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This 80s Imaging Library Will Definitely Give You An Edge


The Sound Freqz ’80s Imaging Library is packed with authentic sounds of the 1980s to give the perfect style to any ’80s-themed show, commercial, promo, podcast or other audio productions.

This library makes it easy to produce ’80s-styled imaging for any purpose. Use it in Station ID Logos, Top-of-the-Hour IDs, Segment Openers and Closers, or in special features such as Weekend Rewind or Flashback Lunch.

From its regular price of $599, now it is only $399!

Get the Sound Freqz 80s Library here https://radioexpress.com/shop/imaging/buyout-libraries/sound-freqz-80s/

Imaging Force of July – Production Libraries 50% off on Radio Express

Amazing buyout imaging libraries are 50% off at Radio Express (www.radioexpress.com) … but these only for a few more days!

Choose from royalty-free imaging libraries guaranteed to excite your production team and stay within your station’s budget! Visit the link below


You can even download and use instantly – there’s no waiting!

Hurry! These prices are only good until July 4th

• BUYOUT means you pay once and it’s yours forever.
• No renewal fees or music performance royalties.
• Ideal for station imaging and for producing commercials.
• High-quality: produced by the best in the business.

Sound Freqz Volume 1
Sound Freqz 80s Library
Sound Freqz Xmas Library

Fluid AC Imaging and effects just for AC, Hot AC and Lite Rock formats.
$249$125 Buy Now

Sound Freqz Vol.1 100+ sounders, stagers, beds, loops & more for station IDs, promos and commercial spots.
$99$49 Buy Now

Sound Freqz Urban Audio-imaging tracks specialized in the sounds of the Urban AC format.
$299$149 Buy Now

Sound Freqz Xmas The perfect decoration for any audio production.
$149$75 Buy Now

Identi-Fi Modern audio branding tools for CHR, Urban, Hot AC, News/Talk or Sports formats.
$599$299 Buy Now

Latina FX Finally an Imaging Library for all Latin music formats. Over 400 tracks.

$350$175 Buy Now

Fluid AC 2 Imaging and effects just for AC, Hot AC and Lite Rock formats.
$249$125 Buy Now

Sound Freqz Vol.2 Audio imaging library of 125 tracks, compatible with CHR, Urban, Hot AC, Rock, News/Talk and Sports formats.
$199$99 Buy Now

Sound Freqz 80’s Imaging sounds for any program or production featuring the music and styles of the 1980s.
$599$299 Buy Now

Sound Freqz Sampler A selection from 4 popular Sound Freqz buyout libraries.
$99$49 Buy Now

Splat!Freqz A 125 track multi-format FX package shaped to the specifications of audio producers who demand easy to use, high-impact audio production effects.
$149$75 Buy Now

Identi-Fi Expansion-1 The continuation of Identi-Fi, modern sounds in a compact library at an affordable price.
$199$99 Buy Now

D’Realest Radio Imaging Library For the Biggest Pop Culture Movement

The 80s Are Bigger Than Ever. Is Your Station Ready? The 80s Are Gaining Popularity In Pop Culture In Everything From Fashion To Music! Stations Are Incorporating More And More 80s Music Into Their Playlists.

Sound Freqz ’80s Imaging Library Audio Demo

Become part of the movement with The Sound Freqz ’80s Imaging Library and “image” your station with authentic sounds of the 80s.

Sound Freqz ’80s is perfect for Station ID Logos, Top-of-the-Hour IDs, Segment Openers and Closers, features such as “Weekend

Rewind” or “Flashback Lunch” and for ’80s-themed programs commercials, promos and podcasts.


  • Produced Plug-and-Play Shells containing real, original
  • 80s nostalgic audio drops.
  • 80s Song Montages, Pre-Looped & Edited Instrumental
  • Beds from ’80s Hits.
  • Staged Specialty Effects and Fun Extras.

To get this library visit http://www.radioexpress.com/production/sound-freqz-buyout-libraries/sound-freqz-80s/


“We wanted to take our 80’s radio station to the ultimate level. We started searching and found Sound Freqz 80’s Imaging from Radio Express. Once we received the library we knew this was what we needed for our Hot Hitz 80s station. Our Station IDs, Promos, Jingles, Top of Hour IDs, and Flashback Segments sound 1000x better with this imaging kit.  A MUST HAVE!”

Rockin’ Rob, Owner, Hot Hitz Radio Palm Coast, Florida

“When we decided to dive into ’80s programming with Awesome ’80s Friday Nights, I was concerned we wouldn’t be able to find enough material to give the show the ’80s vibe it needed. That is, until we came across the Sound Freqz ’80s imaging library! It’s like a gold mine! The variety of ’80s sounds and themes really helps to drive home the ’80s image, and the pre-produced shells make it easy and turn-key. From drops and beds to sound effects and loops, it’s all there. It’s like a decade in a box! Thanks Sound Freqz, for making my job easier, and making Friday nights sound AWESOME, literally!”

Ken Payne, Program Director, Magic 102.7 Miami

“We love the Sound Freqz ’80s library! It is hard to find production tools that sound completely up-to-date while effectively conveying the flavor and essence of an ’80s station with the brand “Rewind.” Thanks for helping us continue to bring “Feel Good Favorites from the 80s and More” to our listeners in Chicago.”

Barry James, Program Director, Chicago’s Rewind 100.3 FM

80s Pop Culture

Where To Get Custom Professional Podcast Intros and Outros

Podcasting has finally become mainstream and podcasters only want the best for their output.

But podcasts these days are not just aimed toward subscribers.

As a podcaster who wants to build a credible brand, your podcast sound need to appeal to advertisers, sponsors, donors and partners.

Now, there are a lot of affordable and good enough services out there but if you are seeking for a customized professional intro and outro for your podcast show, a seasoned radio producer and sound engineer is what you need.

You might think it is an overkill to get a sound engineer, you only need an intro.

However, Joe D’Agostin, audio imaging-branding producer and owner of SoundFreqz.com, believes in the principle of quality.

See, podcasts are consumed in a variety of ways – smartphones, wearables, home speakers, car audio systems, there is a science behind making sound “palatable” using different media or devices.

And sound designers like Joe understands this.

In addition to production, you need to have access to top voice talents, to make your podcasts sound larger.

And if you need assistance in copy or script writing, radio producers who have decades of radio experience can definitely help you.

Online, Google should you give plenty of choices for podcast intro and outro services. There are places however where you can fine tune your search.

1.) LinkedIn.com – type in keyword podcast intros outros, or podcasting show imaging should display a list companies or individuals and check out the testimonials.

2.) Voice Talent Directories – such as Voices.com should give a myriad options and most if not all can produce intros for you

3.) Radio Services Sites – websites like RadioExpress.com has everything you need from programming, sound libraries, and custom intros and outros for podcasts.

4.) Gig or Freelance sites – such as Upworth.com can also help you outsource your podcast imaging needs.

Now to cap off, why do you need a professional and seasoned producer for your podcast.

1.) You need your podcast to appeal not just to listeners but potential partners.
2.) You want your podcast to stand out.
3.) You keep listeners coming back and get more subscribers.

Listen to this demo by Joe D’Agostin of some his amazing works as an audio imaging producer. You can follow and connect with him on Twitter @SoundFreqz.

Or visit Radio Express using the link below to inquire about a custom intro, outros and in between IDs for your podcast.


Here is what clients have to say about Joe.

Joe is a unique producer, he starts by understanding your station to find ways to improve the fell and the ratings of your station! I recommend Joe for any kind of formats. I’ve used Joe for Magic 102.7 in Miami with tremendous rating success, and now same thing here in Montreal with The Beat 92.5 – Sam Zniber, Radio Intelligence VP & Strategic Consultant

I’ve had the privilege of working with Joe for the last few years imaging our station in Miami. His work is top notch and the audio he has produced for us really pops out of the speakers and makes the station sound great. He has great flexibility and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done right. Joe is a total pro and the real deal – Ken Payne, Radio Programming/Marketing/Social Media Pro

Disclaimer and disclosure.

This post is not sponsored by Joe D’Agostin, Sound Freqz or any brands or products mentioned in this website. Sound Freqz however was a former sponsor of this website.

WPLJ, WYCD Imaging Producers & More Agree This Makes Morning Radio ‘FREQ-kin’ Awesome

FREQ-kin’ What?

We’re talking about the new Morning Freqz Volume 1 and 2 imaging FX library from sound design wizards Joe D’Ágostin and Bryan Apple. These are now on the air on world class stations WPLJ and NASH 94.7 in New York, and WOMC and WYCD Detroit.

The Imaging Pros Speak Out!

It gives you everything that you need to image your morning show & more! It’s funny, comprehensive, superb quality and provides endless use. It’s a huge bang for the buck!
– Ryan Drean :Producers Podcast * V.O. Talent * Imaging Producer

The Morning Freqz imaging libraries are PERFECT for producing your morning show imaging! It’s packed with everything you could possibly need for a morning show!
 Dan Kelly: creative services director for 95.5 WPLJ NYC & NASH 94.7 NYC

“Beds, Drops, Listener Bits, Mix Outs, and Shells ready for you to Drag and Drop your VO… Seriously the listener parts alone are worth it, add on the beds… seriously those two alone should sell you! If your a producer looking for lots of parts, they are here… if you’re wearing 50 hats at 5 stations, the shells ready for VO drop in are there too. Market 1 to 300, if you do imaging stuff, you need this stuff, and if you are the morning show, on the morning show, adjacent to the morning show, or even in the proximity to one… listen to this stuff, it’s good… really really damn good! And get it before you hear it on air across the street”

-Terry Phillips: V.O. Talent/Imaging Producer/Creative Services Director for WOMC Detroit’s Greatest Hits & 99.5 WCYD Detroit’s Country


What is Morning Freqz?

Morning Freqz is a library of 711 tracks specifically designed to reinvigorate your Morning’s imaging.

Joe D Agostin & Bryan have created Morning Freqz with their fellow overburdened production friends in mind. Given the stressful deadlines, producing multiple stations and late nights, these tools should increase your productivity, keep your workflow moving quickly & give you a chance to come up for air ………you might even get a night or weekend off!

Here, have a listen.

So how to get a FREQ-kin awesome morning imaging?

Contact the team Radio Express to start making great imaging pieces for your station’s most important programming of the day.

Go to www.radioexpress.com/production/morning-freqz

Yes, Time to Download the new Morning Freqz Vol 1 & 2 Imaging FX Libraries

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sound Designers and Imaging Producers, Bryan Apple & Joe D’Agostin team up to bring you “MORNING FREQZ” Vol 1 & 2

Morning Freqz is here! A total of 711 tracks specifically designed to reinvigorate your Morning’s imaging!

You can never have enough material for your Mornings, and “MORNING FREQZ” is essential for updating your most important branding needs. Your Morning Show’s imaging is the equivalent of the Ole’ adage, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Mornings set the pace for the rest of your listeners’ day.

Guarantee that they wake up on the right side of bed!

* Interchangeable Elements To Inspire, Create & Revitalize
* Plug & Play Morning /Breakfast Themed Shells
* Morning Infused FX
* A Multitude Of Mix & Match Audio Building Blocks
* Beds
* Drops
* Listener Drops
* Contest/Game & Social/Tech FX
* Loads Of Mix-Out Tracks

Morning Freqz Vol. 1 & 2 Includes: 237 Imaging FX + 54 Beds plus mix-outs (195 Tracks)
+ 136 Morning, Breakfast & Start Off Related Drops + 68 Listener Drops + 75 More Assorted Elements (Shells/Mixouts)

Now available here:


Joe & Bryan have created this imaging library with their fellow overburdened production friends in mind.
Given the stressful deadlines, producing multiple stations and late nights, these tools should increase
your productivity, keep your workflow moving quickly & give you a chance to come up for air
………you might even get a night or weekend off!

Creating Radio Imaging Impact FX

From soundfreqzofficial – Very simple, basic level impact recording with the ZOOM H6. This impact sound will serve as a core sound to be blended & mixed with future sound design elements. ( (( Record, have fun & experiment! ))) 

Splat!Freqz Library is Match Made in Imaging Heaven @SplatMe @SoundFreqz

Splat!Freqz – Radio imaging outliers join forces for new FX library

Two of radio’s most unique creative forces, Splat! Radio Imaging and Sound Freqz Sound Design, have announced the launch of a new co-branded project – Splat!Freqz Audio Production FX.

Splat!Freqz is a 125 track buyout FX package produced by renowned sound designer Joe D’Agostin and shaped to the specifications of radio producers who demand easy to use, high-impact, sonically superior audio effects. Logically designed and structured, Splat!Freqz integrates seamlessly with CHR, Urban, Rock, Talk, Sports, Alternative and any format that requires functional, highly creative production sounds.

Industry buzz for Splat!Freqz has been instant, and it’s already on the air and making an impact at stations including Hot 97 New York, CHUM-FM Toronto and WMMR/WMGK Philadelphia.

WMMR’s Imaging Director, Tony Maddox, praises Splat!Freqz for its ease of use and sound quality. “Splat!Freqz sounds fit perfectly in the mix–no time wasted EQing or fiddling around trying to get them to cut through,” he said. “You literally plug them in and BAM! Good to go. Love it.”

Sideshow “Sidey” Mike Anderson from Triple M Imaging, Southern Cross Austereo in Sydney, Australia offered more praise for the creative sound design. “I’ve always been a big fan of Sound Freqz. I love the effects, they’re great for getting some real impact,” he said. “There are plenty of nice real organic elements but also a good mix of sounds that really makes your ears bleed when you wanna cut through the rock!”

Among other early believers is Ryan Drean, Creative Director at TM Studios and host of The Producers podcast. “The whole package is awesome,” said Drean. “The variety of useful elements help me bang out sweeps and stagers in bulk. Great for multiple formats too! VERY Solid!”

Created to provide an affordable, high-quality option for radio stations and freelance producers, the project collaboration was conceived by Dave Marsh, President of Splat! Radio Imaging. “For years imaging producers have been asking us to create a fun and focused buyout package like this. Now is the perfect time, and SoundFreqz were the perfect partners for us,” he said. “The sound design really stands out as unique in the market. This collaboration has been a blast, you can hear the results in the package!”

Joe D’Agostin, Owner of SoundFreqz Sound Design says “It can be a challenge creating something compelling for users. The imaging landscape is really changing and there are a lot of buyout fx packages out there. We aimed to do something useful but unique,” said D’Agostin. “Producers want fx that sound amazing and make their work easier. I consciously try to produce packages that have a well-rounded array of contrast between the elements, which differ sonically and are functional! I feel that this offers more value and variety. Users are also looking for quality and reliability, so it is a big plus for them to know and trust the brands – Splat! and Sound Freqz. It’s a match made in imaging heaven.”

Splat!Freqz Audio Imaging FX is available for a one-time buyout license and can be purchased now at www.prodfx.com

This Multiformat Imaging Library Lets You Download 109 Free Production Tracks

Listen here

Give your CHR, News, Talk, Sports, Hot AC Formats or Social Media Plugs that extra Urban Vibe!

The iDENTi-Fi Urban contains 500 tracks of plug and play elements, perfect for DJ drops, intros, and morning elements.

Beds, beats and loops.

Vinyl and scratch FX.

And breakers, stageres, shells, wipes, impacts, tech FX, Phone FX and more!

Purchase before September 30 and as a bonus, you will get iDENTi-Fi EXP at no extra cost, that’s 109 extra tracks for free!

Get the package here | Free Download (DJ Mix, Stager, etc)

2013’s Hottest! Identi-Fi Imaging Library Gets A New Volume

Identi-Fi Imaging Library Expansion 1 by Radiojingles on Mixcloud

Identi-Fi EXPANSION – 1
• The continuation of the original Identi-fi
• 109 new cysberculture-infused imaging tracks
• Combos, Beats & Beds, Wipes and more

“Sounds great! Original and really different to most other packages I’ve heard lately” — Dave Post, Australian Radio Network Production Director
“iDENTi-Fi delivers another incredible imaging package. This expansion update is a continuation of even more great audio imaging elements that are fresh, modern and most important of all, very usable!” — Sam Zniber, PD, Magic 102.7 Miami FL.

Identi-fi is a royalty free, buy-out imaging library made to sound like today’s gadget-addicted cyberculture. It is compatible with CHR, Urban, Hot AC and News/Talk/Sports formats. The 430 tracks in Identi-Fi include a multitude of components and mix-outs and are delivered as 2 GB of WAV files on one DVD.

Identi-fi is available for purchase at pre-priced market rates. Identi-Fi is a buyout library, so you pay once and can use it forever. Small Markets $499, Medium Markets $599, Large Markets $699. (Network rates available.) Independent Producers/Web Developers $599, Post Houses/T.V./Game Developers $899.

The new Identi-fi Expansion-1 is priced at $199 for previous Identi-fi buyers, or $249 if purchased separately.

Get Identi-Fi now via Radio Express.

NEW: Sound Freqz Urban AC

Audio Imaging tools for contemporary Urban AC formats, including today’s R&B and Classic Soul.

Sound Freqz Urban AC provides you with an assortment of relative, audio branding tools, that effectively will image all of your Urban AC productions.

Get a diverse collection of the necessary elements for smooth transitions, along with elements that will give you punch and a little attitude when needed.

Sound Freqz Urban AC supplies you with Rhythmic Beds with theme based logo mix-outs, giving you an additional variety of customized branding opportunities.

Sound Freqz Urban AC provides you with breakers, drones, impacts, risers, wipes, loops and plug n’ play combo shells that will assist with your complete audio branding, as well as allow you to explore your creativity when producing your own imaging creations.

200 Buy-out, Royalty Free Tracks. Pay Once Use Forever!

For more details about this package contact Joe via www.soundfreqz.com

How to Get Sound Freqz Imaging Library Vol 1 FREE

Download Imagine Effects Here

Nostalgic ’80s meets modern edge! Everything needed to completely image any ’80s production in one extensive, buyout package.

And this March, Radio Express and Sound Freqz are giving you a copy of the Sound Freqz Vol 1 Library for free when you purchase the Sound Freqz 80s Imaging Library.

The SOUND FREQZ ’80s Imaging Library is 500-tracks delivered as uncompressed Wav files on one high-capacity DVD. It is a full service ’80s imaging production library with an infinite variety of audio branding possibilities. It is designed to support stationsplaying ’80s music as a full-time format or occasionally. It has tons of plug-and-play elements and is designed to make life easy for your Production staff.

  • • Anarchy IDs are fun pre-produced plug-and-play shells containing real, authentic ’80s nostalgic audio drops that will have you producing ear grabbing ’80s promos & IDs in no time.
  • • Branding Logo Beds.
  • • Sweepers, Breakers, Combos, Impacts, Wipes, Drones, Risers, Loops, Bumpers, Drops.
  • • ’80s Song Montages, Pre-Looped & Edited Instrumental Beds from ’80s Hits.
  • • Staged Specialty Effects plus Fun Extras.

Whether for a Station Logo, Weekend Rewind, Flashback Lunch, Top Of Hour, Segment Open/Close, the Musical Logos in this package give you what you need to create great-sounding branded themes for any purpose. The price for Sound Freqz 80s Imaging Library starts at US$599 for small markets, on a buyout basis. Contact Radio Express for more information.

Click here to get the Sound Freqz 80s Library + Sound Freqz Vol 1 Free

WIOQ PD Discovered Something Awesome-Fi, What Is It?

Tim “Romeo” Herbster becomes yet another fanatic of the “iDENTi-Fi” audio branding tools library! www.iDENTi-Fi.com.

The relevance and usability of this library is fast becoming every modern imaging producers secret weapon! Check out what Tim had to say.

“Identi-Fi should be called Awesome-Fi, I’ve instantly started incorporating it into my production package for Saturday Night Online Live with Romeo heard in multiple markets.”

“I take the sound design of the show very seriously and this package keeps the standard high and relevant with today’s hi tech, interactive world, which is so much apart of my show. Thanks guys!” – Tim “Romeo” Herbster WIOQ Program Director, Saturday Night Online Live Host.

identi-fi is a 2GB (430 Tracks) royalty free, buy-out production library consisting of modern, user friendly “Audio Branding Tools” that interface with the gadget addicted, cinematic, gamer cyberculture of today.

Get Free Tracks For Your Production here:

iDenti-Fi is also available on Radio Express, click here.

Take the iD-Fi $1,000 Production Challenge

$1,000 cash will be awarded by the iD-Fi producers to the “best of the bunch.”
Here is how to enter to win:

1. Visit the iD-Fi web page.

2. Download the 10 Free iD-Fi Challenge Tracks.

3. Using your station’s voice, call letters and statement, produce a 10-to-30 second track using only tracks out of the iD-Fi 10-track Challenge download. The object is to hear who can be the most creative, having the same element palette to work with; it’s a challenge and a level playing field. You may also use those 10 tracks anywhere else in your productions or on the air,as a free demo of the library.

4. Submit your entry via e-mail to Radio Express no later than June 15, 2011.

5. All entries will be judged by iD-Fi producers Joe D’Agostin and Mike Young. The winner will be announced Monday, June 20.  Judges’ decision is final.  Prize money will be awarded June 30th.  By entering the contest, you give iD-Fi permission to use your name, station name and the audio track in further promotion of iD-Fi.


Power 105 New York Gets ‘iD-Fi’ed

Mainstream Urban station Power 105 is pleased to welcome iD-Fi as part its arsenal of radio production. Creative Service Guy, Kwazi Hewlett explains why this is a hot package.

“Usually I’ll find a handful of sounds I actually use in any library, but iD-Fi has been built so every element can be easily edited to create unlimited new combos after you’ve exhausted the ready-to-use pieces. The drones and beats are great and the voice elements are a nice addition. This is a hot package, highly recommended!”
-Kwazi Hewlett, Creative Service Guy, Power 105, New York

Radio Express is now officially repping the iD-Fi package. iD-Fi Royalty free, buy-out imaging library that interfaces with the gadget addicted, cyberculture of today. Compatible with CHR, Urban, Hot AC and News/Talk/Sports.

In addition, Sam Zniber of Radio Intelligence have expressed its delight in the new imaging library.

“iD-Fi is a high quality production solution that hits all the marks for format’s wanting to sound hot, contemporary and relevant in today’s tech driven world.”

Sam Zniber, Vice President, Radio Intelligence, radiointelligence.com

Download free FX and beds here


Sound Freqz & Mike Young Studio Launch iD-Fi

Building off of the continuing success of the “Sound Freqz” boutique style audio imaging libraries, Sound Freqz decided to mix it up a bit and produce something a little different this time by making it a collaboration.

“As I started to produce what would have been the next Sound Freqz library, I thought that it would be cool to create something a little bigger than my past libraries. I told Mike Young my ideas and we joined forces to create a package that we decided to call “iD-Fi”.

“We know that we are not revolutionizing the audio imaging world for radio, but we have definitely added a much needed twist into the mix with it’s cinematic, atmospheric, cyberculture influence”. There are some fun new categories in this library that will inspire a lot of creativity!

Hear the demo & grab your 6 FREE tracks now!



[wpaudio url=”http://dagostinproductions.com/audio/iD-Fi/iD-Fi_Demo_Master.mp3″ text=”Listen to iD-Fi Demo” dl=0][ad#radjinconr200x90links]

DJ Mathematics from the Legendary Wu-Tang Clan:

DJ Mathematics

“Don’t think this is only for the radio guys, these sounds fatt’n up Dj mixes for your mix cd’s, you can insert them and use them in your serato while you’re rockin a party, a club or performing live with your crew like i do! This is your favorite Dj’s secret weapon. iD-Fi will help mixtapes, websites and DJ shows sound professional, huge and incredibly RIDICULOUS!!! Trust me, I used it on my new full-length album “The Answer” dropping later this year featuring Method Man, Redman, Raekwon and more! “

Sound Freqz & Mike Young Studio Bring You “Identity Fidelity”

“iD-Fi” is a brand new, multiple format package of Audio Branding Tools to be released later this month. It is a cyberculture collaboration between Sound Freqz & Mike Young Studio. Get your ears ready, more news coming soon!