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ASX, Denzil Lacey collab in biggest PopCore Vol 16

From ASX’s ever popular PopCore Series, PopCore Vol. 16 is back  and this is our BIGGEST EVER, at over 1GB and with nearly 300new sounds to update your HOT AC and CHR Hit Music programming! 

Popcore Vol. 16 was constructed with today’s hits in mind – a fresh  new sound, which can help your brand stand out.  

Denzil Lacey, lead producer on PopCore Vol. 16 said “When creating  the album, I took myself back to previous Radio Imaging jobs where I  could have done with a resource like this – and that inspired the  collection presented in PopCore Vol. 16. 

Within this album I wanted to capture the sound of “now”. The trends  being noticed in Top 40 Music over the last year is that “less is more”  and it’s crafted quite differently to that of even two years ago. Music  is all about the hook and “earworm” in 2021.” 

ASX PopCore 16 contains 10 categories in this update and they  include; Artist Drops, Beds, Breaks, Concert Drops, Music Imagers,  Out of Breaks, Song Drops, Sonic Logos, Sound Design and Sweet  ‘Branded’ Intros. All for just £65(GBP)+VAT 

Get your instant digital download now at:  


From the same production team as AudioSweets, ASX is a buyout  imaging production library available to every station and producer, no matter how big or small. The service is created for radio  producers by radio producers – with useful elements and work  parts, allowing users to make some sweet radio whilst saving time  and money. The complete ASX collection is also available for instant download  at https://www.audiosweets.com/asx. Sign up to become a member  of AudioSweets.com to manage your bought content and receive exclusive discounts.

Get 52 Radio Production Elements, 20+ Ident Sounds

Get these 50 plus radio production elements such as voice over, station liners, idents, countdown numbers and more. And almost 30 signature sounds and ID elements. The audio are provided free with licensing info. Listen to all the sounds using the link 1 and 2.

Preview of some of their sounds in their library

These elements are made available via ZapSplat an online service for sound effects and sound design. Companies like ZapSplat have embraced digital platform for distributing content. Among other companies that have chosen this route is Sound Ideas, which have chosen to make their libraries available on Spotify.

You can listen to their playlist here

Related news about Spotify. Spotify advertisements become interactive. The free version of Spotify will allow you to interact with advertisements through voice commands: the test of functionality at the start in the USA.

Immediately after announcing the achievement of 100 million subscribers , Spotify focuses attention on those 117 million users who instead rely monthly on the free version of the service, accepting to listen to the reproduction of advertisements between tracks: l advertising becomes interactive, with the introduction of support for voice commands .

The feature is currently being tested for a small circle of US subscribers (only if support for voice commands has been activated in the Android or iOS apps) and, at least initially, all you can do is start playing a playlist or podcast within the platform. Below is an example, with the advertising that suggests the streaming listening of the Stay Free podcast: The Story of the Clash of the Spotify Original series, intended for those who want to know the career of Joe Strummer’s band.

As you can see, a microphone icon appears at the bottom of the screen. The advertisement leaves the user a few seconds to respond and if the latter pronounces the “Play now” command it starts listening to the sponsored content . Otherwise, in case of silence or other words, a notification sound is played and the microphone is deactivated. Users still have a way to customize the behavior of the feature in the application settings.

The will seems to be to allocate a similar form of advertising not only to smartphones, but also to all those devices that integrate a virtual assistant , from smart speakers to smart displays with Alexa or Google Assistant. In this way, Spotify can aim to further expand its range of action, monetizing the provision of the service to those who do not wish to subscribe to a Premium account but want to listen to the tracks in streaming by accepting in exchange for being the recipients of the advertisements.

Among the other features put in place by the platform also the customization of editorial playlists by ad hoc IA algorithms designed to meet the tastes of everyone. It is through initiatives of this type that the group aims to keep its leadership in the sector built so far, keeping at a distance a competition that has no intention of watching.

Download the Ultimate AC and Hot AC branding tool Glide 4 @StickyFX

Are you doing imaging for an AC or Hot AC station? Then you probably recognize this situation where you’re losing lots of valuable time looking for the right FX or work part? Especially if you’re doing production for a hybrid format where News and Talk are combined with AC music, the tone of voice of your imaging is elementary.

You don’t want the harsh and in your face CHR sound but you do want your station to sound contemporary, but in a stylish adult way. That’s why we at Sticky FX carefully crafted a library that instantly gives you the perfect element for your production.

Fourth library

Glide is already for seven years, the absolute standard in AC and Hot AC FX and work parts and this is the fourth library in the Glide series. A huge library with a fresh, contemporary and smooth sound. Exactly how you want your station to sound.

Glide 4 has over 600 brand new FX & work parts. All elements are specially designed for AC and Hot AC Radio and categorized, so you save time and immediately get the right sound for your production!

A wide range

The library comes with lots of whooshes in all styles, velocities and intensities. Give your imaging more speed with the Risers. It features a wide range of Impacts from soft and smooth to punchy and big. Beautiful Musical elements like melodic Starters, Stagers, Logo’s and FX. When you need that subtle ‘less is more’ sound and want to make your imaging sound really delicate, use the Glitches. Create forward movement in a subtle way with the Fly Ins. Accentuate or create a great end of your production with the Hits. Glide 4 has them from big to small and fast to slow. There’s the Starters to create great ‘back to music’ ID’s or start of your promo’s with.

Seamless transitions

An incredible amount of Whoosh hits gives you the ability to create seamless transitions between all your programming elements. Beeps & breakers that can be spliced in anywhere you need. Glide 4 has lots of Pads in all kinds of moods and intensities for your presenters to talk over or use them in your promo’s to create a smooth ambience. The Combos combine all the strengths of all the FX in Glide 4. When you want to create smooth and swift transitions, use the Wipes. And then of course this library has some great Beds to talk over or use them for the right sound in your promo’s.

The perfect feel and flow

Create that modern and adult sound you’re looking for. Glide 4 gives your imaging the perfect feel and flow. And every element fits in seamlessly. Glide 4 is the ultimate audio branding tool for AC and Hot AC formats.
Glide 4 is also available in a friendly priced bundle containing Glide 1 to 4.

Get Glide 4 now for your station at www.stickyfx.com! Now with a 50 Euro introduction discount, for 349 EURO instead of 399 EURO (limited time offer)

Checkout the audio demo at:


Or simply download it immediately at:

PROD: Dua Lipa’s New Rules Producer Shares DAW Trick for Vocals

Ian Kirkpatrick is the guy behind the huge banger New Rules.

And he has also worked for Selena Gomez, Pitbull, Chris Brown, Nick Jonas, Britney Spears, Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber okay you get it.

Radio prods these days are more and more inspired by music producers, EDM particularly.

One particular plugin is fond of is VocalSynth 2.

And in tune with the release of the latest plugin, Ian shares how uses the DAW tool to create his amazing vocals.

Related Videos

Closed caption of video material

any song starts with a voice main thing that people latch on to our lyric voice melody people already have a natural connection to a vocal vocoder supplements that and it’s just a natural harmony pop producers like myself are learning to use the vocoder

as a real instrument now isotopes focus in two is the most comprehensive vocoder that’s available today if you’re getting into incorporating more vocals into your music you’ve got to dive in go past the presets there’s so many combinations and ways that you can use vocals Institute you can easily stumble on something that no one’s done before alright so I’ll show you

how I’m incorporating vocals into into just something new that I’ve been playing around with I have a vocal that I got from splice I played some piano over it and this is this is just piano and vocal [Music] okay this next part I wanted to combine a vocoder with that vocal and layer it underneath my vocal I take the MIDI from the piano I drag it down to a MIDI track

that I’m routing to go into vocal synth and actually that’s pretty much it so now I have vocal synth playing the same MIDI basically that I was playing the piano in two vocal synth and it’s going to modulate that vocal using the this one’s a multi layer this is poly Vox vocoder Compubox and bio Vox all together

and that sounds like this and that’s like me just dragging MIDI over so that combined with the vocal now gives you this big dramatic so the first layer is the vocoder

which is probably only needs that but why stop there so I added Compu Vox which you can buy it sounds awesome but you know

and then I added poly Vox which you know made a little brighter and then I added finally bio Vox to help with articulation and stuff gives it a little more breath enos

and then I combined that with the original vocal so the end result is you know this is not done this is just ideas turn around but it goes out of this brain ramped up into this light in the brain but anything’s you both of a face

yeah I’m done playing I mean you can go anywhere from there going to a drop or just have that be the hook like it’s you know yet to be determined on this

one there’s so many options that it’s hard to not have fun with it I can do a million things within you know a minute as long as I can work at the speed of my ideas I will use a plug-in and vocal sent to does that [Music]

This Audio App is good for producers and it’s free, get it

So What Is This Audio App?

It is actually a desktop app that let’s you input a song and it recognizes the chords used in the track. The software is called Riffstation

Riffstation is a desktop application for Mac and Windows computers. Load any MP3 and Riffstation will automatically detect the chords and sync the chord diagrams with the music. You can also slow down the audio, change the pitch, isolate or mute guitar parts, loop specific sections and even sync a metronome! – Riffstation

Find this really helpful, if you are trying to do branded song intro and you want to get the exact chords, so your audio elements blend harmoniously.

Also great if you are trying re-create the track or perhaps do a mashup.

This one used to be available as a mobile app for iOS priced at $35 usd.

So what’s the catch?

Nothing really, well aside from them gathering your emails as they require you to input your email ad before you get the file, so if you are GDPR crazy, you might want to skip this.

Other than that it is a basic music tool, guitarists will surely find this interesting.

The chord detection part is the seller.

From their website, they stopped the mobile app development due probably to licensing concerns with songs.

However, you might find that there are times the app inaccurately detects the chords, so there is that.

Visit the secure link below to get the installer file


Village Radio gets a Resung Jingle Package (Power 181) – LFM Audio

From LFM Audio :

“Ethan & the crew at LFMAudio understand radio imaging… and deliver it at an affordable price,”

“While working with us to adapt a resung jingle package for VillageRadio.Net, they asked plenty of the right questions and guided us through the production of the package, step by step. They were truly a PLEASURE to work with!” says RJ Jordan of Village Radio.

Get this package customised for your station now for under $1000!

posted on April 09, 2016 at 12:42PM

Commercial Reel March 16 by LFM Audio – LFM Audio

From LFM Audio :

Here is just some of what LFM Audio has been busy producing for Radio Stations worldwide.

Enter Script, Pick Voice and Order Online at LFMAudio.com OR start a wholesale account with us for VIP Rates and Priority Turnaround.

posted on April 07, 2016 at 05:22AM

Production Vault Hot AC – ReelWorld

From ReelWorld :

A rip-roaring, action-packed, radio imaging adventure for the whole radio industry. Gather closely around your monitors and crank it to 11.5!

posted on March 10, 2016 at 07:27AM

Production Vault CHR – ReelWorld

From ReelWorld :

A rip-roaring, action-packed, radio imaging adventure for the whole radio industry. Gather closely around your monitors and crank it to 11.5!

posted on March 10, 2016 at 07:27AM

Production Vault Urban AC – ReelWorld

From ReelWorld :

A rip-roaring, action-packed, radio imaging adventure for the whole radio industry. Gather closely around your monitors and crank it to 11.5!

posted on March 10, 2016 at 07:27AM

Download 130+ FREE Christmas Elements For Radio Production

In the spirit of giving and as a way of thanking, Short Bus Radio is giving away free holiday imaging elements for radio producers.

The list includes sound design elements, voice drops, beds, sound effects, and more.

Short Bus Radio is the secret radio station imaging weapon of over 400 radio stations around the world.

Updated weekly.

Twelve formats to choose from.

Literally there are tens of thousands of files on the ‘bus’ right now.

To find out more about Short Bus Radio, head to www.shortbusradio.com

Find Short Bus on Facebook here

Click on the link below to download the free holiday elements.

(The link may be expired already) us this link instead www.shortbusradio.com

Dave Foxx: Ten Things You Need To Know About Music

This month on RapMag.com, Dave Foxx talks about the 10 things every radio producer should now about music.

Here’s Dave’s primer on his column Production 212 on RapMag June 2012.

(This is starting to sound like a broken record!) Finally, we wrap up “the list” – Ten Things You Need To Know About Music. We’ve done the first 6 items over the last few columns, leaving seven through ten.

Last time I said these last four should be self-evident, but I realized later that they’re not. In fact, they’re pretty subtle points, which I need to explain. OK… for the last time, here is the list (to save you from digging for past issues):

  1. Music is made up of parts, which can be disassembled and reassembled.
  2. Tempo is ALWAYS flexible.
  3. Rhythm is NEVER flexible.
  4. Key is relative.
  5. Musical phrasing is similar to spoken phrasing.
  6. Placing voice-over over singing is very much like having two people talk at once.
  7. Ending the music is like putting a period at the end of a sentence.
  8. Sung vocals need to HELP the message if at all possible.
  9. Effects need to support the musical phrasing.
  10.  Tracking your voice over to the music can double its effectiveness.

Read the entire article by getting your copy of the RapMag Radio And Production Magazine June 2012.

Click here to subscribe http://rapmag.com/highlights.aspx

Dave Foxx: Automating Plugins on Pro Tools Tutorial

Download 40 ‘Feel Good’ Beds For Radio Production

The production music service Beds And Beats has just announced the release of yet another set of amazing beds for your production.

The Beds and Beats Total Promos 11 comes with 40 tracks of full of bright, friendly material, designed with your productions in mind, from 80’s pop sound-a-likes, to modern (kylie-esq) disco house pop, It’s all on Total promos 11, where the key word is FEELGOOD.

The Total Promos album is produced by music service Beds And Beats (www.bedsandbeats.com).

With a select team of talented composers, the company is constantly designing an array of music that will suit any project. Composers have been heard on ITV primetime, BBC, Sky, and every major radio group in the UK.

After using any of their music, Beds And Beats asks from you to return the music to PRS fairly and accurately (The return details can be found underneath the track titles once you’re logged in – titled “Music Return Details”).

Learn more about Beds and Beats here

Must-read Book About Radio Production, Find Out Below

Modern Radio Production

MODERN RADIO PRODUCTION,  is a current, comprehensive look at radio production and programming that integrates cutting-edge technologies with explanations of traditional equipment and practices.
Get this book now for only $89.00, ships in two days.

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What Glues Great Radio Production Studio & Noise-Proofing Together

It could be a great bother in your life or an awesome music to your two years; that is what noise is.

As radio producers, guys love to create friendly ‘noise’. But if it’s that “noise” from outside traffic or that band from the neighbor getting in the way of producing an audio masterpiece, then probably you should take your noise proofing seriously.

Protecting your studio from those unwanted sounds involves tasks like installing the right sound proofing materials. You often go for the best and cost-effective ones, but between the sound-proofing stuff and great production, is that thing that “ties” them together.

We’re talking about noise-proofing compounds or glue. Yep, it may be a small thing, but it’s important. Special glue is used to stick dry walls on which sound absorbing or cancelling materials are installed.

Look for an adhesive that is low in viscosity, so that is convenient to apply it with a conventional caulk gun.

Good sound isolating glue can help you reduce noise by at least 90%.

Products like Green Glue are industry standards and have been independently checked and tested by Underwriters Laboratories for fire safety and environmental effects. Green Glue is also mold resistant and has no formaldehyde.

Whether you are just building your studio, maintaining, or renovating it, small things like noise-proofing adhesives can mean a lot.

In the end though, a good studio, coupled with great talent and creativity is what really produces amazing creations.

Would you like to publish your radio production related product or services? Click here

The iDENTI-Fi $1,000.00 Production Challenge

Would you produce one :15 to :30 radio promo for $1,000.00?

Here is your chance to get paid for your skills and creativity.

Grab your 10 free “iDENTi-Fi” tracks here. Just click this link to download.

Creatively produce a short promo using your choice of the iDENTI-Fi tracks and you could win $1,000.00.

There is only one week left for so don’t forget to submit your entry this week! Entries must be in by June 15th.


D'Agostin Productions


The Basics of Sample Rate for Radio Production

Sample Rate is the amount of samples taken per second, or the number of times we look at a sound and take a measurement. A Sample is actually a piece of information.

Sample rates are expressed as the frequency of samples for second. It’s also expressed in Hertz (Hz). A sample rate of 44.1 kHz means that in one second, a sound is sound 44,100 times. The sample is recorded as numerical data i.e. digital info.

The important thing to remember about sample rates is that the higher figure is, the greater the accuracy you will have. Greater accuracy means a better digital representation. Rates can go from 8, 22, 44.1 to 48, 88.2, 96 even up to 192 kHz.

Below is a video to help you understand. Understanding the basics of sample rate allows you to digitize audio precisely, especially voice tracks.

The Ease Of Editing or Producing Audio Graphically

We have always been producing audio with our eyes and ears. But precisely editing a piece of sound like we are editing a photo on Photoshop?

Since I mixed-down my very first radio production in 2003, I have always been using Cool Edit Pro, which is now Adobe Audition. When they say that Audition was actually designed for radio, I definitely agree. But when they say, it’s designed for amateurs … I definitely agree that it’s both for newbies and pros.


And I can tell you why. Audition hosts a lot of presets that makes the life of any voice guy or radio producer easier. Well, there might be some drawbacks in being so overly dependent on presets, one of that is sounding almost like everyone else. But the good thing is, you can always tweak the default settings and create an original set of processing, especially for voice overs.

One of the many advancements of Audition is the spectral display. It lets you view your waveform in a sort of “thermo-graphical” approach, kind of like the technology that scans images of life in complete darkness using heat source.

The spectral displays let you see which frequency in your voice track is louder than the other. The brighter orange part are the amplified frequencies while the purple-ish to dark hues are either lesser in volume or dead silent.

There are three types of spectral displays: frequency, pan, and phase. I am particularly interested with the first. It’s pretty helpful when you are cleaning a track. Let’s you “see” and not just hear, what is pure noise and take it out accurately, without compromising those important and relevant frequencies.

The spectral frequency display also helps me process my voice tracks more precisely, since you can target specifically which frequency range to add effects on.

If you have not explored producing “graphically”, try switching the waveform view to the special display. After getting the hang of it, my voice tracks have become cleaner and production has become more enjoyable.

How Z100 Uses New Dave Foxx Signature Series

The radio production industry is excited to know about the launch of a custom FX library designed for Dave Foxx, Creative Services Director of Z100 New York, now made available by Groove Worx.

The ProdGod, earlier blogged about this on his website, DaveFoxx.com.

The library is produced by Robert Dudzic, who has been working with Foxx for years.

“For years, I’ve been telling Robert what I like (and a lot less often what I don’t like) in his Trynity HD/FX library. To some extent, I think it has had an effect on his effects. With this library, it is in TOTAL effect! I love these sounds. They’re as fresh and challenging as any effects I’ve ever heard. Just on inspiration factor alone, this library is astounding.” — Dave Foxx

Here is how the Dave Foxx signatures Series sounds on Z100.


Visit http://trynityhdfx.com/

The Dave Foxx Signature Series© Launches

Robert Dudzic of Trynity HDFX and Dave Foxx, of Z100 New York teamed up and created a library that was based on the inputs of the world famous Z100 producer. The library which is called The Dave Foxx Signature Series© is distributed by Grooveworks.

For years, I’ve been telling Robert what I like (and a lot less often what I don’t like) in his Trynity HD/FX library. To some extent, I think it has had an effect on his effects. With this library, it is in TOTAL effect! I love these sounds. They’re as fresh and challenging as any effects I’ve ever heard. Just on inspiration factor alone, this library is astounding. — Dave Foxx

Visit http://trynityhdfx.com/

Generic Demo for Trynity HDFX:

Sound Quadrat Launches Fame FX

Sound Quadrat (www.soundquadrat.de) is pleased to announce the official release of the brand new imaging FX package called “Fame FX”.

Ryan Drean, of RyanOnTheRadio.com had an interview with Andy Sannemann, one of the creators of the library. Watch video below.

The only buyout package you need this year – an energetic, bad ass and powerful tool to make your stuff stand out.

Fame FX comes with tons of mix outs, solo workparts and includes : impacts, hits, sonic IDs, starters, electronics, flyIns, combos, slow downs, stops and much more. Also get energetic Loops and imaging FX. Get your station on the next level. This package brings you Fame.

Fame FX delivered via download and ready to roll in 3…2…1…

Fame FX will launch on April 2011, for more info, go to www.fame-fx.com



Fame FX Video Interview from Fame FX on Vimeo.