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Wisebuddah launch the new sound of BBC Newsbeat

BBC Newsbeat has a new sound, produced by Wisebuddah in collaboration with the BBC Popular Music Station Sound team.
The new identity incorporates a new 2 note “Newsbeat” sonic logo and it can be heard across BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC Asian Network.
The new sound has been created to unify Newsbeat and the network with slick, modern production with a specific focus on maintaining energy and pace throughout.
Wisebuddah’s Managing Director Phil Tozer said: “Newsbeat is one of the world’s most iconic radio news programs. It feels particularly special to play a small part in radio history by producing a sound which matches the core values of the network. The music is rich, contemporary and designed to cover all styles of news story, whilst retaining the energy and gravitas of such a key part of the output.”
Matt Fisher, Lead Station Sound Producer at Radio 1, 1Xtra & Asian Network added: “The new package brings with it a change in format and a step into new sonic territory. It allows show teams on all 3 stations to transition effortlessly into and out of our news output like never before.”
Wisebuddah has also recently completed new full station rebrands for Nova (Australia), Virgin Radio Canada, ERF Jess (Germany) and Radio VLR (Denmark). Find more at www.wisebuddah.com.


Wisebuddah Deutschlandfunk Nova 2021

German public broadcaster, Deutschlandradio, has commissioned Wisebuddah to produce the new station sound for their alternative speech and music station, Deutschlandfunk Nova.

As the youngest member in the Deutschlandradio family, Deutschlandfunk Nova broadcasts nationally bringing dynamic, sophisticated and future-oriented radio to its young target audience.

The new package from the London-based production company features 12 bespoke themes, alongside a new punchy two-note sonic logo, which is built around and championing the unique ‘Nova’ character.

Dominik Evers, Editorial Management for Deutschlandfunk Nova, said: “The basic idea of the new sound design is that the jingle sounds vary throughout the day – based on our content. For instance, in the morning we have a jingle that goes well with the news and current affairs coverage; in the evening it gets more electronic and modern.

We have found Wisebuddah to be very professional, highly sophisticated and constructive. In this regard, we have truly benefitted from Wisebuddah’s broad experience.”

Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, Phil Tozer, added: “Deutschlandfunk Nova is one of the most unique stations in Germany, with its eclectic delivery of speech programming alongside an incredible playlist of alternative music. We were tasked with creating a sound which embraced the station’s output and appealed to its core listeners, and working alongside the Deutschlandfunk Nova team allowed us to produce something which truly brings the station to life.”

Imager.us gives 2 weeks of Radio Imaging Gifts free

Wisebuddah’s Imager (https://www.imager.us) is giving away free holiday radio imaging elements good for two weeks starting today.

To avail of these free imaging elements, one only has to follow their social feeds on Twitter or Facebook.

This Holiday season, you’re on our nice list! 🎄
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Updated daily, the imager library serves CHR and HOT AC stations worldwide whilst all other formats will be delivered via a new service, imager Custom. Visit www.imager.us now. Imager is a division of Wisebuddah.

London-based Wisebuddah, is an award-winning media production company and it has extensive experience creating branding for all formats, from cutting-edge CHR to unforgettable AC and everything in between. In a competitive industry having the best sonic branding is more important than ever. When you choose Wisebuddah as your partner you can be sure that your station is in safe hands. Visit https://www.wisebuddahjingles.com.

Orbyt Media Brings Wisebuddah to Virgin Radio in Canada

Orbyt Media Brings Wisebuddah to Virgin Radio in Canada

Wisebuddah announced the release of the 2021 jingle package for Virgin Radio Canada.

Canada’s number one hit music network, Virgin Radio, have teamed up with Wisebuddah, launching a brand-new station sound package, that has been produced by the London-based production company.

At the heart of the package is a brand new unified sonic identity, which will be the branding focal point for all 12 stations across the Virgin Radio network. The IDs are made up of 6 bespoke music themes with genres ranging from Pop to Hip Hop; and all featuring a range of vocalists never heard on a Canadian package before.

Bell Media’s, Director of Radio Content, Sarah Cummings, said: “Wisebuddah worked with our teams to create sonic identifiers that extend beyond commonly-used traditional sounds. The result is a refreshed audio identity that embodies the Virgin Radio brand attributes with a healthy dose of cutting edge and sophisticated energy!”

Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, Phil Tozer, said: “It is great to be extending our partnership with Virgin Radio; and to craft a bespoke new sound which will be heard by over 5 million people every single day. Creating something that will resonate with listeners from Vancouver to Toronto is no easy feat; and so to work on a package that brings together the entire sound of a nation was a fun challenge for the team!”

Orbyt Media is Canada’s premier content syndication group, providing the most comprehensive lineup of programs and best-in-class broadcast services to over 380 stations in 155 markets across the country. Orbyt Media delivers the world’s best in talk, entertainment and sports programming, in addition to industry-leading imaging, production, show prep, and research tools.

Wisebuddah is a leading specialist in the production of sonic branding, radio imaging and jingles. Their award-winning team has extensive experience creating branding for all formats, from cutting-edge CHR to unforgettable AC and everything in between. In Canada, Wisebuddah are a trusted partner of Bell Media, Rogers Media and Rawlco Media. Internationally, they work with many of the world’s leading radio brands including: BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, Radio 538, Sky Radio, Fun Radio, Bauer Media International and many more.

For more information on Wisebuddah’s work, please visit https://www.wisebuddah.com

Big, Bold and Unique: New Nova jingles from Wisebuddah

Nova turns up the feelgood with Wisebuddah

Australia’s most listened to radio network Nova has partnered with London’s Wisebuddah to launch a brand-new station sound. 

Airing to over 3.6 million listeners across five stations (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide), Nova’s new package sees Wisebuddah create a new sonic logo for the network, alongside ten main IDs and Information Elements. The IDs are tailored and re-imagined pieces from various Wisebuddah packages from around world radio, all crafted to give a unique sound to the Nova network.

The new sound will air alongside imager CHR, Wisebuddah’s sister company which has just announced a huge rebrand.

Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, Phil Tozer, said: “Producing this new sound is a real honour for us. Nova is one of the most recognised radio brands in the world and so to partner with Dan and the rest of the Nova team has been a privilege. We evolved our sound to produce a package which fits alongside a bright, feelgood playlist and we’re proud to now be heard by millions of listeners around Australia.”

Nova’s Group Imaging Director, Dan Pearson, added: “We needed a new sound which set us apart from the competition whilst also sounding big, bold and completely unique. Wisebuddah gave us exactly that. The music and vocal production is industry leading and it’s been a really creative journey from the briefing right through to delivery. Wisebuddah makes Nova sound feelgood! ”

Head to www.wisebuddah.com to hear the full Nova package along with Wisebuddah’s latest work for Radio 538 (The Netherlands), Hitradio Ö3 (Austria), Sky Radio (The Netherlands) and BBC Radio 2 (UK).

New Wisebuddah jingles reach for the Sky Radio airwaves

The Netherlands’ no.1 non-stop music station, Sky Radio, has launched their brand new station sound, teaming up once again with Wisebuddah. 

The Talpa owned station commissioned a package made up of 14 new bespoke station IDs, plus new Top of the Hour sequences and sings for tailored Sky Radio programming, including Sky Love Songs.

Extending their long-running partnership, the new package is the most expansive station-wide jingle overhaul for Sky Radio since 2017; which was also created by Wisebuddah.

Wisebuddah Composer, Marc Vickers, added: “It’s always an honour to work with the team at Sky Radio. Their vision is always clear, to walk the line between innovation and retaining the familiar melody and positivity that Sky Radio is famous for. It was a hugely enjoyable project, and hopefully we have achieved this again for 2021.”

Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, Phil Tozer, added: “Sky Radio is quite rightly known as the feel-good station, and this is a package that feels like the perfect handshake between that sentiment and an equally feel-good sound. Bright, poppy music and vocals to match, it’s another chapter in our collaboration with Sky Radio that we can’t wait to hear on air. ”

Sky Radio’s Station Director, Uunco Cerfontaine, added: “It is always a great pleasure to work with Marc Vickers and our in-house production team to produce the perfect jingle package for our station. This new jingle package expresses exactly where Sky Radio stands for; The Feel Good Station that plays non-stop music with a Modern AC format. And because we are a non-stop music station the jingles are essential to give the station it’s personality and keeps the music flow going”. 

Head to www.wisebuddah.com to hear the full Sky Radio package along with Wisebuddah’s latest work for Radio 538 (The Netherlands), Hitradio Ö3 (Austria), Planet Radio (Germany) and BBC Radio 2 (UK).

Wisebuddah’s new Planet Radio jingles take contemporary to the next level

New Wisebuddah jingles launch on planet radio

Germany’s planet radio has continued their longstanding relationship with Wisebuddah by commissioning the London based music company to once again re-imagine their station sound.

With inspiration drawn from today’s hottest artists, from Dua Lipa to 24kGoldn, the package contains 10 bespoke core station IDs, along with re-imagined Top of Hour elements for the station’s Music Teasing segment and Travel.

Listeners can also look forward to additional Wisebuddah sounds landing on planet radio later in 2021, as further elements are rolled out in the summer months.

Mick von Oppen, Head of Production, planet radio, said: “We’re very happy with the amazing job the whole Wisebuddah crew have done for us. The package is again one step beyond, and it makes the smiles never leave our faces. It’s easy to use, versatile, detailed, super modern, and everything ends with a perfect and shiny exclamation mark!”.

Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, Phil Tozer, said: “This is a big new sound for planet radio: powerful tracks that hit hard with a mix of different vocal sounds pushed to the max, before all being tied together with that punchy planet radio sonic. Mick asks us to push the boundaries on every package – channelling the newest artists, evolving the core identity at the heart of planet radio’s sound, and taking contemporary to the next level… so that’s what we did! We’re proud of the results and we love working with the planet radio team.”Check out the Wisebuddah website featuring this package and many more (including work for BBC Radio 1 (UK), Radio 538 (Netherlands), SWR1 (Germany) and Fun Radio (France) at www.wisebuddah.com.

Wisebuddah is the choice of Newstalk 106-108FM Ireland to elevate on-air sound

Wisebuddah was asked to produce a brand new custom package for Ireland’s Newstalk; the only commercial radio station in Ireland to take on an exclusively news-based format.

The focus of the package was a new 4-note sonic that would tie the stations varied talk-show output together, and provide musical shells for sponsorship that would give the station a uniformed identity. The music format was entirely pop-rock based to give the station a more relatable and inviting sound.

The package includes, breakfast, lunchtime, drive, news special, news, travel and weather themes.

The package is entirely instrumental, with the VOs and Sponsorships added by the station.

Undergoing the biggest overhaul of Newstalk’s sound in over a decade was made so much easier with the help of Wisebuddah. Not only did they turn everything around in record time, but they absolutely nailed the brief and the package sounds great on air.

Hear more at http://www.wisebuddah.com/stations/newstalk

ANTENNE VORARLBERG now airs biggest Hot AC jingle package from Wisebuddah

New Wisebuddah jingles for ANTENNE VORARLBERG

Austria’s ANTENNE VORARLBERG has teamed up again with London-based production company, Wisebuddah, to produce their latest jingle package.

Broadcasting from one of the most picturesque regions in Europe and playing a mix of current hits as well as cult pop and rock favourites from the 1980s and 90s, ANTENNE VORARLBERG has been broadcasting across western Austria for over twenty years.

This new package features a combination of 8 bespoke Transition IDs and two brand new Show Openers, along with over a dozen re-sing IDs taken from popular Hot AC and AC format Wisebuddah packages from recent years. 

The extensive list of new IDs will also air alongside the station’s existing station sound package, which was also produced by Wisebuddah in 2017.

Phil Tozer, Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, said: “As usual it was totally seamless working with Mario and Andreas on what is now one of our biggest European jingle packages. It’s a vast set of jingles with a huge variety of sounds, genres and energies that are brought together with warm, powerful vocals alongside an instantly recognisable sonic logo.

This is just one of several Wisebuddah packages launching across Europe throughout the summer and we’re now looking ahead to what is a busy second half of 2020… which is just the way we like it!” 

Mario Mally, CEO, ANTENNE VORARLBERG added: “Once again, Wisebuddah has created great jingles for us; the on-air design was developed very professionally according to our wishes; giving us a very fresh and modern sound. The cooperation with the team was fantastic and with great attention to detail; the results continue to inspire us!”

Check out the new Wisebuddah website featuring this package and many more (including work for BBC Radio 1 (UK), Radio 538 (Netherlands) and Fun Radio (France)) at www.wisebuddah.com.

How to get 500 high quality individually designed radio imaging elements

WisebuddahFX1 continues to be a big success with 500 individually designed sounds to help you punctuate radio imaging and jingles in a modern, cutting edge fashion and it can already be heard on some of the biggest radio stations in Europe, including the Netherlands’ Radio 538.

All sounds have been created with usability in mind so you can easily mix and match different components. Whether you need in-your-face ear splitting breakers and heavy impacts, or light touches with wipes, risers and hi-frequency glitches.

Phil Tozer, General Manager of Wisebuddah Jingles: “We’ve seen a big influx of requests for a new, high quality FX library which sounds like nothing else out there, so we’ve obliged! This is the first volume of WisebuddahFX: our new, updating sound FX library… and Volume 2 is already on its way.”

Chris Hartgers, Radio 538: “There’s some seriously good stuff in there! Some of the FX are drag and drop, others are great to re-edit and create your own SFX. Every single effect is usable!”

Check out the demo and for more info or to purchase WisebuddahFX1, contact Wisebuddah in the usual way by contacting jingles@wisebuddah.com or visiting www.wisebuddah.com.

Wisebuddah, Radio 538 Push Jingles To The Next Level

In Summer 2018 Wisebuddah were commissioned to create the new sound of Holland’s number 1 station Radio 538, to go with the new message Radio = 538.

The package features 11 brand new themes and a brand new Top Of Hour reflecting the rapidly changing, cutting edge output of the station.

Chris Hartgers – Imaging Manager Radio 538

“Working with Wisebuddah always feels like a creative reunion, the 538 and Wisebuddah teams always challenge each other to get the best result.

We always want innovate and push the jingles of Radio 538 to the next level, and In working with together with Marc, Ben and Steph Jansen we were able to take it further, better and more exciting than we imagined it could be”

Marc Vickers – Wisebuddah

“This is our 6th year working with the team at Radio 538, and for us it gets more exciting every year, its the perfect station to go wild and push our creativity as far as it can go.

In collaborating with the station sound guys we know 100% that they will take our music and imaging to the next level and create something extraordinary, which they certainly did!”

Visit wisebuddah.com

Wisebuddah captured the real “Sound of the City” with new 98FM Dublin jingles @WBJingles

Dublin’s 98FM launch new “Sound of the City” created by Wisebuddah

98FM have a new sonic identity from Wisebuddah designed to stand-out in the Dublin market.

The producers behind the sound of the Netherland’s Radio 538 and BBC Radio 1’s influential

“Where it Begins” package teamed up to create a clean, sharp sound which builds on 98FM’s award winning imaging while moving beyond the standard sound of a traditional radio jingle.

This was achieved using a collage of sung and spoken voices to capture and represent the identity of 98FM’s listeners and introduces a new sonic logo which combines a memorable melody with cutting edge sound design.

Dom Scott, Business Relations Executive, Wisebuddah said “98FM asked us to produce something unique which pushes the boundaries of radio imaging and our creative team have delivered. The package draws on the production techniques of our recent CHR work while remaining fully focused on 98FM’s format and listenership.

Pat Gill, Head of Imaging and Production at 98FM added “We have really enjoyed working closely with the team at Wisebuddah to create a new sonic identity for 98FM that sets us apart from other stations in Dublin. The vocals were recorded here in the 98FM studios with local Dublin singers to capture the real “Sound of the City”. We’re delighted with the results.”

Wisebuddah have recently completed new packages for Fun Radio (France), N-Joy (Germany), Virgin Radio International and BBC Radio 2 (UK).

Visit wisebuddah.com

NEW: Summer Radio Jingles with Feel Good Energy

Sky Radio’s Sound of Summer: From Wisebuddah

Holland’s Number 1 non-stop music station Sky Radio is ready for summer with a host of brand new, feel good updates produced by Wisebuddah.

Phil Tozer, Wisebuddah Jingles’ General Manager: “These updates are what Sky Radio in summer is all about – tonnes of feel good energy alongside bright, uplifting vocals. We’re bringing the sunshine to Holland!”

Marc Vickers Wisebuddah Composer: “For these updates we wanted to take the sound and structure of the 2017 package and give it a big hit of summer, to really give the station a feel good vibe” Arjan van Lierop / Chris Hartgers, Sky Radio: “Even after working with Wisebuddah for many years now, they’re still able to come up with fresh ideas and sounds for Sky Radio. These new jingles are a perfect fit for Sky Radio – The Summer Station – and they truly reflect the core artists on our playlist for this summer. We’re already looking forward to create the next update with Wisebuddah!”

Visit wisebuddah.com

Why This Hot AC Jingle Package Is ‘Innovative, Powerful and Authentic’ @WBJingles

N-JOY enjoy new Wisebuddah Jingles

Over a million listeners across Northern Germany are waking up to the brand new sound of N-JOY, thanks to the launch of a new jingle package produced by Wisebuddah in London.

The new sound blends sung vocals with processed VOs to create a new, distinctive identity for the station, whilst retaining its HOT AC format.

Norbert Grundei, Head of Programming at N-JOY, said: “We ordered a sound design which embodies innovation, power, authenticity and a modern approach of the brand of N-JOY. The Wisebuddah Composers and Producers realised our briefing perfectly and provided a jingle package which will further strengthen our brand in the radio market.”

Phil Tozer, General Manager of Wisebuddah Jingles added: “It’s a privilege to work alongside another of Germany’s most respected public radio brands. This new sound for N-JOY focusses on their core values of being innovative and contemporary, and we love how it sounds on air.”

This new package comprises a mix of custom Transition IDs, Show-openers and a new Information Elements suite.
In November 2017, Wisebuddah also produced the sound of NDR2, the AC sister station of N-JOY.

Listen to more innovative jingle packages over at Wisebuddah.com

NEW: Jingles that sound like REAL Hits! @WBJingles

Antenne Bayern return to Wisebuddah

Germany’s most listened to private radio station Antenne Bayern has once again returned to Wisebuddah to refresh their station sound.

The new package features a brand new set of 12 themes, comprising 6 Transition IDs and 6 Donuts across various genres.

Stephan Schöpf – Head of Production/Sounddesign: “At best, jingles should sound like real hits. Wisebuddah
has achieved this excellently. The Transitions and Donuts fit smoothly into the program. We are very happy to have Wisebuddah as a partner for many years.”

Wisebuddah Jingles’ General Manager Phil Tozer added “We’re proud to play our part in the success of a
radio station heard by over 4 million people per hour. This new sound retains the warmth and positivity of the
previous package, but we’ve moved it into a hotter more modern direction for 2018.”

Visit www.wisebuddah.com

JUST IN! Fresh Hot AC Jingles for a BBC Radio Station

New Wisebuddah Jingles for BBC Radio 2

As part of BBC Radio 2’s big schedule changes, Wisebuddah are proud to present the jingles they were asked to write for the new shows. Jo Whiley and Simon Mayo’s new extended Drivetime show features a new show theme and remix of All Request Friday. Sara Cox’s move to weekday evenings sees a new theme for her show, as does Cerys Matthews who takes the seat for the Monday night blues show. Good Morning Sunday also received a new theme for its new hosts Kate Botley and Jason Mohammad earlier in the year.

Wisebuddah Jingles’ Creative Director Jem Godfrey said: “The team at Radio 2 are always such a pleasure to work with and once again we had a great time collaborating on the new cuts. The new Radio 2 line-up will refresh the sound of Radio 2 and we’re delighted to be a part of it”

Wisebuddah has recently completed production of a host of new projects, including creating new packages for Virgin Radio Canada, Berlin’s Kiss FM and Radio 10 in Holland, which can all be heard at wisebuddahjingles.com

NEW AC Radio Jingles: From Yorkshire Coast UK to Quebec Canada @WBJingles

In May 2018, Canada’s Boom launched a new package produced by Wisebuddah.

Based out of Quebec, the station took a French language re-sing of Wisebuddah’s AC+ expansion, first written for Yorkshire Coast Radio in the UK.

“We are greatly impressed by the professionalism and creativity of the Wisebuddah team. It was a real pleasure to build the new imaging” – Éric Latour, GM of Boom

Visit wisebuddah.com

Virgin Radio Canada create with Wisebuddah

Virgin Radio Canada has launched a new package across all 9 of its stations, produced by Wisebuddah in London.
The new sound can be heard in markets including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. It represents a unified brand reaching over 8 million listeners a week.

Rob Farina, Head of Radio Content, Strategy & iHeartRadio Canada:

“We called upon Wisebuddah to help us reimagine the sound of Virgin Radio Canada. The team worked diligently with our team and ended up delivering an incredible package.”

Wisebuddah Jingles’ General Manager, Phil Tozer, added: “Virgin Radio is Canada’s number one hit music station, so it’s an honour to be their official station sound partner. The brief for the new package was clear: to create something which blurs the lines between sung jingles and imaging, which will sit perfectly alongside a mainstream CHR playlist.”

Visit Wisebuddah.com

Sky Radio Christmas feels good with Wisebuddah @WBJingles

The Christmas tradition returns this year as Holland’s Sky Radio once again rebrands to The Christmas Station for the festive season.

From today, the non-stop music station will play nothing but feel good Christmas songs alongside an updated Christmas package produced by Wisebuddah.

Chris Hartgers & Arjan van Lierop, Sky Radio: “We gave the producers at Wisebuddah quite a challenge by asking to create some new jingles and remake some of the existing ones. The result is a fantastic Christmas package with a modern sound and at the same time, with a traditional Christmas feel. Once again, Wisebuddah did an amazing job providing us with the best Christmas jingles ever made!”

Phil Tozer is Wisebuddah’s Business Development Manager: “It might be a cliché but Christmas really is the best time of the year – so what better way to get into the spirit than by heading into the studio and producing a package packed with festive spirit and a generous helping of sleigh bells. Once again it’s been great to work with the amazing team at Sky Radio… and we hope that the Christmas spirit shines through in the new package.”

Wisebuddah has recently completed work on new packages for NDR 2 (Germany), NRK P3 (Norway) and YleX (Finland). For more info, visit wisebuddah.com or tweet @wbjingles

Wisebuddah’s CHR+ Jingles Are Fresh, Perfect for Portugal’s Iconic Station @WBJingles

Wisebuddah’s CHR+ lands on Mega Hits

Portugal’s Mega Hits has become the latest station in Europe to air Wisebuddah’s updatable CHR jingle service, CHR+.

The ‘+’ brand from Wisebuddah’s is currently available in 3 formats: AC, CHR and Country, and each format includes up to 35 IDs.

The various formats can be heard throughout Europe and beyond, including in Ireland, the UK, Belgium, Germany and Italy.

Nelson Cunha, Mega Hits:

“The final result of the creative work with Wisebuddah is absolutely fabulous! It sounds new and fresh, and the sonic logo fits perfectly with our music flow. Working with Wisebuddah is like having fun through music. This is Mega!”

Phil Tozer is Wisebuddah’s Business Development Manager:

“We’re really proud to play a part in branding one of Portugal’s most iconic radio brands. We have been working with Nelson and the Mega Hits team for almost a decade, so it’s been a delight to watch the station grow over the years to what it is today: one of Portugal’s finest!”

Wisebuddah has recently completed work on new packages for NDR 2 (Germany), NRK P3 (Norway) and YleX (Finland). For more info, visit wisebuddah.com or tweet us @wbjingles

German Station Debuts Contemporary AC Jingles by Wisebuddah @WBJingles

A New Sound For NDR 2

Germany’s public radio broadcaster NDR 2 has launched a new sound and a brand new sonic identity, produced by Wisebuddah in London.

The station broadcasts across northern Germany, including throughout Hamburg and lower Saxony, and in recent years the format has shifted to a more contemporary AC sound.

Torsten Engel, Head of program NDR 2:

“We needed a jingle package with a fresh and modern impression, fitting NDR 2. This new package matches these requirements perfectly. It meets the music presented by NDR 2 and has at the same time an individual recognizable sound”.

Phil Tozer is Wisebuddah’s Business Development Manager:

“The brief from NDR 2 was to create something innovative and distinctive within the German radio market, whilst standing out from the competition. With the help of Torsten’s team, we’ve created a package which is fresh, unique and authentic.”

Wisebuddah has recently completed work on new packages for Meloradio (Poland), DASDING (Germany) and YleX (Finland). For more info, visit www.wisebuddah.com

Audio: Wisebuddah Jingles NDR 2 2017 AC Jingle Package

From Wisebuddah Jingles: In 2017, Germany’s public radio broadcaster NDR 2 came to us for a new sound and a brand new sonic identity. The station broadcasts across northern Germany, including throughout Hamburg and lower Saxony, and in recent years the format has shifted to a more contemporary AC sound.

Poland’s Meloradio choose to Create With Wisebuddah @WBJingles

Meloradio (formerly Radio Zet Gold) has re-launched with a new jingle package from Wisebuddah in London. The Meloradio team decided to re-sing Wisebuddah’s packages which were originally created for the UK Magic network, as they were the “perfect fit” for the new sound of the AC station.

Łukasz Pieter, Music Director at Meloradio:

“The packages that Wisebuddah created for Magic in the UK are amongst the highest standard in the radio industry today. We needed a new sound that makes our station stand out from all of the competition, and Wisebuddah delivered that…and more! It’s the perfect sound for aradio station playing music from the 80s through to today.”

Phil Tozer is Wisebuddah’s Business Development Manager:

“We’re thrilled to be back on air Poland. We recorded the vocals in the heart of Warsaw with some incredibly talented Polish singers, and you can hear that talent shining through in the final mixes. To Łukasz and the Team, we say dziękuję!”

Wisebuddah has recently completed work on new packages for Sky Radio (Holland) NRK P3 (Norway) and YleX (Finland). For www.wisebuddah.com or tweet @wbjingles

Holland’s XM collaborate with Wisebuddah @WBJingles

Talpa Radio’s brand new radio station XM has launched with a new Wisebuddah jingle package.

The new sound is a collaboration between Wisebuddah and the XM Production Team, who post-produced the vocals.

The original package was produced by Wisebuddah for Germany’s Planet Radio.

Chris Hartgers, XM: “Launching a radio station has its challenges, but the imaging was one of the easiest decisions to make. This package from Wisebuddah fits our format perfectly: it’s contemporary, cool and it’s one of the most relevant sounds in the radio market today. As always, Wisebuddah have done our brand proud!”

Phil Tozer is Wisebuddah’s Business Development Manager: “Talpa Radio is one of the most recognised and respected brands in European radio, so to be offered the chance to collaborate with another station in the Talpa Radio group – alongside our existing partnerships with Radio 538, Sky Radio and Radio 10 – was an honour. We were more than happy to provide the XM Team with a bunch of workparts so that they could make the final package, which sounds awesome!”

Wisebuddah has recently completed work on new packages for NRK P3 (Norway), DASDING (Germany) and YleX (Finland). For more info, visit wisebuddah.com or tweet @wbjingles


Talpa Radio’s brand new radio station XM has launched with a new Wisebuddah jingle package. The new sound is a collaboration between Wisebuddah and the XM Production Team, who post-produced the vocals. The original package was produced by Wisebuddah for Germany’s Planet Radio.

This Is How Modern AC Jingle Package Should Sound @WBJingles

Sky Radio return to Wisebuddah

Wisebuddah has renewed its successful partnership with Sky Radio in The Netherlands. After winning a competitive pitch, Wisebuddah has spent the summer working closely with the Sky Radio team to evolve the sonic logo and incorporate imaging techniques new to Sky Radio across the package. The new station sound launches today.

Uunco Cerfontaine – Radio Director Sky Radio:

“At Sky Radio our Modern AC format is always ‘music first’, because we want to provide the perfect listening experience without any clutter. The fantastic jingles from Wisebuddah create the perfect flow between songs and
bring the finishing touch. They give the station ‘personality’ and are short hit songs on their own”

Arjan Van Lierop & Chris Hartgers – Imaging Managers Talpa Radio:

“The level of quality of the compositions, styles, singers and overall sound from Wisebuddah is just incredible.
From the beginning to the end, the whole project went flawlessly, with a great deal of understanding and passion for jingles, radio and music between Marc Vickers and ourselves”

Marc Vickers – Creative Director Wisebuddah Jingles:

“Sky Radio wanted their jingles to take the next step into a hotter modern direction, whilst also keeping the signature “Sky” feeling. It was a great experience working with such a superb station sound team to achieve this.”

Wisebuddah has recently completed work on new packages for Radio 10 (Holland), Rouge (Switzerland) and YleX (Finland). Get your next jingle package now from Wisebuddah, visit wisebuddah.com

LISTEN: New Wisebuddah Jingles for Rouge = Dynamic, Innovative & Unique @WBJingles

Le son Rouge – from Wisebuddah Jingles

Wisebuddah Jingles has produced the new sound of Switzerland’s Rouge. Based in the heart of Lausanne, Rouge (formerly Rouge FM) commissioned a re-sing of Wisebuddah’s CHR+ service, comprising 10 x Main IDs and a full suite of Information Elements. Rouge has also subscribed to the CHR format of Wisebuddah’s imaging service IMGR, which offers fresh, new CHR content delivered to its users every single day.

Mika Schmider, Rouge: “We are very satisfied with our new collaboration with Wisebuddah. The CHR+ package fits perfectly with our programming and the spirit of our station: The new productions are powerful and fresh. Great job!”

Phil Tozer is Wisebuddah’s Business Development Manager: “Mika came to us looking for a fresh, new sound for Rouge, so he chose our CHR+ jingles and IMGR CHR as they match the values of the station: Dynamic, innovative and unique. It’s been a great collaboration – C’était un réel plaisir!”

Wisebuddah has recently completed work on new packages for Radio 10 (Holland), DASDING (Germany) and YleX (Finland). Visit wisebuddah.com now

Yorkshire Coast Radio debut Wisebuddah AC+ Updates @WBJingles

UKRD’s Yorkshire Coast Radio has become the first station to launch the new updates from AC+, Wisebuddah’s AC service. Comprising a host of new IDs and a fresh new Information Elements suite, the updates transition the sound of AC+ into 2017.

Phil Tozer is Wisebuddah’s Business Development Manager: “The sound of AC+ is on air all around the world in some amazing places for radio – from California to Rome and many places in between – but we’re proud that the latest updates have debuted here in the UK, where it all started. The new sound is a mixture of acoustic pop, pop rock and summer dance and it fits perfectly alongside a playlist full of tracks from the 80s to today.”

Chris Sigsworth, Managing Director at Yorkshire Coast Radio: “We’ve been working with the team at Wisebuddah since 2009, and they are always our first choice when we come to refreshing our imaging.  Once again they have created a package that is perfect for our brand and sound.  Great work Wisebuddah!”

Wisebuddah has recently completed work on new packages for Radio 10 (Holland), DASDING (Germany) and YleX (Finland).

Visit wisebuddah.com now