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This Imaging Toolkit is ‘Serving The Universe’ Z100 Style

Trynity HDFX is the most comprehensive and powerful imaging tool kit in the planet and it is now being used on the air at Z100 New York.

Creative Services Director Staxx Williams shared his thoughts about the advantages of using the online service. Check out the video below.

TRYNITY HDFX prod is like a bunch of advanced sonic legos. All various shapes and sizes that somehow always fit with one another. You can build literally anything.The sounds in the DFS package have a TON of presence. They sound alive. And that life shows in the finished product.

Staxx Williams, Creative Service Director Z100 / KTU at iHeartMedia Inc.

Trynity HDFX is the brainchild of Robert Dudzic. Robert is a producer, engineer and studio musician, who has spent the last 15 years designing and composing music and sound effects. Together with Grooveworx, he created several libraries of music and effects that you hear regularly on your radio, television and in the movie theater. 

His works are constantly heard on NBC, ABC, CBS, ESPN, HBO, SHOWTIME, TBS, Disney, SKY Network, MTV, MTV Europe, Telemundo and NETFLIX.

Dave Foxx, consultant and the voice of Z100 has this to say about Trynity, Robert and Staxx.

Everyone knows I’m a huge fan of Robert Dudzic’s work…I have been from the time we first met. Robert is STILL my go-to source for imaging workparts, but to see Staxx embrace Trynity HD/FX as well makes me…um, giddy. (Goofy word, but I cant think of another that says it as well.) 

If I have any kind of legacy through my work at Z100 and beyond, I am so very pleased that he guy to carry it on and make it grow is Staxx. Whenever I pop Z100 on to see how Staxx Williams does with a VO session I’ve delivered, he ALWAYS hits the mark and most often just blows it up into something much bigger. I always smile, shake my head and say a quiet thank you to Mark Medina for having the smarts to bring Staxx on board.

Like Robert Dudzic, Staxx just keeps getting better. What a great combination!

Posted here

Looking for a voice to be the signature sound of your radio station? Dave Foxx is available exclusively through Atlas Talent. Listen to demos and contact via website here https://www.davefoxx.com/


For years, I’ve been telling Robert what I like (and a lot less often what I don’t like) in his Trynity HD/FX library. To some extent, I think it has had an effect on his effects. With this library, it is in TOTAL effect! I love these sounds. They’re as fresh and challenging as any effects I’ve ever heard. Just on inspiration factor alone, this library is astounding.


Learn more about Trynity HDFX and listen to the demo by visiting the website here http://www.trynityhdfx.com/

Dave Foxx-Approved Imaging Library from AudioSweets and Digital Sound & Video now up

Joining forces, Audio Sweets UK and Digital Sound and Video Florida, USA released CENTRAL 1 – 2019’s most exciting imaging library containing 390 items of Artist Drops, Attacks, Beats, Beds, Contest Elements, and News/Sports/Weather Elements guaranteed to grab radio listeners by the ears and with a buyout price of 195usd, imaging pro Dave Foxx thinks you’d be crazy not to pick it up right away.

Audio Sweets and Digital Sound & Video Announce CENTRAL 1 Imaging Elements 

(Now Available on Buyout Just $195.00) 

Daytona Beach-based Digital Sound & Video, Inc and UK-based AudioSweets Ltd announced a joint collaboration between the two companies today; a new radio imaging music production library titled “CENTRAL 1.”  Comprised of elements produced by AudioSweets, the library’s offerings were handpicked by the producers at Digital Sound & Video to be among the best of the best. 

The Package, priced at just $195 (USD), contains 390 cuts including categories such as Artist Drops, Attacks, Beats, Beds, Contest Elements, and News/Sports/Weather Elements.   

World-renowned imaging pro, Dave Foxx, had this to say about CENTRAL 1: 

“This is one library that will grab your listeners by the ears and shake them up. Everything punches through beautifully, adding impact and urgency when needed. Used well, it can act as a perfect counterpoint for any piece of production. At a price like this, you’d be crazy not to pick it up right away. If your GM won’t spring for it, you should. Just make sure you take it with you to your next gig.” 

AudioSweets Marketing Director, Simon Prentice, adds: “We’ve been used to working with producers and stations all over the world but when Ed and the guys at DSV approached us with the idea of a ‘best of the best’ package offer, we thought it was a great idea! Our team of producers work for the biggest groups on either side of the Atlantic, so I’m sure stations everywhere will love Central 1!”  

Digital Sound & Video President, Ed LaComb, remarked; “This first collaboration between DSV and our friends at AudioSweets was destined to happen.  When we discovered the phenomenal collection that was in the AudioSweets repertoire, I immediately reached out to them with the idea to create an “ultimate” package…one where virtually EVERY cut is 100% killer stuff.  Well, the guys at AudioSweets loved the idea and here we are with what we envision to be just the first in a series of affordable, high-quality imaging packages built for radio producers everywhere.” 

AudioSweets is a UK-based company that produces ID jingles, the Pick’N’Mix imaging library and the popular ASX buy out imaging albums. Their works are heard on the air in stations across the UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia, South America and Africa and their ASX albums have sold 1000s of copies all over the world.  

Digital Sound & Video is a Daytona Beach, Florida-based Radio Imaging/Video Production company that specializes in creating world-class imaging production via cash or barter for radio stations globally.  Now in it’s 21st year, Digital Sound & Video continues to expand its growing client offerings with products designed to make the life of programmers and producers everywhere a lot easier. 

CENTRAL 1 is available at DigitalSoundandVideo.com for just $195.00 and is delivered via online download. 

Dave Foxx Radio Imaging for Country Stations KSCS, KNUE

Dave Foxx is famously known as the voice of world class CHR stations. But Country format is also one of his expertise.

Heard here on stations 100.9 The Cat, 96.3 KSCS, KNUE, K92.3, a demo of his amazing works as a country radio voice talent.

Dave Foxx has worked with some of the best and remarkable individuals in radio industry.

Dave is not just great at what he does but considered by many, myself especially, as a mentor. I think anyone seeing this already knows what he can do in the world of creative but it is important to know the type of value he has and continues to have to folks like me who continue to build our skills and position in this business. It’s a good thing for me that there is a Dave Foxx

Ryan Drean, Creative Director TM Studios/WestwoodOne

Dave Foxx is a true legend. I first met Dave when I started my radio career in New York at WKTU in 1996. Dave is a true gentleman and one of the most talented Creative Services Directors and Voices I’ve ever heard. Not only is Dave brilliant at what he does, but he’s soft spoken, warm and encouraging. Dave is not only a mentor, but no one has ever had an unkind word to say about Dave Foxx and that is rare in the Radio Industry. Dave is truly one of the visionaries and experts in radio and also a great teacher and I would love the opportunity to work with him in the near future. Its an honor to recomend Dave Foxx and maybe one day take a trip in his plane…beside’s a radio God he’s also a pilot!

Diamond Boy Luis Torres
National Radio & TV Mega 92.9 PA, Mega 99.5 PA, Ritmo 96.9 DE, Ritmo 105.7 NJ, El Zol 99.9 Philly,Pulse 87NY & ABC 7-DC

Dave Foxx truly is THE Production Guru. With his years in the business, he is still cranking out promos that entertain, inform, and touch his listeners. And while change may come hard to some, Dave’s always actively searching for new ways to further perfect his work. But the best of Dave’s features is the fact that he loves to share his knowledge and ability with others – no matter their skillset. The joy he has in being at the top of his game is infectuous, and motivates you to become better. His praise for others’ work comes easy, and his criticism is always constructive. I am honored to be one of his “students,” and pleased to be one of his friends.

Chris Potter
Digital Media Producer at Cumulus Broadcasting

If you have turned on the radio in the last 20 years, then you’ve heard Dave Foxx. He has influenced the sound of radio in all formats all over the world. He’s also not afraid to pull back the curtain and show you his “secrets”. There were some secrets that I wish he had kept to himself, but that’s what you get with an open book. He really cares about what he does and always does things for the right reasons. Sure he makes stuff sound really cool, but he gets the message across in a way like no one else. I’m honored to consistently and blatantly plagiarize his work.

Allan Peck
Promo Voice at The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Get Dave Foxx to voice your station, country or any format.

Visit his website at https://www.davefoxx.com/contact. Globally represented by Atlas Talent Agency.

Dave Foxx on Classic Hits (UK) – Imaging by Devaweb

We really enjoyed producing these! Check out the imaging for new UK station Classic Hits, on air in Norwich UK, and streaming everywhere at classichitsradio.com

The voice is Dave Foxx, the jingles are from Bespoke Music, and the music is some of the best in the world!

Yes, You Get To Produce Alongside Dave Foxx or Staxx of Z100 on @TheImagingDays

The Imaging Days is THE event that’s 100% about radio imaging.

Again, many radio producers, imaging professionals and creative leaders come together for this two-day radio imaging event.

See ProTools, Ableton and Adobe Audition sessions from other producers, discover new plugins and exchange experiences.

By request the team at The Imaging Days will introduce something new this year: 1MAG1NG 1ON1.

On both days, for one hour the stage is yours! Bring your own audio and MAKE IT BETTER – together with your favourite producer!

Were there way too many effects?

How was the copy of your promo?

How does your station voice in the overall mix?

Grid? What’s that?

1MAG1NG 1ON1 is part of The Imaging Days 2016 on 3 and 4 October.

Speakers this year are Dave Foxx, Staxx (Z100/WKTU), Bart (Top of Mind Media Branding), Chris (Ignite Jingles), Denzil (RTE 2FM), Jean-Paul & Anthony (Spine Jingles), Chris Ward (Bauer), Niels & Joost (Qmusic), Ryan (ryanontheradio) and Christian (89.0 RTL).

Tickets for the event are available through theimagingdays.com

The Imaging Days 2016 Premium Partners:

Ignite Jingles, TRIL – The Radio Imaging Library, Spine Jingles and Helios Pro Audio Solutions

[VIDEO] Dave Foxx Talks About Tattooing and Networking #TID16 @TheImagingDays

The Imaging Days 2016 FaceTime with Dave Foxx

Oh hey wait well we’re going to teach people how to put a tattoo on everything they do so that within seconds of tuning in any listener will know exactly what station listening to 10 simple things you can do to make your station stand out from everyone else.

Well aside from hearing some of my brilliance the best reason to go to any of these conferences is to met work any phone numbers email addresses you want to meet the movers and shakers you want to meet the people who will be movers and shakers your peers down the road you’re gonna need an outside opinion you can pick up the phone and say can you listen to this is it too much that is it too much this.

And I don’t know anyone in a major market who got their job and imaging without somebody of their network opening a door for so there are a lot of reasons to go to one of these conferences for believe me networking is number one so get your butt over to theimagingdays.com sign up i’ll see you in October.

The Imaging Days 2016 presented by Ignite Jingles, TRIL The Radio Imaging Library, Helios Audio Solutions, Spine Jingles.

6 Years Ago Today These Were on Z100 New York

Radio imaging on the air at Z100 between last week of March and first week of April 2010.

Showcased are a Black Eyed Peas Weekend Promo, Z100 Payoff, Free Money, Lady Gaga Weekend ID, 2 music image promos and the Justin Bieber weekend spot.

The Bieb in 2010, wow, he was only 16.

Credit to Dave Foxx, Kelly Kelly Kelly and Dave Kampel, with jingles from ReelWorld.

What Dave Foxx Said About Being An Effective, More Creative Imaging Guy

These days you have Facebook to get your daily fix of imaging and production “wisdom”.

Chances you are, you’re a member of a Facebook group about radio stuff.

It used to be forum sites but now it’s on the social media platform and there’s a lot of reasons why radio people, prod guys and talents, are hooked, because the industry experts are in there too.

But here’s a tricky part about these niche discussion groups, no they are not THE problem, it can be a problem for you, the production guy, the voice talent, the copy writer.

It will suck the energy and creativity out from you, especially if you focus more on the technicalities.

To be MORE creative and BE effective, you have to tune out from them and be in the mind of the people that you serve.

If you’re an imaging producer for a station that caters to teenagers, be with the same target demographic of your station.

Know their language, their likes, the movies that are hot now, technology and trends, etc.

In other words, BE in them.

That way, you’ll be able to speak like them when you write your next batch of sweepers or copy for a promo.

Don’t get this wrong, these discussion groups on Facebook are one of the ways to be motivated, informed.

But they are not sources of inspiration for creativity.

Dave Foxx in one of the earliest episodes of the Ryan Drean Podcast, talked about this.

Your expertise in producing, your knowledge of the most state of the art tools, your possession of the best and most expensive plugins, won’t win you a “heart” or “thumbs up” from listeners who listen to your promos. It’s the thought, how you connect to them in their language and lifestyle.

Listen to the podcast back in 2008 with Ryan Drean here (visit http://www.ryanontheradio.com/2008/08/episode-1-dave-foxx/)

Dave Foxx Podcast in 2008

LISTEN: ReelWorld Beatmixes, Jingles, Kicks, NewMusic, Power Intro IDs / August 14 Stream Check

Stream check of the radio imaging playing on ReelWorld Radio August 14. Smokin hot as ever. Includes beatmixes, music kicks, sweepers, power intros and mashups.

Mashups are in! They are the new beatmix or music promos, W! This generation of listeners are into the DJ Earworm stuff, which usually happens only once a year. Not anymore.

Get ReelWorld on your station now at www.reelworld.com

Loading …

RW-Beatmix CoolCheerleader
RW-Beatmix HeyGoodSong
RW-Beatmix LeanOnSummer
RW-Jingle ReelDerulo
RW-Jingle Rereel
RW-Jingle ShoutReel
RW-Kick DJ Can You
RW-Kick DJ Nonstop
RW-Kick Dont Stop
RW-Kick Heres Another
RW-Kick Lets Go
RW-Kick Make Freakin Noise
RW-Kick Need Nonstop
RW-Kick Nonstop Dats Right
RW-Kick One Thing
RW-Kick Party Tonight
RW-Kick Want More
RW-Mash CoolWorthIt
RW-NewMusic Robot
RW-NewMusic Should Know
RW-NewMusic Talkin Fresh
RW-PowerIntro 1D Drag Me Down
RW-PowerIntro 5SOS Kinda Hot
RW-PowerIntro Andy Honey Im
RW-PowerIntro Jason Cheyenne
RW-PowerIntro Omi Cheerleader
RW-PowerIntro Taylor Bad Blood
RW-Sweeper Nonstop Hits

Is She The Next Kelly Doherty, Or The First Her?

It would be totally unfair to her, but this lady is the next big (thing) or voice in the world of radio imaging. The great Kelly Kelly Kelly is irreplaceable of course, but we know her story, from her humble beginnings to a radio production goddess. But we can’t help it.

She has just been referred to by the production god – Dave Foxx, a true voice talent, a producer for the Z100 morning show and the voice of the recently launched PromoBeds.com.

Is she the next Kelly, Kelly, Kelly?

She is the first Loren Raye – the Athena of radio imaging.

Who is Loren Raye?

A passionate and vivacious chick, Loren is grateful to be a producer for Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, a nationally-syndicated radio show based out of the world-famous Z100 in New York City!

For eight exciting and challenging months, she trained extensively with (incredibly brilliant!) voice over artist/mentor Joan Baker, and Emmy Award-winning Creative DirectorRudy Gaskins. She continues to train with the dynamic duo today! To develop her radio imaging skills, Loren works withDave Foxx (radio imaging Prod God!) who is based out of Z100 and heard worldwide. Loren is represented by Don Buchwald & Associates and is a member of AFTRA.

She can be heard on nationally-syndicatedClub Kane, and (with Dave on) 106.7 The Beat in Detroit, Michigan. A true nerd at heart, she was elated to have recorded in the famous Howard Schwartz Studios, and firmly believes that three things are essential to a happy life: good food, good company, and a comfy pair of sweatpants!

Visit LorenRaye.com

Novaz + Dave Foxx On Jackin’da Bass Radio Imaging

Jackin’da Bass Radio is the newest show on Tiesto’s Clublife Radio.

The Dance Music channel from legendary producer and DJ, Tiësto.

NOVAZ was asked to produce some fat imaging for the show produced, mixed and compiled by Bassjackers.

As DJ and producers duo, Bassjackers are remixing for A-list artists like Rihanna and Moby. Their dancefloor bomb ‘Mush mush’ was one of the biggest club/festival tracks of 2011, domination the beatport top 10 for over 2 months.

NOVAZ’ sweeper package was voiced by legendary Z100 voice and imaging guru Dave Foxx.

Tiësto’s Club Life Radio is available on the SiriusXM App for smartphones, on SiriusXM Internet Radio and on the Edge and Lynx satellite radios.

Visit Novaz Audio website:


Dave Foxx On Doing Z100 Jingles With ReelWorld And JAM Creative Productions

Z100’s September 2012 imaging update as posted on his website DaveFoxx.com again became a trending topic among the prod community.

“A few weeks ago, Sharon (my PD at Z100) and I decided it was time. “The new fall season” kind of thinking pushed us into giving everything a fresh coat of paint, and I’m very excited with the results. I hope you are too. ” – blogs Dave.

The post embedded the IDs.

Producer and voice talent Gavan Bruderer thought the jingles are perfect.

While Marcus from Brazil asked how Dave compares JAM and ReelWorld.


Hi Dave, what a great piece of work! Besides the elements, the concepts behind them and the role each one play to creat your desired brandind impact impressed me. Just for curiosity how do you compare the Jam productions with ReelWorld ones since you worked with both already. Looking forward for the next post. Cheers from Brazil Marcus

Dave Foxx replies:

First, thank you for your kind words. I take a lot of pride in these (and other) jingles I’ve cobbled together. I’m also very proud of the writing and production for the sweepers, but a great deal of credit must go to the guys in London at Production Vault for a lot of the Image Sweepers. Although I certainly monkeyed with some of them, George and his crew are masters at what they do and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

As far as the two jingle companies go, I honestly loved working with Jon at JAM. He was always open and responsive to new ideas. He even brought back “pop tops”, not solely on my suggestion, but because it was something he’d always enjoyed doing. (I’m pretty sure others made the same suggestion, so don’t get the wrong idea about my importance on this.) Even though we’re not presently doing business with JAM, I still have the utmost respect and admiration for his art and design and can really feel good about recommending JAM.

In my actual post, I made mention of Reel World’s marketing not always getting us “exactly” what we’re looking for, but you need to understand that I still love what they do. In making THE ONE jingle package for Z100, they had to design everything so it would be useful to more than just Z100, otherwise they’d certainly have a difficult time selling it elsewhere. It’s the nature of the business. Because they not only give us the finished product, but ALL of the work parts, I know I can jump under the hood and tweak things, so I do. Steve, Mike and even Craig (my rep) always listen and take everything we ask for into consideration before they set the masters to work in Seattle. Consequently, the finished product is always a superior in a LOT of different ways.

By the way Marcus, there are some plans afoot (in the very early stages) for me to come visit Brazil next year. I probably shouldn’t even mention them at this point, but I’m very excited by the prospect. I took a personal vacation In Rio several years ago and can’t wait to get back and visit Sao Paolo as well. Keep an eye on this blog for future developments.

View the entire post here http://www.davefoxx.com/2012/09/madonna-time/

Interview with Dave Foxx by Skyler Richard

Dave Foxx, Kelly D. on KKOB Radio Imaging

A montage of recent radio imaging for KKOB FM. Voice by Dave Foxx, Kelly Doherty.

Uploaded by Gavan Bruderer, voice talent and producer.

Follow Gavan on SoundCloud here

Dave Foxx online at DaveFoxx.com

Kelly Kelly Kelly online at kellykellykelly.com

Related Audio:

KKOB FM Top Of Hour March 2002

770 KKOB/Albuquerque, NM
[audio:http://www.tophour.com/audio/Albuquerque-Santa Fe NM/am0770_2002-03_kkob_tnoel.mp3]

KKOB FM on ReelWorld Kiss Cincinnati Package Client Montage

Dave Foxx On The JingleBox Launch

I remember it was in 2002-2003 when I first became active on social media ( the word was not even invented then) and radio production.

JingleMad.com was among the first websites that I got hooked to. Of course the website is geared towards jingle enthusiasts, collectors and not much really on radio production.

My good friends Paul McGrath, Neal Bowden, among many are the ones I see as those passionate about radio, they too also launched JingleNews.com and MP3Airchecks.com, now AircheckDownloads.com.

I got into the radio imaging and production blogging in 2004. This is when RadioJinglesPRO.com was first born.

Now, I am happy that there are lot of our friends in the business that have taken advantage of blogging and social media to share and inspire many aspiring radio producers and voice talents. Even the PROs also need to connect and be inspired.

Among those who just launched their own production blog is Raul Segurra from Spain, you can go visit http://thejinglebox.wordpress.com/. It’s in Spanish, but don’t worry, you can translate it to English, just type in the address on the translation box link here http://translate.google.com/. If you are using Chrome, it should automatically prompt you to translate. Below is a montage of production works by Dave Foxx as an initial salvo on  The JingleBox.

Why Blogging? Why Social Media?

I have three words, outlet, inspiration, and  connection.

Facebook, Twitter, and Sound Cloud recently is now the home of many radio producers and voice talents who share and find connections.

Here are some websites that I recommend you subscribe to.

  1. www.DaveFoxx.com
  2. www.BenztownBranding.wordpress.com
  3. www.RyanOnTheRadio.com
  4. www.RadioILoveIt.com
  5. www.JingleNews.com
  6. www.earshot.tvi.gg

If you know of any website, blog, Facebook page or group or SoundCloud and Twitter accounts, let us know and hit comment below. And we will feature it!

Mix FM Beatmix by Floyd Media (Voice by Dave Foxx, Kelly Kelly Kelly)

We’re showcasing an aircheck of a new music promo or beatmix produced by Pedja Radivojevic of Floyd Media.

This was for Mix FM in Beirut, Lebanon.

Here is what Pedja had to say:

Beatmix is not dead – it has evolved!

We are creating new sound for Lebanon’s Mix FM Breakfast Express show with Scott Phillips, andthis is how it sounds on air…

Custom beatmix intro and imaging featuring voiceovers by Dave Foxx and Kelly Kelly Kelly.

Floyd Media is creative radio imaging & sound design company based in Serbia. Visit http://www.floydmedia.net

Mix FM Lebanon Beatmix (Dave Foxx, Kelly Kelly Kelly)

Storified by RadioJingles Pro · Sun, Jun 24 2012 06:07:03

Mix FM Beatmix by Floyd Media (Voice by Dave Foxx, Kelly Kelly Kelly) click here http://wp.me/p1CrCY-151
Beatmix by Floyd Media (Voice by Dave Foxx, Kelly Kelly Kelly) | RadioJinglesPRO.comWe’re showcasing an aircheck of a new music promo or beatmix produced by Pedja Radivojevic of Floyd Media. This was for Mix FM in Beirut,…
Beatmix is not dead – it has evolved!We are creating new sound for Lebanon’s Mix FM Breakfast Express show with Scott Phillips, andthis is how it sounds on air…Custom beatmix intro and imaging featuring voiceovers by Dave Foxx and Kelly Kelly KellyPedja Radivojevic
Dave Foxx: It sounds VERY hot! (Naturally, I’m diggin the VO. LOL) I’ve always been impressed with Roger’s crew in Beirut. You guys rock…hard!
Kelly Doherty says: Wow! What a compliment! Thank you! I’m honored that you’re honored. 🙂

Dave Foxx: Ten Things You Need To Know About Music

This month on RapMag.com, Dave Foxx talks about the 10 things every radio producer should now about music.

Here’s Dave’s primer on his column Production 212 on RapMag June 2012.

(This is starting to sound like a broken record!) Finally, we wrap up “the list” – Ten Things You Need To Know About Music. We’ve done the first 6 items over the last few columns, leaving seven through ten.

Last time I said these last four should be self-evident, but I realized later that they’re not. In fact, they’re pretty subtle points, which I need to explain. OK… for the last time, here is the list (to save you from digging for past issues):

  1. Music is made up of parts, which can be disassembled and reassembled.
  2. Tempo is ALWAYS flexible.
  3. Rhythm is NEVER flexible.
  4. Key is relative.
  5. Musical phrasing is similar to spoken phrasing.
  6. Placing voice-over over singing is very much like having two people talk at once.
  7. Ending the music is like putting a period at the end of a sentence.
  8. Sung vocals need to HELP the message if at all possible.
  9. Effects need to support the musical phrasing.
  10.  Tracking your voice over to the music can double its effectiveness.

Read the entire article by getting your copy of the RapMag Radio And Production Magazine June 2012.

Click here to subscribe http://rapmag.com/highlights.aspx

Dave Foxx: Automating Plugins on Pro Tools Tutorial

[VIDEO] Dave Foxx Tutorial: Inverse Mask

Follow Dave Foxx on DaveFoxx.com

Dave Foxx posted his recent web tutorial, this covering on inverse masking.

In this tut, Dave shows us how to do the infamous inverse masking technique or what others call reverse reverb. In a promo he did showcasing Enrique Iglesias, the Z100 Creative Services Director simplified the procedure.

Here’s his blog:

You probably should not use this too often, but it really sounds cool. It’s a handy little trick to add to your toolbox that will make your production really jump out of the speakers.

I’ve already gotten a few requests for specific topics to cover in these web tutorials: EQ, Compression, Beatmixing and one that struck me as a bit odd, Time Management. (It came couched in an email full of “How do you find the time to do all this stuff,” so I guess it’s not too odd.) I promise you, I will address all of these topics in future tutorials.

In the meantime, here is this week’s video: Inverse Masking

Posted by Dave Foxx on www.davefoxx.com

Dave Foxx Talks About Coca-Cola and Radio Branding

This month, RAP Mag (Radio and Production Magazine) comes again with more informative articles about radio production.

Highlights for the May edition include a tribute/feature by John Pellegrini for Peter Bergman. While, The Q It Up column tackles on the topic “Employment Vs. Freelancing Full Time”.

Steve Cunningham on Test Drive, focuses on Presonus Studio One Version 2.

Jeffrey Hedquist asks, “Which Are Better Commercial Motivators, Needs or Wants?”

The Monday Morning Memo on the other hand says “Left Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook”

Dave Foxx continues the series Turnstables and a Microphone on Production 212. Here’s a preview.

“I recently got back from the Radio Days conference in Barcelona, Spain where I spoke at length about branding. I used Coca-Cola® as a prime example of branding done right and how music, handled well, is a primary key to their success over the last hundred plus years. In spite of constant hammering by Pepsi-Cola® the Coke brand has always maintained top-dog status in the soda wars. If you analyze what they’re selling, you realize pretty quickly that it’s not a sugary-sweet, brown beverage full of fizz you can clean truck tires with that they’re pushing out to the masses. It’s a lifestyle. It’s the Real Thing. Santa drinks Coke for goodness’ sake! Even polar bears moon over the moon with Coca-Cola. From the earliest days of radio and television, Coca-Cola has always used music to help deliver that lifestyle message.”

Get your copy of the May RAPMag now, go to http://rapmag.com/subscribe.html

Dave Foxx Video Tutorials:

  1. Tutorial 1
  2. Tutorial 2
  3. Tutorial 3




Dave Foxx Pro Tools Tutorial: Bussing

From DaveFoxx.com

“Each week, I’m hoping to improve overall quality of these web tutorials. I think this is the best looking one so far…but I’ll let you be the judge.

This week’s tutorial is about bussing. Not the kind the courts used to order, the kind you want to use to make your production life easier.

I sincerely hope you find it useful! =)”

Subscribe to Dave Foxx Radio Production Video Tutorials on his website / blog.


This content is an original material created by Dave Foxx on his blog.

About Dave Foxx

Dave has been at Z100/New York for more than 20 years now, his voice a familiar aural landmark in the New York Radio skyline. In that time, he’s seen several owners, quite a few General Managers and three Program Directors. A few dozen on-air personalities and a few thousand hit songs later, Dave still sits in his little dark room, making magic. How does one explain his longevity? Dave is an extremely rare kind of person, one who can conceptualize, write, voice and produce imaging that works.


Dave Foxx Video Tutorial 2: Making Your VO Phat

Dave Foxx blogs on his second video tutorial, making VO phat.

From DaveFoxx.com:

So…here is the second of what I hope to be many tutorials.

As you will hear near the end, this is a two-part tutorial. This one deals with a “special use” effect on the voice track, which really should only be dropped into the mix once in a great while. If you use it too much, it’ll become pretty irritating to the listener (something I always try to avoid) and the “specialness” of it would be pretty much lost.

The second part will deal with more “general use” effect that you can use most of the time to give the VO a bigger than life feel, without becoming a burden on the listener’s ears. The second part methods are also much simpler as they both use plug-ins which are available to most Pro Tools users as part of the digirack bundle.

As always, I hope these prove useful to you and invite any questions to <davefoxx@clearchannel.com>.

Video tutorial, produced and owned by Dave Foxx www.davefoxx.com. Uploaded to YouTube for user convenience.

Dave Foxx Video Tutorial: Microphone Settings on Pro Tools

Dave Foxx announced his first video tutorial on radio production on his blog DaveFoxx.com

On the video, Dave shows his microphone settings on Pro Tools.

The Creative Serviced Director of Z100 New York hopes to post 1 video each highlighting some of the aspects of radio production.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for a long, long time, and now I have the tools to do it. With a new piece of software calledScreenflow, I can capture video/audio from my desktop and then edit it into something resembling a good VLOG. (OK, maybe just decent.) While Screenflow isn’t as versatile as Final Cut Pro, it also doesn’t cost a thousand bucks!

So, here is my first of what I hope to be many online tutorials on radio production. I hope you like it and find it helpful.”

Watch the tutorial on Dave Foxx blog here


The video is uploaded to YouTube for user convenience. The material is produced and owned by the author.

Dave Foxx 10 Important Rules in Radio Production (Music Editing)

Our friend Thomas Giger posted an article just recently about radio production.

Creative Services Director of Z100 New York and Diederick Huizinga of PURE Jingles were invited as resource speakers during the Le Radio 2012, an annual radio expo held in Paris.

Diederick shared that his secret to making successful radio jingles are producing them like “mini hits”.

Dave Foxx explained his 10 important rules in music editing including on assembling and disassembling musical components, how to play around tempos, the importance of respecting rhythms, why key is relative, and spoken phrasing.

He added more pointers on proper voiceover placement, how to end a promo, using vocals to support the copy, appropriate placement of FX, and tracking voice over music.

“The more you know about music, the better off you are”, says Dave Foxx during the Le Radio 2012.

Read the complete article here

Dave Foxx Talks About Your Station’s Imaging This Fall

RapMag.com’s October 2011 issue is out and loaded with helpful articles.

Highlights include this month’s topic for Q It Up “How do you know what to charge for your freelance work?”

Dave Foxx’s Production 212 Column is tackling on your station’s imaging this fall. The title goes “Number One? At What, Exactly?”

Here is an excerpt:

“It’s time to slim down. Fall is upon us and with it comes a LOT less cover. The flab we’ve been working on since before the Summer began, needs to go… and no, I don’t mean fat! I’m talking about all those sweepers that are crispy-fried critters, lurking in the system, played out beyond anything that could be called reasonable. Oh, come on. We all do it. We produce a bunch of sweepers that everybody loves and then don’t think about them again until a few months later as we drive home and hear one. Oops.”

Also check out an article by Jeffrey Hedquist – “Radio Hed: Whole Brain Radio”, Steve Cunningham – “Test Drive: Compassion and EQuality from DMG Audio”, and Trent Rentsch – “…And Make It Real Creative: One of Those Days”.

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This week, Z100 had already aired its first promo for the Jingle Ball 2011 event. Listen to the promo below.

Dave Foxx “Knock Knocks” on Dublin’s 98FM

The award-winning Pure Tonic has released its latest highlights showcasing fresh imaging for stations like XFM, Kiss, Z100 and for Production Vault.

One of the highlights include the promo for 98FM’s Knock Knock €20,000 giveaway.

Every day the Dublin station is giving out clues to a secret door where a listener gets a change to win the cash prize.

The listener needs to find that door, knock, and ask the key question, “Is 98FM in the house?”

If the answer given is “yes” , contestant gets to bring home the prize. Of course, the €20,000 cash is not found on the secret door.

The winner will be given a check.  Details of the Knock Knock promo is here

As heard on the August Highlights on Pure Tonic, Dave Foxx voices the promos as well for all the existing imaging on 98FM. Listen here.

6 Ways to Learn The Dave Foxx Radio Production Secrets

Many look up to Dave Foxx as the Jack La Lanne of radio production, obviously not referring to the age.

But when it comes to experience and prominence, the Z100 Creative Services Director has spawned many awards, and not a single radio producer in the entire planet does not know him.

It’s easy to be inspired by the “Prod God” as he is often called but there are 6 easy ways to be schooled by the one and only Dave Foxx.

Dan O’day at www.danoday.com has a plenty of Radio Imaging and Production learning materials that can help you in the business. Below are six that include tips, real-world samples, no non-sense coaching from the basic to the technical.

All of these made possible by Danoday.com. Click on the links below for more info on how to download or purchase the materials.

1. Dave Foxx’s Swiss Army Knife Imaging Kit (Click To View) 

For 2.5 hours, Dave shares his endless bag of tricks for creating ear-catching, attention-grabbing, audience-pleasing, ratings-enhancing station imaging.

2. Program Director’s Station Imaging Survival Guide (Click To View)

One of radio’s legendary imaging gurus (Z-100/New York’s Dave Foxx) pulls no punches in talking to you about the imaging process that’s going on in your station right now.

3. Anatomy Of A Station Promo (Click To View)

In this one-of-a-kind presentation, Foxx builds not one but several promos — using volunteer voices — on a digital work station.

4. Everything You Need To Know About Radio Station Imaging (Click To View)

For 3 hours and 21 minutes, Z100/New York’s Dave Foxx answered dozens & dozens of questions from radio producers and voice talents around the world.

5. Radio Production & Imaging: How To Keep It Fresh In A Prepackaged World (Click To View)

Dave Foxx continually learns (sometimes invents) and shares the subtle intricacies of great radio production and station imaging. As usual, in this exclusive session Foxx doesn’t hold anything back.

6. Radio Station Imaging Secrets (Click To View)

A 71-minute consultation with Z100’s Dave Foxx. If you’re serious about radio imaging, there’s really nothing for me to add here. For a radio imaging pro, downloading this teleseminar is a no-brainer.

7. Extra: Dave Foxx Interview with Ryan Drean

Ryan Drean had Dave Foxx asits first guest on his The Producers Podcast. Foxx shared his story and he does his amazing works. Listen to the complete on the link below


Dave Foxx Interview

Dave Foxx Imaging Montage on Z100 Europe

Well, we all know Dave Foxx’s voice is heard every where in the planet.

But if you have a station named exactly like his very own, Z100, what better voice to image it than to get the Prod God himself.

Z100 Europe is a web station created in 2008 and based in France. It had Dave Foxx voicing all of its sweepers, along with a female voice who sounds like Anne DeWig, but not sure. The station even has ReelWorld Z100 jingles on them.

Z100 online knockoffs are not new, there is also an American Z100 internet radio version at www.z100internet.com. But doesn’t use Foxx on its sweepers, but from Sean Caldwell’s.

Listen to Dave Foxx Imaging Montage on Z100 Europe below

Dave Foxx Explains Why Z100 Promos Pop

Dave Foxx recently had a conversation with MicroJams, a TM Studios jingle service, about how this revolutionary imaging tool has helped him make Z100’s imaging standout and be effective in a PPM world.

MJ: What are MicroJams?

DF: The music from MicroJams sounds like the music that we play. And that’s key to making everything flow well.

MJ: How do MicroJams help Z100?

DF: It helps us brand everything we do not just our letters, not just our call sign, not just our slogan, you know, but when we are in the middle of a sentence explaining how to win a contest they can tune in and in seconds, just literally, 2 or 3 seconds, know exactly which radio station they are listening to.

It really helps to the flow of the radio station and in PPM, that’s key. A lot of your ratings come from people having it on the background and if you are not too spiky then people will leave it on in the background, you want people to do that, so that when they go to an appliance store they’re going to hear your station, when you are sitting in a cab you hear that station.

This helps with the flow, it keeps the spices still there, but it makes everything seem to go together better.

MJ: What are Nano Grooves?

DF: When you need that quick little bed to help you work a promo to build an excitement point, to get up to that big shelf, where you’re going to make that big announcement or whatever, the Nano Grooves just fit in beautifully, and they come often enough and there are enough of them to where you always feel like you got something fresh to work with when you’re sitting down doing a promo.

Dave sums up MicroJams as “Superb, Vocals Are Good, Well Produced, and Top Drawer!”

Learn more about MicroJams here http://www.microjams.com

Pro Tools Vs Audition by Dave Foxx

Subscribe to Radio And Production magazine (RAP Mag) at Rapmag.com to view the entire article.

An excerpt from Production 212 columb by Dave Foxx.

I have resisted getting into the “which is better” debate for years. Entire web-sites have been devoted to the premise that MAC is better than PC, and vice versa. Over the years, the arguments have raged on about one DAW being the best or easiest, or fastest, or simplest, or whatever. I’ve always maintained that you need to end the system that works best for you and then get the appropriate platform, regardless of what anyone else says. I have, however, always said that the best system for E was Pro Tools on Macintosh, but I’ve never really explained why. This month, I do.

For many, the question was always cost. Your GM simply would not foot the bill for a mega-monster MAC system, let alone a full-blown HD, 92-bit interface. Who could blame them? A rather mod estly expensive PC with Cool Edit Pro got the immediate results needed. Problem solved, right? But. since the days of SADIE. New England Digital, SAW32 and Orban (none of which survived the marketplace). it’s all come down to Cool Edit Pro’s replacement system Audition TM by Adobem versus Pro Toolsm. Cost is simply g a factor any more. With some savvy shopping, you can get Pro Tools, which will run 011 that modestly priced PC  for less than what you would pay to Adobe. While that would not include a 92-bit HD interface, you don’t need one, at least not for radio production. Today’s PT9 uses the computer’s DSP chips, so doesn’t need the interface for most of the advanced features. So, next time you start chafing for an upgrade, impress the boss with your fiscal wisdom. Seriously consider PT9. Here is why.

I received an email from a fellow radio producer from Kuwait named Talal Malik, informing me that he has finally made the switch to Pro Tools from Audition, in spite of the fact tl1at the folks at Adobe are getting ready to release their Mac OS version. He always felt (and rightly so) that he was performing well with the Audition software. But, with his transition to Mac, he decided to “come to the dark side,” and see what the Pro Tools fuss is about.

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New Z100 Summer Promos and Imaging

Here’s what’s new on Production Vault CHR

Transformers Remix and Father’s Day Custom and Micro Beds are up now

Tennis SFX up now in Sound Design, check it out

“N” for NEW letters, up now in Numbers and Letters

Hey Production Gurus – Summertime, America’s Got Talent, Rihanna, Pitbull and Father’s Day just got imaged.

“N” for NEW letters, up now in Numbers and Letters.

Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, LMFAO, Afrojack, and Enrique Iglesias… all featured in Instrumentals and Acapellas

Who’s your daddy? New Father’s Day themed Sound Design

Check out more PV CHR Goodies here