Radio2 Expands Sonic Identity With Brandy

RADIO2, the largest radio station of public broadcaster VRT and a market leader  in Belgium, has expanded its audio branding once again. For the first time, ideas previously developed by BRANDY for foreign broadcasters have been used. The beds and jingles complement the package that RADIO2 introduced last year  as part of a series of enhancements. These jingles can also be heard on the digital  station, radio2 benebene. 

After a hiatus of several years, RADIO2 returned to the Belgian experts in sonic branding  nearly three years ago. BRANDY was tasked with creating a more contemporary sonic  brand identity for VRT’s most widely reached channel. 

BRANDY has earned a solid international reputation in this field and drew on a  foundation it had developed for Bayern 1, the most listened-to public radio station in  Germany, for this expansion. 

Following the introduction of the new morning show “Goeiemorgen Morgen” with its own  theme, sung by the Belgian top vocalist Natalia earlier this year, BRANDY produced a  series of new themes – including a ton of short jingle mixouts. These were based on  works previously produced for Bayern 1. The arrangement of these tracks has been  lightly adapted and the vocals have been completely customized. Have a listen to the aircheck: