PURE Rhythmic, Dynamic Jingles for Africa Radio

Africa Radio, a station of the French Tendance Ouest group, has revealed a completely new sound produced by PURE Jingles.

“Since the acquisition of Africa Radio in July 2023, we have considered the music, format, and, of course, the branding,” says Jean-Baptiste Bancaud, deputy director. “It is in this quest for a unique sonic identity that PURE Jingles intervened, understanding the essence of the mission that drove us: to create a rhythmic and dynamic branding while respecting and celebrating the musical diversity of Africa.”

For Charles Douchy, station coordinator and programmer, “Every element of the sonic branding has been meticulously crafted, blending contemporary sounds with authentic nuances, thus creating a perfect symbiosis between tradition and modernity. This new branding represents a true fusion that now mirrors the very essence of Africa Radio.”

You can read (and hear) more at https://purejingles.com/showcase/africaradio