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ReelWorld’s 2023 Branded Intros for MNM Bring Sonic Power to Both Songs and Producers

ReelWorld, the undisputed global leader in radio jingles, production and on air services, kicks off the year in full fire power with 2023 branded song intros for MNM Belgium.

As part of ReelWorld Europe and Belgium’s MNM partnership, they are arming the station with exclusive branded intros. A powerhouse cast of vocalists carry the energy of MNM’s new ReelWorld sonic identity onto their biggest songs. And there’s a huge vocal kit so their own producers can join in the fun!

Listen to this epic showreel and visit to find out how you upgrade your on air sonic armament this 2023.

Sky Radio’s Power To Higher Top-of-mind Positioning

When you’re aiming to energise your playlist while connecting your brand to top  songs, consider the use of power intros! Sky Radio in the Netherlands has received  another couple of batches of these branded hit songs.

Power intros are memorable

“Power intros are excellent tools to claim your ‘A’ category songs as a part of your  station’s brand”, Thomas Giger of PURE Jingles explains. “Distinctive branded intros  that have been repeated often enough will stick in people’s minds. Chances are they  will associate that great-testing song with you.”

This strategic branding value can also translate into ratings: “Hearing the normal  version of that song, even on another station, listeners who know your power intro  will often hum YOUR station name along the melody of your branded version. It’s one  of those miracles of audio branding! Sung melodies are memorable, research shows.”

Branded intros work everywhere

“In diary-measured, recall-based markets, your station can get extra listening credits  as people may THINK they’ve been listening to you – while it may actually could have  been a competitor. Especially when the other station doesn’t have their own power  intro version or doesn’t precede the song with imaging.”

Branded intros also add value to PPM-market radio: “Power intros are contributing to  higher top-of-mind positioning. And just as important: they’re flow-friendly. Dropping  the imaging on the song, instead of in between two songs, helps to achieve forward  momentum. Short jingle cuts work well too, especially in front of ‘no-intro’ songs.”

Sky Radio’s new power intros

Check out highlights from Q2/’22 at And when  you’re looking for branded intros tailored to your own radio station, you can explore  the monthly-updated ‘PURE Intros’ service at

Sky Radio works with PURE Jingles for new Power Intros

The number 1 non-stop music station is Sky Radio in the Netherlands. They have  commissioned PURE Jingles to create playlist-updated Power Intros (branded  songs), which are produced in collaboration with the station’s imaging team.  

Uunco Cerfontaine, Radio Director Sky Radio: “Music is what it’s all about at Sky.  Apart from news, weather & traffic, you will not hear any presenters, but 24/7 non stop music. It is therefore extra important that we create an optimal music flow with  which we help our listeners through their busy day. Power Intros are an essential part  of this, melding a jingle and a song into one beautiful piece.”  

Time Spent Listening.  

“Studies show that sung audio logos have a major effect on the recall of a brand or  slogan and on the behaviour of a listener or consumer,” adds Thomas Giger of PURE  Jingles. “Power Intros connect a radio brand with songs that are popular within their  target audience. One would also want to prevent interruptions of a non-stop music  sweep, and maintain a forward momentum instead. In this context, along with short  jingles, Power Intros are conducive here to a longer TSL and higher market share.”  

The creation of each Power Intro is an intensive creative process for which the PURE  Jingles team often collaborates with Sjoerd Konijn and Arjan van Lierop of Sky Radio.  Sjoerd Konijn: “Very cool and inspiring to brainstorm together and to be present at  the monthly vocal sessions.” Arjan van Lierop adds: “It leads to surprising, striking  productions, and every intro adds power to our brand.”  

PURE Jingles and Sky Radio have been working together since January 2022. The  ‘Sky Intros’ can be heard via 101 FM, DAB+,, the Sky App, and in the  PURE Jingles showcase at

Philippines, Japan, Sri Lanka choose Christmas Across The Lands Radio Show

2021 Classics & Contemporary Demo

Christmas Across The Lands is having its 22nd year of producing the 12 Hour Christmas Radio Special. From across the USA and Canada, many foreign countries as far away as England, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bonaire, Ireland, and more are choosing this programming.

In 2018 the “Country” version was added, and Christmas Across The Lands continue the honor to donate the show to the American Forces Network-Radio.

Mami A., an avid radio listener in Japan has this to say,”a Huge THANK YOU for bringing the Christmas spirit to Chiba, Japan!”

The show is written, hosted, and produced by Randy Sherwyn, a seasoned radio broadcaster, voice talent and writer.

2021 Classics & Country Demo

The concept of the show came to Randy in the 1980’s while listening to other shows that were the same year after year. Joel Denver/Matt Shapo of All Access play a valuable part in the shows success. Now you can choose a Classics and Contemporary or Classics and Country version.

Christmas Across The Lands is truly a heartwarming show that brings the magic of the holiday home for the listener. Great music and production — Christmas Across The Lands — it’s all wrapped up in one beautiful holiday show

Joel Denver, President/Publisher,

To get Christmas Across The Lands, simply fill out the simple form here You will get a confirmation email immediately, and within 24 hours they will email you a contract that will have all the information you’ll need. The show is 12 hours long (Approx 50 minutes of content per hour, 10 minutes local avails).

You get unlimited plays for the low cost of $99 (download 320kps mp3). If you desire the Flash Drive with .wav files the cost is $134. (includes shipping, USA Only). There is a $6 processing fee if paid by Credit Card.

Get your listeners feel Christmas Across The Lands, start here

Coldplay & BTS, Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber: Imaging Blueprint Branded New Music

Imaging Blueprint is always first for branding new music! Last month radio stations owned music by Coldplay & BTS, Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber before their competition!

Imaging Blueprint is the first and only artist focused radio production service, truly covering the core artists on your playlist! IB features an innovative, online database containing over 50 thousand audio files including sound design, music beds, artist-imaging workparts, vocal work parts, topical elements and much much more!

This is a small demonstration of audio uploaded to Imaging Blueprint throughout the month of September 2021. For more info go to or

Virgin Radio New On The Sly INTROS Fly Across Canada

Fly: cool, stylish, smart, fitting words for these new INTROS from ON THE SLY Audio Production.

Showcasing these smashers from Doja Cat, The Weeknd, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber and Maroon5. On The Sly elevated the hit songs playing on Virgin Radio across Canada.

ON THE SLY creates award-winning radio imaging, music, audio post-production.

Current and previous clients of the On The Sly treatment include KBIG 104.3 MY FM Los Angeles, KYSR Alt 98.7 Los Angeles, Paramount+, London’s New Years Eve fireworks, Heart Network, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, Virgin Radio Dubai, BBC Radio 5Live, BBC 6 Music, Disney, Nova Entertainment Australia, KIIS Australia, Primedia South Africa, Kerrang Radio. Radio Academy Gold Award winners, New York Festival award winners, Arquiva award winners and many more.

ON THE SLY is just an audio branding company. They pimp out some banging voice overs, craft a wide selection of custom music and jingles and they will use every tool in their arsenal to re-energise your radio station’s brand or production.

Hear more at

Speed Bump Custom Song Intros are the Real Deal at

CHR Demo
Speed Bump Intros Demo Throwback

Imagine if today’s hottest stars were singing your station name…

With Speed Bumps Custom Song Intros it’s possible!

Everybody’s heard Power Intros and Branded Intros over the years, but Speed Bumps take the concept to a whole NEW level. Available in the following music formats: CHR, Urban, Urban AC, AC, 80s, Oldies, Throwback, and Country.

You choose the songs and write the message.

Hi-FM in Oman has this to say about the service:

“Great turnaround and a killer sound to make your music really stand out. You know you’re winning when the audience actually sings your station name at the start when they’re singing the songs.” – Robin Banks, Content Director, Hi-FM, Oman, UAE.

Get ready to be impressed! Check out the Custom Song Intros at, contact the team and look for Niyah, don’t forget to ask for 50% off your first month

Start here

Country Demo
AC Demo
Oldies Demo
80s Demo
Urban Demo
Urban AC Demo
CHR Demo

Sweet ‘n Spooky: ASX Halloween Vol. 2 from @ASXAudio

On the scariest night of the year, you need the spookiest imaging tool  kit for your radio station or show – ASX Halloween Vol. 2! Full of  creepy new sounds to add some scare to your imaging! 

A suite of over 70 radio imaging elements to bring some Halloween  fun to your station sound! 

All for just £45(GBP)+VAT OR Get Halloween Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 Bundle  for just £65(GBP)+VAT  

The ASX Halloween Vol. 2 track list: 

Get your instant digital download now at:

Listen to the full audio demo below:

From the same production team as AudioSweets, ASX is a buyout  imaging production library available to every station and producer, no matter how big or small. The service is created for radio  producers by radio producers – with useful elements and work  parts, allowing users to make some sweet radio whilst saving time  and money. The complete ASX collection is also available for instant download  at Sign up to become a member  of to manage your bought content and receive exclusive discounts.

These 10 branded intros are safe ‘n sweet for your station

Today’s biggest hits never sounded so sweet! AudioSweets ASX’s latest album of Sweet Intro’s is here and ready to beam across your airwaves!

From the award-winning producers behind ‘Pick N Mix’, ASX delivers even more of today’s biggest tracks, pre-branded!

Featuring FX, Artist Drops, and everything else you need. All you have to do is add your station name!

Stand up against the competition with these world class music intros and at an incredible price!

Check out the demo now and get downloading, link here

A different strategy on the of use Power Intros

By Ivo Boudewijns, Executive Producer, Sticky FX | and Voice Actor

Almost every radio station has them; Power Intros. A great way to brand the music of your station! But almost every radio station does it in the exact same way. Why? “Because everybody else is doing it this way. So I guess that’s what you’re supposed to do.” Doesn’t sound like a well thought out strategy, does it?

For a CHR-format it is obvious that you create Power Intros from the top current songs on your playlist because those are the most important songs for your audience. But for stations with a Greatest Hits, AC or Hot AC-format those current hits are certainly a bit less important and less relevant to have Power Intros from. So why copy the strategy of your CHR-competitor?

In The Netherlands there’s a Hot AC-station called DMG Radio that started doing Power Intros in different way. They deliberately chose not to have Power Intros from the current songs they play but from the songs that define the station’s sound on the older end of the library. Their Power Intros are featuring the core 80’s songs as they are an important part of their music brand. Also this way they stand out from the rest because they don’t (over)use the A-rotation songs that every competitor is using in their Power Intro’s.

An original take on how Power Intro’s can reinforce your station’s music brand.

Check out the demo at and the website

Branded Intros with Ed Sheeran, Jax Jones, Bebe Rhexa, Lil Nas X

Branded song intros never sounded this sweeter, as AudioSweets has served the latest sweet treats to its Pick’N’Mix subscribers. New this month are fresh artist drops, custom sound sound fx, imaging shells, music imagers, beds and branded intros for some of the biggest hits today. Listen to the recent highlights below.

AudioSweets Pick ‘N’ Mix is a weekly updating imaging tool kit used by commercial radio stations, tv channels and multimedia outlets around the world; to name a few: BBC, Lincs FM Group, Global, KMFM, Classic Hits 4FM, Skala FM, UKRD Group, Original 106 fm, 107 JACK FM, and AnglianRadio.

How to become an AudioSweets member?

1.) Visit the page
2.) Fill out the form, click submit and done. The AudioSweets team will be in touch with you.

Get Free 4th of July Imaging AudioPack (Guaranteed not Made in China)

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for radio stations to produce 4th Of July promos, they shall be entitled to the best FREE AUDIO in the land with which they shall promote contests, fireworks, and the pursuit of barbecues.

Wanna download the FREE 4th of July #AudioPack? It’s got all the SFX and Music Beds to set the right three day weekend kinda vibe. Just sign up for the Benztown Birdcage Liner and they’ll send you the download link! Why sign up for the Benztown Birdcage Liner?

It only comes like….once a month.
It’s not a sucky newsletter. It’s friggin’ awesome.
You’ll get more freebies! Sign up using link below to get your free 4th of July #AudioPack!

Their New Power Intros Are A Hit Inside A Hit

New power intros for NPO 3FM by PURE Jingles, unlike other approaches, sung vocals are incorporated to give a seamless flow without interrupt the vibe of the song. More info at

Power Intros by PURE Jingles

Other news in the audio industry. After paying out a total of $ 343 million for Gimlet Media’s podcast production services and Anchor’s distribution services, Spotify decided to explore a new territory beyond music, sports.

Its founder Daniel Ek is in fact convinced that over 20% of the content listened to on the platform in the coming years will not concern music, so much so that the audio streaming platform has opened a position of Sport Lead to Spotify Studios to manage development and production premium audio series.

Spotify already offers a series of services for those who practice sports, from playlists to the presence of clubs – in Italy the Turin Football Club – which thus involve the fans in the life of the players, but the vertical offer is a completely new project and that could foreshadow the expansion of contents also in other areas such as news and infotainment.

Updated Kiss FM Power Intros by Omega Productions USA

Freshly produced power intros using sung elements for Kiss FM 96.1.

Produced by Omega Productions USA


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Kicka$$ Song Intros with Drake, Cardi B Singing Your Station Name

Drake? Sort of! How about Cardi B, Beyonce, Ariana Grande … are you nuts?

Heard here are the latest custom song intros from the world famous Speed Bump Intros.

The only production service that gets custom song intros right!

You are talking about artist-identical custom sings, not canned jingle syllables dropped into the song intros.

You can get Dua Lipa sing your station name as the songs kicks off.

Dope right?

Not a CHR Station? Not a problem. Speed Bump Intros covers Urban, Urban AC, AC, 80s, Oldies, Throwback and Country formats.

Speed Bump Custom Song Intros are essential to the Imaging for any radio station on the market. Speed Bump delivers four (4) custom sound-a-like song intros every month. You choose the songs, you write the message! Keep your imaging package and reinforce your station brand in a new way. – Speed Bump Intros Team

For stations worldwide get in touch with your rep at Radio Express, visit the link below.



Urban AC






NEW! Radio 1 Power Intros

Karlovits Karlo Zsolt is an Audio Imaging Producer at WiseBuddah.

Heard here is his latest power intro masterpieces for Radio 1.

Listen to all his amazing works at

Get in touch via e-mail

These Custom Song Intros are Epic! Heard on CHUM FM, KFM Shanghai and More @OnTheSlyProd

One word epic! These custom intros for some of the biggest FM radio stations from Toronto to Phoenix, Los Angeles to Shanghai, China jump out of your speakers.

Intros are freshly produced from On The Sly UK.

You think song intros are so 2000s? Custom intros evolved just like the hits heard on major stations today and nobody does custom intros better than On The Sly.

Fusing your station’s brand into the hottest hits for ultimate music flow and artist ownership.

Now smashing it at KBIG 104.3 My FM Los Angeles CA, Chum 104.5 Toronto Canada, Live 955 Portland OR, Star 94.1 San Diego CA, Jump 106.9 Canada, Mix 96.9 Phoenix AZ, Radio Eska Poland, KFM Shanghai China, NRJ & P5 Hits Norway, 98FM Dublin Ireland, KIIS Network Australia, Virgin Hitz Bangkok Thailand, Metro Radio Beijing China, and Power Hit Radio Stockholm Sweden!

Envious? Reach out to the team at before your competitors do.

These Z100 Jingles, IDs Are Ten Years Old Already

A decade ago, ReelWorld launched the ONE jingle service dubbed as the last jingle package ever.

And it was a huge success and continues to be one.

The idea that stations can get a package that is continually updated every month was a hit and stations around the world subscribed to the revolutionary imaging service.

Each month ReelWorld puts out fresh productions that include ramps, slogan and shotgun versions, beatmixes or power intros and produced IDs.

Before 2008 ended, ReelWorld ONE CHR jingles were heard in stations all over the world using time tested sonic logos like the KIIS, Z100, KDWB and WXKS.

Heard here in this demo is a power intro for Jordin Sparks, a produced ID called HipHopaGNOME, the NewsBreaker jingle theme and Obsidian jingle theme.

Visit to sign up for the ONE CHR service.

For stations in Asia and The Pacific get in touch with Ricky Brataamadja.

Check Out: Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift ‘Doing’ Custom Song Intros For Your Station

Introducing Speed Bump Custom Song Intros customized song intros for your radio station.

This not your ordinary custom song intro service, this is the ultimate one!

Song intros are important to your station’s imaging whichever market you are.

Speed Bump provides four (4) customized artist and song-identical intros each month.

The client station can choose which song to use, and what copy or script to use!

This is the real deal in customized song intro, they sound so close to the artist, listeners will love it.

Have a listen to the demos here, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift sure they sound so close to the real deal like they did the intros themselves.

For stations in the US, get Speed Bump at

And for stations around the globe, request Radio Express for a demo here

AUDIO: These Power Intros Really Make A Mark “Splat Style” @SplatMe

New power intros from Splat! showcased for new the following smashers:

cardi b feat bad bunny & j balvin – i like it
nicky jam & j balvin – x
liam payne feat j balvin – familiar
ariana grande – no tears to cry
charlie puth ft kehlani – done for me
calvin harris ft dua lipa – one kiss

Get it at

DOWNLOAD Free Branded Song Intro

Branded Song Intro for Calvin and Dua’s latest summer smasher.

Get the file here

This audio contains imaging FX from Sticky FX. The world class sound designers at Sticky FX is giving free starter FX pack for imaging producers who want their prods to spark and stick … in the minds of listeners of course.

The link below will let you get the FX pack at no cost by registering for free. Use the link below to get imaging elements.

Get Free Imaging FX here

Here’s What’s Missing In Your Station’s Imaging

Introducing LFM Audio’s ‘Power Intros’ – a great way to engage your audience and introduce the latest hits and artists. At only $20 US per week, they are extremely affordable and are proving a must have for CHR Top 40 radio stations.

LFM’s Power Intros are making it easier than ever for your CHR Top 40 radio station to get weekly updated Song Intro Imaging. They include both a snippet of a new hit song and a short voice over from the artist. Branding comes in the form of your station or show name, along with a particular station imaging voice chosen by you.

To date, they have received rave reviews from CHR stations worldwide:

“The Power Intros are an excellent way to introduce the hottest songs while keeping your station sounding fresh and HOT!” – JT, Pulse FM

Every Monday, LFM Audio sends a list of trending CHR songs out to everyone who is subscribed to the service. You can vote on which songs you want to be included in the weeks Power Intros. Every Friday, the top 2 most voted songs are turned into Power Intros, branded with your Station Name and delivered ready for air.

“Very happy with the quality of service, the communication from staff was excellent. The Power Intros are of high quality and at a very reasonable price.” – Manuel Guthman, Radio M4

If you are looking for a way to make sure that your CHR Top 40 radio station stays fresh and ahead of your competitors, then consider using LFM Audio’s Weekly Power Intro service. Included artist interviews and snippets will make your station sound big, on trend and will increase listener engagement. Head to the LFM Audio website to hear examples of past Power Intros and Subscribe Now.

These Are Pipin Hot Power Intros, New Music IDs and Music Imaging

Fresh from recently

You ready for this, we got this music radio ID

Whats going on guys this is Post Malone – Power Intro

You ready for this – new music plays right here

Calvin Harris Dua Lipa Power Intro

5 Seconds of Summer promo

Virgin Radio ID

Ariana Grande Power Intro

All I Got The Hits Music Image Promo

Post Malone Power Intro

Follow IMGR on SoundCloud here