Champagne FM Pops With Brandy Jingles

More than ever, Champagne FM is positioning itself as ‘La radio pop’ in the  Champagne-Ardenne region (France). So, in their search for an earcatching sonic  signature, the station turned to Brandy Jingles. The Belgian audio designers  created a new and super-recognizable sonic logo that clearly distinguishes the  package of 11 jingles and the news styling. 

Following Contact FM and RDL, Champagne FM is the third station of the Rossel Radio  group to receive an imaging makeover from Brandy. 

The Champagne FM team selected basic tracks from Brandy’s extensive catalogue – each track then received a remake tailored to the brand with an updated logo and catchy  vocals. 

The jingles fit perfectly with the station’s optimistic, lively and familiar atmosphere. 

We are delighted to be working with Champagne FM,” said Diederik Decraene, Brandy’s  Managing Director. “Among other things, the station was looking for an effective way to  bring its new ‘La radio pop’ claim to the market. With this branding, they’ll be able to  captivate listeners with the positioning in no time.” 

Here’s how the package sounds: 

Champagne FM is part of Rossel Radio, the French pole of Belgian Groupe Rossel, and has a  daily reach of just under 120,000 listeners. You can listen to the station in the Champagne Ardenne region and in the l’Aisne département. 


Brandy is a European consultancy and production company, based in Brussels, specialising in  on-air branding for media companies. Hear more packages at