Virage, Unique Styling For Electro-Rock Radio by BRANDY Jingles

Edgy, punchy, and full of character – that’s the sound that BRANDY has created  for VIRAGE Radio in France. The 10 custom-produced instrumental tracks make  the station instantly recognizable. 

Part of Espace Groupe in France, Virage Radio’s unique format combines a strong  selection of rock with distinctive, unconventional electro.

The Brandy team was  challenged to develop sonic branding that goes beyond the playlist and announces what  the station stands for. “Virage clearly wants more than the obvious sweeps: sound effects  and voice-over,” says Tom Van der Biest, Brandy’s Creative Director. “The Virage  package is a catchy combination of electronic and acoustic elements. It’s edgy,  recognizable and musical. Moreover, it was great to be able to sink our teeth into music  that is less common in radio imaging. This out-of-the-ordinary package was really cool  to produce!” 

Brandy created an instrumental logo that forms the foundation for the IDs.The basic  package consists of 10 tracks that can be easily adapted for other stations with a similar  format and 100% personalized with the station voice. The sonic logo can be customized  and is a great tool to use in liners and sweepers. 

Here’s how the new package sounds:

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