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Splat! and Chloe Dolandis are radio imaging forces for USAFA Station’s 50th Year Relaunch

Splat! Radio Imaging, the world’s easy-to-use, library extensive, branding effective radio imaging service and Chloe Dolandis, versatile voice artist and Voice Arts Award nominee, teamed up for the United States Air Force Academy’s (USAFA) 50th Anniversary relaunch of 97.7 KAFA station.

“Rockin’ the controls in a production studio isn’t quite the same as manning the cockpit of a fighter jet, so this might be as close as we ever get!

USAFA recently commissioned SPLAT! to produce custom radio imaging and audio branding for the 50th anniversary relaunch of 97.7 KAFA, “The Academy.” Working on this project was a lot of fun and a real honor.

We love the energy and personality that voice talent Chloe Dolandis brought to the imaging.”

Splat! Radio Imaging Team

Below is a montage of the audio branding produced by Splat! Radio Imaging and voiceover and message from Chloe Dolandis.

2021 also marks the 20th anniversary of SPLAT! The company started with one small library on one small station. 20 years later they offer eight huge libraries, and SPLAT! has worked with more than 1,000 radio stations since then. The team also added custom production, commercial production, copywriting and other radio services to the SPLAT! line up.

This year Splat! will be launching three new libraries. To get that branding effective Splat! for your station and projects, contact the team via their website

Coast 93.3 Jingles and Radio Imaging

TBT Radio ID jingles and imaging for WNCV FM Coast 93.3

WNCV (93.3 FM, “Coast 93.3”) is a radio station licensed to serve Shalimar, Florida, United States. The station is owned by Cumulus Media and the license is held by Cumulus Licensing LLC.

A scoped audio of the station’s sung jingles and radio imaging captured April of 2018.

Jingle Coast 93.3 Fast to Slow Transition
Jingle Coast 93.3 Pop Rock Slogan
Jingle Coast 93.3 Shotgun LiteRock
Jingle Coast 93.3 Shotgun
Jingle Coast 93.3 Slow to Medium Transition
Jingle Coast 93.3 Todays Hits and Yesterdays Favorite Fast to Slow
Jingle Coast 93.3 Todays Hits and Yesterdays Favorite Medium
Jingle Coast 93.3 Todays Hits and Yesterdays Favorites Lite
Jingle Coast 93.3 Transition Slow to Fast
Jingle Coast 93.3 Weather
Jingle TOH Coast 93.3 Your Station for the Workday WNCV Cumulus Station
ID All Along Emerald Coast 93.3
ID An Amazing Variety Female
ID Coast 93.3 Music Image Old and New Music
ID Coast 93.3 Short Sweeper Female
ID Coast 93.3 Short Sweeper Male
ID Coast 93.3 Sound Like This Sweeper B
ID Coast 93.3 Todays Hits and Yesterday Favorites More Variety on Emerald Coast
ID Congratulations Your Workday Just Got Better
ID Contest Promo 4000 Dollar Workday Payday
ID Great Variety While At Work Upbeat
ID I Love Maroon5 Katy Perry and 80s Music
ID I Love This Station Listener
ID Its Really Quite Simple We Play Sweeper
ID Listener All My Friends Listen to 93.3
ID Listener I Love Listening to Coast Forget Im At Work
ID Listener Its My Favorite Radio Station ON My Way to Work
ID Make The Day Go By Faster Male
ID More of Todays Hits and Yesterdays Favorites Medium
ID More of todays hits and yesterdays favorites
ID More Variety for Workday and we Prove it Everyday
ID Music Image Pull Me Close to Cut Loose
ID Music Image Swiftie and Open Arms More Variety on Emerald Coast
ID Promo Awesome 80s Weekend Nonstop All Weekend Long
ID Segue to 80s Music
ID Segue to Pop Rock
ID Segue to Soft Rock Music
ID Sound Like This Sweeper
ID Todays Hits and Yesterdays Favorite Sweeper
ID Todays Hits and Yesterdays Favorites All My Coworkers Love It
ID Todays Hits Listener Yes


Brandy Jingles Now On 7th Year Creating Contemporary, Solid Hot AC Branding for MNM @BrandyJingles


BRANDY Jingles has added 5 new cuts to the SMACK TRAX series, a jingle family for urban flavored Hot AC.

The style and feel of the jingles are greatly inspired by contemporary European hits. MNM, the Belgian public broadcaster’s youth station, has been partnering for its imaging with BRANDY for 7 years now.

In 2011, BRANDY created the foundation for MNM’s rock-solid sonic branding. The latest jingle update is the result of a close collaboration with Bart De Raes, who is responsible for MNM’s station flow.

The SMACK TRAX series currently consists of 20 cuts built around the instantly recognizable 3-note logo and the ‘Music and More’ baseline.

Listen to an aircheck via:

ReelWorld Jingles & Jeff Berlin Perfect Match for This CHR Station TBT

Aircheck of KIXY FM San Angelo. Using jingles from ReelWorld Seattle, the world leader in radio jingles. Jingles use the KIIS FM logo.

Also showcased are imaging voiced by the world-class voice talent Jeff Berlin.

Recorded 2016-09-25.


ReelWorld have been creating jingles and imaging for radio stations around the world since they were formed in Seattle, USA, in 1994. Over the years they have developed a world-class reputation for innovative audio branding of the highest quality.

In recent times ReelWorld Europe have been establishing a presence as one of Europe’s leading radio production houses, proudly serving over 250 European stations from their MediaCityUK base.

They have created the on air identities for market leading radio stations across the continent including Heart UK, Radio 2 Belgium, Kiss UK, Los 40 Spain, BBC Radio 1Xtra, KRONEHIT Austria, RTE 2fm, bigFM Germany and Norway’s NRK P1.

ReelWorld continue to produce innovative radio branding and imaging solutions for market leading radio stations worldwide, supporting those who #makegreatradio.

They are also proud champions of the ReelWorld Radio Academy 30 under 30 – a UK radio initiative that recognises the industry’s brightest new talent.


Jeff Berlin

Jeff Berlin is “Signature Voice” for hundreds of media outlets and ad campaigns worldwide. Including Rockstar Games “Grand Theft Auto V”; A&E’s “Duck Dynasty”; Fox Sports Radio; DIY Network; Spike TV; CNBC; Speed Channel; CFNY “the Edge” Toronto; Q100 Atlanta; WPRO-FM; WAPE-FM. Represented by

Listen more at


Z100 Flavored Radio Jingles for WZNS Z96 Fort Walton Beach

Captured Nov 27 2017, includes sung jingles, Top of Hour IDs, imaging, sweepers, new music, music imaging, and Christmas IDs.

JINGLE Shotgun 96 pt 5 Zee Ninety Six
JINGLE Shotgun Sonic Logo Z96
JINGLE Shotgun Too Too Toot Z96
JINGLE Shotgun Zee Na Na Nine Tea Six
JINGLE Shotgun Zee Ninety 6
JINGLE Shotgun Zee Ninety Six
JINGLE Shotgun Zee96

JINGLE Slogan All The Hiiits Legal
JINGLE Slogan All The Hits 96 point 5 Z96
JINGLE Slogan All The Hits 96.5 Z96
JINGLE Slogan All The Hits Z96 Urban
JINGLE Slogan Oh Oh All The Hits Z96
JINGLE Slogan Z96 All The Hits

JINGLE TOH A Cumulus Station Z96
JINGLE TOH WZNS Powered by Merry Xmas
JINGLE TOH Zee Ninety Six Dot Com

FLOATER 96.5 Z96
FLOATER All The Hits Z96
IMAGING All The Hits and Beyond Vroom Vroom
IMAGING All The Hits More Fresh New Music
IMAGING All The Hits On Air Online Get The App
IMAGING Keep Your Radio Right Here
IMAGING Playing All New Music First
IMAGING Tell Me I Love This Station We Do It I Like It
IMAGING This Is It Get Party Started I Love Station
IMAGING This Is What The Elves When They Make Toys
IMAGING What Time It Is Good Time Guaranteed

LEGAL We Play All The Hits
MORNING More Music Every AM
MORNING Now Good Morning

MUSIC IMG Charlie Puth JusBelieb
MUSIC IMG Music You Love Demi Bruno
MUSIC IMG Music You Love NialH ChainSmokin
MUSIC IMG Music You Love Portugal Heilee Zedd

NEW MUSIC New Music Is Right Here ZEE 96
NEW MUSIC Only The Best New Music
NEW MUSIC You Heard It Here First

SOCIAL Were On Insta How Cool Kids Say Instagram
SWEEPER 1 Station All The Hits
SWEEPER All … The … Hits
SWEEPER All The Hits Zee Ninety Six
SWEEPER All The Hits Zeeee 96
SWEEPER Nine Tea Six Pt Five Z96

XMAS All The Hits All Day Everyday XMAS
XMAS Bringing Back The Christmas Magic 1000 Dollars
XMAS Cookies Milk for Santa
XMAS Have A Jolly Christmas from Z96
XMAS If You Cant Wait for Winter Wonderland We Got You Covered
XMAS Like Christmas Carols Only Better Artist ID
XMAS Rocking Around Xmas Tree in Car
XMAS This Is How We Celebrate The Holidays (Listeners)
XMAS Wrapping Presents Wrapping The Hits

Z100 Pay Your Bills

01 New Release Rundown, ReelWorld Jingle (This week’s iHeart New Release Rundown on Elvis Duran)
02 Z100 Pay Your Bills ID, Kelly Kelly Kelly Dave Foxx (Send us your bills at Z100 dot com)
03 Lets Go Right Here Right Now Sweeper
04 iHeart Radio Sia Featurette
05 Top of Hour Z100 ReelWorld Jingle Seattle
06 Z100 Paying Your Bills Register
07 Katy Perry Charlie Puth Sia Get To You Sweeper
08 Zee One Hundred Kelly Kelly Kelly
09 Student Loan Pay Your Bills Spot (Is that a student loan in your pocket …)
10 Music Promo

Captured October 21, 2016 9:15 am to 10:15 am iHeart Radio

TM Studios EVO Jingles for KHOP @ 95.1

KHOP 95.1 Aircheck October 2017 with Jingles by TM Studios EVO

Captured October 2017 during Madden and Riley in the Morning. KHOP stylized as KHOP @ 95.1 broadcasts over the Modesto and Stockton market.

The station is operated and managed by Cumulus Media. The station slogan is All The Hits.

The transmitter can be found in the Northeast of Oakdale, California while studios are in Stockton.

Music on KHOP (read as Kay-Hop or spelled out K-H-O-P) has a station playlist composed mostly of mainstream music.

Before the All The Hits slogan, they were referred to as The Pop Music Channel.

Before to the format change to a mainstream Top 40 music, KHOP went for a rock programming playing hard rock from the seventies and eighties. But prior to the rock format, KHOP went alternative programming and switched in the mid-90s.

Jingles heard in this audio are from Evo by TM Studios.

TM EVO is available in Three Tiers. From a fully-produced 17-cut Jingle Package to a complete Branding Partnership with EVO’s Concierge Service, they’ve made EVO for everyone. For any need, at any budget, pick the Tier that’s right for you.

The power to choose a unique sound for your station is in your hands. With TM EVO, you pick your vocal sound, your logo melody, your level of effects…all to make your branding custom-made for your audience.

The “Dallas Sound” has evolved to “World Sound,” as TMStudios now employs the best composers, producers and talent from around the globe to bring you fresh, modern and premiere jingles and branding elements unlike anything you’ve heard.

Experience the world’s first fully-customizable, interactive jingle service, visit

BBC Radio 1 Imaging & Aircheck w/ Clara Amfo Live Lounge Jan 2017

Captured Jan 13, 2017 on BBC Radio 1 with Clara Amfo the Live Lounge. Includes radio IDs for news, branded song intro and intro for the Live Lounge.

Clara Amfo was born on 28 May 1984. She as of now presents for the mid-morning program on BBC Radio 1, which she assumed control from Fearne Cotton since May 2015.

Amfo facilitated the British debut of the film Red Riding Hood and has announced from big events in the UK, like Wireless, Global Gathering, SW4 and NASS celebrations.

She has the voiceover talent for Motorola, Nike and Spotify.

Last September 2013, BBC Radio 1Xtra took her as host of the weekend breakfast program.

Amfo then landed as the host of The Official Chart on BBC Radio 1.

In February 2017, Amfo was one of the presenters at the BRIT Awards for ITV2.

KIIS FM and WLIT Jingle Packages Heard on Now FM, WFMK

This is a montage of new jingles for 97-5 NOW FM (WJIM-FM/Lansing, MI) and new AC jingles for 99.1 WFMK/East Lansing, MI.

This montage is arranged with the new Legal IDs first, followed by the new weather beds (WFMK’s weather bed has been airing throughout 2017 but I didn’t catch it until now), and ending with Shotgun versions of cuts that I haven’t caught before on WFMK. All jingles were recorded from the stream during various times in September and October 2017.

WJIM-FM has been airing Production Beds of recent cuts during their brand-new morning show, as well as updated New Music sweepers, so expect a complete imaging update from them (and possibly WFMK) soon – including new Basic IDs and Shotguns! Enjoy!

Posted by Stuart Carlson

KISS FM UK The Radio Imaging 2017

A capture of KISS FM UK’s radio imaging on Feb 7, 2017 showcasing its radio IDs, branded song intros, and hybrid sweeper-sung jingles.

KISS FM recently launched its newest imaging package by ReelWorld Productions in Seattle.

Dubbed ‘Fuzion’, the KISS UK 2017 package pairs the sonic impact of imaging with the proven melodic recall of a sung vocal to create truly unique short-form station IDs.

Learn more about Fuzion here

Kiss is a UK radio station which is broadcasting on FM and National DAB, specialising in pop, hip hop, R&B, urban and electronic dance music.

It also broadcasts on DAB Digital Radio around the UK & nationally on Freeview, Sky and Virgin Media.

Owned by Hamburg based Bauer Media Group, Kiss forms part of Bauer’s National portfolio of radio brands.

Kiss spin-off brands include Kisstory and Kiss Fresh.

[AUDIO] ReelWorld Jingles Are Killin It In Salt Lake City Radio

ReelWorld Jingles for 97.1 ZHT and Radio Imaging

Aircheck of ReelWorld jingles and imaging aired on 97.1 ZHT Salt Lake City ,Utah.

Captured October 10, 2016

About ReelWorld

Founded in a one-bedroom Seattle apartment by two friends in 1994, ReelWorld Productions turned the radio industry on its ear by creating a groundbreaking jingle package for WPGC-FM in Washington D.C. For the first time, production techniques and musicality were paired with the playlist of a station, creating a seamless transition between its branding and core artists.

In the years that followed, ReelWorld continued to develop new jingle and imaging services, further redefining the idea of radio branding.

Today, ReelWorld proudly employs a worldwide team of seasoned producers, composers and writers and boasts three unique and innovative product divisions – radio jingles, radio production and radio prep.

With dozens of products airing on thousands of stations across six continents, ReelWorld is the company stations trust to help them #makegreatradio


ReelWorld Europe Demo Reel (Throwback)

Nine years ago this week, ReelWorld Europe launched this demo reel and on this week almost a decade ago posted this feature.

ReelWorld Europe has just released its new demo reel for 2008.

The showreel showcases ReelWorld cuts for some of Europe’s well noted radio stations.

93.1 Heart FM Greece, Hallam FM, KISS 100, Radio Flaixbac and IP Music Switserland.

Listen to the jingle now. Of course, it featured the amazing voice god Chris Corley.

Go to now.

BBC Radio 1 Imaging + Aircheck October 2016

As of late, Radio 1 has expected to incorporate a greater amount of its substance online with a specific end goal to identify with the changing way of its crowd.

Its YouTube channel now has more than 3 million endorsers and many elements and occasions are spilled on both that and the Radio 1 site.

The station likewise has an overwhelming nearness via web-based networking media, with group of onlookers collaboration now happening essentially through Facebook and Twitter and content informing.

It was reported 3 years ago that Radio 1 had submitted arrangements to dispatch its own committed video channel on the BBC iPlayer where recordings of live exhibitions and a few elements and shows would be spilled in a focal area.

Arrangements were endorsed by the BBC Trust in November 2014 and the channel propelled on 10 November 2014.

Playing Radio 1’s old jingles, which were made by JAM Creative Productions.

The main words on Radio 1 – after a commencement by the Controller of Radios 1 and 2, Robin Scott, and a jingle, recorded at PAMS in Dallas, Texas, starting “The voice of Radio 1” – were “… What’s more, great morning everybody. Welcome to the energizing new stable of Radio 1”. This was the principal utilization of US-style jingles on BBC radio, however the style was commonplace to audience members who were familiar with Blackburn and different DJs from their days on privateer radio.

Ex-Z100 New York DJ Returns To Dallas For KPLX AM Show

Cumulus Media reports that it has named radio DJ Trey Morgan as new Co-Host for Mornings on 99.5 The Wolf/KPLX in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Morgan is joining established 99.5 The Wolf morning show anchor Lisa Taylor on the Wake Up with the Wolf morning show weekdays from 5AM-10AM CST, appearing Monday, October 31, 2016.

Morgan arrives at Cumulus Media-Dallas Fort Worth from CBS Radio-New York City, where he was Host, Afternoons on Fresh 102.7 (WNEW-FM). Preceding that, Morgan was in Los Angeles and WHTZ in New York.

Mac Daniels, PD, 99.5 The Wolf KPLX is excited:

“Trey brings a high level of talent, experience and results across multiple platforms to the top-rated Wake Up With The Wolf morning show. His fresh perspective will be a great addition to one of America’s leading country music brands.”

Morgan said:

“I am excited to return to my hometown, Dallas, and join the talented team at The Wolf (KPLX)! I have had the chance to learn from some of the best in the business; Jim Ryan, Tom Poleman and Sharon Dastur have been instrumental in my development over the past 10 years and I am thrilled to bring my experience to the city I grew up in. Thank you, Mike McVay, Dan Bennett, Dave Milner, Doug Hamand and Mac Daniels for the opportunity to join the wildly talented Lisa Taylor in one of America’s fastest-growing cities.”

Listen to 99.5 The Wolf here

Throwback: Q100 Atlanta Jingles from ReelWorld

WWWQ Q100 Atlanta 2005 Jingles by ReelWorld

Taken from the 2005 Z100 NRG Package.

WWWQ FM 99.7, known as “Q100”, is an Atlanta radio station airing a top-40/CHR format.

It is owned and operated by Cumulus Media.

The station broadcasts from studios in Sandy Springs alongside its sister stations WNNX-FM “Rock 100.5”, W255CJ-FM 98.9 “99X”, W250BC-FM 97.9 “OG 97.9”, WKHX FM 101.5 “Kicks 101-5”, WYAY FM 106.7 “News 106.7”, and Dickey Broadcasting’s WCNN-AM and W229AG-FM “680 The Fan”.

WWWQ’s main competition is WWPW FM 96.1, “Power 96-1” and WSTR-FM 94.1, “Star 94.” It broadcasts from a transmitter site in unincorporated DeKalb County west of Emory University.

KISS Beat of the UK Radio Imaging

A showcase of the radio imaging and aircheck of KISS – The Beat of the UK.

– Rickie, Melvin and Charlie KISS Breakfast
– Freddie on KISS

Throwback – Z100 Commercial Free Radio Imaging

Voiced by Kelly Kelly Kelly and Dave Kampel.

These are imaging for Z100 New York’s 100 minute commercial free block.

First aired in September of 2010.

From the creative mind of the Prod God Dave Foxx.

Jingles from ReelWorld Seattle.


All copyrighted materials remain property of the owners Z100 New York, WHTZ, iHeartMedia and ReelWorld Seattle.

[AUDIO] These are ReelWorld KISS Dallas 2015 Jingles

Checkin’ out these sung IDs by Seattle’s ReelWorld for KHKS FM 106.1 Kiss FM Denton Dallas ForthWorth.

Jingles are from the ONE package.

The audio showcases various themes and transitions from of the package as played out on the air with radio personality Priscilla on her April 4th stint. Also comes with a talked over Top of Hour and canned version.

In addition to the jingles, sweepers, whispers and the literal KISS Stinger is employed.

Kiss FM DFW had a custom package back in 2003 by ReelWorld Seattle,

Check Out This Aircheck, These Are What Modern AC Jingles Should Sound Like

Brandy Jingles has added 10 new cuts to the Close 4 You series. Melodic, contemporary sounds and vocals that fit perfectly with the classics. This is the 4th volume in this series, which now includes more than 80 basic cuts. A catalogue with a tremendous number of possibilities!

Diederik Decraene, Managing Director: “Radio stations that target an adult audience want to sound fresh and contemporary. And it’s precisely their honest, modern sound that makes the Close 4 You packages so popular with radio stations from Europe to North America.”

Tom Van der Biest, Creative Director: “We’ve tossed out everything that can make a jingle sound dated. Instead, you hear sounds from today’s music that still match a diverse playlist perfectly. The composition of each jingle, the evolution of the arrangement, are really tailor-made for AC radio.”

Visit their NEW website

Tribute to Terry Dorsey: KSCS 1992 Aircheck

Published on Mar 10, 2015 by California Aircheck. Wow, Terry Dorsey passed away suddenly last week. This is the first video I shot of Dorsey & Hawkeye back in 1992. The studios were located back then at “Broadcast Hill” to the East of Forth Worth – I thought that was their stick out back, but I was told that was actually one of the TV stations on it. RIP Terry. Subscribe to