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Cool Toolz Imaging FX Package is Speed and Energy for Your Radio Production @StickyFX

A brand new production library that is best served chilled with a twist of lime and a pinch of pepper, just add your station’s VO to your liking!

Of course your station is the hottest one on the planet and you’re playing today’s hottest hits. Then you better make sure your imaging is cool! Make your productions stand out in a cool way and give them the sound of today’s hit music with Cool Toolz v2. 

A mean and lean production library featuring 150 multi format FX and work parts all conveniently categorized in 7 categories;  Impacts, Slams, Breakers, Starters, Drones, Sweeps and Beds. 

Cool Toolz v2 provides you with all the tools you need to give your productions more speed and energy. No matter what format you work in, just squeeze in a couple of these fx and in no time your imaging sounds fresh and cool!

The new Cool Toolz v2 is also available in an affordable bundle with the first edition of Cool Toolz.

Checkout the audiodemo at: 


Or simply download it immediately at: https://www.stickyfx.com/en/products/cool-toolz-v2.html  

176 Days to Christmas, Get this Free Xmas FX Package

When you’re preparing your station’s Christmas imaging it’s nice to have some neutral X-Mas FX in your imaging arsenal. Now you can downlaod a X-Mas Pack with 30 FX and Work Parts for free. Get it here

When you’re preparing your station’s Christmas imaging it’s nice to have some neutral X-Mas FX in your imaging arsenal. FX that reflect the feeling of Christmas and the Holiday season and that fit anywhere in any mainstream format like CHR, (HOT) AC or Rhythmic. Here’s a totally free special X-Mas FX Pack with 30 FX and Work Parts. From whooshes to sparkles and bells to fly by’s of Santa’s sleigh.

And yes, it’s free and royalty free! Just download it and start producing! No purchase necessary, no strings attached. Just add the free X-Mas pack to your shopping cart and check-out. There will be no charges.

Visit the page here to get the package https://www.stickyfx.com/en/products/free-x-mas-pack-2015.html

Radio is evolving and so should your imaging!

The radio world is changing fast. Competition is more fierce and widespread than ever before. That’s why Sticky FX created Grand FX! A brand new library that lets you take on all sorts of competition in today’s radio world. A unique tool that lets you re-invent the sound of your station.

The days where you compete only with other radio stations have long gone. You now battle against numerous apps and streaming services as well so it’s even more important than ever before to make your audio brand stand out.

Sound of today

Grand FX is there to help you craft your own unique imaging sound with 365 FX and Work Parts that blend seamlessly with today’s CHR and Hot AC music but also make your station’s imaging pop out of the radio or any other device your listener uses.

This library by Sticky FX contains brand new FX and Work Parts in a style that has proven its usability over the years. But everything is tailored to the sound of today’s radio and music.

Power Intro’s

The audio in Grand FX is categorized in 18 folders, each with a specific purpose. It includes a big collection of fresh sounding Starters, Impacts, Hits, Slams and Breakers. But there’s also some Work Parts specially crafted for the in Power Intro’s like the Sweeps, Risers and Glitches.

App world

There’s no denying it, we’re living in an app world today and so is your station. So Grand FX feature two new categories full of app noises and notification sounds to enhance the message of your ID’s and promo’s.

Your imaging in today’s radio world really has to have a 360 degree approach so you stand out on all media platforms. Grand FX provides you with the tools to do just that. It has cool EDM Work Parts, Stagers, Drones and Beds with which you can create great sound tracks for everything you do on and off air.

And when you want to give your productions some more energy with beats based FX, there’s lots of great tools in Grand FX like Beat Slams, Stoppers and Beat Starters.


The sound of Radio is evolving and so should your imaging! Get Grand FX and make your station’s imaging bulletproof to your competition, from wherever it may come!

Get Grand FX now for your station at www.stickyfx.com! Now with a 50 Euro  introduction discount, for 199 EURO instead of 249 EURO (limited time offer)

Download it immediately at:


GrandFX from StickyFX Launches Today

The radio world is changing fast. Competition is more fierce and widespread than ever before. Your station battles not only with other stations but apps and streaming services as well. The sound of Radio is evolving and so should your imaging!

It’s time for a new unique tool that lets you re-invent the sound of your station. With Sticky FX Grand FX you can get your imaging ready to take on all the competition in today’s radio world. A library with 365 FX & Work Parts including Starters, Impacts, Breakers, Hits, Sweeps, Beat Slams, Glitches, Risers, EDM Work Parts, Drones, Stoppers, Shots, Beat Starters, Apps, Slams, Stagers, Noises and Beds.

Get Grand FX and make your station’s imaging bulletproof to your competition, from wherever it may come!

Get the library here https://www.stickyfx.com/en/products/grand-fx.html

Download Broken Air 2 FX Library for CHR, Hot AC & Greatest Hits @StickyFX

Make your imaging bigger and fatter!

Who says big and fat is bad? Meet Broken Air 2 from Sticky FX Productions in The Netherlands! The biggest and fattest sounding library around. A must have for any CHR, Hot AC or Greatest Hits imaging director.

This multi-format package contains 300 fx and work parts that will give your productions the punch you’re looking for.

With the Air Breakers you can splice up messages or accentuate certain parts of your production. When you want to come in with a bang, use the Low Breakers.

They also work great for sudden changes in your production.

And when you want start of your imaging with the right amount of energy, there’s the Starters. The perfect way to launch your promo or ID.

New in Broken Air 2 are the Drama Hits which give you the ability to create some real suspense in your imaging.

Together with the steps you can create a level of suspense that makes your listeners want to know what’s going on.

For more subtle work there’s this package features lots of Whoosh Hits. Also you got your Impacts and lots of Beats for promos and talk-over stuff for your jocks.

Just mix and match all the tools in Broken Air 2 to your wishes and the possibilities become endless.

Give your imaging the ultimate big, fat, punch with Broken Air 2.

The library that gives your station’s imaging, the power it needs to cut through!

Or simply download it immediately at: www.stickyfx.com

Get it now with the introduction discount of 15%. For a limited time, only! Broken Air 1 and 2 are also available as a friendly priced bundle.

5 and 3 Are Radio Producers’ Lucky Numbers, Check It Out Here @StickyFX

5 because Cool Cutz Level 5 is here, the latest imaging FX library from Sticky FX.

Cool Cutz Level 5 contains 75 FX with the distinctive Cool Cutz sound. Short and powerful FX that will boost your imaging to a new level.

This library is now available for download for just 49 EURO. Cool Cutz Level 5 is also included in the Cool Cutz Bundle.

And why 3, because Glide 3 is also here.

After months of hard work Sticky FX finished Glide 3, the perfect library for AC and Hot AC with over 600 FX and Work Parts.

The price of this new library is 400 EURO. For a limited time only you can get Glide 3 for just 350 EURO. Just order Glide 3 from the website to take advantage of the discount. The discount will be automatically applied to your order.

Now heard on Dutch Full Service Radio Station Omroep Brabant, Rhône FM Switzerland and Spreeradio 1055 from Berlin Germany.

If you’re for more deals, check out these 3 packages now on sale.

Sampler Pack: 20,00 -> 15,00 EURO
Micro Shots: 49,00 -> 34,00 EURO
Cool Cutz 1: 99,00 -> 49,00 EURO

Visit StickFX.com now

Keep it cool & fresh with Cool Cutz – Level 5 @StickyFX

Is your station’s imaging suffering from burn out? Have your promo’s gone stale and are your ID’s due for well deserved update? Sticky FX presents a handy little production fx library with which you keep your imaging cool and fresh!

Cool Cutz Level 5 is ideal for freshening up all your station’s imaging elements.

It has 75 short fx such as Blast offs, Blasts and lots of Breakers. All elements come with the famous distinctive sound of the Cool Cutz series.

Because Cool Cutz – Level 5 is very affordable, it’s also perfect for stations with a small budget, mobile dj’s and internet radio.

You get 75 instantly usable fx for only €49, so it’s a package you just can’t afford to miss!

Keep it cool and fresh and get it today at:


Modern AC FX Library Gives Omroep Brabant ‘Fresh Oomph’ @StickyFX @MauVerschuuren ‏#Glide3


Just a few weeks since the release, the Glide 3 library by Sticky FX has found its way to several AC and Hot AC stations around the world. Even for a public broadcaster as Dutch AC/News-talk hybrid Omroep Brabant, Glide 3 has proven to be the ideal toolkit for their new audio design.

Maurice Verschuuren, Creative Director of Sonic Spring is responsible for the imaging of Omroep Brabant and also is one of the voice overs for this station in the south of the Netherlands.

He explains why Glide 3 is the perfect match for the new sound design of Omroep Brabant: “I knew immediately this is exactly what a modern AC, Hot AC, Full Service or News-Talk station needs. Warm, smooth and fluent! For the sound of the new promo’s and sweeps of Omroep Brabant I was looking for fx that enhance the flow and forward momentum of all the elements on a Full Service radio station and Glide 3 absolutely delivers!”

It’s huge!

The new Glide 3 library which is tailor made for AC and Hot AC formats contains over 600 fx and work parts categorized in 12 sections.

Verschuuren: “It’s huge! And it really has everything you can possibly need to create a distinctive fresh but classy station identity. Especially the Whooshes and Slams in this package I really like. They make your job so much more easy. A new sweeper is built in just a few minutes and it sounds just the way you need it to be for your format.”

Maurice continuous: “As a Sticky FX addict, I was thrilled to hear the new Glide 3 library was available. The sounds are quite different from anything else out there, Glide 3 is absolutely my go to library for any AC or Hot AC format. But it even works when you want to create more flow and enhance smoothness in for example CHR productions.”

Hard to find

Omroep Brabant started new programming two weeks ago. So they also needed their imaging to have an update. Verschuuren: “I used Glide 3 for Omroep Brabant to create a fresh and modern sound but it also needed to be smooth and neutral. It’s an AC/News-Talk hybrid and if you’re also doing imaging for a station like this, you know how hard it is to find a production library that has a sound that works for your station. But the fx and work parts of Glide 3 work perfectly with the format of Omroep Brabant. It blends the music, talk and news together with exactly the amount of energy and freshness we we’re looking for. I recommend any one in similar formats to check out this package.”

Glide 3 is the third library in the Glide series which started with the introduction of Glide 1 in 2011. Many producers using Glide, liked the neutral sound and subtleness. Something they couldn’t find anywhere else so in 2015 Glide 2 was born! And the newest library Glide 3 is the absolute production beast tailor made for AC and Hot AC radio.

For more info, track listing and audio demo’s, check: www.stickyfx.com

The Mothership of AC and Hot AC FX Libraries Has Landed @StickyFX

Sticky FX Introduces GLIDE 3

Imaging for an AC and Hot AC station is one of the most difficult jobs for an imaging director. Finding good FX packages for these formats is not easy but with the Glide libraries you are always one step ahead at your competition. That’s why many radio stations around the globe already rely on Glide to give their station a classy but fresh and modern sound.

And now there’s Glide 3! It has been in the making for over 2 years and finally the mothership of all AC and Hot AC fx libraries has landed. With more than 600 FX and Work Parts categorized in 12 sections like a selection of subtle Bleeps and Separators. A set of Hits, Slams and Impacts from big to small and in all imaginable intensity levels. Glide 3 also gives you a handy collection of Fly-Ins in different speeds and energy that make your production sound smoother and enhance the flow of your sound. It includes Starters for take offs in various styles, Logo’s, Beds in drone and beat style, lots of Whooshes in endless variations and it even has special selection of X-mas Elements so your station has that constant, fresh, clear and classy sound all year round.

It’s the complete toolbox for your station to create the sound you want. With precisely the amount of energy your format needs. All the elements you love conveniently organized and name tagged so you’ll find the right sound right away every time!

Glide 3 is the third library in the Glide series which started with the introduction of Glide 1 in 2011. Many producers using Glide, liked the neutral sound and subtleness. Something they couldn’t find anywhere else so Glide 2 was born! And the newest library Glide 3 is the absolute production beast tailor made for AC and Hot AC radio.
Check out the demo and track listing at www.stickyfx.com! And if you’d like to get all the Glide libraries there’s also a friendly priced bundle of Glide 1, Glide 2 and Glide 3.

To get it for your station, go to www.stickyfx.com.

7 Lucky Imaging FX Packages To Get You Started in The Year of the Rooster @StickyFX

Seven. The number 7 (七, Pinyin: qī (Mandarin) “chut” (Cantonese) symbolizes “togetherness”.

It is a lucky number.

It is also recognized as the luckiest number in the West, and is one of the rare numbers that is great in both Chinese and many Western cultures.

And as we in the East approaches the New Year of the Rooster, we’d love to start the year right.

Sticky FX, a global purveyor of high quality and competitive radio imaging FX libraries, presents these 7 must have charms for your production.

Beat Fillers Volume 1
Cool Cutz: Short FX
CHR Volume 1
Pink Noise
Glide Bundle
Cool Cutz Bundle

These libraries are having a price drop, so check them out over at StickyFX.com.

Check out all of their amazing libraries here https://www.stickyfx.com/en/products/

CHR, Talk Format Stations Reveal Essentials for Production FX @StickyFX

Talk station Live Wire Radio and CHR powerhouse Radio Veronica have shared what really lifts their station productions and make them stand out from the competition.

Live Wire Talk station is not afraid of mixing and matching their production elements, a bold departure from the usual conservative, less effects approach of traditional talk or news radio production approach.

CHR juggernaut Radio Veronica is also going all in in their productions while at same time keeping a balance between punchiness and edginess and sweetness and subtlety.

Both stations prefer the libraries offered by StickyFX.com.

“We have been using Sticky FX for the last year and think it is absolutely great how audio that once sounded quite boring on its own can be just lifted with great production elements. Definitely recommended to those who want to add that extra spice to the mix.” – Live Wire Talk Radio Team.

Radio Veronica Imaging director Guido Sprenger says:

“Sticky FX contains the greatest work-parts you need for a very good price! Not just short fx, but beats, fillers, drones, beds, it’s all in there. These parts are going to make us stand out from the competition! It’s punchy and edgy but also subtle and sweet at the same time! This stuff really smokes! It’s going to make my work a lot easier and more fun to add a new dimension to my productions, thanks Sticky FX!”

Whether talk radio or CHR station, never afraid to experiment and make it point to stand out from the rest.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkNK5iLPCV8


New Power Impacts FX Library Answers Every Producer’s Dilemma @StickyFX

Make it sound awesome but lose time or get it done fast and sound meh?

Recognize this situation? You’re in the middle of a production that needs to be finished yesterday and you’re looking for that one specific impact to give your promo or ID that punch to get it started the right way or that one impact that makes your production go out with a bang. And you’re already browsing over an hour through all of your libraries for that one perfect impact…….you know it’s in there somewhere but you can’t find!

Those days are over! Now, you can make promos that sound hot without having to waste time searching for that one perfect FX.

Sticky FX Productions knows just like you do that time is of the essence when it comes to the way today’s production world works. So they already did the time consuming work of making the best selection of every impact for every situation with their newest library ‘Power Impacts’.

Stop browsing through all your libraries for that perfect impact, you’ve got all the impacts you will ever need at your fingertips with ‘Power Impacts’. 100 Impacts in various styles, lengths and energy levels. All elements are logically categorized. There’s the ‘Direct Hits’ which give your production instant and powerful punch. ‘Fade in Impacts’ that are great for transitional purposes. The ‘Whoosh Impacts’ are ideal when you need more subtle power. And when you wanna get really nuts with your production, there’s the ‘Crazy Impacts. In each category you’ll find impacts with long tails, short tails, short hits and even special summer and winter impacts.

Power Impacts has 100 impacts that will make your imaging leave a mark on the radio dial! And if you order now, you’ll also get 10 bonus Power Drones!

Give your imaging the impact it deserves!

Always the perfect impact at your fingertips with Power Impacts. Check out the demo and track listing at www.stickyfx.com and get this power tool for your station today!

Something Big Will Impact The World of Radio Production @stickyfx

The release of Power Impacts is just a few days away.

So what is Power Impacts?

A brand new radio imaging and production tool designed by the creative minds of Sticky FX.

Be the first to know when it arrives, subscribe for free email list. And get 20 percent off the price.

Register for free here.


You Can’t Separate Yourself From This FX Library @StickyFX

These 400 cuts are now on sale for only €15.

Whether you’re doing production for CHR, AC, Rock or whatever…you can’t live without these. Those tiny, little fx you can squeeze in as a separator, breaker or to accent a message in your audio piece. Small bursts of energy that give your sweepers, ID’s and promo’s the finishing touch!

Check out more at https://www.stickyfx.com/en/prices-drop

KIX FX Is Here! New Pop Rock Production Library With A Kick

When you do imaging for a station that plays rock oriented music, it can be hard to find the right fx and work parts. You don’t want the cheesy stuff. You want it to have a certain edge without being too harsh and you want it to rock and melt with your station’s music.

It’s here! The guys at Sticky FX are taking imaging for pop, rock and alternative formats to another level with KIX FX! A jam packed production tool with over 200 fx that will make your station stand out from the ones still using the boring stuff that’s produced in the same way it has always been done for decades.

Fresh and Edgy

KIX FX gives you that original edge. Legendary alternative imager John Frost who created the world famous sound for KROQ Los Angeles in the 80’s and 90’s now runs his own production service Frostbytes and says: “The new KIX FX library is really solid! The Impacts are varied and original, your use of Guitars is refreshing throughout.” Frost uses KIX FX in his production for different stations and his imaging service Frostbytes so he as well as many other imaging directors, has a pretty busy production schedule for each day. And that’s where KIX FX can really help you out says Frost: “The KIX FX Starters, Statics and Separators should be a lifesaver for busy producers! A nice addition for any producer’s arsenal!”

It Fits Everywhere

Dutch imaging director for KX Radio, Maurice Verschuuren is hooked on the sound of the new KIX FX: “KIX FX helps to bring out the best in me as producer, and it perfectly glues all the musical styles we play in our eclectic format together. KX Radio truly is the only station in the world that plays everything from classic rock and Motown, to modern rock and the hippest dance and singer songwriter sounds of today. People love it! And KIX FX fits in every time and everywhere.”

He explains how KIX FX really helped him out to update the station’s imaging: “To revamp the imaging of KX Radio, I thought it would be great to work with one complete new library and solely use that throughout the entire package. I needed edgy elements without losing musicality and contemporary feel and KIX FX gives the station that edgy and new sound I’m looking for.”

Multi Format Usability

The new KIX FX package has separate folders for Impacts, Starters, Fx, Beats, Drones, Separators and statics which makes it easy to work with in a wide range of formats. It blends with lots of musical styles from pop to rock and from alternative dance to eclectic.

Stew Hererra, Creative Services Director of KLOS in Los Angeles tells: “I’m using the new KIX FX for our Classic Rock format here at KLOS and I’m really digging it!” The station plays a wide variety of classics like U2, Ac/Dc, Pink Floyd, Guns ‘n Roses and Aerosmith and KIX FX fits in just as easy as in the harder alternative formats.

Hererra of KLOS continuous: “You’ve got a wide variety of textures and sound design here. It’s all arranged and cataloged in a helpful, logical way, and it certainly cuts through. Love it!”

Whether you’re a Bear, Peak, Edge or Jack. When your station is playing rock music, it’s time to get the new KIX FX. Over 200 fx and work parts for pop, rock and alternative radio!

Now available at StickyFX.com.


The World’s First Social Media-Themed FX Library

New library Cool Cutz Level 3: The social edition

StickyFX is excited to introduce the latest library: Cool Cutz Level 3. 131 FX and Work parts produced for all formats and specially focused on the social interaction with your listeners.

Make sure you check out the demo and track listing at: https://www.stickyfx.com/25-cool-cutz-level-3.html

The price of this library is 99,00 EURO but subscribers to StickyFX.com will get an exclusive price cut.

So go ahead and sign up now at www.stickyfx.com

StickyFX has added Cool Cutz 3 to the Cool Cutz Bundle. If you want to buy the complete Cool Cutz series, 369 FX and Work Parts, they have a great deal for you. You will get Cool Cutz Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Cool X-Maz FX for just 225,55 EURO That’s a 35% discount on the normal price of 374,00 EURO.

Visit https://www.stickyfx.com/19-cool-cutz-bundle.html

These 2 Hot AC Stations Are Glad They Found This FX Library

Hot AC stations WFM96 in The Netherlands and Spreeradio Germany both agreed there is nothing quite like the new Glide 2 FX Library from StickyFX.com.

Bert van Mook, Creative Director WFM96.nl:

“Finding the right fx for an AC-pop format is a huge challenge. It can’t be too hot and hip sounding, but it also absolutely may not sound too dull! The new Glide 2 fx from Sticky FX fitted exactly in the sound layout I had in mind for WFM. Fresh and uplifting! For the sweeps of WFM I could use literally everyone of ‘m without any exception”

Alexander Breest – Head of on air promotion and Andreas Wilke – Head of production www.spreeradio.de:

“Here at 105’5 Spreeradio we are using Sticky FX since 2012. After the Glide and Pink Noise libraries, the guys at sticky fx now came up with the Glide 2 fx library, which offers a great variety of new production effects.

Sticky FX helped us a lot keeping our productions’ sound fresh and rejuvenating our music format. We’re sticking to Sticky!”

If you’re imaging an AC or Hot AC station you know just like everyone else that it isn’t that easy to find the right FX & Work Parts.

Most of them sound too harsh or the pounding basses don’t match the sound of your station’s music.

Even the libraries that claim to be made for AC or Hot AC formats tend to go overboard making them worthless.

The Glide 2 FX can be yours now, just head to StickyFX.com

This Is What EDM and Urban Radio Productions Have Been Waiting For

No station is the same. No station’s music, jocks or imaging. So why would you want to settle for fx and work parts that not totally match your station’s sound? Especially if you’re doing imaging for an urban, hip hop, dance or rhythmic station it’s not easy finding the right sounds.

Those days are over! Now there’s Radio Bomb! A tailor made fx package for your station’s DNA. With fx categories that you’ve been waiting for all of your production life. Like special technical Spins and Spin Slams but also Starters, Impacts and Risers with unique style that fits the sound of your urban, hip hop or EDM station.

In the total of 120 fx and work parts you’ll also find 10 fat Beat loops in different versions with which you can build a promo bed or talk up filler in seconds!

Make your imaging go BOOM! With Radio Bomb from Sticky FX.

Find out more about Radio Bomb at www.stickyfx.com

Sticky FX Productions Presents X-CALIBUR

The wait is over! Finally it’s here…the long awaited follow up library of the two legendary FX libraries ‘X-Attack’ and ‘X-Stream’. The newest library from Sticky FX is called ‘X-Calibur’ and the fx are as sharp as the name sounds. But they’re different from anything else that’s on the market right now. A small selection of producers who had the privilege to hear some prerelease samples said: “Totally different from most current ’zap-boom-swoosh’ libraries out there, and I really like that. It’s contemporary and I can already see it in use for several formats”.

The new X-Calibur library has the same rawness as the two predecessors from the 90’s but with a more polished sound of today. A jam packed library with some unique imaging tools that really give your station a different and distinctive feel and sound. Especially when you’re in a crowded market this baby gives you the ability to really make your station stand out from the competition.

‘X-Calibur’ has over 125 fx and work parts including 16 bold Hits, 15 razor sharp Separators, 25 fat Impacts, 20 lightning Starters, beds, 6 crazy Stoppers, 7 Power Drone Beds, 10 Power Drones, 11 sky high Risers, 10 Wipes and 10 plug and play Production Shells in which you only have to slap your voice over and you’re ready to go!

And that’s not all! You also get the remastered versions of the two classic libraries ‘X-Attack’ and ‘X-Stream’ for free with this bundle. Giving you a total of 327 fx and work parts. It’s total production freedom!

Check out the demo and track listing at www.stickyfx.com and get this ultimate imaging weapon for your station today!


Pink Noise Changes The Color Of Radio Production

In today’s competitive radio world it’s important to make your imaging stand out so it makes it easier for your listeners to remember your station’s name. When others zig, you zag. When others go grey, you go PINK!

Pink Noise is the ultimate Sound Design tool to brand your station’s name into the heads of your listeners. When you want to make sure your message is heard, you need the most extreme imaging FX ever! Over 400 FX & Work Parts that enhance the impact of your imaging. All categorized by purpose to make your imaging job even easier.

Charge Shells that help you start off back-to-the-music sequences or promos. These work parts get immediate attention with power quotes and are easy to use. Just splice in your station’s name, slogan and location and you’re ready to go. Pink Noise also features a load of short fx StickyFX calls Connectors. Sharp intense little suckers you can squeeze in anywhere to connect different moods or tempos.

When you want to add some extra drama or just need a plug and play talk over drone, there’s the Drone Attacks. Drones that start with loud impacts followed by endless drones that really carry the voice of your VO or jocks.

With the Ground shakers you can literally shake up your listeners radios. They’re the ultimate attention grabbers, heavy deep bass explosions to emphasize your message or music. And when you need some more short and fierce sounding hits and impacts, there’s an arsenal of Pounders that give your imaging extra punch.

Then there’s the intense sharp sounding and screaming Razors, ideal for separating different messages. And Rechargers for when you need to build up tension in an extreme way. The Smart Bombs are great if you want to do some whacky stuff in your imaging. They’re weird off the hook sounding explosions that make your message sound even bigger and louder.

Also there’s a set of Stoppers which are really handy for when you want to break down imaging in several parts or when you want to give your promo a natural ending. For your more smooth sounding transitions there are the Transporters; A great way to create flow between different tempos, moods and energy.

The most extreme imaging FX ever in one package with over 400 FX & work parts. Check out the demo and the track listing and get Pink Noise for your station to make a lasting impact!

Check out the demo and track listing and get it now to make your station’s imaging Glide. Head to www.stickyfx.com

‘Pink Noise’ New Radio Production Library Arrives September 30, 2012

The Dutch team of Sticky FX has announced that their new library ‘PINK NOISE’ will be released on September 30th.

The creators of ‘Sticky FX – CHR Volume 1’ and the AC library ‘Glide’ say that this library will get the attention of your listeners in a new and extreme way.

The FX and Work Parts will include special ‘Charge Shells’ where you only have to splice in your station’s name, logo, slogan and location.

It will also feature a couple of brand new categories that promise it to be very spectacular like ‘Rechargers’, ‘Groundshakers’, ‘Pounders’ and ‘Connectors’.

And the best news is, that they have a special introduction discount on ‘PINK NOISE’!

In the first 24 hours of September 30th. you’ll get 50 Euro’s off on this new library with over 400 FX and Work Parts.

Complete details you can find at www.stickyfx.com

Sticky FX now impacting on New York’s WPLJ

The number of Sticky FX CHR Volume 1 users continues to grow. More and more production directors all over the world are choosing for this package with over 350 fx and work parts divided in 10 easy to use categories.

And the guys from Dutch based Sticky FX proudly announced that WPLJ – 95.5 PLJ in New York and sister station WELJ – 104.7 Montauk/New Jersey will also ignite their imaging with this library.

Creative Services Director of WPLJ New York Dan Kelly says: “I’m really digging Sticky FX Volume 1. It’s a really sharp sounding package that’s just aggressive enough without being TOO intense. “

He already used a lot of beds and work parts from Sticky FX CHR Volume 1 when hurricane Irene was about to hit the Big Apple. 95.5 PLJ had continuous updates on the storm development and for that some ‘urgent sounding’ beds were needed. Here are some audio samples of the imaging Dan Kelly created with Sticky FX CHR Volume 1.

“Sometimes you’ll hear a CHR package that hits REALLY hard”, continuous PLJ’s Dan Kelly.  “These sounds hit just right. From the Atmospheres to the Beat Fillers to the Bleeps, Impacts, Sweeps, etc….everything’s is strong enough and fun.”

So when Dan had to come up with a fun and energizing promo for the 20th. Anniversary of New York’s longest running Morning Show ‘Scott & Todd in the Morning”,  he couldn’t wait to work again with his new Sticky FX CHR Volume 1. And because of the logical categorization and spot on descriptions of the fx, a promo like that really is a piece of cake. Well it certainly does make it easier.

Dan says: “It’s all categorized so you can easily find what you’re looking for. You’ll have a lot of fun using it!”

The audio version of the promo you’ll find  in the audio sample. And here’s how Dan used Sticky FX CHR Volume 1 in the video version of this WPLJ promo celebrating the 20th. Anniversary of ‘Scott & Todd in the Morning’ happening October 25th. at Madison Square Garden starring Duran Duran and Neon Trees. Link: http://youtu.be/RumCHYKFLcg

You can check out even more audio at www.stickyfx.com