Brandy’s Summerbeat Package For TOP

The New Standard For A Positive Sound For Rhythmic CHR

TOP, the youngest semi-national radio network of the Northern part of Belgium, has kicked  off the summer with a hefty dose of fresh summer beats. The brand continues to build on the  sonic branding that BRANDY produced in 2022 and 2023. It is a unique mix of musicality and  ultra-modern dance sounds topped off with cutting edge post-production. 

TOP highlights its summer programming with the tagline “Your Summerbeat”. And the station  delivers on this promise. Not only with the summer playlist but also with the imaging.  The Summerbeat package consists of 5 new tracks and summery remixes of existing tracks from  the We Make You Move package Vol. II.  

The station kicked off the summer with the Summerbeat 1000, which also featured special versions of the tracks for this unique chart. 

Bram Vanhee, imaging director of TOP: “The jingles couldn’t have come at a better time during a  period when the rainy weather shows no mercy! Great work, guys!”