of the ID that night in the basement studio. For so many years it was a blast for me to hear it copied on stations all over the country.  Right up until 911, one of my favorite script variations came from Scott Mahalick in the early 90’s.  He asked me to produce one for a station that went, “From the top top top of a really tall tower with red blinking lights on top so planes don’t crash into it.”  It’s sad that the humor in his script forever changed, like the lives of so many Americans, the morning of September 11th.   That morning, both of the original “towers” that were the spark that helped create that ID fell, thousands of innocent lives were lost and I was terribly angry that misguided hatred from religious fanatics had the power to get inside my head and steal the smile that Scott’s humorous version had always invoked.  A script that included the words “really tall tower” and “planes crashing” just wasn’t funny anymore.

My business and studios were in Scottsdale, Arizonain 1996, so I watched in horror from the other side of the country as the events of September 11th unfolded that morning on TV.  I sat and stared blankly as the story unfolded on the national news. My disbelief morphed to anger, then to fear for all my friends back inNew York.  It wasn’t until days later that I saw a picture showing rubble and an American flag defiantly flying from the remains of the antenna that used to transmit broadcast that ID to millions and millions of Americans from 110 stories aboveNew York.  That antenna was now a lonely twisted tale of survival rising out of the rubble. I thought about the destruction and about that old radio station ID.  It suddenly struck me that the radio signal beaming out over the tri-state from the “Top Top Top of theWorldTradeCenter” had been silenced.

It hit me hard then as it does now. I grieve for the loss of life.  I grieve for those who lost loved ones.  I struggle to understand how anyone, in the name of their God, could cause harm to other human beings. But I also began leave some of the anger behind.  I began to feel differently when I thought of the towers.  Now I no longer think only of the loss and destruction.  I am now reminded that those towers are a symbol of freedom for millions and one night back around 1987 they were my creative inspiration for a radio station ID.

About Rick Allen

Rick Allen is a sound designer with experience in film, TV and radio and a credit list of radio stations and programs in the U.S. and abroad.

He is the creator of Absolute Imaging. A new imaging and production library launched by Envision Radio Networks. The collection starts at 13,000 cuts and the company promises to add more on a consistent basis. Some tracks are standalone and others are blocks to build from, according to a release. The collection is Web-based and designed to be searched.

Visit Absolute Imaging at

KIMX iMix 96.7 Top Of Hour, KissVille Jingles


Legal: KIMX
Station: iMix 96.7
Slogan: Wyoming’s #1 Hit Music station
License: Laramie, Wyoming
Production Director: Ronnie K
Jingle Package: KissVille Jingles
Captured: December 24, 2011 (Hollywood Hamilton’s Remix Top 30)


New 2012 Top Of Hour Now Up at Hot AC Prod Library


Production Vault Hot AC 2011 Highlights

Production Vault announces the latest additions to their Hot AC imaging library.

Fresh adds include:

3 listener workparts for New Year are now available

Giving away Hot Chelle Rae’s new album? How ’bout some Imaging to match? Promo and ID just posted.

Get your fill of holiday artist drops online now!

4 new brand topical IDs are now available.

3 Arthur Christmas themed Out Of Breaks and a Muppets Movie themed Into Break.

See in the New Year with a hot party vibe Top Of Hour



ReelWorld – pursuing production and imaging perfection since 1994. Creators of ReelWorld Jingles and the Production Vault family of imaging services.

Top Of Hour: 98.9 Radio Now WNRW Prospect, Kentucky


Top of Hour Audio from 98.9 WNRW
Station: Radio Now
Frequency: 98.9
Call Letters: WNRW
Format: CHR
Uploaded by: Lou Pickney
Date Uploaded: November 29, 2011

This audio is available on


KOLA 99.9 Top Of Hour June 16, 2011


Title: KOLA 99.9 Top Of Hour
Recorded: June 16, 2011
Station: KOLA FM, San Bernardino, California
Jingles by: Thompson Creative


WKQX Q101 Chicago Top Of Hour (98-2011)

Below is a collection of Top Of The Hour airchecks from

Contributions from Davis, Fybush, Thompson, and Pickey.

Includes audio for:

April 1998
June 2001
May 2007
November 2007
June 2009
July 2011

On July 21, 2011, WKQX changed its call letters to WWWN; eight days later, on July 29, 2011, the station ended the Adult Contemporary stunt and launched an all-news format branded as “FM News 101.1.

The switch to all-news was a harkening back to the station’s 1975-1977 tenure with NBC’s News and Information Service, and was regarded as a move targeting Chicago’s longtime all-news stalwart, CBS-ownedWBBM, which on August 1 added a FM simulcast on WCFS-FM to counter WWWN.[2] “FM News 101.1” aims to include a looser, more conversational approach to news delivery, as well as features on money, health, lifestyle, and entertainment. The on-air and newsroom staff at “FM News 101.1” includes several with Chicago radio ties, including Mary Ellen Geist, Ed Curran, Monica DeSantis, and former WBBM staffers Debra Dale and Jennifer O’Neill. As of the first week of August 2011, “FM News 101.1” is not currently streaming online, while its website,, is in skeletal form and consists only of a listener preference poll regarding weather, traffic, sports, and shopping and fashion updates. –

WKQX Q101 Chicago Top Of Hour (98-2011)

TV Spot for Q101 IN 2011

The Voice Denmark Top Of Hour

Imaging Aircheck – The Voice Denmark – Oct 2010

1: Top Of Hour – Generic

2: Power Intros

3: Concert Promo – Ticket Giveaway – Taio Cruz

Imaging Producer:

Jakob Maarup


Production Vault


Dennis Ravn – Dave Kempel – Freya Møller-Sørensen

RGR FM Top Of Hour

Station: RGR FM
Producer: Imaging Dogs

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”RGR FM Top Of Hour” dl=0]

City Radio Top Of Hour

Station: City Radio
Producer: Floyd Media