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Powerful 2022 ReelWorld Hot AC Jingle Package now airing on Radio3i

Radio3i in Carona, Melide, Switzerland announced the airing of their brand new jingle package from ReelWorld, the global leader in radio jingle, station imaging and media branding company.

This powerful Hot AC jingle package is based on the European Modern AC themes designed for RFM. The package fits perfectly with the Modern Adult Contemporary sound of Radio3i, home to the Guinness Book of Records Title for the longest radio broadcast in the world and the best Swiss public and private radio stations of the year award.

The RFM package is available for worldwide syndication, contact the team at now to get this package for your station –

Radio 3i is a private radio broadcaster of Italian-speaking Switzerland spread throughout the Canton of Ticino and in some Italian border territories (provinces Como and Varese).

Freshness on the air in France

A new generation of imaging for mainstream Adult Contemporary – it’s the recent  update for Oxygène, one of France’s most successful independent radio stations.  They recently commissioned PURE Jingles again to create custom audio branding.

Oxygène, ‘Radio de la Seine et Marne’, is listened to by more than 300,000 people in  Ile de France. It’s a family brand, focused on a core audience of young adults, mainly  25-49 year-olds. Following their massive custom package from 2021, they’ve called  on PURE to create a new batch of AC jingles.

Programming strategy

Assistant program director Aurélien Descamps: “This collaboration was born from a  strategic desire to have a real sound identity that can be recognised throughout the  production. The proposals and advice from the PURE Jingles team helped us getting  a strong sonic logo. A brand design living up to our expectations.”

“We like the exchange with the Dutch production team”, Descamps continues. “PURE  Jingles is attentive to every detail. Agreeing to rework each production until the last  note, so that we are fully satisfied with the result once it’s on air.” Merci, Aurélien! Nous sommes impatients de continuer à cocréer la magie de la radio!

Their jingles can also be heard at

Radio 2 Enters Into New Partnership With Brandy

Belgian market leader, RADIO 2, is working with BRANDY again. The station has faced its  most massive makeover in over a decade. And now the station wants to reflect better being  a part of the public broadcaster VRT. The station got a new slogan and wants to be connected  with a more contemporary form of radio. Brandy was asked to produce an extensive jingle package including show starts, flow jingles, beds and a series of service elements.  

The challenge for Radio 2 was big and probably a bold move. The addition of “VRT” to the logo  means the station is embarking on a new path. Radio 2 wants to break new ground in terms of sound  to improve its alignment with contemporary music production and better meet the changing  expectations of the listener. The broadcaster used a European competition to find a partner who  could translate these strategic choices into efficient sonic branding.  

Bart De Raes, Imaging Director Radio 2: “It’s a big change. Thankfully, the whole team is very  enthusiastic about the new station sound. It’s fresh and innovative while still being familiar to the  listener. The most heard reaction from the Radio 2 presenters and producers is that the jingles give  their programmes a fresh, cool sound. This adds a new dimension to Radio 2”.  

“It is an honour for our consultants and producers to fulfil such an important assignment,” says  Diederik Decraene, Managing Director at Brandy. “We know the station very well and are happy to  pick up the Radio 2 thread again and support Bart and the imaging team. The result is a  contemporary jingle package that fits the ear very well yet is sufficiently distinctive compared to  commercial broadcasters. After all, Radio 2 was explicit about this”.  

Here’s how it sounds: 

PD Mark Adams on ReelWorld Star 101.3 2022: “These Jingles Deliver!”

Star 101.3 2022 ReelWorld Jingle Package – Bright, dynamic Hot AC jingles that pair perfectly with pop hits from the 90s to today and create a powerful signature sound designed to make your station brand shine.

Great brands need great imaging, and these jingles deliver!The package is fun, distinctive, contemporary, and fits perfectly with our music and brand position.

Mark Adams, Program Director

Package features:

  • 11 Core Themes
  • Top of Hour
  • Promo Theme
  • Traffic
  • News
  • Weather
  • Multiple Length Mixes
  • Instrumentals
  • Vocals
  • Production Beds

New 2022 Jingle Package for Omroep Flevoland by Sonic Spring

Sonic Spring announced the launch of the 2022 Omroep Flevoland jingle package.

Here’s a selection of cuts Sonic Spring made for Full Service Hot-AC station Omroep Flevoland in The Netherlands. This is an extensive package with sung and logo based ID’s and beds in many variations.

Omroep Flevoland has an extensive jingle past. It all started with the wonderful trumpets from the studios in Dallas United States. In the year 2022, Sonic Spring has made a tailor-made package that suits this time. Modern, cheerful, businesslike. All ingredients of a full service station have been processed. Even the commercial break openers are a joy to listen to’
-Rob Brouwer (Editor Visual Radio)
-Aernout Pleket (Audio designer Omroep Flevoland)

Visit to hear more.

Pors Impact Creative’s  2022 Hot AC Jingle Package is both Timeless and Trendy for RADIONL

RADIONL in the Netherlands has been broadcasting quality on air content and music for over 17 years. And being a recipient of the prestigious Gouden RadioRing, audience award for best radio program of the Netherlands, the station extends its commitment to excellence into their jingle imaging.

In 2022, Pors Impact Creative took the challenge of creating an extensive custom jingle package for RADIONL, reflecting their core sound of Dutch music, and multiplatform programming, that reaches out to both adult and young listeners who tune in from across all forms of media: online, cable and FM radio.

Pors Impact Creative delivered a massive 15-theme package, complete with shotgun, ramp and full mixes and includes News, Weather and Traffic IDs.

This feel good package is now available to be resung for stations around the world, be it for the Hot AC format, Classic Hits or for stations that want to stand out.

“RADIONL has a completely new sound.”

“We have worked on a very extensive custom made jingle package . A feel good package with a cool edge.”

“This package is now available for syndication for stations outside of the Netherlands”, says Ellen Pors, Managing Director for Pors Impact Creative.

Listen to the demo and hear the complete package and all the individual cuts at the website: the team and learn how to get this timeless and trendy package for your station.

New Jingles for Ekdom in the Morning- Radio 10 Netherlands

For the third time, Sonic Spring created custom made themes for Ekdom in the morning, with Gerard Ekdom at Dutch operated Radio 10.

4 Personality songs and 4 jingle ID’s that are full of energy, fresh, modern, funky, but have a retro old school vibe as well.

Here’s the demo (in Dutch). This package can be syndicated in any language for terrestrial and online radio or podcasts.

Listen here:

SONIC SPRING is a boutique jingle company offering Jingles and imaging for stations and brands that want to break away from the herd. Founded by Maurice Verschuuren, with over 15 years of experience with the world’s industry leaders, finally there’s something DIFFERENT on the RADIO. Hear more at

Top Format is Top-of-Mind for Jingles with Radio Stations in Europe

From their state-of-the-art studios and headquarters in Haarlem, The Netherlands, to media devices in Europe and across the world, Top Format’s top notch production works are delivered and heard with just one purpose in mind, designing the finest audio for media companies and for listeners to enjoy.

This dedication for sound design is reflected with their investment in industry standard editing and recording studios, with emphasis on well roundedness and inclusivity as seen in this video of the Top Format Productions Haarlem headquarters launched during RadioDays 2022 in Malmö Sweden.

The new Hot AC jingles for the Norwegian chain of radio stations, Lokalradioene, are now on the air.

In all Norwegian regions, this packages completes the music format and strong audio branding for Lokalradioene, in a tailored sound: completely made in house at Top Format.

In Norway, also new on national P3, is the customized audio imaging for the radio show Golden Power Hour.

And the new custom package for the biggest Regional radio station Omrop Fryslân, is also playing on air. This custom made jingle package contains over 20 main cuts.

When it comes to jingles, even commercials and custom sound-design, get on board the Top Format dream team, hear more at

New Dutch Sing-Along In The Making: This Is Joe

Joe 70s & 80s is a new national radio station that went on air at the beginning  of this month via DAB+ in the Netherlands. The station called on BRANDY  for its sound – and the result is a contemporary package that perfectly  matches the music of the 70s and 80s. The music was originally composed  for Joe in Belgium; so, the tracks for Joe 70s & 80s received new vocals and  a very catchy ‘This is Joe!’ sonic logo. 

DPG Media Nederland, which also owns Qmusic, started the new national channel on 1 May via DAB+. Joe 70s & 80s plays classics and hits from those 2 decades.

From ABBA to ZZ Top, from George Michael to Michael Jackson, and from Prince  to Queen … the station focuses on the time when disco, funk, soul and rock reigned supreme.

The jingles for Joe 70s & 80s are a customized production of jingles from the ‘Joe  All the Way’ packages, which were produced for the station of the same name in Belgium.

Have a listen to the aircheck here:

Visit the Brandy Jingles website:

SOB Audio Imaging Launches Massive 2022 Jingle Package for Radio Gelderland

Radio Gelderland, Holland’s biggest regional public broadcaster, commissioned a massive new jingle package from SOB: 35 cuts!

The station is strongly rooted in the province of Gelderland, which has a brilliant history with some of the most professional and notorious pirate stations!

Radio Gelderland offers a lot of spoken word programming but is also known for its strong music content, with a big focus on the 70s and 80s. So keywords for the new package were: proud, feelgood, warm, a touch of nostalgia and instant recognizability!

SOB AUDIO IMAGING is an audio and music production company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, founded in 1996. The company creates sound & music for advertising and branding, they produce station imaging & station ID jingles for radio and tv stations, they create radio and tv commercials, and the team sells imaging libraries & production libraries and offer state-of-the-art audio postproduction, recording and editing/mastering facilities.

Clients include radio & TV stations all over Europe, advertising agencies, commercial production companies, advertisers, broadcast consultants and record companies including Apple, Samsung, ATAG, Heineken, Mentos, HP and Hasbro. Learn more at

Capital of Media’s New My Radio 2022 Package Turns up the Feel Good

Capital of Media presents ‘My Radio 2022’, a fresh Modern AC package that brings a smile to the sound of your radio station.

Created with the authentic style of jingles, complimented with today’s audio engineering and effects.

My Radio 2022 contains 15 cuts including a Top of Hour, news, weather, traffic and 10 IDs.

Capital of Media helps brands, radio and television stations/programs develop and deliver audio in any way imaginable.

Their work can be heard every day on national, regional and local stations and on every popular podcast platform.

Capital of Media has a team of 10 members and a permanent team of freelancers who do one thing every day: making #audioforpeoplewholoveaudio in the broadest sense of the word.


Original 106 AudioSweets Jingle Package Offers A Fresh and Familiar Feel

Simon Prentice, Marketing Director of AudioSweets, at Original 106

AudioSweets ID are proud to announce our latest jingle package for Aberdeen’s Original 106. A custom package consisting of a 7-cut jingle suite and full Utilities pack. This latest package has a mainstream pop feel that really reflects the current sound of the station, and can blend seamlessly with playlisted artists such as The 1975, Blossoms & Dua Lipa.

Craig Lumsden, Programme Controller said: ‘We were looking for an imaging refresh to work alongside our more mainstream sound whilst keeping the familiar feel of the station. Simon and the team at AudioSweets came up trumps with this package that keeps our sonic logo but with a fresher feel. The guys guided us through the process from start to finish and gave us a first-class service that I can’t recommend enough!’

Hear the latest package here:

Champagne FM Pops With Brandy Jingles

More than ever, Champagne FM is positioning itself as ‘La radio pop’ in the  Champagne-Ardenne region (France). So, in their search for an earcatching sonic  signature, the station turned to Brandy Jingles. The Belgian audio designers  created a new and super-recognizable sonic logo that clearly distinguishes the  package of 11 jingles and the news styling. 

Following Contact FM and RDL, Champagne FM is the third station of the Rossel Radio  group to receive an imaging makeover from Brandy. 

The Champagne FM team selected basic tracks from Brandy’s extensive catalogue – each track then received a remake tailored to the brand with an updated logo and catchy  vocals. 

The jingles fit perfectly with the station’s optimistic, lively and familiar atmosphere. 

We are delighted to be working with Champagne FM,” said Diederik Decraene, Brandy’s  Managing Director. “Among other things, the station was looking for an effective way to  bring its new ‘La radio pop’ claim to the market. With this branding, they’ll be able to  captivate listeners with the positioning in no time.” 

Here’s how the package sounds: 

Champagne FM is part of Rossel Radio, the French pole of Belgian Groupe Rossel, and has a  daily reach of just under 120,000 listeners. You can listen to the station in the Champagne Ardenne region and in the l’Aisne département. 


Brandy is a European consultancy and production company, based in Brussels, specialising in  on-air branding for media companies. Hear more packages at

AudioSweets ID Kick Off 2022 with Fresh and First-Class Jingle Package for Original 106

AudioSweets ID are proud to announce the latest jingle package for Aberdeen’s Original 106. The custom package contains a 7-cut jingle suite and full Utilities pack. This latest package has a mainstream pop feel that really reflects the current sound of the station, and can blend seamlessly with playlisted artists such as The 1975, Blossoms & Dua Lipa.

Craig Lumsden, Programme Controller at Original 106 said,

“We were looking for an imaging refresh to work alongside our more mainstream sound whilst keeping the familiar feel of the station. Simon and the team at AudioSweets came up trumps with this package that keeps our sonic logo but with a fresher feel. The guys guided us through the process from start to finish and gave us a first-class service that I can’t recommend enough!”.

Listen to the entirety of the Original 106 2022 Jingle Package here:

Radio Latina ReelWorld Jingles 2021

ReelWorld Europe announced the release of the latest jingle package for Radio Latina France.

Nothing connects a station brand with its listeners like a jingle. Heard by millions of listeners around the world every day and sung in cars, elevators and showers again and again, ReelWorld jingles are designed to make your station sound exciting, relevant, musically on-trend and as memorable as the songs radio stations play. They literally make your station sing.

Hear more at

RTÉ Radio 1’s 2021 Audio Imaging from ReelWorld: Real Pride and Joy

Ireland’s most listened to radio station, RTÉ Radio 1, has updated its brand sound with custom music from ReelWorld, performed by the RTÉ Concert Orchestra.

The national broadcaster set out to modernize the audio image of the station, with a focus on its continuity themes and top of hour sequence, united by a new sonic logo.

15 new compositions make up the package which combines contemporary and traditional music styles, with an authentic sense of the station’s character running throughout. The themes span genres including folk, pop, Americana, and traditional Irish.

RTÉ Radio 1 Deputy Editor, Penny Hart, said: “What a truly wonderful experience it has been, working on this collaborative project to align the radio station’s content offering and tone of voice through music. We’re so proud of our identity and to hear it shine through these beautiful compositions is a joy.”

Following a competitive tender process, RTÉ selected ReelWorld, based in MediaCityUK, to work closely with the broadcaster’s staff on this unique project.

The RTÉ Concert Orchestra recorded the themes at RTÉ Radio Centre’s Studio 1 under COVID guidelines, in separate sections and across multiple sessions with remote direction via video link between conductor Gavin Murphy and the ReelWorld team. Alongside the orchestra’s core sections of strings, woodwind, brass, and percussion, its members also played traditional instruments including the fiddle, tin whistle, Irish flute and concertina.

Anthony Gay, Managing Director of ReelWorld added: “This is ReelWorld’s third recent experience working with the orchestras of national broadcasters, and we are privileged to support RTÉ with their new sound. We’re thrilled with the results and it’s wonderful to hear the project now on air.”

Creative Audio Manager for RTÉ, Shane Freeman said: “The passion of everybody working on this project is what has made it so special, resulting in something that will stand the test of time and carry the audio brand of the station into the future.”

ReelWorld continues to partner with some of Europe’s biggest broadcasters, including a 2021 update for Heart UK, the country’s most listened to commercial radio network, and the Netherlands’ most listened to radio station, NPO Radio 2. Recently they have also produced a new brand sound for the Bloomberg Television Network.

New Wisebuddah jingles reach for the Sky Radio airwaves

The Netherlands’ no.1 non-stop music station, Sky Radio, has launched their brand new station sound, teaming up once again with Wisebuddah. 

The Talpa owned station commissioned a package made up of 14 new bespoke station IDs, plus new Top of the Hour sequences and sings for tailored Sky Radio programming, including Sky Love Songs.

Extending their long-running partnership, the new package is the most expansive station-wide jingle overhaul for Sky Radio since 2017; which was also created by Wisebuddah.

Wisebuddah Composer, Marc Vickers, added: “It’s always an honour to work with the team at Sky Radio. Their vision is always clear, to walk the line between innovation and retaining the familiar melody and positivity that Sky Radio is famous for. It was a hugely enjoyable project, and hopefully we have achieved this again for 2021.”

Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, Phil Tozer, added: “Sky Radio is quite rightly known as the feel-good station, and this is a package that feels like the perfect handshake between that sentiment and an equally feel-good sound. Bright, poppy music and vocals to match, it’s another chapter in our collaboration with Sky Radio that we can’t wait to hear on air. ”

Sky Radio’s Station Director, Uunco Cerfontaine, added: “It is always a great pleasure to work with Marc Vickers and our in-house production team to produce the perfect jingle package for our station. This new jingle package expresses exactly where Sky Radio stands for; The Feel Good Station that plays non-stop music with a Modern AC format. And because we are a non-stop music station the jingles are essential to give the station it’s personality and keeps the music flow going”. 

Head to to hear the full Sky Radio package along with Wisebuddah’s latest work for Radio 538 (The Netherlands), Hitradio Ö3 (Austria), Planet Radio (Germany) and BBC Radio 2 (UK).

Brandy Provides Jingle Update For Metropolys

Metropolitan, recognizable, and positive – that’s how you can describe Metropolys’  sonic identity. The 6 new Brandy jingles make the station’s imaging 100% up to  date. The tracks were selected from the Kick catalogue, which is constantly being  expanded and forms the basis for the branding of radio stations around the world. 

Brandy Jingles has been Metropolys’ (France) imaging partner for 12 years now. The  station draws the basis of its styling from the Kick series – Brandy’s most extensive  catalogue of contemporary, musical jingles that also fit into a wide-spanning playlist. And  that last advantage is precisely one of the hallmarks of Metropolys, which programs both  current hits as well as classics from Kool & the Gang or Depeche Mode. 

Metropolys prefers distinctly female vocals that give the station instant recognisability  and distinguishes it from its colleagues. 

This is what the new jingles sound like: 

Metropolys serves the north of France (les Hauts de la France) with a one-of-a-kind  musical format that is a mix of recent hits and an exquisite selection of groovy classics  from the past 30 years. The station is the market leader among independent radio  stations in the metropolitan area of Lille. 

Listen to all the packages produced by Brandy Jingles at

Brandy Pumps Extra Energy Into Qmusic

Qmusic, one of the sexiest media brands in Europe, has a new on-air styling.  Following their introduction last week in the Netherlands, the jingles can now also  be heard via Qmusic in Belgium.

The package was developed and produced by  Brandy together with the station’s designers.

The sonic logo and the slogan have  remained the same, but the production of the jingles is an innovative updating for  the DJs as well as the listeners. 

Qmusic is the commercial market leader in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Hits and  Feel Good are the mission, which has been translated into a new and energetic – but  extremely musical – sound.

In the last few years, this combination has almost become  Brandy’s trademark. The structure of the jingles makes them even more enjoyable for  the DJs to use. And the sound evokes an instant good feeling! 

Brandy is a European consultancy and production company, based in Brussels,  specialising in on-air branding for media companies. Visit the website:

SONIC SPRING Radio Veronica 2021 Jingles: Edgy, Cool, Fresh

After some quiet yet turbulent years, the renegade spirit is back following the transfer of Rob Stenders (who had the most listened to show on NPO Radio 2) to the station where he started in the 1980’s: Veronica.

Aiming to be be the number one station for music lovers in The Netherlands. And since Dutch music lovers tend to be pop-rock oriented there is lots of quality pop and rock from the 60s till now going on (beyond the hits) whilst other genres will not be excluded. 

Veronica’s heritage goes back to the early 60s when it started as a pirate radio station. It quickly became the most popular station in the Netherlands and in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, the brand was a strong influencer. 

A breath of fresh air fills the airwaves with new jingles that stand out from the competition, reflect the mentality of the brand, empower the music and feature the Veronica sound logo. 

“In this package we decided to bring back adventure, character, passion, love and Veronica’s renegade spirit.” – Maurice Verschuuren, SONIC SPRING

“Different, original, dynamic, with human warmth and still edgy…She’s got class!” – Rob Stenders, Director Radio Veronica.

 “Awesome!! Edgy, cool and fresh at the same time. I love hearing the real guitar strings. 
It feels fresh yet reminds me of Veronica’s heritage.” -Marc Adriani, Radio President, Talpa Networks.

“Mind blowing” -Dennis Ruyer, On Air bad boy.

Hear more and contact the Sonic Spring team at

ASX Softees Vol 4 is a Magical Imaging Treat for AC Stations

Softees Vol. 4 – smooth elements to add magic to your  station or show imaging from ASX 

Kill the noise, as sometimes we need something a little lighter – this  is latest release from AudioSweets popular ASX Softees collection,  Softees Vol. 4 

A suite of over 230 lite radio imaging elements to bring a smooth and  soft feel to your station sound! 

The renowned producer of Softees Vol. 4, works across multiple  household name radio brands in the US, Europe and around the  world. 

Warm up your Lite A/C sound with over 200 of the softest imaging elements including artist drops, sound design, music imagers & beds!

All available on buyout for just £65(GBP)+VAT 

The ASX Softees Vol. 4 track list includes:

Get your instant digital download now at:

From the same production team as AudioSweets, ASX is a buyout  imaging production library available to every station and producer, no matter how big or small. The service is created for radio  producers by radio producers – with useful elements and work  parts, allowing users to make some sweet radio whilst saving time  and money. The complete ASX collection is also available for instant download  at Sign up to become a member  of to manage your bought content and receive exclusive discounts.

More POP to the CORE! This CHR, Hot AC Radio Imaging Toolkit Just Got Updated

The best selling ASX collection is back – PopCore Vol.15 is here.  From ASX’s ever popular PopCore Series PopCore Vol. 15 is full of  new sounds to update your imaging! 

Over 220 of our latest imaging elements giving you the tools to give  your station imaging a fresh sound for your HOT AC and CHR Hit  Music programming! 

ASX PopCore 15 contains 11 categories in this update and they  include; Artist Drops, Beds, Breaks, Live Drops, Music Imagers, Out of  Breaks, Song Drops, Sonic Logos, Sound Design, Sweet ‘Branded  Intros’ and Top of Hour sequences. All for just £65(GBP)+VAT 

The PopCore Vol.15 track list: 

Pop to the Core, update your stations sound with Pop Core Vol. 15!

Get your instant digital download now at:

ReelWorld Treats Australia Radio Listeners with Fresh, Fun Jingles for Hit Network

The new sound of 2DAYFM and SCA’s Hit Network in Australia is now on air!

“What an incredible journey this has been and I can’t thank the ReelWorld team enough for bringing our vision and sound to life. They absolutely nailed what we were striving for and I love every single item. Every time a new piece came through I was thrilled and amazed at how the team just ‘got’ what I wanted. ReelWorld provided us with the best possible sound we could have dreamt of and were so patient with us along the way. On top of all this we had ridiculously tight deadlines, which of course they met. The most impressive part was the enthusiastic approach from the ReelWorld team from day one. I’m so happy that all of Australia get to hear their incredible work and my deepest thanks to ReelWorld for the wonderful collaboration and world class audio mastery!” – Gemma Fordham, Head of Hit Network

Founded in a one-bedroom Seattle apartment by two friends in 1994, ReelWorld Productions turned the radio industry on its ear by creating a groundbreaking jingle package for WPGC-FM in Washington D.C. 

For the first time, production techniques and musicality were paired with the playlist of a station, creating a seamless transition between its branding and core artists. 

From that day forward radio jingles were no longer something that stopped the music cold while a barbershop quartet belted out schmaltzy call letters. Instead, they stood toe-to-toe with the hits of the day, keeping the on-air flow intact and listeners glued to their speakers. 

In the years that followed, ReelWorld continued to develop new radio jingles and radio imaging services, further redefining the idea of radio branding. 2011 saw the opening of ReelWorld’s European headquarters in London, which relocated to MediaCityUK in 2013, further expanding our global reach.

Today, ReelWorld proudly employs a worldwide team of seasoned producers and composers across our unique and innovative product divisions of radio jingles and radio production.

With dozens of products airing on thousands of stations across six continents, ReelWorld is the company stations trust to help them #makegreatradio. Start now at

AC, Hot AC and NewsTalk Format Sung Jingles in 1 Package

LEO Middelsé is the station for the Leeuwarden region. Sonic Spring produced custom made jingles that perfectly fit AC, HOT-AC or news radio. Listen to the demo

SONIC SPRING is the boutique jingle company. Jingles and imaging for stations and brands that want to break away from the herd. The company is founded by Maurice Verschuuren with over 15 years or experience with the world’s industry leaders. Spring has arrived to the jingle world. Hear more at

Other news:

Korean Actor Resigns as On Air Host at SBS Love FM

On the September 8, 2020, SBS Love FM (103.5) announced that actor So Yi-hyun will withdraw from her position as on air host for “This is So Yi-hyun” radio show.

Hyun delivered the news herself live on air at SBS Radio Love FM during its September 7 broadcast.

“I am sorry, but I think I should put it down for a while.” 

“Please understand with your open heart and ask for your support and encouragement”, says Hyun.

She added, “I will show you a better image as an actor.”

The actor will be officially be resigned from the station on September 16.

ANTENNE VORARLBERG now airs biggest Hot AC jingle package from Wisebuddah

New Wisebuddah jingles for ANTENNE VORARLBERG

Austria’s ANTENNE VORARLBERG has teamed up again with London-based production company, Wisebuddah, to produce their latest jingle package.

Broadcasting from one of the most picturesque regions in Europe and playing a mix of current hits as well as cult pop and rock favourites from the 1980s and 90s, ANTENNE VORARLBERG has been broadcasting across western Austria for over twenty years.

This new package features a combination of 8 bespoke Transition IDs and two brand new Show Openers, along with over a dozen re-sing IDs taken from popular Hot AC and AC format Wisebuddah packages from recent years. 

The extensive list of new IDs will also air alongside the station’s existing station sound package, which was also produced by Wisebuddah in 2017.

Phil Tozer, Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, said: “As usual it was totally seamless working with Mario and Andreas on what is now one of our biggest European jingle packages. It’s a vast set of jingles with a huge variety of sounds, genres and energies that are brought together with warm, powerful vocals alongside an instantly recognisable sonic logo.

This is just one of several Wisebuddah packages launching across Europe throughout the summer and we’re now looking ahead to what is a busy second half of 2020… which is just the way we like it!” 

Mario Mally, CEO, ANTENNE VORARLBERG added: “Once again, Wisebuddah has created great jingles for us; the on-air design was developed very professionally according to our wishes; giving us a very fresh and modern sound. The cooperation with the team was fantastic and with great attention to detail; the results continue to inspire us!”

Check out the new Wisebuddah website featuring this package and many more (including work for BBC Radio 1 (UK), Radio 538 (Netherlands) and Fun Radio (France)) at

WNIC, Jay Towers celebrate 30 years of impressive radio with @BrandyJingles package that stands out

WNIC, Jay Towers in the Morning Jingles by Brandy Jingles


The popular morning show of the legendary WNIC radio station in Detroit has received an imaging update, produced by BRANDY Jingles in Belgium. The programme’s host, Jay Towers, was looking for a way to differentiate himself and found it in a series of Coming Up beds and sung programme jingles with integrated station calls. 

Over the past couple of decades, hundreds of European radio stations have used jingles that were originally produced for American colleagues. But ‘Jay Towers in the Morning’ did exactly the opposite and selected some tracks from Brandy’s Kick catalogue, which is on air in several European countries. 

“Although the musical basis might be the same, the jingles sound as if they were tailor- made for WNIC,” says Brandy’s Creative Director, Tom Van der Biest. “A successful radio station simply cannot be satisfied with less.” 

Jay Towers, WNIC Detroit’s morning DJ, comments: “I have been in the business for 30 years and have worked with just about all of the fantastic imaging companies – but Brandy’s refinement was a new experience for me.”

“The detailed work with Brandy is like nothing I’ve ever been a part of”, the morning show host added.

A bed was produced from each track and super-effective shotguns were recorded with catchy programme and station branding. 

“We are very proud that we were able to surprise an experienced on-air personality like Jay. He knows exactly what he wants to achieve with his imaging. And that’s when Brandy is at its best. The result is artful jingles that can be used to make the most impressive radio,” concludes Diederik Decraene, Brandy’s Managing Director. 

Learn and hear more about Brandy Jingles at

New UK Jingle Package Now Available Globally for Resing @IgniteJingles

There is a new radio station in Chester, UK and this means a new jingle package. From Ignite Jingles, this package contains themes that match today’s music and works perfectly alongside the biggest tracks from the 80s and 90s.

Sung in multiple languages, for multiple formats, Ignite Jingles always love to chat jingles. Get in touch and we can see how this package can be customised for your station!

They sound great – they match the feel of our stations perfectly!

Phil Rodgers – Dee Radio

Also created for sister station Silk 106.9, these jingles are now available for worldwide syndication. Check out the Ignite Jingles website to hear all themes plus utility beds –

Ignite Jingles put the ‘Hot’ in this Hot AC Package

Heard here is an aircheck of Hot AC jingles or WDAQ in Danbury, Connecticut produced by Ignite Jingles. Posted by KCMike on February 2020. Ignite Jingles creates exciting jingle packages for radio stations worldwide from their base in MediaCityUK. Contact Chris Stevens of Ignite Jingles by visiting

Jang Sung-kyu

In other radio related news in Asia, the South Korean broadcaster Jang Sung-kyu did not participate in the live broadcast this week due to a lip injury. On the 19th of February, MBC FM4U ‘Good Morning FM host Jang Sung-gyu’, the actor Song Jin-woo appeared as a DJ instead of Jang Sung-kyu. Jang Sung-gyu’s manager said through the telephone during the live broadcast, “He fell down the day before to treat his lips.” Starting from the 21st, the popular South Korean show will proceed normally. Jang Sung-gyu has been running Good Morning FM since September 30 last year.

The Modern Sound of Hits & Rock Jingles Has Arrived

Radio Fox 2019 Demo

A new french station launch our hits and rock jingles!

A brand new french station came to Reezom for its new and trendy Hits and rock jingles. It is a set of 4 themes, logos and mixouts inspired by modern rock and today’s hits. All they need is to punch their sonic logo and brand onto the air!

Learn more about the package using the link below:

Check out all of our work on – where you too can appreciate the magic ‘touch’ of Reezom’s Team.

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