Brandy Pumps Extra Energy Into Qmusic

Qmusic, one of the sexiest media brands in Europe, has a new on-air styling.  Following their introduction last week in the Netherlands, the jingles can now also  be heard via Qmusic in Belgium.

The package was developed and produced by  Brandy together with the station’s designers.

The sonic logo and the slogan have  remained the same, but the production of the jingles is an innovative updating for  the DJs as well as the listeners. 

Qmusic is the commercial market leader in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Hits and  Feel Good are the mission, which has been translated into a new and energetic – but  extremely musical – sound.

In the last few years, this combination has almost become  Brandy’s trademark. The structure of the jingles makes them even more enjoyable for  the DJs to use. And the sound evokes an instant good feeling! 

Brandy is a European consultancy and production company, based in Brussels,  specialising in on-air branding for media companies. Visit the website: