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Radio’s Key Impact During Economic Crisis

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, radio had a pivotal role in assisting with the inflation crisis. At the time, FM radio was increasing in popularity and demand for music led to record companies inflating the prices of their catalog. This lack of price competition caused the price of albums to increase sharply. In response, consumers turned to radio stations to listen to music for free instead. By doing so, they deprived record labels of sales but saved them money in the long run. As the price increases continued, the popularity of listening to free music on FM stations increased as well.

The popularity of radio grew in the mid-1980s as cassette tape players became more popular. Music lovers began taping their favorite songs from the FM airwaves so that they didn’t have to pay full price for them later. This trend eventually put many major record companies out of business. Radio played an important role during this era as it helped to sustain demand for music when record companies couldn’t compete with each other to provide competitive pricing for their albums.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, there was a severe inflation crisis that crippled the US economy and caused the unemployment rate to rise to over 10%. During this time, record companies were struggling to compete with each other and control the price of their products. In order to boost sales, some companies began selling pre-recorded cassettes of some of their older albums at reduced prices. These tapes were sold at a lower price than the regular album and allowed customers to listen to the music without buying the entire CD. As the price of CDs continued to increase, this and other price-cutting tactics used by record companies helped lead to the demise of several well-known labels in the 1990s. According to the Wall Street Journal, “By the late 1980s, 80 percent of US households owned a CD player.” By the early 1990s, the sales of CDs surpassed those of vinyl records for the first time in history.


Christian Science Monitor
Economic woes raise fear of 1970s rerun – CSMonitor.com

In the 1960s and 70s, the most popular music listening device was the record player, which was primarily used for playing vinyl records. Because these devices could not be played outside the home or in cars, it was generally considered to be a device only used for listening to audio recordings. However, as consumers became more concerned about audio quality and convenience, the popularity of vinyl began to decline. By the early 1980s, record players had fallen out of favor with consumers and many were starting to switch over to compact discs instead. Some experts estimate that there were as many as 60 million record players still in use in the US at the time.

Today, the rise of digital music streaming has relegated the role of radio to that of background music while people work or do other chores around the house. As a result, some radio stations have shut down and others have been forced to change their format in order to compete more effectively with the growing number of online streaming services available today. In the future, it is likely that some radio stations will continue to thrive while others will not as they adapt to the changing market. But if anything, the health emergency in the last 2 years and the worsening climate disturbances have made people realized that radio is still king when it comes to emergency.


Pew Research Center
Online audio listenership | Pew Research Center

Effect on Radio, Spotify and Siri soon shaking hands

Siri and Spotify could soon make friends. Apple and Spotify are discussing about the possibility of using the Cupertino voice assistant to play songs, playlists and albums from the iPhone.

Thanks to the changes made by Apple to SiriKit with iOS 13, Apple’s voice assistant is able to reproduce third-party content such as songs, audiobooks, playlists and albums; according to the information revealed by The Information, this integration is at the negotiating table between the two companies.

The default music player would remain the proprietary one of Apple, however for the user it will be possible to perform for example the command ‘ Hey Siri, play a song by Metallica with Spotify ‘ and use the Spotify service to play your favorite music. A discussion that goes some way to try to dilute even the tones after the recent accusations of Spotify aimed at Apple for unfair competition towards competing services.

At the moment there is no more precise information about the state of the works, however, given the recent diatribes between the two companies, it is easy for Apple to show greater condescension precisely in order to calm the minds and restore serenity in a decidedly hot situation between the two companies.

Is there any effect on this for radio? Not so much, the HomePod in the coming days will be more embracing of traditional radio and it will be even easier in fact if anything will be a big boost for radio.

OUTROS OnTheSly Highlights Jan-March 2016 – On The Sly Production

From On The Sly Production :

You’ve heard of power intros yeah? These are OUTROS. We brand the most legendary radio station names OUT of the hits. Complete with segue and donut versions. Check out some highlights for January to March 2016!

This time we’re imaging and remixing the ends of… Selena Gomez, Mike Posner, Ariana Grande, DNCE, Craig David/Big Narstie, Elle King, Fifth Harmony, Chainsmokers & Zayn…

As heard in places like 1043 My FM in LA (KBIG), KFM in Shanghai-China, Live 955 Portland OR (KBFF)….

Get Outros exclusively in your market before your competition does.

info@onthesly.co.uk or www.onthesly.co.uk

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Noise 7 – RadioJinglesPRO.com

From RadioJinglesPRO.com :

Introducing … Noise 7! Bigger, Faster, More Powerful Than EVER! From the creative services director of Mega 97,9 NYC comes the Imaging Package that will take your station’s branding to a whole new level. Noise 7 … Over 300 beds and FX. Long Sweeper FX, Explosions, Impacts, Drones, Short FX, Sparks, Phone FX, Vocal Mixed FX and Beds! Buy and Download “Noise 7″ for only $400.00. With your purchase you will also get a digital USB flash card with Noise 7 included at no extra charge. Available for radio stations, web radios and independent producers.

Get it here:


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INTROS by OnTheSly Highlights Jan – March 2016

From On The Sly Production :

The biggest hits with the biggest radio station names fused into them – INTROS from On The Sly’s London audio dungeon. Check out some highlights from what’s been popping in January, February and March 2016. Mmmmmm tasty.

They’re power intros that brand your radio station name into the biggest hits in style like no other. Airing all over the world from LA to Shanghai to Australia to Dubai to Chicago to Canada.

Find out how to get INTROS before your competition via www.onthesly.co.uk or email info@onthesly.co.uk

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Village Radio gets a Resung Jingle Package (Power 181) – LFM Audio

From LFM Audio :

“Ethan & the crew at LFMAudio understand radio imaging… and deliver it at an affordable price,”

“While working with us to adapt a resung jingle package for VillageRadio.Net, they asked plenty of the right questions and guided us through the production of the package, step by step. They were truly a PLEASURE to work with!” says RJ Jordan of Village Radio.

Get this package customised for your station now for under $1000!

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Udder Media Go Radio 2016

From The Udder Media Company :

A short demo of a full station package for Glasgow’s Go Radio.

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From chad.mandichak :

98.7 AMP Radio AMP LIVE 2016 starring Iggy Azalea, Charlie Puth, Troye Sivan, Daya & MORE! Saturday, June 25th at Freedom Hill in Sterling Heights. Tickets on sale 4/7/16.

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Production Vault Hot AC – ReelWorld

From ReelWorld :

A rip-roaring, action-packed, radio imaging adventure for the whole radio industry. Gather closely around your monitors and crank it to 11.5!

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Production Vault CHR – ReelWorld

From ReelWorld :

A rip-roaring, action-packed, radio imaging adventure for the whole radio industry. Gather closely around your monitors and crank it to 11.5!

posted on March 10, 2016 at 07:27AM

Production Vault Urban AC – ReelWorld

From ReelWorld :

A rip-roaring, action-packed, radio imaging adventure for the whole radio industry. Gather closely around your monitors and crank it to 11.5!

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RTE 2FM ReelWorld Imaging 2016 Part 2 – reelworldeurope

Earlier in 2016, ReelWorld revealed their standout package for RTE 2FM, but that was just the start.

Here’s a second demo highlighting some of the new imaging which is now on-air on the Irish national broadcaster.

These second demo features both ‘Core’ themes and individual IDs for some of the station’s individual programmes.

Get in touch via www.reelworld.com to find out more about how ReelWorld can support you.