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New Jingles for Ekdom in the Morning- Radio 10 Netherlands

For the third time, Sonic Spring created custom made themes for Ekdom in the morning, with Gerard Ekdom at Dutch operated Radio 10.

4 Personality songs and 4 jingle ID’s that are full of energy, fresh, modern, funky, but have a retro old school vibe as well.

Here’s the demo (in Dutch). This package can be syndicated in any language for terrestrial and online radio or podcasts.

Listen here:

SONIC SPRING is a boutique jingle company offering Jingles and imaging for stations and brands that want to break away from the herd. Founded by Maurice Verschuuren, with over 15 years of experience with the world’s industry leaders, finally there’s something DIFFERENT on the RADIO. Hear more at

New 70s, 80s, 90s Jingle Package for Cool FM from ReelWorld

Feel-good Classic Hits jingle anthems full of the iconic sounds of the 70s, 80s and 90s. An instantly memorable sonic logo paired with a vibrant group vocal will have listeners singing your station name right along with the hits you play.

The package is anchored on the world famous Bob FM logo melody. Listen more and contact ReelWorld now at this page

Package includes:

  • 8 Core Themes
  • Top Of Hour
  • Weather Theme
  • Traffic Bed
  • News Bed
  • Multiple Length Mixes
  • Instrumentals
  • Vocals
  • Production Beds
  • Logo Workparts

ReelWorld Steps Up with 2019 Jingle Package for Classic Hits Station

Radio Norge launch new ReelWorld sound for 2019

Ahead of the ReelWorld team heading to 2019’s Radiodays Europe conference, they’re celebrating the launch of a new jingle package on Norway’s Radio Norge.

The Oslo based radio station have moved to a classic hits playlist, playing the greatest hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s, and needed a new station sound to match.

Lars Petter Berg is lead imaging producer across Bauer Media’s Norwegian stations – “With a new music strategy celebrating classic hits, we wanted a new sound that fitted with the playlist whilst still sounding contemporary. The new jingles from ReelWorld perfectly match our goals, and sound great on Radio Norge!”

The package continues a five year relationship between ReelWorld and the Norwegian station.

Lars Petter Berg continued – “The ReelWorld team delivered once again with exactly the sound we wanted.”

Anthony Gay is ReelWorld’s European Managing Director – “We love working with the Bauer team in Norway, it’s great to see our relationship go from strength to strength.”

The Radiodays Europe conference runs from the 31st March-2nd April 2019 in the Swiss city of Lausanne. The ReelWorld team are looking forward to discussing station sound solutions for broadcasters across Europe.

ReelWorld’s jingle packages can be heard on some of the world’s leading classic hits radio stations including WCBS-FM in New York.


REAL jingles for NPO radio 2’s top rated show @SonicSpring

Rob Stenders, host of NPO Radio 2’s top rated show needed jingles that stood out from the main stream jingle sound.

So for the second time Sonic Spring gathered the best musicians they could find and brought back the spirit of radio’s heydays. 

Big arrangements with a full band, horns, strings and complex vocal arrangements. The team at Sonic Spring spared no effort to make jingles the way the made records in the 70s. And still, the packages sounds very NOW.
Check it out the demos below and visit

Classic Hits Jingles Package with Real Guitar and Drums @ReelWorldEurope

Germany’s Die Neue Welle refreshes with ReelWorld

German radio station Die Neue Welle are celebrating the launch of their new jingles from ReelWorld.

The station, based in Karlsruhe in the west of the country, broadcasts a mix of classic hits from the last 40 years.

The station selected ReelWorld’s Veronica 2017 jingle package as they refreshed their sound.

Robin Schuster is the station’s Managing Director – ‘The new jingles for our station sound absolutely amazing! With a combination of real guitar sounds and very cool voices, our station now sounds much fresher. ReelWorld took our sound to the new level!’

Paul Fernley, ReelWorld’s European Sales Manager – ‘It’s great to hear these jingles on-air with standout German vocals and loads of impact from the real drums and guitars across the package!’

To discuss how ReelWorld could refresh your sound, get in contact with the team via

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Oldies Jingles That Sound Like ‘Today’ by the Imaging Wizards @ContrabandTweet

Contraband Media goes Retro in Sweden!

New custom Jingles have been composed for Retro FM with vocals recorded in Sweden.
The team delivered a package of 10 themes covering Motown, Disco, Retro Rock and 80s Pop!

Peter Malmqvist, Retro FM: Retro FM is a modern station playing oldies which the guys at Contraband Media have skillfully managed to capture. Our Jingles sound contemporary and ”today” while still matching the songs from ”yesterday” making us sound fresh and exciting. The production skills are second to none; just what you expect from these imaging wizards, we’re delighted with our new Jingle package!

Small Paul, Contraband Music Media Director: It was a pleasure working on this package. The challenge was writing music with the perfect balance of old and new. Tracks that would fit the retro format of the station, but at the same time making them sound contemporary and in keeping with today’s modern music production. We’re delighted with the end result.

Adam Burgess, Contraband Media Director: We love the guys at Retro, it’s always great to work with them.

This year has been fantastic for Contraband Media. New BBC projects, Custom Jingle packages and more to be announced soon…


NEW Jingles! The PURE Gold Standard in Greatest Hits Radio Imaging

Listeners in the German capital of Berlin are enjoying a rich new sound on Radio GOLD, one of the country’s true Classic Hits formats.

Bright & positive vocals and real brass instruments in a beautiful jingle package for ‘greatest hits radio’.

Hear more at

Yup! These classic hits jingles are “Strikingly” fresh @capitalofmedia #StrikeJingles

Strike Jingles is proud to announce that recently the newest national package, for NPO Radio 5, went on air.

The Dutch Public Broadcaster made the switch to Strike for their new morning show “Je Dag is Goed” (“Your Day Is Good”).

The morning program is hosted by one of Hollands most popular DJ’s of all time: Jeroen van Inkel – also known in the Netherlands for his middle name “Jingle”.

Van Inkel: “NPO Radio 5 is the only classic hits station in Holland, we play the best music of five decades. When you do that, you need to have jingles that fit with the songs. The guys at Strike we are very enthusiastic and great communicators. They nailed it! I’m really happy with my new morning show jingles – it’s the perfect match for NPO Radio 5.”

Creative Director Anthony Timmers, Capital of Media says: “Working for Jeroen van Inkel was such a pleasure. He’s a radio hero for all of us here, so when he called us for new jingles – we were very honored. Our first package for the station sounds identical to their playlist, but also has a fresh sound of today. All instruments are recorded in our studios, from live horns to bass. Very proud to wake up with our jingles every morning on NPO Radio 5.”

Full package and details can be found on

Dave Foxx on Classic Hits (UK) – Imaging by Devaweb

We really enjoyed producing these! Check out the imaging for new UK station Classic Hits, on air in Norwich UK, and streaming everywhere at

The voice is Dave Foxx, the jingles are from Bespoke Music, and the music is some of the best in the world!

German Radio Show Gets Authentic Jingle Funk From @LFMAudio

Funkytown Radio: German Jingles with a Funky Feel by LFM Audio

Funkytown is a funk, disco, and soul-inspired radio show produced by Thomas Kreher for an audience in Osnabrück, Germany.

The show’s creator wanted a series of jingles that would match the feeling of the show, but since the package would be for just one show — as opposed to being for the entire station — the budget considerations were even greater.

Kreher discovered LFM Audio, knowing they could deliver a quality package for an affordable price — and in German, no less.

Creating “funky” jingles in the German language was a new challenge for the team — and one that is not often found in the industry today. Still, they used their expertise to create something that fits the disco, funk and soul vibe of the show.

In total, they came up with four composed themes (with slogans, sting and acappella cuts) for the show, all with an unlimited broadcast license. This package is available to be resung for your station now for under $1000!.

The client says the package price was “perfectly priced,” and was more than pleased with the results.

“From the beginning I was well informed about the individual production steps. My requests for changes were immediately implemented to my satisfaction,” says Kreher. “I would recommend LFM Audio (to) all who want to have a good jingle package and only have a small (budget).”

Learn more at

Village Radio gets a Resung Jingle Package (Power 181) – LFM Audio

From LFM Audio :

“Ethan & the crew at LFMAudio understand radio imaging… and deliver it at an affordable price,”

“While working with us to adapt a resung jingle package for VillageRadio.Net, they asked plenty of the right questions and guided us through the production of the package, step by step. They were truly a PLEASURE to work with!” says RJ Jordan of Village Radio.

Get this package customised for your station now for under $1000!

posted on April 09, 2016 at 12:42PM

Greatest Hits Station Gets New Jingle Package @LFMAudio

Radio station 104.1 Territory FM plays Greatest Hits, with a “Rocky Edge.” It’s a strong branding idea, but their on air sound and branding didn’t quite match. The station needed some some sung jingles that would fit that “greatest hits meets Rocky” theme.

How LFM Audio Helped

LFM Audio produced a Sung Jingle package for Territory FM, including 3 Ramp Cuts, 3 Slogan Cuts, 3 Sting Cuts & 3 Acapellas, all with the Rocky theme that listeners would love and remember long after they turned off their radios. The station staff was thrilled with the result.

The End Result

Not only did LFM offer the Sung Jingle package for less than $1000 — a nearly-unheard of price — but offered an unlimited broadcast license that allowed Territory FM to broadcast the audio forever with no ongoing costs.

“The LFM Audio team are great to deal with. From first contact with Ethan to the final production work. The team kept us in loop with progress and design. Thank you Ethan, Igor and team for the pro work!” said Matthew Bernasconi (Station Manager, Territory FM)

Visit to learn more.

PAMS Jingles Resung for Hill Valley Radio by S2 Blue

On one of their recent projects, Secret Cinema decided to get the DeLorean out and go Back To The Future – a visit to Hill Valley circa 1955 – but when you’re going back you’ve got to make sure you pack enough jingles to get back!

The plan was to be as authentic as possible, so when they were setting up Hill Valley Radio there was only one place to look – the famous PAMS jingles! PAMS were there right at the birth of the radio jingles and were used by stations all over the world, including the UK pirate radio stations and BBC Radio 1 went straight to PAMS when they launched in 1967!

Simon Prentice, Managing Director S2Blue and Back To The Future Geek said, “For some reason jingles and Back To The Future geekdom seem to go hand in hand. I work at St Martin’s Studios, I’ve sat in a JAM session with Jon Wolfert, I visited ‘the tree’ on Bushnell Avenue, own a hoverboard and now have produced jingles for Hill Valley Radio. My anorak is well and truly zipped up!

These were great to work on. I enlisted ‘Mr Jingles’ Steve England to help choose the right cuts and we went all the way back Series 1 & 2 which would have been on air across the states in 1955. We’ve sung a lot of PAMS packages but even Steve hadn’t resung these!’

The resings can be found on the S2Blue SoundCloud page and you can listen again to Hill Valley Radio on Mixcloud at:

PAMS and JAM resings are available exclusively in the UK and Eire through S2Blue visit


Hill Valley Radio by Hill_Valley_Radio on Mixcloud

ReelWorld Launches Production Vault Classic Hits with WCBS-FM New York

Production Vault – Classic Hits by Radiojingles on Mixcloud

ReelWorld launched it’s long anticipated 10th Production Vault format today with the release of Classic Hits. Piloting the out of this world custom Classic Hits production sound is WCBS-FM New York.

“To say we’re pretty excited about launching Production Vault Classic Hits would be an understatement,” said Craig Wallace, Sales Director. “For the past few years, radio programmers and producers have been screaming out for this service! We’ve created something incredible that fits the unique sound of the Classic Hits format, provides everything needed to create great imaging, and helps stations make emotional connections with their listeners.
We’re also extremely proud to have the legendary WCBS-FM/New York along for the ride as the showcase station and very first affiliate. As unlikely as it sounds, Jim Ryan and Dermot O’Neill are even more excited than we are!” (more…)

Producing Classic Sweepers For Modern Radio


KX Classic Sweepers by NOVAZ Audio Imaging

Remember the good old days when radio gave you that warm and funny feeling in your stomach?

Well it’s back!

NOVAZ brings back the style and character of the days when America was built on rock ‘n roll.

Custom created sweepers for KX Classics that sound so much different from everything else out there today. So sit back, reminisce and enjoy something brand new….with a familiar feel to it.

NOVAZ Audio Imaging is a full-service audio design production company, with a dedicated team experienced with the design of some of the biggest Dutch radio stations like 3FM, Caz, Yorin FM, SLAM!FM and Arrow Classic Rock.

The company’s imaging nuts worked with some of the most respected and well known people and companies in the business today.



92 Cool Imaging

Station: 92 Cool
Producer: The Mix Group

The audio is available at


KXKL Denver Oldies Imaging

Station: KXKL Denver
Producer: Krash Creative

Listen to audio: