New Dutch Sing-Along In The Making: This Is Joe

Joe 70s & 80s is a new national radio station that went on air at the beginning  of this month via DAB+ in the Netherlands. The station called on BRANDY  for its sound – and the result is a contemporary package that perfectly  matches the music of the 70s and 80s. The music was originally composed  for Joe in Belgium; so, the tracks for Joe 70s & 80s received new vocals and  a very catchy ‘This is Joe!’ sonic logo. 

DPG Media Nederland, which also owns Qmusic, started the new national channel on 1 May via DAB+. Joe 70s & 80s plays classics and hits from those 2 decades.

From ABBA to ZZ Top, from George Michael to Michael Jackson, and from Prince  to Queen … the station focuses on the time when disco, funk, soul and rock reigned supreme.

The jingles for Joe 70s & 80s are a customized production of jingles from the ‘Joe  All the Way’ packages, which were produced for the station of the same name in Belgium.

Have a listen to the aircheck here:

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