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The Dallas Jingle Package Everyone’s Talking About from TM Studios


“I can feel how pi**ed other PD’s are that they don’t have it!”
-Sid Kelly, Program Director, Hot 93-3

HOT 93-3 DALLAS is 2020’s smokin hot jingle package from TM Studio. Designed for Rhythmic CHR and Urban formats. Part imaging, part music – ALL FIRE.  Segue between songs without destroying the momentum. Using your station voices and our worldwide roster of musical talent – this is NOT a jingle package. This is a UNIQUE and air-ready UN-jingle package.

Hot 93-3 Dallas from TM Studios is ready to be customized for your station now. Visit now to hear more.

Urban Imaging Sweeper Templates (File Link)

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Fresh from the radio prod genius Bryan Apple of, get the urban radio imaging sweeper shells. Bryan creates world class radio imaging and sound design for the some of the world’s biggest names like SiriusXM/Pandora RADIO and LL Cool J’s Rock The Bells Radio. Radio Imaging for Rockstar Games GTA-IV and GTA-V, and NEW 2019 iFruit Radio with Danny Brown & Skepta, latest DLC for GTA-V.

Hear more at

In other related news, Sonos has begun offering its own content and a radio streaming service “Sonos Radio,” which allows users to enjoy more than 60,000 online radio programs, to its product users. It can be used by updating the “Sonos” app, which is provided free of charge for smartphones.

Carefully selected radio programs from all over the world. In addition, it plans to provide Sonos original contents and programs by genre curated by Sonos.

TuneIn and other multiple Internet radio services have been put together, making it easy to find radio stations around the world. In addition to local music, sports and news found in the listener’s zip code, radio stations around the world are available.

“Sonos Stations” prepared as original content. “Sonos Sound System,” which introduces songs carefully selected by DJs and artists, will also introduce new artists, news, and behind-the-scenes information about the current music scene.

Various artists also develop artist programs that feature songs that have been influenced or inspired. Introducing the selection of songs by Tom York as the first step.

Original contents of “Sonos Sound System”, artist programs and “Sonos Stations” in Japan will be released in future software updates.

TRACE Relaunches with New Brand, New HipHop & RNB Jingles

TRACE 2019 Jingle Package Demo

The West Indies hit radio TRACE now has a brand new on-air sonic logo, vocal signature and a complete new jingle package from Reezom that fits its Afro-Pop / Hip-Hop music programming to perfection.

As TRACE seeks to stand out from its competitors and excel in a highly competitive market, it now showcases an original and custom designed new melodic branding.

We envisioned a resolutely catchy and modern sound for the signature stamped with a real melodic concept of voices and original texts blend. Never sound like other radio stations and create a real specific on-air identity that propels your “product promise” on the airwaves.

– Jean- Sébastien Esposito, General Manager, Reezom

Reezom is a professional sound and video production studio that specializes in branding and is recognized for the originality and the creativity of its productions both musically and visually.

Reezom offers the most effective and creative solutions so you can stand out in your market.

We will craft your sound and image so it reflects the values, the feelings and the personality of your media business. The finished production will be original, polished and a true reflection of your brand values. Reezom is currently responsible for some of the best audio and visual branding on air across Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and of course Quebec and Canada.

Visit for more info

– Jean- Sébastien Esposito

Finally, An Imaging FX Library Built for Rhythmic Radio

No station is the same. No station’s music, jocks or imaging. So why would you want to settle for fx and work parts that not totally match your station’s sound? Especially if you’re doing imaging for an urban, hip hop, dance or rhythmic station it’s not easy finding the right sounds.

Those days are over! Now there’s Radio Bomb! A tailor made fx package for your station’s DNA. With fx categories that you’ve been waiting for all of your production life. Like special technical Spins and Spin Slams but also Starters, Impacts and Risers with unique style that fits the sound of your urban, hip hop or EDM station.

In the total of 120 fx and work parts you’ll also find 10 fat Beat loops in different versions with which you can build a promo bed or talk up filler in seconds!

Make your imaging go BOOM! With Radio Bomb from Sticky FX. Learn more at

Get This Urban Audio Library Free (Beats, Loops, FX, Alarms, Sirens)

Makers like TM88, Southside, Lex Luger are notable figures in the Hip Hop production world.

Every one of them, alongside the remainder of the 808 Mafia group, have delivered for heavyweight rappers like Gucci Mane, Future, Drake, and MANY more.

So propelled by the 808 Mafia group and the mind blowing work they’ve done, the team made the “808 Mob” Hip Hop Sample Pack: a critical accumulation of drums, song loops, 808s, MIDI documents, and Serum presets that will take your thumps to a whole new dimension.

You’ll likewise discover commonplace FX and Foley sounds that 808 Mafia makers have been known to use in their best beats -, for example, cautions, alarms, and other one of a kind examples.

This pack is an unquestionable requirement for any Hip Hop audio producerhoping to catch the exceptional, trap sound that 808 Mafia has spearheaded.

Get “808 Mob” Hip Hop Sample pack now while it’s free! Link here

AUDIO: Street Splat! – Hip Hop Radio Imaging

Hip Hop and dollars go together like, well….Hip Hop and dollars!
Street Splat! is helping you put the $$$ in your listeners’ hands this holiday season. Listen up for cool cash contest promos, new music intros, custom song intros and lots more.

ReelWorld Goes ‘Xtra’ Mile with New BBC Radio 1Xtra Imaging

BBC Radio 1Xtra celebrates 15th birthday with new imaging from ReelWorld

As the BBC’s urban music radio station 1Xtra celebrate their 15th birthday this week, production company ReelWorld marked the occasion by creating a fresh set of imaging for the station.

The new IDs, which launched on-air this month, feature new vocal talent and will be broadcast alongside the company’s initial delivery of production that launched in 2015.

ReelWorld European Sales Manager Paul Fernley commented: ‘It’s been great to work with the team at 1Xtra to evolve the sound of their original ReelWorld package with these new IDs. The station might be 15 years old, but it’s never sounded fresher’.

The new themes see ReelWorld continue their relationship with the BIMM Institute. Many of the voices featured on the package are students at their colleges across the UK.

Formerly a presenter at BBC Radio 1 Briggy Smale is Artist Portfolio and Talent Manager at BIMM: ‘It’s great to see our students given a platform to shine. We know we have some awesome talent at BIMM, and we can’t wait to hear more of them on 1Xtra!’

ReelWorld radio imaging can be heard on some of the most influential radio stations in the world, including Nova Australia, Kiss FM UK and Z100 New York.

Visit now

‘Vocalists Ceezlin and Ta’Shan alongside ReelWorld’s Ben Marks’

New Fusion Radio Jingle Package is Epic and Massive by Reezom


Fresh from the Caribbean, brand new jingles and imaging for FUSION by Reezom, a new station in Martinique.

This station used to play zouk music and used to be called Zouk Fm.

Now new owners build up a new format zouk , compa, salsa with a stronger brand name. This package includes about 50 cuts, with a sung ID and a powerful sonic ID.

Radio Sofaia

Still from the Carribbean, Radio Sofaia, a local Radio station based in Gwadeloup, received a new package from Reezom. Soft AC station plays local song and hits. And the perfect sounding package comes with 14 jingles.

Radio Live

Reezom also delivered new imaging for Radio Live, a web station based in Senegal, Africa. Playing Hiphop Késsé. (hip hop only) is the station tag line.

“Big up to Coco Jean, our first customer investing in sung jingles because he strongly believe future is on web and branding is the way to conquer market.” – Jean-Sebastien Esposito, General Manager, Reezom.

About Reezom

Based in Montreal, the company produces jingles and custom made branding tools. Visit now.

The Best Song Intros, Promos and More This Month @TRILTweets

Listen here

TRIL – The Radio Imaging Library is the first crossover imaging package that’s as diverse as today’s radio playlists.

TRIL is a music intensive, multi-format imaging package geared towards Modern AC, CHR and Urban radio.

Power packed and updated constantly with branded intros, promos, workparts, beats, drops, FX and more.


bigFM Sound Gets Even Bigger @ReelWorldEurope

Listen here

Big just got Bigger for ReelWorld

In 2015 ReelWorld worked alongside the bigFM team in Germany to create the sound for the launch of their new morning show and in 2016 they have returned for something even big-ger!

This time the station wanted a new imaging solution to air across the entire station output. Using the B96 Chicago jingle package at its core, ReelWorld’s producers combined sung vocals, station voiceover, artist drops, listener audio and more to create a totally new high impact radio imaging solution.

Mate Stojic is Head of On-Air Design at bigFM – “After last year’s great work for our Morning Show package we teamed up for the second round with ReelWorld. This time not only for the breakfast but also for our daytime shows. Knowing that bigFM always looks for a new approach in imaging, the producers did everything to mach the style and production techniques of today’s hits with our DNA as an Urban music station. We’re very happy to present our awesome new Package.”

Paul Fernley is European Sales Manager at ReelWorld – ‘Working with the team at bigFM is always BIG fun. This imaging jumps out the speakers and demands attention.’

ReelWorld have a growing profile in Germany and bigFM are one of three major German broadcasters beginning to air new radio jingles and imaging this month.

BRUZZ: 24/7 ON in Brussels @PUREjingles

Brussels has a new multimedia brand, BRUZZ! The station launched with a complete ID package from PURE Jingles.

The city made a lot of headlines earlier this year, but fortunately there’s also good news: the launch of an exciting radio station for young adults in the capital of Belgium and Europe!

BRUZZ plays the best R&B grooves and Pop tracks with an alternative edge, and features current affairs, pop culture and lifestyle news about Brussels. The station is also visible via TV, online & print.


Looking for a modern image and Urban feel, BRUZZ asked PURE Jingles to create a rhythmic, voiceover-based sound to highlight their slogan You Are The City, including tailor-made elements for every channel.

“I’m working in radio for over 25 years now, and I’ve never heard such great station imaging before”, Editor-in-Chief Jeroen Roppe says. “It is electrifying, and matching the beat of a city that is always ON.”

Listen to BRUZZ online at, and enjoy the first part of their package at

Urban Radio Imaging Has A New “TRIL” @capitalofmedia

It’s Super Tuesday March 1, time to announce that The Radio Imaging Library (TRIL) by Capital of Media is expanding its imaging service with a new format: Urban.

For existing subscribers, all 3 formats CHR, Modern AC and now Urban are all accessble.

No extra licenses per format, simply one login that include three formats.

You could say on this Super Tuesday, TRIL is unstoppable 🙂

They’re the fastest growing imaging service, with thousands of imaging elements ready for immediate download.

Everything you need for radio imaging is in TRIL: intros, promo-shells, FXs, beats, workparts, artist drops etc. When you’re part of the TRIL Family and couldn’t find what you’re looking for, just drop them request in your TRIL Dashboard and you’ll have it within 48 hours – produced by one of the six TRIL audio producers.

Get your trial today on and be sure to make your Tuesday, a Super Tuesday with TRIL!

This L.A. Station and Prod Company Turn Listener Input Into Imaging Promo, Listen!

Urban station Hot 92.3 turned to On The Sly for new imaging and company created IDs that are true to the taste of the listeners. The Sly wrote:

“We love old school music.

So do Hot 92.3 KHHT in Los Angeles.

They wanted a new way to showcase the amazing music they play.

So at On The Sly we decided to ask listeners what they love about old school.

Then turned it into promos that break down what really makes old school music.

From the bass to funky guitars, to the saxophone – hear what makes some of the greatest music ever made – now airing on Hot 923 in LA.”

To get these old music promos on your station, hit up

Listen To These Xtremely Fun and Awesome Jingles for European Urban Station

What’s the single most important thing for a station oriented towards youngsters?

A fresh sound!

That’s exactly what PURE Jingles created for the Dutch urban station FunX.

FunX fits the on air sound of FunX.

About PURE Jingles

PURE Jingles started in 2007 as a subsidiary of VHU Europe, focusing only on jingle production and station imaging for radio stations in Europe.

PURE Jingles has produced jingles for NRJ, Radio Regenbogen, 3FM, Virgin Radio, Europa Plus, Radio Zet, Kronehit and many others.

The distinguishing feature of PURE Jingles material is the fact that it is produced in a collaborative effort. The fact that there is a team of perfectionists working on each jingle makes the material sound less mass-produced. By using a team of composers, each with their own specialty, jingles sound more in line with the material playing on each radio station.



Brandy Power Intros Lands On Hot 107.9 Indiana

Add Brandy To Your Brand, Power Intros for Hot 1079

Brandy Power Intros have crossed the ocean. This branding tool – which has become one of Brandy’s trademarks – is now on air on Hot 1079 (Indiana, USA).

The European imaging company reinvented the concept of the power intro my merging original song lyrics and melodies into the intro of the song. Brandy Power Intros are now broadcasted all over the world, including the USA.

“Every radio station writes its own story. You really can’t squeeze everything into a narrow format,” says Diederik Decraene, Senior Consultant at Brandy.

Brandy Power Intros for Hot 107.9

“That’s why jingles should be tailored to a radio station and not the other way around. Our Power Intros too are creatively fine-tuned station per station.”

It’s exactly that custom approach that got Phil Becker, General Manager at Hot 1079 (Indiana, USA ) on board.

“Being the first client of Brandy Jingles in the United States I am excited to add Tom (Van der Biest, Brandy senior creative) and his team to the Oasis Radio Group and Hot 1079.

Too often in the states, stations use the same imaging companies. The sad part is that each of these stations then end up sounding like homogenized cookie cutter products. Having Brandy in our “tool box” allows us to crumble up the cookies. It’s time to add Brandy to your brand. That or keep playing the jingles that you and your listeners have heard so many times that you don’t even notice that they are there.”

To learn more about how you can get the world-class  Brandy imaging, visit

Hot 103 Jamz All Star MLB Radio Promos

KPRS FM Hot 103 Jamz is among the media partners in Kansas City for the 2012 All Star MLB.

Ghost Imaging was commissioned to produce the promos.

Listen to the audio montage below.

About Ghost Imaging

Ghost Imaging is a radio production company by ElReco Gillison whose portfolio includes commercial production for companies like Disney, Visa and Starbucks.

“Ghost Imaging is unbelievable at dead lines, unbelievable at creativity, and unbelievable with multi-format radio production experience.” – Pat Garrett (Voice-over Artist, Client)

Learn more about what Ghost Imaging can do for you. Click here

Production Vault Urban Highlights June 2012

ReelWorld Rock Social Media Updates

ReelWorld – pursuing production and imaging perfection since 1994.

Creators of ReelWorld Jingles and the Production Vault family of imaging services.

Seattle, WA ·

New Beatmixed Music Imager for Urban Radio


Production Vault Urban November 2011 Highlights

Production Vault announces the latest addition to the Urban imaging library.

Latest adds include:

More fresh imaging at PV now! 2 Xmas IDs, 2 in-song sweepers and a beatmixed music imager.

More Christmas Imaging posted including artist holiday greetings. Plus a music image promo and some other goodies.

Get lifted w/ Snoop n Wiz at the High School Tour. Plus new music stagers and more X-Mas IDs.

2 more xmas ID’s

Rihanna giveaway sweeper for her new album

ReelWorld – pursuing production and imaging perfection since 1994. Creators of ReelWorld Jingles and the Production Vault family of imaging services.

Justin Bieber’s Son Themed Sweeper

Production Vault announces the latest addition to the Urban imaging library.

Latest adds include:

Tons of new Thanksgiving elements just posted including this politically incorrect Black Friday Bit

2 more idents!

New winners promo!!!

And the Justin Bieber’s son sweeper, perfect for contest promos.



ReelWorld – pursuing production and imaging perfection since 1994. Creators of ReelWorld Jingles and the Production Vault family of imaging services.

Production Vault Urban October 2011 Highlights

Justin Bieber’s Son Sweeper

New Beatmix For Urban Radio Imaging

Production Vault announces its latest additions for their Urban library.

Recent updates include:

New Birdman intro

Wale Album Sneak Peak Audio

New Music Image Promo, Jock IDs

Cue2Call Cash Contest Audio

High Energy Re-Joiner

2 Generic Sweepers

Catch them all on ReelWorld’s Production Vault Urban.

Production Vault is the most comprehensive set of production tools in the radio industry.

About ReelWorld
ReelWorld is pursuing production and imaging perfection since 1994. Creators of ReelWorld Jingles and the Production Vault family of imaging services.

Check out

Production Vault Urban September 2011 Highlights


Production Vault Recent Highlights

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New MicroBeds on Production Vault Urban

Summer is still sizzling hot on Production Vault Urban.

Check out what’s heating up.

  1. Welcome back the football season!!! New gridiron-inspired Sound Design, and more, up now on #productionvault
  2. Hot Step!!! For those in the heat of summer, check out the new Custom and Micro Beds! Up now on #productionvault
  3. Ace Hood, The Game, DJ Khaled and more up now in Instrumentals and Acapellas! #productionvault
  4. 8 and B are this week’s features in Numbers and Letters! Up now and ready! #productionvault
  5. Word on the street is that new Street Clips are up now on #productionvault
  6. Samples and Drops are up now! Check out all the awesomeness at #productionvault

Production Vault Urban July 2011 Highlights

V103 Atlanta Urban Imaging

Production Vault Urban June 2011 highlights showcases new imaging for V103 Atlanta.

PV Urban’s latest tweets:

  1. “Download the App” SFX, and more, now up in Sound Design! Check it out now, on #productionvault!6:05 AM Jul 16th
  2. Goin’ commercial free?!? This week’s Street Clips are up and ready! #productionvault5:01 AM Jul 16th

  3. It’s all about U, in Numbers and Letters, this week! Up now on#productionvault!2:37 AM Jul 16th

  4. Beyonce, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, and more, are featured in this week’s Instrumentals and Acapellas! Check it out on#productionvault!2:11 AM Jul 16th

  5. Take a vacation to Hawaii! New Don Ho inspired Custom and Micro Beds are up now, and available only on #productionvault!2:04 AM Jul 16th

  6. Samples and Drops are large and in-charge this week! Up now on#productionvault!8:13 AM Jul 15th


Production Vault June 2011 Highlights Audio

105.7 The Beat Imaging

Station: 105.7 The Beat
Producer: The Mix Group

The audio is available at


HOT 105 Imaging

Station: HOT 105
Producer: The Mix Group

The audio is available at


96.3 WJIZ Imaging

Station: 96.3 WJIZ
Producer: The Mix Group

The audio is available at


Power 92 Imaging

Station: Power 92
Producer: The Mix Group

The audio is available at


100.1 The Beat Imaging

Station: 100.1 The Beat
Producer: The Mix Group

The audio is available at


Power 106 FM Imaging

Station: Power 106 FM
Producer: The Mix Group

The audio is available at