Jingles To Sing Along With All The Way: JOE 2021 Package by BRANDY Jingles

A year after its restyling, the Belgian AC station JOE has enlarged its jingle package with 6 new tracks that have been produced by BRANDY Jingles from Brussels. The package is an example of how sonic branding that fits perfectly between the biggest hits from the past 50 years also sounds current. 

This summer, JOE launched a preview of the new styling. Half of the package was remixed in special summer versions of the new jingles. Along with 3 other tracks, they are now also on air in their ‘regular’ versions for the new radio season. 

The jingles are a perfect addition to ‘JOE Your Greatest Hits All the Way’ – the package  that went on air exactly one year ago. The energetic sound of the basic package has  been expanded with several softer cuts. Moreover, the references to the music of the  80s make the package match perfectly with the vibe of today’s hits. 

Here’s how the new package sounds:

The 2nd commercial radio station in Dutch-speaking Belgium, JOE focuses on an adult audience  and programs both recent hits and classics. 

Along with Qmusic, JOE is part of the DPG Media media group, which also owns the various VTM  TV stations and Het Laatste Nieuws, Belgium’s largest newspaper. 

Brandy is a European consultancy and production company, based in Brussels, specialising in on-air branding for media companies, for more info visit www.brandy-jingles.com