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2021 Z100, KIIS FM – Always On-trend On Air Sound with ReelWorld ONE

ReelWorld ONE continues to be Most Comprehensive Updating Sonic Branding Service On The Planet.

This service is a massive library of custom jingles, music beds, imaging workparts, song intros, sonic logos and vocal elements plus monthly updates to keep your station brand sounding current and musically on-trend.

Your One library starts with a huge collection of core and specialty Jingles including Top of Hours, Morning Shows, Weather, News, Traffic, Holiday and Contest Themes. And your library continues to grow with new Jingles added every month.

Access the massive updating catalog of Produced ID’s. These Imaging/Jingle hybrids give you a unique way to brand your station using the power of an Imaging piece combined with the energy and proven recall of a sung jingle.

Sonic Logos
A massive updating library of your station sonic logo in a vast array of sounds, textures, keys and tempos. Provided as Imaging-style stingers, long-form talkover pads and drones plus standalone logo tones to give you maximum flexibility.

Song Intros
Fully produced song intro shells featuring either a vocal element or a musical sonic logo to stamp your brand onto the intros of hit songs.

Vocal Kit
Your station name sung in every key, plus positioning statements, dial positions, specialty sings and more, giving you the toolkit you need to make your brand sing.

Key & BPM Charts
Quickly find critical key and bpm info for chart songs allowing you to seamlessly key and tempo match your Jingles and Imaging with the music you play.

CHR, Country or AC, contact the ReelWorld ONE team now to get started. https://reelworld.com/one

Selection of Z100, KIIS jingles from ReelWorld ONE in 2021

WHTZ Z100 New York Power Jingles from ReelWorld (Archive)

Produced for Z100 WHTZ New York, CHR jingles from the ReelWorld ONE CHR service released in 2007

ReelWorld is the world leader in radio imaging, jingles and services like Morning Prep and Production Vault.

Visit ReelWorld.com

Z100 Beatmixes from ReelWorld Seattle

Z100 Beatmixes or Power Intros from ReelWorld. They were first introduced more than a decade ago as Beatmixes.

Beatmixes yes that is the name.

However it should not be a confusing term with a music based production that are beatmatched also called a beatmix.

These ReelWorld Beatmixes are called so because they are integrated into the DNA mix and beat of a song’s intro.

They usually come in custom jingle packages before with the jingle logo syllables incorporated to the song intro.

After that it was made available and standard feature in the ReelWorld ONE services.

For stations in Asia and the Pacific, contact Ricky at reelworld.com/contact

These Z100 Jingles, IDs Are Ten Years Old Already

A decade ago, ReelWorld launched the ONE jingle service dubbed as the last jingle package ever.

And it was a huge success and continues to be one.

The idea that stations can get a package that is continually updated every month was a hit and stations around the world subscribed to the revolutionary imaging service.

Each month ReelWorld puts out fresh productions that include ramps, slogan and shotgun versions, beatmixes or power intros and produced IDs.

Before 2008 ended, ReelWorld ONE CHR jingles were heard in stations all over the world using time tested sonic logos like the KIIS, Z100, KDWB and WXKS.

Heard here in this demo is a power intro for Jordin Sparks, a produced ID called HipHopaGNOME, the NewsBreaker jingle theme and Obsidian jingle theme.

Visit http://reelworld.com/one/chr to sign up for the ONE CHR service.

For stations in Asia and The Pacific get in touch with Ricky Brataamadja.

Z100 Did It Again! From The Top of the Empire State Bldg Stars Are Closer Artist ID

Stax of Z100 did it again with this awesome artist positioner built upon the hit music of Kendrick / SZA “All the Stars.”

This uses production bed available at ReelWorld One.

Staxx said, “thanks for Erik Huber from Reelworld for getting a very convincing custom acap sung for this one!”.

Go to http://reelworld.com/one/chr

Follow Z100Staxx on SoundCloud.

Z100 Pay Your Bills

01 New Release Rundown, ReelWorld Jingle (This week’s iHeart New Release Rundown on Elvis Duran)
02 Z100 Pay Your Bills ID, Kelly Kelly Kelly Dave Foxx (Send us your bills at Z100 dot com)
03 Lets Go Right Here Right Now Sweeper
04 iHeart Radio Sia Featurette
05 Top of Hour Z100 ReelWorld Jingle Seattle
06 Z100 Paying Your Bills Register
07 Katy Perry Charlie Puth Sia Get To You Sweeper
08 Zee One Hundred Kelly Kelly Kelly
09 Student Loan Pay Your Bills Spot (Is that a student loan in your pocket …)
10 Music Promo

Captured October 21, 2016 9:15 am to 10:15 am iHeart Radio

AUDIO: Z100 Jingle Ball Announce promo

Launch promo announce our Z100 Jingle Ball 20-17 lineup!

Built using:
SFX from Robert Dudzic’s TrynityHDFX DFS package
Dramatic music from Alpha Music Libraries.
Acap’s from ProdVault CHR.
Captured audio from various iHeart events.

Ex-Z100 New York DJ Returns To Dallas For KPLX AM Show

Cumulus Media reports that it has named radio DJ Trey Morgan as new Co-Host for Mornings on 99.5 The Wolf/KPLX in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Morgan is joining established 99.5 The Wolf morning show anchor Lisa Taylor on the Wake Up with the Wolf morning show weekdays from 5AM-10AM CST, appearing Monday, October 31, 2016.

Morgan arrives at Cumulus Media-Dallas Fort Worth from CBS Radio-New York City, where he was Host, Afternoons on Fresh 102.7 (WNEW-FM). Preceding that, Morgan was in Los Angeles and WHTZ in New York.

Mac Daniels, PD, 99.5 The Wolf KPLX is excited:

“Trey brings a high level of talent, experience and results across multiple platforms to the top-rated Wake Up With The Wolf morning show. His fresh perspective will be a great addition to one of America’s leading country music brands.”

Morgan said:

“I am excited to return to my hometown, Dallas, and join the talented team at The Wolf (KPLX)! I have had the chance to learn from some of the best in the business; Jim Ryan, Tom Poleman and Sharon Dastur have been instrumental in my development over the past 10 years and I am thrilled to bring my experience to the city I grew up in. Thank you, Mike McVay, Dan Bennett, Dave Milner, Doug Hamand and Mac Daniels for the opportunity to join the wildly talented Lisa Taylor in one of America’s fastest-growing cities.”

Listen to 99.5 The Wolf here


6 Years Ago Today These Were on Z100 New York

Radio imaging on the air at Z100 between last week of March and first week of April 2010.

Showcased are a Black Eyed Peas Weekend Promo, Z100 Payoff, Free Money, Lady Gaga Weekend ID, 2 music image promos and the Justin Bieber weekend spot.

The Bieb in 2010, wow, he was only 16.

Credit to Dave Foxx, Kelly Kelly Kelly and Dave Kampel, with jingles from ReelWorld.

Z100 New York Holiday, November Imaging


Production Vault announces the latest adds to the CHR library

Fresh updates include:

:: Hot Chelle Rae album giveaway promo plus some Jingl’e Ball / Concert Swps just posted.
:: Christmas Christmas CHRISTMAS!!! Everything you need to image your station this holiday season is online… NOW!
:: Get your fill of holiday artist drops online now!
:: Now you’ve stuffed yourself full of turkey time to start thinking about Xmas! Beds, sweepers, idea starters online now

:: Stock up on X-Mas IDs and workparts. More posted now.

Check out all the latest at http://chr.productionvault.com

Z100 Sweeper – iCloud Equivalent


Title: Imaging Sweeper – “iCloud Equivalent”
Produced by: Dave Foxx
Station: WHTZ Z100 New York


Z100’s New Summer Music Image Promo 2011

Production Vault CHR showcases irresistible audio ear candies for summer 2011.

PV CHR’s latest tweets below.

  1. It’s all about U, in Numbers and Letters, this week! Up now on#productionvault!11:37 AM Jul 15th
  2. Tyga, Jordin Sparks, Iyaz, and more, are featured in this week’s Instrumentals and Acapellas! Check it out! #productionvault11:11 AM Jul 15th

  3. Take a vacation to Hawaii! New Don Ho inspired Custom and Micro Beds are up now, and available only on #productionvault!11:04 AM Jul 15th

  4. Harry Potter Samples and Drops are new this week, and more! Up now on #productionvault!5:12 PM Jul 14th

  5. Our June Highlights demo is up now! Check out all the juicy details on #productionvault!2:57 PM Jul 1st

  6. Gas Giveaway Sound Design, and more, is up now! Check it out on#productionvault!11:51 AM Jul 1st

  7. New Summer and 4th of July themed Custom and Micro Beds are up now on #productionvault! Happy Independence Day!

Visit http://chr.productionvault.com

Dave Foxx Explains Why Z100 Promos Pop

Dave Foxx recently had a conversation with MicroJams, a TM Studios jingle service, about how this revolutionary imaging tool has helped him make Z100’s imaging standout and be effective in a PPM world.

MJ: What are MicroJams?

DF: The music from MicroJams sounds like the music that we play. And that’s key to making everything flow well.

MJ: How do MicroJams help Z100?

DF: It helps us brand everything we do not just our letters, not just our call sign, not just our slogan, you know, but when we are in the middle of a sentence explaining how to win a contest they can tune in and in seconds, just literally, 2 or 3 seconds, know exactly which radio station they are listening to.

It really helps to the flow of the radio station and in PPM, that’s key. A lot of your ratings come from people having it on the background and if you are not too spiky then people will leave it on in the background, you want people to do that, so that when they go to an appliance store they’re going to hear your station, when you are sitting in a cab you hear that station.

This helps with the flow, it keeps the spices still there, but it makes everything seem to go together better.

MJ: What are Nano Grooves?

DF: When you need that quick little bed to help you work a promo to build an excitement point, to get up to that big shelf, where you’re going to make that big announcement or whatever, the Nano Grooves just fit in beautifully, and they come often enough and there are enough of them to where you always feel like you got something fresh to work with when you’re sitting down doing a promo.

Dave sums up MicroJams as “Superb, Vocals Are Good, Well Produced, and Top Drawer!”

Learn more about MicroJams here http://www.microjams.com

New Z100 Summer Promos and Imaging

Here’s what’s new on Production Vault CHR

Transformers Remix and Father’s Day Custom and Micro Beds are up now

Tennis SFX up now in Sound Design, check it out

“N” for NEW letters, up now in Numbers and Letters

Hey Production Gurus – Summertime, America’s Got Talent, Rihanna, Pitbull and Father’s Day just got imaged.

“N” for NEW letters, up now in Numbers and Letters.

Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, LMFAO, Afrojack, and Enrique Iglesias… all featured in Instrumentals and Acapellas

Who’s your daddy? New Father’s Day themed Sound Design

Check out more PV CHR Goodies here


Pure Tonic Welcomes Tay FM

The awarding-winning production company Pure Tonic is pleased to welcome Tay FM as one of its newest clients.

The company has also just released their new May 2011 highlights demo, showcasing imaging for stations like:

1. Spin 103.8
2. Nova FM Australia
3. Z100 New York
4. Power 106

To get more updates from Pure Tonic, add them on Facebook .

Or follow them on Twitter.

Pure Tonic Media is a London based production company servicing Radio Stations worldwide with audio imaging, music beds ad jingles.

Led by production genius Steve Pigott, the company has won several awards including the recent Gold Sony Radio Academy Awards for Station Sound in 2011 and the 2003 Grand Award Promo Spot in the 2003 New York Festival Awards.

Visit their website at www.puretonic.com

Listen to Demo Below

Shut It Down ‘Stop Bullying’ PSA

PSA: Shut It Down ‘Stop Bullying’ Jason Derulo
Station: WHTZ 100.3 Z100 New York


Mo Bounce Interactive 9 at 9 December 2010 Aircheck

Personality: Mo Bounce
Radio Show: Interactive 9 at 9
Station: WHTZ 100.3 Z100 New York
Date: December 20, 2010


Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show Promo

Promo: “Elvis Duran Z100 Promo”
Station: WHTZ 100.3 Z100 New York


Z100 Jingle Ball Merch Promo

Promo: “Z100 Jingle Ball Merchandise as Christmas Gifts”
Station: WHTZ 100.3 Z100 New York


Z100 PPM Radio Imaging 2011

Station: WHTZ 100.3 New York
Producer: Dave Foxx
Website: www.davefoxx.com


iHeart Radio Xmas Promo

Promo: “iHeart Radio Xmas Promo”
Station: WHTZ 100.3 Z100 New York


iHeart Radio Pitbull Promo

Promo: “iHeart Radio Pitbull”
Station: WHTZ 100.3 Z100 New York


Nick Parker on Z100 February 2011 Aircheck

Personality: Nick Parker
Station: WHTZ Z100 New York
Website: www.z100.com

Listen to Aircheck (February 17, 2011)

Nick Parker on Z100

Nick Parker is Z100’s youngest DJ. You may recall his famous interview with the might Dave Foxx back in 2009, we featured the interview here. Born New Yorker, he grew up listening to Z. No wonder his love for the Top 40 music and his passion of pop culture sent him to join the Z100 aircrew.

As Nick puts it: “This is the major leagues and I am insanely honored to be working with the best of the best in the industry. My dreams have come true!”. (from Z100.com). Listen to a capture of Nick’s board work last December 21, 2010.

Nick Parker on Z100

Commercial Free Radio Promos on Z100

Station: WHTZ Z100
Producer: Dave Foxx
Website: www.davefoxx.com

[wpaudio url=”http://www.fileden.com/files/2009/10/26/2621055/DaveFoxx_110114pr_CmFree_031.mp3″ text=”Commercial Free 1″ dl=0]

[wpaudio url=”http://www.fileden.com/files/2009/10/26/2621055/DaveFoxx_%20110114pr_CmFree_02.mp3″ text=”Commercial Free 2″ dl=0]

[wpaudio url=”http://www.fileden.com/files/2009/10/26/2621055/DaveFoxx_110114pr_CmFree_01.mp3″ text=”Commercial Free 3″ dl=0]