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Christian radio jingles for a great audience appeal

Christian music and encouraging content are gaining popularity worldwide. Also in  the Netherlands, where Groot Nieuws Radio (Great News Radio) is making waves  with inspiring programming. Since 2012, PURE Jingles is a part of their station  sound, which is regularly updated with new productions. 

”Groot Nieuws Radio is a station with a unique format on the Dutch airwaves”, music  programmer Nando Kok says. “An Inspirational AC format with plenty of conversation  during daytime hours. Contemporary church music is an important part of our sound,  which comes with a warm, personal and strong acoustic feel.” 

Uplifting Christian jingle package 

Apart from scheduling the music, Nando coordinates the imaging. “We really love the  uplifting package that PURE Jingles has created for us, because it blends perfectly in  our worship-driven playlist”, he says. Their jingle package has now been expanded  not only with Christian AC jingles, but also with specifically-themed radio imaging. 

Jingles for specialty programming 

“Every night between 7 and 8, we play an hour filled with classical church & choir  music. In 2022, we created an online-only channel for this genre. For this specialty  channel, and for shows on our main station, we needed specific custom jingles that  match this musical texture & feel. PURE Jingles came up with specialty cuts that do  just that: keeping the traditional feeling alive, while still sounding remarkably fresh.” 

Visit the new for the love of radio


Benztown, Envisionwise Launch StudioTexter; Sign Up Now To Get StudioTexter for FREE this 2022

Benztown, a global leader in radio imaging, voiceover, programming, podcasting and jingles, announces that it has partnered with Envisionwise, provider of digital revenue-generating products for local businesses and radio stations across the U.S., to launch a robust texting service and contesting and communications platform exclusively for radio stations called StudioTexter. StudioTexter is the only texting platform created especially for radio, by radio professionals and is available now to radio stations with no long-term contracts and will beat the price of any written quote from competitors. In addition, Benztown is offering StudioTexter to radio stations for FREE for the rest of 2022 to those who sign up for the service now through December 31, 2022.

StudioTexter provides stations with free incoming SMS messages and enables stations to schedule multiple contests, use templates, pick random winners, and send direct replies to listeners. StudioTexter’s Auto Responder also lets stations easily schedule automated messages and replies from on-air talent for incoming texts. 

Dave “Chachi” Denes, President, Benztown, said: “We’ve set out to create a texting service that’s built specifically for the industry we love at the most affordable price. StudioTexter is the real deal for stations looking for a new best-in-class texting partner.”   

Jackie Parks, President and CEO, Envisionwise, remarked: “We are very excited to partner with Benztown in bringing StudioTexter to radio, when stations need this seamless texting solution more than ever. StudioTexter is the only radio texting platform designed by radio professionals to meet the specific texting needs of radio stations – which sets us far apart from other texting services. StudioTexter enhances connections, builds trust, and strengthens communication between station brands and their communities, amplifying brand awareness and engagement while promoting loyalty.” To request a demo of StudioTexter and to get StudioTexter for your station NOW for free for the rest of 2022, contact Masa Patterson, VP, Sales & Operations, Benztown, at: or at (818) 842-4600. For further information, visit:

ReelWorld Straight In At Number 1

Who doesn’t love a good countdown? 

The BBC are celebrating 70 years of the Official Singles Chart with a series of special  shows that also utilise new custom themes composed by ReelWorld.  

The first ever singles chart was published on 14th November 1952, and The Official  Chart Company have created a new chart which features the most-streamed song  released in each of the past 70 years.  

The chart will be broadcast on BBC Radio 2’s Sounds of the The 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s  shows on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November. BBC Radio 1 will cover the most  streamed songs released from 2000 to 2022.  

The custom themes from ReelWorld feature musical influences from across the decades, and include a new rundown bed to countdown the most streamed songs  from 1952 through to today. 

Anthony Gay, Managing Director of ReelWorld said: “It’s been a privilege to work on  these themes for such an iconic moment in pop music history. To provide the soundtrack for some of the UK’s best-loved presenters to count down the country’s all time favourite songs has been a real honour”.  

The chart shows are available to stream now on BBC Sounds ahead of their radio transmission the weekend of 12th and 13th November.

ReelWorld is the world’s leading radio jingle, station imaging and media branding company. Find out more about their services at

Willy Rocks The Nation

Belgian rock station WILLY has received a substantial imaging update. Three years ago, the digital-only station started with a limited imaging toolbox built around solid basses, resounding guitars, and pounding drums.

Today, BRANDY has added 7 custom-made idents. Robust, functional and musical. The new package makes WILLY instantly recognizable.

Diederik Decraene, Managing Director at Brandy: “In a digital world, only brands with a highly distinctive profile survive. The radio brand WILLY has a superior alternative music format that’s presented by a range of presenters who know what they are talking about and who also have a story to tell.”

Brandy was asked to build a sonic identity that draws the listener to immediately identify with that particular station.

“That recognisability is essential,” says Tom Van der Biest, Brandy’s Creative Director.

“In just a few seconds, the jingles have to tell what WILLY stands for. But they also have to help the DJs tell their stories, to make truly contemporary radio, to generate flow. And when you listen to WILLY, you hear that this is perfectly possible – even for a station that always rocks!”

Discover an aircheck at

Positive NRJ for the world

Fresh & feelgood CHR jingles for the world’s leading Top 40 brand.

Broadcasting in 25 countries or regions, NRJ is the world’s most-franchised brand for Contemporary Hit Radio stations. Shaping their sound since 2008, PURE Jingles recently delivered part 2 of the ‘22 chapter in the NRJ story.

Over the years, radio’s position has been changing gradually, brand manager Gaël Sanquer says in this interview. “The value of a station was, more or less, the music. Today, it’s everything but the music. Our listeners have the music for free, everyday; everywhere. So we have to be creative in the branding, content, entertainment and events. And offer listeners what they’re not able to find on streaming services.”

The right mix
Creating and maintaining brand awareness is something he finds to be essential: “The branding and the on-air marketing is something very important for NRJ”. Every day, he’s diligently working on crafting the ultimate listening experience. On the right mix of scheduled music and accompanying imaging elements, such as power intros, format explainers and jingles. “To have something relevant, creative and unique.”

The station’s most recent imaging update consists of another 10 custom-made jingles that match the sound of today’s playlist. It can be heard all across France as well as on many stations abroad, which include major markets such as Germany and various Scandinavian countries.

The NRJ jingles can also be heard on the PURE Jingles website:

PURE Jingles creates award-winning radio imaging and sonic branding for broadcast & corporate. The radio specialists of PURE are helping program directors worldwide to position and market their brand. Winners of the Buma Award (and nominated several times) for Best Radio Imaging.

Brandy’s Memorable Sound on WNIC Detroit


A new series of jingles, produced by Brussels-based BRANDY, is on air at the legendary station WNIC in Detroit. This is the third time that morning host Jay Towers has called on the Belgian branding agency. Tracks from the Kick Up series were used as the basis of the new package and then were tailored for one of the leading morning shows in the States.

For the third year in a row, BRANDY has produced the audiobranding for ‘Jay Towers in the Morning’. The American radio and television personality has again selected tracks from the Kick Up catalogue, which is continually being expanded. The tracks are edited and crafted to sound as if they have been custom-made. “The special thing about Brandy is the unique sound they create,” says Jay Towers of WNIC. “Brandy always finds ways to give our show a memorable sound to enhance our brand. And it just can’t be duplicated.”

Tom Van der Biest, Creative Director at Brandy: “It’s a pleasure to work with Jay. He knows exactly what he wants. And a strong end-result almost always starts with a strong briefing.”

Jay Towers: “Consistency is everything for us. With our show, with our features. And when you use jingles, you want them to be an extension of your brand. They should never sound out of place. They have to be part of the fabric of your show. And our listeners come up and sing our Brandy jingles to us. So Brandy, Detroit loves you!”
Listen to the jingles… and Jay:

Brandy is a European consultancy and production company, based in Brussels, specializing

Powerful 2022 ReelWorld Hot AC Jingle Package now airing on Radio3i

Radio3i in Carona, Melide, Switzerland announced the airing of their brand new jingle package from ReelWorld, the global leader in radio jingle, station imaging and media branding company.

This powerful Hot AC jingle package is based on the European Modern AC themes designed for RFM. The package fits perfectly with the Modern Adult Contemporary sound of Radio3i, home to the Guinness Book of Records Title for the longest radio broadcast in the world and the best Swiss public and private radio stations of the year award.

The RFM package is available for worldwide syndication, contact the team at now to get this package for your station –

Radio 3i is a private radio broadcaster of Italian-speaking Switzerland spread throughout the Canton of Ticino and in some Italian border territories (provinces Como and Varese).

Freshness on the air in France

A new generation of imaging for mainstream Adult Contemporary – it’s the recent  update for Oxygène, one of France’s most successful independent radio stations.  They recently commissioned PURE Jingles again to create custom audio branding.

Oxygène, ‘Radio de la Seine et Marne’, is listened to by more than 300,000 people in  Ile de France. It’s a family brand, focused on a core audience of young adults, mainly  25-49 year-olds. Following their massive custom package from 2021, they’ve called  on PURE to create a new batch of AC jingles.

Programming strategy

Assistant program director Aurélien Descamps: “This collaboration was born from a  strategic desire to have a real sound identity that can be recognised throughout the  production. The proposals and advice from the PURE Jingles team helped us getting  a strong sonic logo. A brand design living up to our expectations.”

“We like the exchange with the Dutch production team”, Descamps continues. “PURE  Jingles is attentive to every detail. Agreeing to rework each production until the last  note, so that we are fully satisfied with the result once it’s on air.” Merci, Aurélien! Nous sommes impatients de continuer à cocréer la magie de la radio!

Their jingles can also be heard at

Brandy and TOP Make You Move: New Name, Slogan and Jingles for TOP


TOPradio is now TOP – and the station chose BRANDY to add musical and recognizable power to this change. In the last few months, the station has undergone a metamorphosis: new state-of-the-art studios, an updated program schedule – and also, since this week, ‘We Make You Move’ as a slogan and a complete jingle makeover.

The reactions to the audio design for a station with a unique positioning and a distinct musically danceable format are unambiguous: the result is top!

With the design for TOP, Brandy has once again created a unique jingle sound that accents TOP’s ‘hits with a beat’ format. The station also sought a highly recognizable auditory identity – and our audio wizards found the building blocks for this in the station’s new ‘We Make You Move’ slogan. “The fact that Brandy was involved in choosing the slogan is not only a sign of confidence in our expertise,” says Tom Van der Biest, Creative Director at Brandy. “It also helped bring the right ingredients together for a strong sonic brand.”

Brandy produced 8 basic jingles, a top of the hour, beds and service beds for weather and traffic. Moreover, the jingles received a thorough post-production treatment.

“The result is astonishing. Thanks to Brandy’s boundless creativity, TOPradio has literally become TOP,” TOPradio’s Bram Vanhee comments. “The collaboration with Tom and his team was intense and fantastic. The station’s sound has been perfectly translated into the new audio design. The immediately recognizable audio logo combined with today’s musical sounds achieve an unprecedentedly high international level.”

Here’s how it sounds:

Top audio cos Apple, iHeartMedia, Spotify to see epic growth in online audio consumption within this decade

In the upcoming years, the market for online audio consumption and internet radio is projected to grow quickly due to the explosive adoption of 4G/5G networks and the declining cost of streaming.

The market for internet radio is predicted to increase as a result of rising demand for better streaming done more effectively and massive data storage capacity globally.

The need for such services is also anticipated to rise due to the increased acceptance of audio streaming across a number of industries, including media and entertainment, retail, travel, airlines, hotels and restaurants, and insurance.

A new research study on Internet Radios (online consumer audio services) sheds light on the key market players who are flourishing; it keeps tabs on their company plans, financial situation, and new products.

Several of the leading businesses in this market include: AOL Radio, DI.FM, Spotify Ltd., Google Inc.,, Inc., Deezer,, LLC, TuneIn, Pandora Media, Inc., 8tracks, AccuRadio, LLC, Napster, Slacker, Inc., Apple Inc., iHeartMedia, Inc.

Regions where companies will see increased growth are North America, South America, Asia and Pacific region, Middle East, Africa and Europe.

The top segments in online audio consumption are the following: Streaming, E-Radio and Online Radio.

The top categories in the market are the following: News, Sports, Music and Games.

Forecasts indicate that the industry will demonstrate high growth due to increased demand in many markets.
The market research study on Internet radios contains all relevant information. By providing its clients with accurate data, it provides the market outlook and aids in the making of crucial decisions. The market is described in general terms, along with its description, applications, advancements, and technology. This market research study on Internet radios keeps tabs on all new advancements and inventions. It provides information on the hurdles faced when starting a business and offers advice on how to deal with impending difficulties. And this report can be accessed via

Radio 1’s 2022 Jingle Package Makes Station Sound Fresher Than Ever

Radio 1 in Slovenia got a makeover thanks to Benztown’s amazing jingle team. Check out this terrific package put together by Rutger van Gelder, Philipp Wilhelm, and Shane Drasin!

Please, I would like one Oli and one Andy for every radio station in the world! Working with Benztown is so simple – like ordering a beer and a burger. Everybody can do a jingle! But if you want somebody who will understand your needs, who will read and even upgrade your brief, spend hours on meetings to really feel the station’s needs and somebody who will say “NO” when it’s needed, then you have to work with the Benztown, guys. We knew the guys from before, so we knew that we will get a great jingle package – but the final result is above that! Radio 1 now sounds fresher than ever!

Thank you guys for helping us to make the Radio 1 brand in Slovenia even bigger and stronger! Thank you guys, we really sound great!

Nejc Tisu, Creative Director & Brand manager, Radio 1 – Slovenia

Listen to the complete package here

Top Format Turns NPO 3FM Audio On To The Next Level

To reinforce the programming shift at NPO 3FM, the on air sound of the station has been refreshed by Top Format Productions. According to the NPO 3FM team, the new package fits perfectly with their new slogan ‘We Want More’ and an updated station playlist. 

This was a special cooperation with the NPO 3FM jingle team and Top Format. All music and sung vocals are made by Top Format. This new package is on air since Monday September 12, 2022 and contains 10 main ID’s including a new Top of The Hour.  

Dave Albers, Creative Director, Top Format Productions BV

“We want more” is the new NPO 3FM station slogan. That is what station manager Menno de Boer said in the podcast ‘Dit Was De Radio’. “It has to fit in well with the music we play. And with that, we also have to update the sound.”

The station manager also indicated what he wants to change. 

“3FM is een makelaar in misery geworden. Een bezorgde zender met een format dat niet echt te duiden valt en alle kanten opschiet.”

“Ze droegen de zender niet als een team. We gaan nu muziek belangrijker maken. Er werd teveel geluld en de muziek was maar bijzaak. Daarnaast moet de positiviteit en het plezier in radiomaken weer terugbrengen.”

The new jingle package jives perfectly with the refreshed programming. chatted with Dave Albers, Creative Director at Top Format Productions on the creative process.

RJPRO: How was the production process, what was the task given by 3FM?

NPO 3FM and Top Format aimed to create a jingle package that accompany the new brand strategy of NPO3FM.

In total 10 jingles / cuts are custom made.

RJPRO: When creating this package, were there specific songs you used as sort of inspiration for the production?

The briefing is build around descriptions and references like: Tate McRae, Foals, Harry Styles, Festivals and very tight drums.

RJPRO: How does your creative team balance between relatability (meaning the jingles are as recognizable as the songs played on air at 3FM) and remarkability (or how the jingles still stand out)?

In a very organic way: the mission really is to melt the “3” simultaneously with the core songs from NPO3FM. It works both ways: branding the new sonic logo in a strong and positive key to build instant recognizability ánd build a credible music track in front of the sonic that breaths the energy and music vibe of the brand.

RJPRO: Will this package be available for syndication or be resung outside of Europe or the Americas, such as Asia?

Yes. As any custom Top Format package the framework of each cut is available as customized syndication throughout the international radio and streaming markets.

RJPRO: The station has a new slogan “We Want More”, how did this new identity translate to the production and final sound of the jingles?

Literally by adding More musicality into each jingle. More recognizability in the vocal melody and more detail into the Mastering so that the audio imaging team at NPO3FM can adjust all of the cuts with the new stations voices.

RJPRO: It’s definitely the 2020s now, as they say in the media, it’s the time for the Gen Zs, what difference have you noticed in the production of jingles compared to, say, 10 years ago, aside of course from the new technology. Has the essence of station jingles evolved? Or is it still the same? 

The essence of audio imaging is in a constant movement. Due to production techniques, plugin updates, vocal talent and how audio branding is involved to fulfill the 360 strategy.  

Hear and find out more how Top Format can your help your station Turn Your Audio On to the next level at

NPO 3FM’s New Programming, find out more here

Radio 2 Enters Into New Partnership With Brandy

Belgian market leader, RADIO 2, is working with BRANDY again. The station has faced its  most massive makeover in over a decade. And now the station wants to reflect better being  a part of the public broadcaster VRT. The station got a new slogan and wants to be connected  with a more contemporary form of radio. Brandy was asked to produce an extensive jingle package including show starts, flow jingles, beds and a series of service elements.  

The challenge for Radio 2 was big and probably a bold move. The addition of “VRT” to the logo  means the station is embarking on a new path. Radio 2 wants to break new ground in terms of sound  to improve its alignment with contemporary music production and better meet the changing  expectations of the listener. The broadcaster used a European competition to find a partner who  could translate these strategic choices into efficient sonic branding.  

Bart De Raes, Imaging Director Radio 2: “It’s a big change. Thankfully, the whole team is very  enthusiastic about the new station sound. It’s fresh and innovative while still being familiar to the  listener. The most heard reaction from the Radio 2 presenters and producers is that the jingles give  their programmes a fresh, cool sound. This adds a new dimension to Radio 2”.  

“It is an honour for our consultants and producers to fulfil such an important assignment,” says  Diederik Decraene, Managing Director at Brandy. “We know the station very well and are happy to  pick up the Radio 2 thread again and support Bart and the imaging team. The result is a  contemporary jingle package that fits the ear very well yet is sufficiently distinctive compared to  commercial broadcasters. After all, Radio 2 was explicit about this”.  

Here’s how it sounds: 

Audio-Technica BPHS1 Broadcast Headphones Lets You Hear and Do More Beyond the Radio Studio

Audio-Technica BPHS1 Broadcast Stereo Headset with Dynamic Cardioid Boom Mic Black, Adjustable

As A Broadcast Headset

Audio-Technica BPHS1

These have excellent construction quality. I currently have a dozen of these, and I heartily endorse them to anyone searching for a broadcast-quality headset.

They don’t irritate your ears the way some of the smaller ear cup designs do, making them quite comfortable to use for prolonged periods of time. Compared to some of the Sonys I’ve worked with, the mic response is excellent.

These have a wonderful cable system that can be detached for frequent travel. The pin connector may be simply unscrewed, and the cable can be neatly wrapped to prevent a tangled mess. Additionally, A-T provides a backup wind screen and locking screw in case the originals are lost or break.

The cabling is efficiently insulated and effectively blocks RF interference.

In addition to using wireless microphones from the firm that produces the video for our collegiate sports teams, I have used it on our sports programming. The other audio equipment we are utilizing is not interfering in any way.

If you’re having RF interference with your headphones, your equipment may not be properly grounded, which can lead to RF interference .

As A General Use Headset

I’ve been doing video calls for hours at a time while working from home for more than a year, like many others. Everything I tried to set up didn’t quite work. Now I have the perfect configuration: 

1. The BPHS1 Broadcast Series Broadcast Stereo Headset from Audio-Technica costs £180. 

2. a sound card (mine is a Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen USB, which I bought on Amazon for £96). 

3.I purchased replacement ear pads from Brainwavz (angled, oval ear pads in PU leather, about £20).

The price of these is comparable to that of the Sony WH-1000XM4 noise-canceling wireless headphones, it should be noted. Despite favorable ratings, I had already given those a try and returned them after discovering they were useless for video chats. 

I made a couple mistakes when looking for the proper kit. I’ll explain why I believe this is such a wonderful set-up below:

1. For video calls, the audio quality. My main tools are Teams and Zoom. I experimented with bluetooth headphones and a variety of corded in-ear buds in addition to my laptop’s built-in microphone and speakers. Everyone listening can hear a lot of background noise while using the built-in kit (like the fan on my laptop). I developed an ear infection from using in-ear buds for too long, and my top-of-the-line bluetooth Sony XM4s would frequently cut out just as I was answering a call. My coworkers likewise reported that they could barely hear me. In contrast, this setup produces very high-quality sound. I sound clean and rich, and I can clearly hear other individuals. 

2. Comfort. I frequently spend 4 to 5 hours on calls at a time, therefore I need equipment that is pleasant to use all day, especially with glasses. However, you can only use these if you buy new ear cushions. Even when taking breaks, the ones that are provided become unpleasant after an hour or two and painful after a full day. Great ear pads are provided by Brainwavz. Geekria was the first brand I tested, but the Brainwavz both were more comfy and had much clearer music. They took several weeks to arrive from Hong Kong after I placed a direct order because they weren’t on Amazon at the time. However, it appears that they are listed here once more.

3. Music quality. I prefer to play music while working in between calls. Surprisingly, the audio quality of these is superior to that of the XM4s.

4. Decent length cable. You are physically bound to the audio interface, but the connection must be at least three meters long, in my opinion. I have tried different wired sets, but this kit allows me to stand up and walk around while on calls. Contrary to what one reviewer claimed, I don’t think it’s heavy or drags down on one side.

The audio interface is connected to my laptop with a USB-C connection by the headphones. Then it just works when you download some software (the kit includes clear instructions).

By Callum Wilkins

From Taiwan to New Mexico, Veteran Radio Broadcaster Help Grew Radio Station to Survive COV19

In 2022, KTAL-LP will mark five years in business. Radio host and reporter Peter Goodman from the Las Cruces Sun News spoke about his journey at KTAL LP.

Kevin Bixby discovered that the FCC would issue a “low-power” radio license in Las Cruces more than seven years ago. Nan Rubin, a seasoned journalist and master of local radio, had relocated. To establish a legitimate radio station, Peter and his group applied for the license, disseminated the news, recruited and trained people who wanted to host radio shows, learned the regulations, purchased equipment, and secured studio and radio tower space.

In Taiwan from 1986 to 1988, Peter Goodman hosted an English-language radio program. In the middle of the 1970s, he hosted a weekly news-discussion program on KRWG-TV.

Peter believed they might meet a crucial need that would soon become even more critical: enabling Las Cruces to communicate with itself. In terms of politics, culture, society, music, the arts, and more. Peter and his friends recognized the need for a neutral, nonpartisan community radio station when other media outlets either went out of business or their local programming went stale.

They then continued. Not to contend with KRWG Radio, which the majority of his group usually tunes into, but rather to enhance KRWG’s regional programming. 

Peter and his group were ready to go on air, five years ago. Some believed they needed to raise more money to ensure their survival once they began broadcasting; others said they should get started right away and hope that new listeners would donate enough to keep the station running.

“Say Something, Las Cruces! “, the only two-hour news-focused program they have produced, was their first regular broadcast. Peter was soon joined by Walt Rubel as co-host, and Minerva Rivera stepped forward to serve as engineer so that he wouldn’t have to try to manage the board while interacting with guests and phone callers. Shirley Baca, who recently joined as a third co-host, brings her own local viewpoint and expertise.

Peter is delighted that KTAL has turned 5 — and determined to make the station better! 

The team produced a number of high-quality programs, each with a distinct theme and focus. Some hosts of shows were skilled and knowledgeable; some had always wanted to experience radio and seized the chance to do so. Everyone listened. Some gave financial support. Until they eventually employed a part-time station manager at the beginning of this year, the KTAL family persisted as volunteers.

They managed to survive COV19, according to Peter, despite mask disputes costing them one exceptional radio show and COV19 safety measures preventing them from meeting face-to-face for a considerable amount of time, let alone organizing another amazing Rio Grande Theatre fundraiser. Others left, and others joined them. They are unable to rave about all of the excellent KTAL employees who have impressed him both on-air and off-air due to space constraints.

If you have a show idea or questions, you can visit the website,

Congratulations to Peter Goodman and the team at KTAL for believing in the power of radio.

Kiss92 is official media partner for Yungblud Tour with Filipino Pop Singer Zack Tabuldo

On September 27, the Capitol Theatre in 17 Stamford Road, Singapore will host the live music tour, showcasing performances by Singapore-based singer-songwriter lullaboy and British pop-rocker Yungblud.

The presentation, organized by Universal Music Singapore also includes two more acts from South-east Asia: the Filipino performer Zack Tabudlo and the Thai-Belgian alt-pop artist Violette Wautier.

Only those with an invitation can attend, however Singaporeans may win tickets by entering a contest at the Straight Times website The competition ends on September 18.

Yungblud is the headliner, and his 2020 album Weird!, whose self-titled follow-up is scheduled to be released on Friday, said in a statement: “To share the stage alongside the biggest performers from South-east Asia is extremely thrilling to me. Singapore is a beautiful place.”

He continues, “particularly in music, this experience will be remarkable, as I adore traveling and discovering various cultures.”

llulaboy, an American born with Indonesian descent, rose to fame with songs like someone like u (2022), which has had over 24 million Spotify streams.

Universal Music’ss pre-pandemic 2019 debut edition featured artists like local singer Charlie Lim and American vocalist Jeremy Zucker.

The official media partner for this event is Kiss92 Singapore, owned and operated by SPH Media.

In Singapore, SPH Media Trust (SMT) is a media company with operations in print, digital, radio broadcast, and outdoor advertising. It was formally incorporated as a company limited by guarantee on 1 December 2021, following Singapore Press Holdings Limited’s successful transfer of its media business.

With Mediacorp, it is one of a duopoly that controls Singapore’s mainstream media. SPH Media Trust employs more than 2,500 people overall, including a staff of about 1,000 journalists who serve as international correspondents.

Mark Hunter, Ross Winters to speak on Benztown/P1 Media Group Free Radio Webinar Sep 15, 2022

Benztown and P1 Media Group will host a free webinar on Thursday, September 15, 2022, for radio professionals around the globe, entitled “Join the Conversation: The Incredible NOW! Radio Success Story.” The webinar will be hosted by Andreas Sannemann, CEO, Benztown, and Ken Benson, Partner, P1 Media Group, and features Mark Hunter, VP of Programming, NOW! Radio, and Ross Winters, Director of Programming, Pattison Media, Canada’s largest western-based media companyThis is the 24th in the webinar series from top radio experts from around the world. 

Mark Hunter, VP of Programming, NOW! Radio, started his radio career in 1985, when he was hired on his 19th birthday to work with Rawlco in Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon, Prince Albert and Regina. He was on-air, producer, creative director, and News/Talk producer before he got his dream job as Program Director in 2000. In 2009, Hunter was named Program Director of a new license in Edmonton, CKNO-FM, and eight months later, NOW! Radio was born. He programmed 102.3 NOW! Radio Edmonton for 10 years, driving huge ratings and billings success which continues today. Hunter is currently a Senior Programmer for Pattison Media, working mostly in Metro markets including Calgary, Winnipeg, and British Columbia. 

Ross Winters, Director of Programming, Pattison Media, began his radio career as a DJ at a Top 40 radio station in Victoria, British Columbia. He quickly moved into programming and worked as Program Director at legendary Canadian Rock stations in Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Toronto. While programming Rock 101 in Vancouver, Winters also served as National PD for Corus Entertainment, one of the largest groups in Canada. He spent time as a researcher and consultant before joining Pattison Media as Director of Programming in 2015.  

In the 30-minute webinar, Hunter and Winters will share their thoughts on programming successful radio stations today, and the power of doing things differently, including: 

  • How a truly unique and different type of radio station became a runaway success  
  • What are their secrets for finding, developing, and retaining the best talent today? 
  • What has the response been to NOW! Radio’s music policy of allowing on-air talent to play the music that they want to play?  
  • How important is talk to the success of their music stations? 
  • Why do they refer to the NOW! Radio community as the NOW! Family? 
  • Why don’t traditional promotions work for NOW! Radio? 

The free webinar will take place on Thursday, September 15, 2022, at 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST/7:00pm CET.  

To register visit

Japanese Brand Asahi Ad Campaign on Radio, with VOD proven to be a success

Japanese Brand Asahi’s successful radio and VOD advertising campaign

Asahi, a Japanese beer company, is utilizing its domestic advantages in a new media campaign by using large-font Kanji characters.

Wavemaker and Mcgarrybowen pitch Asahi Super Dry as a drink that will take you to the land of the rising sun while aiming for authenticity.

The bespoke music and sounds for “Beyond Expected” were released this year and will be broadcast on radio, YouTube, out-of-home (OOH), and dynamic audio media activations for people to hear in big cities.

According to Kelly Parker, chief operating officer of Wavemaker UK, “Asahi Super Dry distinguishes out from the competitors as a modern and aspirational beer with its pleasantly dry, crisp flavour with modern Japanese characteristics.”

No other nation in the world accomplishes this better than contemporary Japan, according to Sam Rhodes, marketing director at Asahi UK. “As a brand, our view is that you get the most out of living not by following the trail, but by discovering and re-inventing the future,” he continued.

And this was made successful using its two-punch approach, placing ads on radio (traditional media) and new media.

Due to Wavemaker’s identification of local “hotspots” where the Asahi brand could have the biggest impact, the data-driven campaign ensures a tactical rather than random approach. Previous Asahi advertising campaigns focused on highlighting the alcoholic beverage’s distinctive “Karakuchi” flavor.

Wavemaker is a global media agency. Learn more about Wavemaker UK at

Is Radio Korea selling the radio towers in its 38-acre property posting?

Although there are no transmission towers included, the 38-acre property should intrigue developers.

Multiple radio broadcast structures that are part of the property are where the station’s transmitter is situated; nevertheless, the listing specifically states that the towers and the vicinity around them are not included in the sale.

The undeveloped site, which consists of two neighboring acres, is being offered by P&Y for slightly over $38 million. The listing, which delves heavily into the property’s clear potential attraction to speculators or other developers, went live on property websites on Thursday.

The listing exclaims, “An incredibly RARE OPPORTUNITY to construct one of the VERY few EXTREMELY extensive land accessible to DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES,” while highlighting the property’s views and vicinity to numerous significant freeways, parks, and medical facilities.

The listing’s broker, Wade Woodcock of Keller Williams, did not immediately reply to a request for a response.

The property is situated at 4600 Carter Drive in Los Angeles, in an Eastside neighborhood that is semi-rural and residential.

Since many years ago, various radio stations have owned the location. According to documents, P&Y paid $8 million for the bigger of the two properties, which is 22 acres, in 2007. The vendor was a radio station situated in Seattle.

The broadcasting company was established in 2007 and has its main office on Wilshire Boulevard, in the center of Koreatown. According to a 2007 media report, it paid $33 million for KMPC, the station that later became the home of Radio Korea and had previously broadcast on a separate channel.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a long relationship with Radio Korea, one of the top Korean-language stations in the area.

The 24-acre site of Marymount California University, a local college on the Palos Verdes Peninsula that previously confirmed its imminent closure, also hit the market in June, sparking a frenzy of development interest. The 38-acre land block, which is currently designated for agricultural use, is among the largest possible development sites to have recently reached the market in Greater L.A.

Nashville Country Music Insider Joins Benztown’s AmeriCountry Radio Prep Service, Boosting Audio Library

The advanced Country radio show prep service AmeriCountry has teamed up with veteran Nashville-based Country radio host and correspondent Becca Walls to provide Country artist audio for AmeriCountry affiliates, according to Benztown, a world leader in radio imaging, voiceover, programming, and jingles. The brand-new AmeriCountry material from Walls include brand-new audio from backstage, award shows, and one-on-one interviews with the hottest Country singers and upcoming musicians alike, as well as topical audio, romance set-ups, and more.

Walls has been a well-known Country radio DJ and on-air correspondent at Cumulus Nashville’s 103.3 Country/WKDF-FM for 16 years. As in-house talent interviewer and director of audio content creation for Big Machine Radio and the BMLG Weekly Prep, she is currently employed by Nashville’s Big Machine Label Group. As “Sweet Becca from the Country Mecca,” Walls also contributes daily news reports from Nashville to the nationally syndicated radio program Bud and Broadway.

Jason Hillery and Mike Marino co-founded and co-produced AmeriCountry, which delivers stations new show content that is specifically targeted to and resonant with Country radio audiences. The platform is user-friendly, making Country show preparation simpler and more thorough than ever.

Working with Becca on anything—literally anything—is a home run, according to AmeriCountry Co-Founder and Producer Jason Hillery. “Having her on our production team at AmeriCountry is something we’re incredibly grateful for,” he added.

 AmeriCountry has assembled a bonus zip file with 100 topic starters, including caller audio for each, available to stations that sign up for AmeriCountry now. For more information, visit

The RØDE Broadcaster Microphone Appeals to Naturally Deep Voice Talents

End-Address Broadcast Condenser Microphone

The RØDE Broadcaster is a large diaphragm, end-address condenser microphone intended to deliver the optimum performance for broadcast voice applications.

It has become a standard in radio stations all over the world thanks to its rich, full-quality personalized response with an emphasized proximity impact. It works well as a voice-over microphone for radio, movies and television.

The integrated pop filter of the Broadcaster is intended to reduce the amount of plosives sounds that could overstimulate the microphone capsule and cause distortion in the audio output. A tunable high-pass filter of 75Hz is provided in addition to the Broadcaster’s original 20Hz–20kHz responsiveness, which will stop low-end noise like air conditioning units and traffic from being captured.

The revolutionary “On-Air” indicator seen on the body of the Broadcaster may be wired for external activation via the “Channel On/Mute” functionality on several consoles. When the microphone has electricity even when it isn’t attached to a console or switch, the indicator will always be lighted.

Australia-based RØDE produced the Broadcaster with a 10 year warranty that is the best in the business.

The depth of the Broadcaster’s bass was instantly apparent when we started recording. In order to get the finest sound possible, we also made sure that we didn’t have to get too close to the microphone.

Our voices sounded natural while being recorded by the microphone and weren’t compressed or overtuned. This microphone easily ranks among the best-sounding ones we have ever used. It has comparable audio quality to RODE’s Procaster but no compression.

A smooth and natural-sounding sound with great, sharp high-end clarity was produced by the microphone’s audio clarity. It was the best option for podcasting because it allowed us to live broadcast while requiring less EQing.

Since several of us who tried the mic had naturally deep voices, we set the low-cut setting at 75 hz. It performed admirably in contexts where ambient frequency was lower, such as streaming and broadcasting.

While writing this evaluation, we also noticed that, in contrast to most condenser mics, the Broadcaster had a more bassy quality. Other mics would require significant adjustment to perform similarly to the Broadcaster’s range.

The Broadcaster picked up a lot of these, unlike the Procaster mic which mostly blocked them. The Broadcaster performed better right out of the box than other condenser mics.

The Broadcaster has little noise after a few adjustments. It produced recordings with substantially better quality, which is great for many voice applications.

For applications where the Broadcaster may pick up vibrations from the associated stand/boom arm, we additionally advise using a shock mount.

In case you forgot, vibration + noise = This enables you to use a shock mount for the Broadcaster that is universally compatible.

Overall, the Broadcaster performed superbly, making it simple to suggest it for podcasting, voice-overs, and other uses. As RODE said, the audio quality is of broadcast-grade.

Guns N’ Roses Drummer Shares Journey in new Sound, Sobriety and Success Podcast Episode

Grammy-winning Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Matt Sorum, drummer for legendary rock groups Guns N’ Roses

The most recent episode of the podcast Sound, Sobriety & Success, hosted by rock writer Matt Pinfield and featuring Grammy-winning Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Matt Sorum, drummer for legendary rock groups Guns N’ Roses, The Cult, and Velvet Revolver, has been made available, according to Benztown + McVay Media Podcast Networks. Sorum talks about his transition from drug smuggler to rock star in the new episode and tells tales of the highs and lows of his professional life, touring, and settling down to start a family. You can now hear Sound, Sobriety & Success at:

In this episode, Sorum discusses the following with Pinfield and his listeners:

  • His early career, how Ringo Starr influenced him to start playing the drums, and meeting his idol
  • In his early years, he played drums for up to 10 bands at once, performing up to five shows a night.
  • Playing alongside other renowned musicians like Scott Weiland, Slash, Axl Rose, and Ian Astbury
  • Velvet Revolver’s sobriety journey and how the band’s demise resulted from their relapse to drinking
  • His adjustment from Hollywood’s bustle to Palm Springs’ tranquility
  • The significance of appreciation
  • How having children motivated him to give up smoking.

Sorum’s tell-all book: Double Talkin’ Jive: True Rock ‘n’ Roll Stories from the Drummer of Guns N’ Roses, The Cult, and Velvet Revolver is available now.  

As the host of Westwood One’s rock radio program, “Flashback,” Pinfield, a former MTV host who has been a mainstay in the music industry for 3 decades, can presently be heard on hundreds of radio channels across the country. With some assistance from his friends, Pinfield has been making progress on the road to recovery. Pinfield opens up about his sobriety experience in his motivational podcast Sound, Sobriety & Success and speaks with people from all walks of life who have reached their lowest points and are recovering from addiction.

Sobriety Awareness Month is in September. If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction, MusiCares runs a Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Program that acknowledges the issues particular to music practitioners at any stage of their careers and provides qualified individuals with resources and financial aid for psychotherapy, mentoring, and psychiatric costs, inpatient and outpatient treatment, detox, and sober living costs.

For more information, contact Susan Aksu, Benztown + McVay Media Podcast Networks,

KIIS and ReelWorld’s Iconic CHR Jingle Package 2022: This is the sound of LA’s number one hit music station

ReelWorld – the global leader in radio jingles, delivered a stellar master piece in the form of the KIIS 2022 Jingle Package for the one of the world’s recognizable radio brand 102.7 KIIS FM Los Angeles.

I’d always heard that taking delivery of a new KIIS jinglepackage was special. And now, as Program Director, I can confirm it’s true! Our new jingles sound just like the CHR format, capture the energy, excitement and diversity of the station, and build on almost two decades of jingle history between KIIS and ReelWorld.

Beata Murphy, Program Director, 102.7 KIIS FM Los Angeles

For stations in Asia and the Pacific, contact ReelWorld now to get this package for your station, visit

Benztown: FREE Labor Day Weekend AudioPack – and a FREE 45-Hour Labor Day Weekend R&B Countdown Show

Start your Labor Day weekend early with Benztown’s FREE Labor Day Weekend AudioPack for radio stations of all formats, available NOW through Thursday, September 2, 2022. The Benztown Labor Day Weekend AudioPack has all the SFX and musicbeds to set the right three-day weekend vibe for stations of all formats. Filled with all the celebratory sounds of summer coming to an end – with upbeat musicbeds, back-to-school sound effects, party sounds, pool splashes, and more.  

Benztown is also providing a FREE Labor Day Countdown Show with 45 hours of the Labor Day Weekend’s best R&B music with “Old School 500,” presented by everyone’s favorite countdown show, Top 10 Now and Then. Hosted by Rick Nuhn, the FREE Labor Day Countdown Show is filled with 450 artist interviews in between songs, showcasing nearly every song on the Countdown with an interesting vignette from the artists involved in recording these classic jams. The 45 hour-show of superb Labor Day programming is market exclusive, inventory free, and perfect for Urban AC and Rhythmic formats. 

To download the free Benztown Labor Day AudioPack, go to: To get “Old School 500” free Labor Day Weekend Countdown Show, email Mark Wilson at: 

PD Mark Adams on ReelWorld Star 101.3 2022: “These Jingles Deliver!”

Star 101.3 2022 ReelWorld Jingle Package – Bright, dynamic Hot AC jingles that pair perfectly with pop hits from the 90s to today and create a powerful signature sound designed to make your station brand shine.

Great brands need great imaging, and these jingles deliver!The package is fun, distinctive, contemporary, and fits perfectly with our music and brand position.

Mark Adams, Program Director

Package features:

  • 11 Core Themes
  • Top of Hour
  • Promo Theme
  • Traffic
  • News
  • Weather
  • Multiple Length Mixes
  • Instrumentals
  • Vocals
  • Production Beds

PURE Jingles Delivered A Grand SLAM! Package 

Grand SLAM! with PURE Jingles

One of the Netherlands’ forward-paced radio stations is SLAM! It has a fresh sound that will become the new benchmark for rhythmic CHR.

The SLAM’s radio director is Martijn Zuurveen.

“We have recently presented a new schedule and an upgraded brand story. Imaging is a key part of that, and extremely important for any station as it co-creates your brand identity. .

SLAM! was looking for on air sound that suits its Pop & Dance format, which is primarily geared at male listeners between the ages of 20 and 40. 

“PURE Jingles has delivered a jingle package that fits perfectly with our energetic music mix, because at SLAM! the rhythm never stops”, says Raoul Schram, the content coordinator.  “After an intensive collaboration of several months, we came up with a renewed audio logo and rock-solid vocals.” 

Positive energy 

In addition, Martijn Zuurveen says: “SLAM! stands for positive energy and you can hear and feel that in our audio branding. It’s completely in line with this time and with the taste of our target audience. The sound design can also be perfectly combined with our SLAM! promotions, such as the Amsterdam Dance Event and our Formula 1 Month.” 

The custom-made jingle package of SLAM! consists of 10 main themes and a red-hot Top of Hour. A full demo can be heard at Over the last months, PURE also created the imaging for RadioCorp’s two other stations; Dutch-AC format 100% NL, and Soft AC brand Sunlite. 

Radio’s Key Impact During Economic Crisis

During the late 1970s and early 1980s, radio had a pivotal role in assisting with the inflation crisis. At the time, FM radio was increasing in popularity and demand for music led to record companies inflating the prices of their catalog. This lack of price competition caused the price of albums to increase sharply. In response, consumers turned to radio stations to listen to music for free instead. By doing so, they deprived record labels of sales but saved them money in the long run. As the price increases continued, the popularity of listening to free music on FM stations increased as well.

The popularity of radio grew in the mid-1980s as cassette tape players became more popular. Music lovers began taping their favorite songs from the FM airwaves so that they didn’t have to pay full price for them later. This trend eventually put many major record companies out of business. Radio played an important role during this era as it helped to sustain demand for music when record companies couldn’t compete with each other to provide competitive pricing for their albums.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, there was a severe inflation crisis that crippled the US economy and caused the unemployment rate to rise to over 10%. During this time, record companies were struggling to compete with each other and control the price of their products. In order to boost sales, some companies began selling pre-recorded cassettes of some of their older albums at reduced prices. These tapes were sold at a lower price than the regular album and allowed customers to listen to the music without buying the entire CD. As the price of CDs continued to increase, this and other price-cutting tactics used by record companies helped lead to the demise of several well-known labels in the 1990s. According to the Wall Street Journal, “By the late 1980s, 80 percent of US households owned a CD player.” By the early 1990s, the sales of CDs surpassed those of vinyl records for the first time in history.


Christian Science Monitor
Economic woes raise fear of 1970s rerun –

In the 1960s and 70s, the most popular music listening device was the record player, which was primarily used for playing vinyl records. Because these devices could not be played outside the home or in cars, it was generally considered to be a device only used for listening to audio recordings. However, as consumers became more concerned about audio quality and convenience, the popularity of vinyl began to decline. By the early 1980s, record players had fallen out of favor with consumers and many were starting to switch over to compact discs instead. Some experts estimate that there were as many as 60 million record players still in use in the US at the time.

Today, the rise of digital music streaming has relegated the role of radio to that of background music while people work or do other chores around the house. As a result, some radio stations have shut down and others have been forced to change their format in order to compete more effectively with the growing number of online streaming services available today. In the future, it is likely that some radio stations will continue to thrive while others will not as they adapt to the changing market. But if anything, the health emergency in the last 2 years and the worsening climate disturbances have made people realized that radio is still king when it comes to emergency.


Pew Research Center
Online audio listenership | Pew Research Center

Influential Imaging Director and WLTW Morning Show Host are guests on new “Chachi Loves Everybody” Podcast

Two new episodes of “Chachi Loves Everybody,” a unique podcast produced by Benztown and featuring Benztown President and audio brand builder Dave “Chachi” Denes, have been made accessible as of today, according to Benztown, a global leader in radio imaging, voiceover, programming, and jingles. The new episodes contain Chachi’s recent conversations from Benztown’s Los Angeles studios with Christine Nagy, Co-Host of “Cubby and Christine Mornings” on 106.7 LITE FM/WLTW in New York City, and Jake Kaplan, Director of Imaging and Sound Design, Audacy, Inc.

Visit to listen to the most recent episodes of the podcast.

In “Chachi Loves Everybody,” Denes, also known as “Chachi,” sits down for open dialogue with radio’s icons, master brand builders, rising creators, and innovators in the developing audio arena, sharing the real tales behind their experiences.

In Jake Kaplan’s podcast episode, Jake tells Chachi how he progressed from taking calls at a nearby Seattle studio to being one of the most important sound designers in the field today. Additionally, he talks about working with Kevin Weatherly, Dave Richards, and Lisa Worden, moving to Los Angeles on a whim to work at renowned radio stations like KROQ, JACK-FM, and 97.1 AMP Radio, and what it was like to run the backstage operations for the first radio festival events.

Christine Nagy talks candidly about what it was like to watch 9/11 live from New York City’s Z100 morning show during Chachi’s interview with Christine Nagy. She also discusses how working with Martha Stewart on Sirius XM manifested, how her relationship with the famous Paul “Cubby” Bryant helped define her on-air style, and her impending acting endeavors with Chachi.

Available now on Spotify, TuneIn, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and other podcast platforms is “Chachi Loves Everybody.”

New 2022 Jingle Package for Omroep Flevoland by Sonic Spring

Sonic Spring announced the launch of the 2022 Omroep Flevoland jingle package.

Here’s a selection of cuts Sonic Spring made for Full Service Hot-AC station Omroep Flevoland in The Netherlands. This is an extensive package with sung and logo based ID’s and beds in many variations.

Omroep Flevoland has an extensive jingle past. It all started with the wonderful trumpets from the studios in Dallas United States. In the year 2022, Sonic Spring has made a tailor-made package that suits this time. Modern, cheerful, businesslike. All ingredients of a full service station have been processed. Even the commercial break openers are a joy to listen to’
-Rob Brouwer (Editor Visual Radio)
-Aernout Pleket (Audio designer Omroep Flevoland)

Visit to hear more.

Waterstad FM 2022 Jingles from Pors Impact Creative

Waterstad FM has just launched its on air sound. The non-stop music station from the heart of Friesland is completely refreshed! Waterstad FM has chosen a custom made jingle package. In total, the package comes with 12 basic ID’s and shotguns. In addition, there is design for news, weather traffic and advertising.

Marcel de Vries is very enthusiastic about the result.
“The jingles speak for themselves”

Listen to the full package here: