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Featured: Sticky FX Productions

The wait is over! Finally it’s here…the long awaited follow up library of the two legendary FX libraries . The newest library from Sticky FX are now available on their website and the fx are as sharp as the name sounds.

Broken Air 3 lets you create your own unique audio brand and saves you time as well. All FX, Work Parts, Drones and Beds are conveniently categorized in 10 separate folders, each with their own special purpose. Check out the DEMO. Broken Air 3.

Maurice Verschuuren, Imaging Producer Omroep Brabant and founder of Sonic Spring: “Wow! Again, this is by far the best FX pack for AC and Hot AC stations. I have all the Glide editions in my arsenal and they are my go-to libraries whenever I produce for stations with an AC format. Glide 4 is a well-crafted addition to the Glide series; it has fresh and creative new FX but all with a classy and adult sound. These work parts give you unlimited possibilities for creating sweeps, promo’s and power intros. All the FX blend in perfectly with today’s AC and Hot AC music. A must have for any producer or imaging director in these kind of formats.”

Pedja Radivojevic, Imaging Producer Floyd Media: “The DNA Imaging library is sonic mayhem suitable for creative imaging from CHR to Urban. It’s a real gem when you use it by playing around and layering workparts so you can get endless possibilities. We really enjoyed using these hi-tech sounds in our projects and our clients like Juice in Ireland are thrilled with the results. Not for the faint-hearted! This is wil blast through any radio!”

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