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Europe 2 : new year, new brand, new Wisebuddah sound

Virgin Radio France has relaunched under a new name and a brand-new sound produced by Wisebuddah.

Europe 2 (formerly Virgin Radio France) kicked off 2023 by launching the new pop-rock Wisebuddah sound which encompasses 20+ themes, with even more set to launch throughout the Spring and Summer of 2023. Europe 2 is already one of the most listened to radio stations in France and they chose an eclectic mix of Wisebuddah themes to complement their 90s, 00s and 10s playlist.

Frédéric Pau, Program Director, Europe 2, said: “What a pleasure to work with Wisebuddah to create the sound of Europe 2! It was a really collaborative process – we are proud of our jingles: proud to hear them, mix them and broadcast them. Wisebuddah met our needs and fully understood the brief, producing contemporary and enjoyable pop-rock tracks in line with our playlist. We now have a unique sound for Europe 2! Thank you Wisebuddah!

Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, Phil Tozer, added: “Producing the sound of one of the biggest national radio stations in France has been a privilege. France is an exciting, vibrant place for radio with a rich heritage, so to be asked to produce the new sound of Europe 2 was a bucket list moment! Frédéric and the team have been amazing to work with and we’re looking forward to many more years of creativity and success together.” 
Head to to hear the full Europe 2 package along with Wisebuddah’s latest work for RTÉ 2FM (Ireland), Radio 538 (The Netherlands) and Magic Radio (UK).

VIBE Radio 2023 Jingles: Future-Ready Package from Pors Impact Creative

Pors Impact Creative revealed its opening salvo for 2023, an exciting new jingle package for VIBE Radio. These are contemporary, cutting-through-the-noise imaging themes guaranteed to stamp your station’s brand into your listeners mind. 

The vocal clarity here is impeccable, a perfect blend between male and female vocalists creating a sung jingle package that sounds like the 2020s and not the 90s.

It comes with News, Traffic and Weather themes. A compact but impactful jingle package consisting of 13 themes, all engineered to catapult your station’s sound into new heights.

“VIBE Radio starts 2023 well with completely new imaging. This new package perfectly fits the “Dutch Urban” format of VIBE Radio, but is also ready for the music of the future.” – Pors Impact Creative team.

Listen to the complect package here

Listen and follow the official SoundCloud here

Bringing the goods! Wisebuddah Jingles for Hits Radio 2023 are guaranteed smashers

The on air sound of Hits Radio UK just got hotter! Introducing the 2023 custom jingle imaging package for Hits Radio. The biggest hits, the biggest throwbacks deserve only the most epic sung jingles from Wisebuddah.

Now heard across all of UK, Hits Radio 2023 make Wisebuddah proud. Log on to to hear more.

Brandy Jingles Enhance One FM’s On-Air Flow

One FM – the largest commercial hit station in French-speaking Switzerland – has once  again commissioned BRANDY to design its sonic branding. Brandy delivered a package of customized jingles, a tailor-made Top of the Hour and functional beds. The package  is a ‘custom-ization’ that sounds like 100% made-to-measure. And the One FM DJs are  delighted! 

After 6 years, One FM, French-speaking Switzerland’s leading hit station, has again entrusted  its sonic design to Brandy. The Brandy producers built on existing tracks to provide the station  with a contemporary, energetic imaging that is also positive and musical. “You can’t really call  this a resing anymore,” says Tom Van der Biest, Brandy’s Creative Director. “The jingles have  been entirely reworked and given their own One FM twist – we can hardly even remember the  original jingles.” 

The One FM DJs are over the moon. Hervé, the station’s L’Happy Hour presenter: “The new  jingles add freshness to our programmes and provide great dynamics while keeping a  wonderful flow between our tracks.” The Top of the Hour – the station’s key jingle – is fully  custom-made. “Thanks to its musicality, the build-up in energy, and the powerful vocals, this  jingle relaunches the music after the news sublimely,” adds Hervé. 

Brandy produced beds for news, weather and traffic that perfectly match the station’s  personality. Morning DJ Stéphane: “Thanks to their colourful punch and dynamics, the  functional beds augment One FM’s flow between breaks and tracks. In particular, I find the  beds for the traffic and weather spot-on!” 

Listen to the aircheck via 2023 CHR ImagingBeds Volume 1 announces the release of the 2023 CHR ImagingBeds Volume 1.

The first volume contains more than 10 tracks (24 in total) with full and lite versions, key and BPM labelled. These are guaranted powerful production tracks between the 20 and 44 seconds (120 – 128 BPM), covering a range of music styles from Funky, Pop to EDM.

CHR is producerd by Frank Koster and is now available at

ReelWorld’s 2023 Branded Intros for MNM Bring Sonic Power to Both Songs and Producers

ReelWorld, the undisputed global leader in radio jingles, production and on air services, kicks off the year in full fire power with 2023 branded song intros for MNM Belgium.

As part of ReelWorld Europe and Belgium’s MNM partnership, they are arming the station with exclusive branded intros. A powerhouse cast of vocalists carry the energy of MNM’s new ReelWorld sonic identity onto their biggest songs. And there’s a huge vocal kit so their own producers can join in the fun!

Listen to this epic showreel and visit to find out how you upgrade your on air sonic armament this 2023.

BusinessAM – Complete Sonic Identity Solution by BRANDY Jingles in 2023

BRANDY Jingles starts 2023 with a complete sonic audio branding package for BusinessAM.

BusinessAM is a new talk-station that was just launched in Belgium via DAB+ and streaming.

The station sound is built around a strong sonic logo that’s the foundation for the station’s main theme. BusinessAM is part of a larger multimedia platform and reports non-stop about business, economics, technology and politics.

Each of those topics has gotten its own sound, related to the main theme but with a distinct sonic identity.

1430 AM ESPN Radio Fresno Maintains Airtime Amidst Storm

Most of the damage from floods in the Fresno area has been restricted to streets and other street-level structures. In light of this, government organizations are keeping an eye on the situation in real time and providing sandbags for the most rudimentary kind of flood mitigation.

Media outlets across the state advise residents to stay informed, having food and water emergency supply, as well as a battery-run or hand-crank radio, besides physical protection.

Radio stations in the area are making every effort to continue broadcasting despite the storm.

Jose Gonzalez, program director and host at 1430 ESPN Radio in Fresno, said, “My show is a sports morning show, so my job is to talk about sports, but I always open up every show talking about weather and talking about circumstances across the Central Valley. Radio is everyone’s primary tool for getting information; it’s in every automobile. It is all over.”

Due to the weather, the station had trouble broadcasting, with internet disruptions hurting streaming and broadcasting capabilities as well as a power loss at one of the transmitter sites.

The station is taking extra measures to ensure that it can broadcast throughout the storm.

Former KVPR broadcaster and current journalism professor Kathleen Schock discussed the value of radio and the obligation to disseminate news during emergencies.

“We faced a situation where the wildfires were threatening our tower.  The station’s efforts to maintain airtime speak to how important radio is in times of crisis or public emergency.”

Shock continued by pointing out that the Valley’s digital divide also emphasizes the value of radio, stating that for people without access to the internet at home, radio can deliver a trustworthy information source more swiftly than any other kind of media.

County and local officials advise being ready with a basic emergency supply kit while also continuing to monitor developments. The website, which was created to provide advice on what to do in an emergency, lists suggestions for what to pack.

2023 Must-Have Voice Presets for Imaging, Promos, Commercials from

Frank Koster and the team at announced the release of brand new presets template in Adobe for male and female voices. The aim is to have the right settings for radio imaging.

They also added presets for voiceovers for commercials and promos.

For more information and a tutorial watch the product links below.

Adobe Template 2023 – Total Pakket for:

 Radioimaging preset setting male and female

 Commercial preset setting male and female

Shortkeys  To templates inside:

Shift + 1 = Total Template Showing everything (also what is going on with the busses)

Shift + 2 = Template Male Voiceover – Radio Imaging

Shift + 3 = Template Male and Female Voiceover – Radio Imaging

Shift + 4 = Template Female Voiceover – Radio Imaging

Shift + 5 = Template Male Voiceover – Commercial Voice

Shift + 6 = Template FeMale Voiceover – Commercial Voice

Also including:

  • Radioimagingshop’s Little Bit FX
  • de demo – Voices

PURE Jingles Provide Coherent and Strong Sonic Identity for Mix Megapol Sweden

Even a broad variety of jingles can lead to a strong identity in branding. Mix Megapol’s recent station imaging update is living proof of it.

This year, the team of Sweden’s nationwide AC station tried something new. They  went for maximum diversity when choosing their themes from the JingleBox. Jingles  that were originally produced for more than 5 different stations, covering a diversity  of radio formats. Even including one CHR cut to throw some spice into the mix!

The creative challenge for the production team was obviously to blend it all together.  First of all, they adapted all jingles with a custom logo melody (the station’s heritage  identity). Then a custom vocal sound with Swedish sung lyrics was added. Finally,  certain techniques in merging, mixing & mastering created coherence.

Secret sauce

“It’s the secret sauce of the JingleBox”, branding consultant Thomas Giger says on  behalf of PURE Jingles. “Resulting in a package that sounds like new, only costing a  fraction of full-custom production. With energy bills going through the roof, we hope  this solution helps many stations get a near-custom sound for a budget-friendly fee.”

Mix Megapol and PURE Jingles are working together since 2017, and have mutually  evolved the sound of this station on an ongoing, annual basis. In many cases through  JingleBox productions. The heritage brand is one of Sweden’s most successful music  stations, consistently ranking in the Top 5 and currently in the Top 3 nationwide.
Listen to Mix Megapol’s newest jingle update on the PURE Jingles showcase page

This new feature on Audials Radio App in Taiwan is a plus for radio aircheck enthusiasts and listeners

On Windows, iOS, and Android, Audials Radio now allows recording for free alongside being an international and ad-free radio station player.

There are many free radio station services available today, whether they are found on the Internet, in the App Store, or on Google Play. However, because they are free, the majority of them contain annoying advertisements. This recommends one that is not only completely ad-free but also offers a free radio tool called “Audials Radio” with a “recording” function that can be used without registering.

Many platforms are supported by Audials Radio; in this case, one can use the iOS version as an illustration. The suggested channels and the channels you’ve added to favorites are displayed on the app’s home page after it’s opened. At the bottom is a menu bar that includes Home, Radio, Podcast, and Music. At the bottom under Radio is a list of countries, and under Genres is a list of music categories.

Click the desired radio station to begin listening after discovering it.

The bottom of the page has various functions for the playback interface.

The second feature is the popular recording feature. It has the ability to record live broadcast content. You can use this option to record a program you want to listen to but can’t focus on while you’re listening so you can play it again later. It’s unfortunate that this recording lacks a scheduling feature.

It even includes an alarm clock feature, which is excellent. Your preferred radio station plays when you wake up every morning, and you can adjust the volume. Don’t forget to activate the Alarm lock screen.

Additionally, it has a timer that stops the music automatically so that you don’t have to get up to turn it off manually. This feature allows you to use it while you’re sleeping and listen to music.

Both the standby and the measured background playback work just perfectly.

People can use it to listen to podcasts in addition to radio stations because it has such function.

You can find the radio shows and songs you recorded using the recording feature in Music.

This is very much helpful for enthusiasts such as radio airchecking, mixtape recording dating back to the 80s, and record interviews of their favorite artists.


The amount of channels gathered by Audials Radio might not be as large as comparable Taiwanese free radio apps, though. It is advised to give it a try if you enjoy this one. It’s fine to use and extremely great sans advertisements. Recording is quite useful.

A New Sound for the New Year at S2Blue

S2Blue will continue to work and produce on December 23, 2022 till noon. You should let the team know as soon as possible about future productions in the weeks leading up to Christmas break because the number of voices and singers available during this period can diminish.

Till January 3rd, the offices will be formally closed. But if there is an urgent matter during this period, please contact Simon; he will be pleased to assist.

For yet another fantastic year of productions, S2Blue thanks their customers and partners! 

New Sounds to bring in the New Year? Always keep in mind that you can find original ideas online! Visit the recently updated

AccuRadio breaks the record for the most Christmas music stations available on any audio service

AccuRadio breaks the record for the most Christmas music stations available on any audio service with their Stuffed Santa Pack, which includes over 100 stations with more variety than ever.

AccuRadio, the top independent brand of personalized radio in the world, says that it will soon offer 105 unique and thrilling Christmas and holiday music channels, breaking the previous record AccuRadio achieved with its 100 Christmas channels during the previous holiday season. Since its debut in 2000, AccuRadio, a digital radio network based in Chicago, has elevated Christmas entertainment to a whole new level. It currently offers its more than 1 million global listeners more fun and variety than any other audio service. Through December 25th, the service will add even additional channels of festive music. Additionally, rather than being created by AI or computer algorithms, all AccuRadio stations are produced by individuals who enjoy music.

AccuRadio holiday channels cover virtually every genre, theme, and mood imaginable, from Christmas classics to R&B, Country, and Latin music to Rock, Jazz, and beyond. The holiday programming provides a nearly limitless selection of music to brighten the mood, as well as some extra channels that allow listeners to truly customise their holiday audio experience.

Kurt Hanson, CEO and Founder, AccuRadio, said:

“Holiday music programming at AccuRadio goes much deeper and wider than broadcast radio stations or other digital radio providers. Though AccuRadio’s most popular Christmas music channel is “Holidays Radio,” we offer our listeners a treasure trove of musical choices, guaranteed to set the perfect festive mood throughout the holidays and beyond.”  

Hanson added:

“AccuRadio’s special holiday music roster of over 100 channels features hundreds of new and classic songs, but there’s so much more – including channels for Smooth Christmas, Smooth Hanukkah, Swingin’ Little Christmas, Reggae Christmas, Brazilian Christmas, Celtic Christmas, Indie Rock Christmas and Gospel Christmas. Not to mention quirky listens like “Wait – THEY Made A Christmas Record?!?,” “The Jingle Channel,” and the holiday food-themed “Hungry For Christmas.” There are even seventeen “One-Song Radio” channels for those who might enjoy multiple cover versions of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You,” Elvis’s “Blue Christmas,” and other uber-popular Christmas anthems. “There’s literally something on AccuRadio for everyone, every occasion, and every mood. We hope our listeners enjoy the treat of sampling as many of our holiday channels as they can over the next couple of weeks.” 

AccuRadio provides a one-of-a-kind audio experience with over 1,400 configurable radio channels that are all completely free and accessible via the AccuRadio app or at AccuRadio boosts its creative programming skills for the holiday season, creating a special selection of holiday music channels that expands with each passing year.

AccuRadio’s growing list of stations, as well as AccuRadio’s holiday sounds, can be found at

Cardigan Internet Radio’s Future Promising

Cardigan Internet Radio has great potential to expand’ 

Director Bobby Kelly, who stated in his annual report that the independent radio station’s development had surpassed all expectations. 

Bobby Kelly said that in 15 months they have accomplished a lot. 

“We’ve had a presence in the center of Cardigan, and we’re enthusiastic about the station’s expansion in 2023 thanks to a number of planned upgrades that will raise the caliber of our production and enhance the membership experience.”

“Cardigan Internet Radio is doing a great job of airing unique live programming from neighborhood presenters, but despite this success we can do a lot more,” the station said.

“I believe that Cardigan and the surrounding areas still have a ton of potential, and I want to inspire the community to become engaged and build Cardigan Internet Radio. 

You won’t pay anything to join, and in doing so, you’ll gain new knowledge, make friends, and support a rising Independent voice in the center of Cardigan’s community. 

Locals can broadcast on Internet radio and share their work online with the help of free training provided by Cardigan Internet Radio. 

Since September 2021, it has been broadcasting at 2 Pwllhai, and it presently has nine presenters who broadcast a variety of programming, including Country, Rock, Electronic, Lifestyle, Politics, D&B, and more. 

Visit to listen to Cardigan Internet Radio.

Contact & Brandy: Still The Best Mix After 15 Years

With ‘Le Meilleur Mix – Contact’, France is being introduced to a new sonic logo – and  it’s the heart of the make-over that Contact FM is conducting on its 40th anniversary.  The station attaches great importance to a highly distinctive identity. It envisioned  translating this into sonic branding with a surprising twist and, of course, its own  musical and vocal sound. A mission that fit BRANDY like a glove. 

Brandy’s Belgian radio consultants and sound designers composed 10 custom-made  jingles, including a Top of Hour and beds for news, weather and traffic. The core is a super recognizable 6-note logo built around Contact’s new tagline. Nicolas Pavageau, Groupe  Rossel’s Director: “We wanted a more contemporary sound that builds on our strengths.  Having the station’s named and slogan sung works very well for our brand – we wanted to  keep that and translate it into an updated version.” 

“Just about every briefing contains keywords like ‘current’ and ‘fresh’. But Contact wanted a  design that fit with the station’s musical spectrum and brand values and, at the same time, it  had to sound really different from what you hear on other French radio stations. Which is  exactly what we love to sink our teeth into!” says Tom Van der Biest, Creative Director at  Brandy. 

Contact has been calling on Brandy for 15 years now. This is the 9th jingle package that Brandy  has produced for the station. “Brandy is a long-standing partner of Rossel Radio, and we can  truly rely on them. We especially appreciate their great professionalism,” Nicolas Pavageau  concludes. 

Listen to the aircheck via 

Radio Express Partners with Make-A-Wish UK

Radio Express is delighted to announce today a partnership with Make-A-Wish UK to help magical wishes come true this holiday season. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Radio Express’ “Christmas Day with Santa” syndicated program will be donated to Make-A-Wish UK to help grant wishes for children in the UK with critical and life-threatening illness. 

Christmas Day with Santa features 3 hours of festive classic Christmas favorites for holiday goers of any age to enjoy and lends itself nicely to the Make-A-Wish mission of creating life-changing experiences that revive the childhood of critically ill children.  

Jason Suckley, Chief Executive of Make-A-Wish UK, commented, “When a child like Isla is diagnosed with a critical condition, the joy of childhood is brought to an abrupt end with treatment plans, hospital appointments and worry taking over. The power of a wish brings light and joy to children and their loved ones. For more information please visit today.”

Christmas Day With Santa was first launched in 2008 and is now entering its fourteenth year on-air. It is offered to radio stations at an affordable fee and aims to encourage young listeners to discover the magic of radio by imagining Santa hosting his very own show after a busy night delivering their presents.

“We are thrilled to support the amazing work of Make-A-Wish with our Christmas Day With Santa radio show,” added Radio Express CEO, Paul Hollins. “It seems the perfect way to share the spirit of the season and the generosity & goodwill of our client stations who support the show. This year we will be distributing proceeds raised by the show to this wonderful charity.”

For more information on Christmas Day With Santa contact 

For more information on Make-A-Wish UK contact Holly McKenna, Brand & Communications Lead at

Plymouth radio station provides warm meal to anyone in need

An internet radio station called Omnium Radio CIC is situated in Plymouth and is maintained entirely by volunteers.

Every day this month, a Plymouth community radio station is giving away free hot food. The meal is available to anyone through Omnium Radio, a Stonehouse-based community centric organization.

For the remainder of December, volunteers from the radio station—which also owns the candy store Omni-Yum—are offering the generous meals between 1 and 3 p.m. at their location on 26 Manor Street.

The gesture comes at a time when many are having difficulty as a result of increasing expenditures and the colder weather. According to research conducted by the nonprofit Food Foundation, roughly one in five families were food insecure in September.

Early this month, a new British Medical Association (BMA) research claimed that doctors are finding it difficult to keep up with the demand from people whose health concerns are being aggravated by deprivation, substandard housing, a lack of warmth, and dietary restrictions.

Omnium Radio shared this onto their Facebook page.

“Every day between 1-3 throughout December we will be giving out hot stew for those needing a bite to eat for lunch.” It is also asking for donations of veg, to enable them to have “enough to go around”.

Donations and other inquiries can be directed to

Benztown 50 Will Reveal Most Successful Voice Talent in the U.S. and Canada

The top 50 voiceover artists in the United States and Canada will be included in the 9th Annual Benztown 50 List of Radio’s Biggest Imaging Voices, which will be published by Benztown, a world leader in radio imaging, voiceover, programming, podcasting, and jingles. Between November 30, 2022, and January 13, 2023, voice talents can submit an application for the Benztown 50 at

The number of radio station affiliates, station size, and market will all be taken into consideration while determining the Benztown 50 list. The industry data that will serve as the basis for this differentiation has been gathered and examined by Benztown in collaboration with P1 Media Group.  

Dave “Chachi” Denes, Benztown President, said:

“This year, we celebrate the 9th big year of saluting radio’s biggest imaging voices in the U.S. and Canada through the Benztown 50. We are honored to highlight the role of outstanding VO talent in shaping and growing some of the most successful brands in audio. Great VO artists drive the listening experience through their deep knowledge and embodiment of each brand they represent. They speak to their respective audiences in a way that connects with and holds listeners and tells the brand story in an incomparable and compelling way. As a company dedicated to creating the highest quality audio content in the world, we are proud to recognize the achievements of our industry’s superstars.” 

Ken Benson, Partner, P1 Media Group said: 

“It’s a great privilege for P1 Media Group to again team with Benztown to identify and honor these incredible artists. While these superstars remain nameless to millions of listeners, the Benztown 50 is a wonderful way to scream the names of these exceptional artists to our industry each year. I wrote many promos during my years as a Program Director. I would depend on these artists’ unique voices, reads, and personalities to bring my station to life.” 

For more information, visit

Christian radio jingles for a great audience appeal

Christian music and encouraging content are gaining popularity worldwide. Also in  the Netherlands, where Groot Nieuws Radio (Great News Radio) is making waves  with inspiring programming. Since 2012, PURE Jingles is a part of their station  sound, which is regularly updated with new productions. 

”Groot Nieuws Radio is a station with a unique format on the Dutch airwaves”, music  programmer Nando Kok says. “An Inspirational AC format with plenty of conversation  during daytime hours. Contemporary church music is an important part of our sound,  which comes with a warm, personal and strong acoustic feel.” 

Uplifting Christian jingle package 

Apart from scheduling the music, Nando coordinates the imaging. “We really love the  uplifting package that PURE Jingles has created for us, because it blends perfectly in  our worship-driven playlist”, he says. Their jingle package has now been expanded  not only with Christian AC jingles, but also with specifically-themed radio imaging. 

Jingles for specialty programming 

“Every night between 7 and 8, we play an hour filled with classical church & choir  music. In 2022, we created an online-only channel for this genre. For this specialty  channel, and for shows on our main station, we needed specific custom jingles that  match this musical texture & feel. PURE Jingles came up with specialty cuts that do  just that: keeping the traditional feeling alive, while still sounding remarkably fresh.” 

Visit the new for the love of radio


Benztown, Envisionwise Launch StudioTexter; Sign Up Now To Get StudioTexter for FREE this 2022

Benztown, a global leader in radio imaging, voiceover, programming, podcasting and jingles, announces that it has partnered with Envisionwise, provider of digital revenue-generating products for local businesses and radio stations across the U.S., to launch a robust texting service and contesting and communications platform exclusively for radio stations called StudioTexter. StudioTexter is the only texting platform created especially for radio, by radio professionals and is available now to radio stations with no long-term contracts and will beat the price of any written quote from competitors. In addition, Benztown is offering StudioTexter to radio stations for FREE for the rest of 2022 to those who sign up for the service now through December 31, 2022.

StudioTexter provides stations with free incoming SMS messages and enables stations to schedule multiple contests, use templates, pick random winners, and send direct replies to listeners. StudioTexter’s Auto Responder also lets stations easily schedule automated messages and replies from on-air talent for incoming texts. 

Dave “Chachi” Denes, President, Benztown, said: “We’ve set out to create a texting service that’s built specifically for the industry we love at the most affordable price. StudioTexter is the real deal for stations looking for a new best-in-class texting partner.”   

Jackie Parks, President and CEO, Envisionwise, remarked: “We are very excited to partner with Benztown in bringing StudioTexter to radio, when stations need this seamless texting solution more than ever. StudioTexter is the only radio texting platform designed by radio professionals to meet the specific texting needs of radio stations – which sets us far apart from other texting services. StudioTexter enhances connections, builds trust, and strengthens communication between station brands and their communities, amplifying brand awareness and engagement while promoting loyalty.” To request a demo of StudioTexter and to get StudioTexter for your station NOW for free for the rest of 2022, contact Masa Patterson, VP, Sales & Operations, Benztown, at: or at (818) 842-4600. For further information, visit:

ReelWorld Straight In At Number 1

Who doesn’t love a good countdown? 

The BBC are celebrating 70 years of the Official Singles Chart with a series of special  shows that also utilise new custom themes composed by ReelWorld.  

The first ever singles chart was published on 14th November 1952, and The Official  Chart Company have created a new chart which features the most-streamed song  released in each of the past 70 years.  

The chart will be broadcast on BBC Radio 2’s Sounds of the The 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s  shows on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November. BBC Radio 1 will cover the most  streamed songs released from 2000 to 2022.  

The custom themes from ReelWorld feature musical influences from across the decades, and include a new rundown bed to countdown the most streamed songs  from 1952 through to today. 

Anthony Gay, Managing Director of ReelWorld said: “It’s been a privilege to work on  these themes for such an iconic moment in pop music history. To provide the soundtrack for some of the UK’s best-loved presenters to count down the country’s all time favourite songs has been a real honour”.  

The chart shows are available to stream now on BBC Sounds ahead of their radio transmission the weekend of 12th and 13th November.

ReelWorld is the world’s leading radio jingle, station imaging and media branding company. Find out more about their services at

Willy Rocks The Nation

Belgian rock station WILLY has received a substantial imaging update. Three years ago, the digital-only station started with a limited imaging toolbox built around solid basses, resounding guitars, and pounding drums.

Today, BRANDY has added 7 custom-made idents. Robust, functional and musical. The new package makes WILLY instantly recognizable.

Diederik Decraene, Managing Director at Brandy: “In a digital world, only brands with a highly distinctive profile survive. The radio brand WILLY has a superior alternative music format that’s presented by a range of presenters who know what they are talking about and who also have a story to tell.”

Brandy was asked to build a sonic identity that draws the listener to immediately identify with that particular station.

“That recognisability is essential,” says Tom Van der Biest, Brandy’s Creative Director.

“In just a few seconds, the jingles have to tell what WILLY stands for. But they also have to help the DJs tell their stories, to make truly contemporary radio, to generate flow. And when you listen to WILLY, you hear that this is perfectly possible – even for a station that always rocks!”

Discover an aircheck at

Sticky FX Broken Air X-mas 2: Getting your Christmas imaging ready faster and better!

Getting your Christmas imaging ready in time can be stressful. Not when you have Broken Air X-mas 2 in your imaging arsenal! All over the world imaging directors discover the convenience of having everything you need for your Holiday imaging at your fingertips. Broken Air X-mas 2 contains 275 Christmas FX, Beds and Work Parts. Every bell, sparkle and ho ho ho you need.

Including Air Breakers, Low Breakers and Switchers to separate different elements in your production. Create beautiful sounds and ambiances with the Magic Sweeps, Drones and Winter Whooshes. Make an everlasting party entrance with the Impacts and special New Year FX. Or create awesome promos with the 20 high energy Christmas beds that will blow you away. Also included are 10 instant Santa ID’s with which you can get your Christmas imaging ready in no-time. Just add your station’s name and presto! You’re set for the most wonderful time of the year!

275 FX, Beds and Work Parts for radio, tv and podcasts. So light up the Christmas tree and your Holiday imaging as well with this jam packed library full of joyful elements! Broken Air X-mas 2 is also available in the Broken Air Bundle and the Broken Air X-mas Bundle.

Checkout the audio demo at:

Or get it now with 50 euro introduction discount for a limited time at:

Broken Air X-mas 2 is a Sticky FX & Streemmedia collaboration.

Positive NRJ for the world

Fresh & feelgood CHR jingles for the world’s leading Top 40 brand.

Broadcasting in 25 countries or regions, NRJ is the world’s most-franchised brand for Contemporary Hit Radio stations. Shaping their sound since 2008, PURE Jingles recently delivered part 2 of the ‘22 chapter in the NRJ story.

Over the years, radio’s position has been changing gradually, brand manager Gaël Sanquer says in this interview. “The value of a station was, more or less, the music. Today, it’s everything but the music. Our listeners have the music for free, everyday; everywhere. So we have to be creative in the branding, content, entertainment and events. And offer listeners what they’re not able to find on streaming services.”

The right mix
Creating and maintaining brand awareness is something he finds to be essential: “The branding and the on-air marketing is something very important for NRJ”. Every day, he’s diligently working on crafting the ultimate listening experience. On the right mix of scheduled music and accompanying imaging elements, such as power intros, format explainers and jingles. “To have something relevant, creative and unique.”

The station’s most recent imaging update consists of another 10 custom-made jingles that match the sound of today’s playlist. It can be heard all across France as well as on many stations abroad, which include major markets such as Germany and various Scandinavian countries.

The NRJ jingles can also be heard on the PURE Jingles website:

PURE Jingles creates award-winning radio imaging and sonic branding for broadcast & corporate. The radio specialists of PURE are helping program directors worldwide to position and market their brand. Winners of the Buma Award (and nominated several times) for Best Radio Imaging.

Brandy’s Memorable Sound on WNIC Detroit


A new series of jingles, produced by Brussels-based BRANDY, is on air at the legendary station WNIC in Detroit. This is the third time that morning host Jay Towers has called on the Belgian branding agency. Tracks from the Kick Up series were used as the basis of the new package and then were tailored for one of the leading morning shows in the States.

For the third year in a row, BRANDY has produced the audiobranding for ‘Jay Towers in the Morning’. The American radio and television personality has again selected tracks from the Kick Up catalogue, which is continually being expanded. The tracks are edited and crafted to sound as if they have been custom-made. “The special thing about Brandy is the unique sound they create,” says Jay Towers of WNIC. “Brandy always finds ways to give our show a memorable sound to enhance our brand. And it just can’t be duplicated.”

Tom Van der Biest, Creative Director at Brandy: “It’s a pleasure to work with Jay. He knows exactly what he wants. And a strong end-result almost always starts with a strong briefing.”

Jay Towers: “Consistency is everything for us. With our show, with our features. And when you use jingles, you want them to be an extension of your brand. They should never sound out of place. They have to be part of the fabric of your show. And our listeners come up and sing our Brandy jingles to us. So Brandy, Detroit loves you!”
Listen to the jingles… and Jay:

Brandy is a European consultancy and production company, based in Brussels, specializing

Powerful 2022 ReelWorld Hot AC Jingle Package now airing on Radio3i

Radio3i in Carona, Melide, Switzerland announced the airing of their brand new jingle package from ReelWorld, the global leader in radio jingle, station imaging and media branding company.

This powerful Hot AC jingle package is based on the European Modern AC themes designed for RFM. The package fits perfectly with the Modern Adult Contemporary sound of Radio3i, home to the Guinness Book of Records Title for the longest radio broadcast in the world and the best Swiss public and private radio stations of the year award.

The RFM package is available for worldwide syndication, contact the team at now to get this package for your station –

Radio 3i is a private radio broadcaster of Italian-speaking Switzerland spread throughout the Canton of Ticino and in some Italian border territories (provinces Como and Varese).

Freshness on the air in France

A new generation of imaging for mainstream Adult Contemporary – it’s the recent  update for Oxygène, one of France’s most successful independent radio stations.  They recently commissioned PURE Jingles again to create custom audio branding.

Oxygène, ‘Radio de la Seine et Marne’, is listened to by more than 300,000 people in  Ile de France. It’s a family brand, focused on a core audience of young adults, mainly  25-49 year-olds. Following their massive custom package from 2021, they’ve called  on PURE to create a new batch of AC jingles.

Programming strategy

Assistant program director Aurélien Descamps: “This collaboration was born from a  strategic desire to have a real sound identity that can be recognised throughout the  production. The proposals and advice from the PURE Jingles team helped us getting  a strong sonic logo. A brand design living up to our expectations.”

“We like the exchange with the Dutch production team”, Descamps continues. “PURE  Jingles is attentive to every detail. Agreeing to rework each production until the last  note, so that we are fully satisfied with the result once it’s on air.” Merci, Aurélien! Nous sommes impatients de continuer à cocréer la magie de la radio!

Their jingles can also be heard at

Brandy and TOP Make You Move: New Name, Slogan and Jingles for TOP


TOPradio is now TOP – and the station chose BRANDY to add musical and recognizable power to this change. In the last few months, the station has undergone a metamorphosis: new state-of-the-art studios, an updated program schedule – and also, since this week, ‘We Make You Move’ as a slogan and a complete jingle makeover.

The reactions to the audio design for a station with a unique positioning and a distinct musically danceable format are unambiguous: the result is top!

With the design for TOP, Brandy has once again created a unique jingle sound that accents TOP’s ‘hits with a beat’ format. The station also sought a highly recognizable auditory identity – and our audio wizards found the building blocks for this in the station’s new ‘We Make You Move’ slogan. “The fact that Brandy was involved in choosing the slogan is not only a sign of confidence in our expertise,” says Tom Van der Biest, Creative Director at Brandy. “It also helped bring the right ingredients together for a strong sonic brand.”

Brandy produced 8 basic jingles, a top of the hour, beds and service beds for weather and traffic. Moreover, the jingles received a thorough post-production treatment.

“The result is astonishing. Thanks to Brandy’s boundless creativity, TOPradio has literally become TOP,” TOPradio’s Bram Vanhee comments. “The collaboration with Tom and his team was intense and fantastic. The station’s sound has been perfectly translated into the new audio design. The immediately recognizable audio logo combined with today’s musical sounds achieve an unprecedentedly high international level.”

Here’s how it sounds:

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