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Wisebuddah launch the new sound of BBC Newsbeat

BBC Newsbeat has a new sound, produced by Wisebuddah in collaboration with the BBC Popular Music Station Sound team.
The new identity incorporates a new 2 note “Newsbeat” sonic logo and it can be heard across BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC Asian Network.
The new sound has been created to unify Newsbeat and the network with slick, modern production with a specific focus on maintaining energy and pace throughout.
Wisebuddah’s Managing Director Phil Tozer said: “Newsbeat is one of the world’s most iconic radio news programs. It feels particularly special to play a small part in radio history by producing a sound which matches the core values of the network. The music is rich, contemporary and designed to cover all styles of news story, whilst retaining the energy and gravitas of such a key part of the output.”
Matt Fisher, Lead Station Sound Producer at Radio 1, 1Xtra & Asian Network added: “The new package brings with it a change in format and a step into new sonic territory. It allows show teams on all 3 stations to transition effortlessly into and out of our news output like never before.”
Wisebuddah has also recently completed new full station rebrands for Nova (Australia), Virgin Radio Canada, ERF Jess (Germany) and Radio VLR (Denmark). Find more at www.wisebuddah.com.


New Wisebuddah jingles reach for the Sky Radio airwaves

The Netherlands’ no.1 non-stop music station, Sky Radio, has launched their brand new station sound, teaming up once again with Wisebuddah. 

The Talpa owned station commissioned a package made up of 14 new bespoke station IDs, plus new Top of the Hour sequences and sings for tailored Sky Radio programming, including Sky Love Songs.

Extending their long-running partnership, the new package is the most expansive station-wide jingle overhaul for Sky Radio since 2017; which was also created by Wisebuddah.

Wisebuddah Composer, Marc Vickers, added: “It’s always an honour to work with the team at Sky Radio. Their vision is always clear, to walk the line between innovation and retaining the familiar melody and positivity that Sky Radio is famous for. It was a hugely enjoyable project, and hopefully we have achieved this again for 2021.”

Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, Phil Tozer, added: “Sky Radio is quite rightly known as the feel-good station, and this is a package that feels like the perfect handshake between that sentiment and an equally feel-good sound. Bright, poppy music and vocals to match, it’s another chapter in our collaboration with Sky Radio that we can’t wait to hear on air. ”

Sky Radio’s Station Director, Uunco Cerfontaine, added: “It is always a great pleasure to work with Marc Vickers and our in-house production team to produce the perfect jingle package for our station. This new jingle package expresses exactly where Sky Radio stands for; The Feel Good Station that plays non-stop music with a Modern AC format. And because we are a non-stop music station the jingles are essential to give the station it’s personality and keeps the music flow going”. 

Head to www.wisebuddah.com to hear the full Sky Radio package along with Wisebuddah’s latest work for Radio 538 (The Netherlands), Hitradio Ö3 (Austria), Planet Radio (Germany) and BBC Radio 2 (UK).

New 2021 Wisebuddah Jingles for Radio 538 are top-of-game, ahead-of-trends

Radio 538 launch brand-new Wisebuddah jingle package

The Netherlands’ world famous Radio 538 has today launched their brand-new sound, once again produced by Wisebuddah. 

The 2021 package for the Talpa owned station sees the artistic talents of Marc Vickers, Ben Townsend, Steph Jansen (Wisebuddah) and Chris Hartgers (538) combine again, collaborating to take the sound of 538 even further.

With over a dozen new compositions, ranging from Drop House to Dance to Urban Pop, the package contains new generic station IDs and a fresh TOTH sequence, all reflecting the cutting edge of CHR imaging.

Chris Hartgers, Creative Lead, Radio 538, said: “ We’ve worked with Wisebuddah for almost 10 years now, our combined goal was to keep ahead of the trends and to come up with the next stage of imaging for Radio 538. We needed to make sure that our listeners could still recognize the well-known ‘Radio 538 sound’ over the new package, but more than ever we needed to push our sound forward. After 8 months of hard work, I can proudly say that we have brought Radio 538 to its new chapter of imaging and sound. And boy, it’s a good one!”

Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, Phil Tozer, added: “As one of the world’s most well-known CHR radio stations, and with over 2.5 million weekly listeners, we knew that we had to be at the top of our game to produce a sound that is considered a benchmark for contemporary production. Being able to blend industry-leading composers with a host of new vocal talent, alongside a stellar imaging team was a dream come true and we’re extremely proud of the result.
Head to www.wisebuddah.com to hear the full Radio 538 package along with Wisebuddah’s latest work for Hitradio Ö3 (Austria), Sky Radio, (The Netherlands), Planet Radio (Germany) and BBC Radio 2 (UK).

Wisebuddah TodayFM 2021 Jingles: From National to International Station Sound

The sound of tomorrow for Ireland’s TodayFM with new Wisebuddah idents.

Ireland’s no.1 Commercial Music Station, TodayFM have rebranded their main station sound with a new Wisebuddah package.

The audio is grounded in contemporary music references and reflects a future facing pop sound Included in the package is a new sonic logo, 15 x Custom Main IDs and a new Information Elements suite. 

Alongside the new Wisebuddah package the station are broadcasting branding resources from across the family of Wisebuddah music companies; with imaging tools from IMGR Hot AC and library music from No Sheet Music. 

TodayFM Production and Imaging Manager, Lochlainn Harte, said: “As a creative myself I understand the delicacy of delivering constructive criticism and I honestly was blown away by the producers’ ability to take every idea on board and generate the sound that worked best for TodayFM. Not once were we made to feel like we were asking too much and as every step progressed the sound became even more alive and we just couldn’t get enough of it. While the whole project was all done remotely and the pandemic affected our ability to meet face to face and, the level of communication did not waver, and everyone was fully in the loop at every single stage. As one presenter said: “we’ve gone from a national station sound, to an international station sound!”. 

Everyone, from the street team all the way to the CEO, has stopped me to congratulate me on the sound but I’m humbly standing on the shoulder of radio jingle giants (with really great ears)! BFGs! The changeover to IMGR Hot AC and the use of No Sheet Music have just elevated the sound and also brought the level of sonic consistency across the whole brand, and I think every station in the country will be listening in with jealous ears.”

Wisebuddah’s Business Relations Manager, Dom Scott, added: “The team here at Wisebuddah were excited when the guys at TodayFM came to us asking for a major custom overhaul of their station sound. To top it off the guys at TodayFM were a real pleasure to work with, they had a clear vision for their rebrand and the feedback the package has received since its on-air launch across Ireland is a real credit to everyone involved in its production.”

Head to www.wisebuddah.com to hear the full TodayFM package along with Wisebuddah’s latest work for Hitradio Ö3 (Austria), Planet Radio (Germany) and BBC Radio 2 (UK)

New Wisebuddah sounds hit the right notes for Austria’s Hitradio Ö3

Austria’s No.1 radio station, Hitradio Ö3, have scaled up their partnership with London-based production company, Wisebuddah; commissioning them to refresh their main station sound and information output. 

Ö3 reaches over 2.5 million listeners per day (with a market share of almost 40% within their target audience of listeners aged 14-49), and the new package features 25 shotguns of varying styles and genres to resonate with the demographic, along with two new Chart Show IDs – with influences from Dua Lipa to The Black Keys.

The first phase of the project saw a new Information Suite hit the Austrian airwaves earlier in the year following a herculean orchestral session, uniquely recorded amid the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. The session, with orchestral arrangement by the renowned Cliff Masterson (Oasis, Lionel Ritchie, Josh Groban), used the famous Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra – the ORF broadcaster’s official orchestra, and the only radio orchestra in Austria. The Suite features ten bespoke compositions, ranging from Breaking News to Elections. 

Heinz Donaubauer, Hitradio Ö3’s Head of Production, said: “Ö3 wanted to renew its news layout and was looking for the right company to work with on this project. In a competitive pitch Wisebuddah convinced us that they have the best ideas and approach to our new news layout.

In a time of fake news and misinformation it is very important to us that our listeners trust us and be ensured that the information we give them is based on facts and accurate without being manipulative. We also believe that the lack of trust in the news by classical media is a result of overly dramatic presentation and exaggeration. That is why we were looking for a news layout which helps focusing on the information and provides a calm and serious base for our news anchors to present the facts.

Because the production took place during the Coronavirus pandemic, we were facing several challenges. But with the help and expertise of Wisebuddah we achieved an excellent final product, that not only serves our needs but also sounds really good.

Since the launch of the new layout, we have received very positive feedback from our listeners, and I am quite confident that Ö3 will be using this layout for many years to come.”

Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, Phil Tozer, said: “When Heinz came to us with the brief for the new package, we knew it was going to be a special one to produce – orchestral elements, contemporary references, new vocal ideas – and it did not disappoint! 

Because of the unique circumstances, the new package has been over a year in the planning, and the time invested from all areas (from the musicians, the arrangement, the close collaboration from Heinz) means there are a lot of fond memories and love for this one. It’s great to hear it all come together and hit the airwaves.”Check out the Wisebuddah website featuring this package and many more (including work for BBC Radio 1 (UK), Radio 538 (Netherlands) and SWR1 (Germany) at www.wisebuddah.com.

Biggest @Wisebuddah jingle package for 2021 lands on SWR1 Germany

New Wisebuddah package for Germany’s SWR1

One of Germany’s most listened to stations SWR1 has commissioned a brand-new sound from London’s Wisebuddah. 

The SWR1 brand, which has individual stations for each state of Baden-Württemberg and Rheinland-Pfalz (broadcasting from Stuttgart and Mainz respectively), attracts nearly two million listeners per day, and plays the greatest pop and rock hits from the last 40 years – with a particular focus on the 80s.

The new Wisebuddah package is a complete overhaul of SWR1’s previous sound and features close to 50 bespoke compositions – comprising an abundant 30 Transition IDs, along with brand-new Show Openers and a full Information Suite. 

Regina Beck, Head of SWR1 Baden-Württemberg & Prof. Roland Welling, Head of SWR1 Rheinland-Pfalz, said: “The sound design fits like a perfect English tailor-made suit for SWR1. The compositions are modern, contemporary and absolutely coherent! We are thrilled with the creative, professional and uncomplicated collaboration with Wisebuddah”.

Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, Phil Tozer, said: “This has been one of the most expansive projects we have ever undertaken, so watching it all fall into place has been really rewarding. The recording landscape has changed significantly since our first meeting back in 2019, so I’m proud of how the entire team has adapted to deliver a comprehensive new sound alongside the super-talented team at SWR1.”Check out the Wisebuddah website featuring this package and many more (including work for BBC Radio 1 (UK), Radio 538 (Netherlands) and Fun Radio (France) at www.wisebuddah.com.

Wisebuddah deliver fresh TOTH, Show Openers, IDs and more for this Award-winning Station

98FM return to Wisebuddah for an updated station sound in 2021

This latest audio branding update continues a successful creative partnership between Dublin’s 98FM and Wisebuddah, which has seen 98FM receive 5 IMRO awards for station imaging in as many years. 

98FM’s new sound is an evolution of the 2018 branding and reflects recent developments in the station’s format and playlist to incorporate more of the biggest hits through a number of years, along with today’s best music. 

The package blends new custom elements (including a brand-new TOTH, fresh Show Openers for Dublin Talks and 98FM’s Big Breakast, and a new News theme), with a selection of IDs taken from Wisebuddah’s Antenne Bayern 2020 package. 

The current distinct 98FM sonic trigger is retained; and is designed to flexibly project the station’s branding by adapting to musical style, key and tempo to fit any song intro, bed or promo.

Pat Gill, Imaging Director at 98FM, said: “We’re really excited to get this package on-air. We wanted to build on the elements of our existing sound and I think we’ve created something really fresh. It has been great fun to work with the Wisebuddah team again to strengthen the 98FM brand in Dublin.”

Wisebuddah’s Business Relations Manager, Dom Scott, added: “It’s been great working with 98FM again on this new package, Pat is an Imaging Director at the top of his game who knows what he wants creatively and you can hear the results in our latest collaboration. Adapting a well-known station sound to accommodate a shift in format can be a tough brief so congratulations to Pat and the creative team for pulling it off!”

Check out the Wisebuddah website featuring this package and many more (including work for BBC Radio 1 (UK), Radio 538 (Netherlands) and Fun Radio (France) at www.wisebuddah.com.

WDR 1LIVE go live with new Wisebuddah jingles

German public broadcasting station, 1LIVE, have today launched an extensive overhaul of their station sound and imaging, teaming up with London-based production company Wisebuddah for the first time.

Every day, nearly 3 million people listen to the Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) station across North-Rhine Westphalia, tuning in for some of the most varied and progressive content on German radio. 

Reflecting this, Wisebuddah have produced a package that features over 35 distinct compositions, ranging from IDs to Show Openers and talkover Beds, along with a brand-new set of Information Elements and Sweepers. The new audio identity is then all brought together with the station’s brand-new sonic logo, which has been designed to underpin the uniqueness of the German station.

David Mannheim, Brand Manager, 1LIVE added: “For the “new 1LIVE” we were looking for an individual and unmistakable package that sounds urban, modern, warm, young, dynamic, but by no means cheap or stressful. In addition, the new sound package should pick up on current music trends and optimally adapt to the 1LIVE playlist. In the first meetings we explained to the Wisebuddah team our philosophy and conveyed what DNA 1LIVE carries. 

This balancing act – intense and dynamic, but not sounding stressful or annoying – was implemented very well by Wisebuddah. The final elements are very easy to drive and combine optimally with the range of content that 1LIVE displays daily in the program: events, comedies, topics from the sector, current news and listener interaction.”

Phil Tozer, Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, said: “David and the team asked us to create a wide-ranging package that really represented 1LIVE and its listeners and wanted us (like them) to be courageous and unconventional. From meetings in London, to great collaborative discussions and listening sessions, this was always at the forefront of our minds. 

It means we have created something that, from both a musical and a branding point of view, flows smoothly through and connects the stations programming, yet resonates on an individual level too; be that with a presenter’s personality or the next song on the 1LIVE playlist.

Check out the new Wisebuddah website featuring this package and many more (including work for BBC Radio 1 (UK), Radio 538 (Netherlands) and Fun Radio (France) at www.wisebuddah.com

RFM Jingles by Wisebuddah just keep getting better

RFM return to Wisebuddah for new custom package

Broadcasting nationally throughout Portugal, RFM has this week launched a brand-new set of Wisebuddah jingles. The new package comprises ten high-energy, bespoke IDs designed to accompany the station’s existing Wisebuddah sounds.

Capturing the spirit of Portuguese Hot AC radio with punchy, progressive and convivial themes, the new IDs combine the station’s two main voiceovers with group sung vocals, which were recorded both in London and Lisbon. The package also once again uses the familiar 3-note sonic logo that has become a favourite with RFM listeners over the years. 

At the heart of its message, RFM seeks to play “Só Grandes Músicas” (Only Great Songs), and the new tracks that make up the new jingles package are therefore inspired by the most popular genres in contemporary music; with elements of Moombahton, DanceHall and Piano House (amongst many more) coursing through the music.   

Phil Tozer, Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, said: “Summer may be over, but RFM are keeping it hot going into Autumn! António gave us great licence to express ourselves, being highly receptive to the team’s varied ideas and giving us a blank canvas on the musical inspiration. It’s the kind of trust that comes with such a longstanding partnership, and the sounds just keep getting better!”

António Mendes, Director of Programming, RFM added: “We are very happy with the new jingle package Wisebuddah produced for us. For over a decade now, we’ve had great collaborations, and this new package was no different!”

Check out the new Wisebuddah website featuring this package and many more (including work for BBC Radio 1 (UK), Radio 538 (Netherlands) and Fun Radio (France) at www.wisebuddah.com.

This CHR Jingle Package Embodies Innovation, Power, Authenticity

Over a million listeners across Northern Germany were waking up to the brand new sound of Wisebuddah’s first production for N-JOY two years ago.

The package blended adlib-style vocals with processed VOs to create a contemporary, distinctive identity for the station, whilst the sonic logo was innovatively used as the transitional marker in the middle of the IDs. 2 years later, the CHR package still sounds fresh, relevant and powerful.

We ordered a sound design package which embodies innovation, power, authenticity and a modern approach to the N-JOY brand – Wisebuddah realised our briefing perfectly! – N-JOY Team

Learn and hear more of this package by visiting the Wisebuddah N-JOY package page here http://www.wisebuddah.com/stations/n-joy

ANTENNE VORARLBERG now airs biggest Hot AC jingle package from Wisebuddah

New Wisebuddah jingles for ANTENNE VORARLBERG

Austria’s ANTENNE VORARLBERG has teamed up again with London-based production company, Wisebuddah, to produce their latest jingle package.

Broadcasting from one of the most picturesque regions in Europe and playing a mix of current hits as well as cult pop and rock favourites from the 1980s and 90s, ANTENNE VORARLBERG has been broadcasting across western Austria for over twenty years.

This new package features a combination of 8 bespoke Transition IDs and two brand new Show Openers, along with over a dozen re-sing IDs taken from popular Hot AC and AC format Wisebuddah packages from recent years. 

The extensive list of new IDs will also air alongside the station’s existing station sound package, which was also produced by Wisebuddah in 2017.

Phil Tozer, Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, said: “As usual it was totally seamless working with Mario and Andreas on what is now one of our biggest European jingle packages. It’s a vast set of jingles with a huge variety of sounds, genres and energies that are brought together with warm, powerful vocals alongside an instantly recognisable sonic logo.

This is just one of several Wisebuddah packages launching across Europe throughout the summer and we’re now looking ahead to what is a busy second half of 2020… which is just the way we like it!” 

Mario Mally, CEO, ANTENNE VORARLBERG added: “Once again, Wisebuddah has created great jingles for us; the on-air design was developed very professionally according to our wishes; giving us a very fresh and modern sound. The cooperation with the team was fantastic and with great attention to detail; the results continue to inspire us!”

Check out the new Wisebuddah website featuring this package and many more (including work for BBC Radio 1 (UK), Radio 538 (Netherlands) and Fun Radio (France)) at www.wisebuddah.com.

CHR Jingle Evolution Does Not Stop with Wisebuddah Jingles @WBJingles

For 2020, Wisebuddah created a new set of themes for Antenne Bayern. The legendary Bavarian station kept the warm and traditional elements that make their sound so recognisable, whilst evolving the production to be fresh and contemporary,

Wisebuddah always create packages that each time produce a modern sound for us. This is why we know each time, the team will find new and exciting ways to evolve and outdo the last package. This one is no exception – we’re very happy with the result.

Antenne Bayern

Listen to the entire package here https://wisebuddahjingles.com/stations/antenne-bayern

Radio Legend Christian Bienert Honored

Berlin – While Great Britain is mourning the popular and surprisingly died BBC radio presenter Stephen Clements , a cult radio presenter of German radio also died last Tuesday (July 7, 20202) . Germany has to say goodbye to the famous radio legend Christian Bienert . The popular Deutschlandradio presenter turned 72. His voice was known primarily from a broadcast.

For 25 years the Berlin hosted the popular rate program “The sounding Sunday mystery” of the RIAS (Radio in the American Sector) until his retirement in 2012. Today the program is in Germany radio culture to hear. The puzzle has been on the radio since 1965. It was developed by Hans Rosenthal , for whom Bienert had been writing texts as his assistant since the 1960s.

Deutschlandradio program director Andreas-Peter Weber , however, paid tribute to the late radio man’s achievements : “Christian Bienert’s unique style created a format and made it one of the oldest and most successful radio broadcasts in Germany,” said Weber. “For decades he has spoken to a huge fan base and has become one of the voices in East and West .” Radio fans, like crime scene fans who are currently mourning a popular actor , are dismayed. The actor is publicly speculated whether he will suffer from the consequences of a Covid 19 diseasehad died. Bienert’s fans already spoke on Twitter and expressed their sadness: “The voice of the Sunday riddle on the radio. With her, he brought me a touch of educated citizenship into my provincial children’s room every Sunday, where I longed for literature and art, ”one user tweeted.

Wisebuddah’s new Radio 10 jingles are packed with good feeling, melody, brightness and versatility

One of the Netherlands’ top radio stations, Radio 10, has today launched a brand-new jingles package produced by Wisebuddah. The package consists of a brand-new Top of the Hour for the station, along with 13 new IDs. 

To fit with Radio 10’s core message to play “de Grootste Hits Aller Tijden” (the greatest hits of all time), Wisebuddah set out to create a package that uniformly works as well with those classic tracks through from the 70s, 80s and 90s as it does with the more contemporary AC hits on the Radio 10 playlist too. As a result, the jingles range from tempo transitioning IDs to more genre specific compositions, with IDs inspired by Funk and Latin Pop to name just two.

Wisebuddah have produced the sound of Radio 10 since 2017, alongside Talpa’s other iconic brands, Radio 538 and Sky Radio.

Phil Tozer, Wisebuddah’s General Manager, said: “Of course, in these unprecedented times, there were unique challenges to overcome logistically, but with great communication and collaboration with Roland and Chris, the new package has a clear identity. It takes you through all those decades of great music whilst very much being a 2020 product in its production.

The vocals were recorded at the famous Wisseloord studios – normally we’re all together for this part of the process, but with everyone on this occasion connected from various separate locations across the Netherlands and the UK; it was truly a modern international effort.”

Radio 10’s Radio Director, Roland Snoeijer & Imaging Manager, Chris Hartgers, added: “Over the past few years Radio 10 has doubled its audience, with a strong identity, great music and a clear message. Wisebuddah has once again nailed what Radio 10 is all about with this latest package, by creating a sound as broad as our playlist, packed with good feeling, melody, brightness and versatility.”
Check out the all new Wisebuddah website featuring this package and many more (including work for BBC Radio 1 (UK), Radio 538 (Netherlands) and Fun Radio (France)) at wisebuddahjingles.com.

BBC Radio 1, 538 and more European Stations Trust Wisebuddah for Innovative CHR Jingles

This Autumn sees the first collaboration between Wisebuddah and Hitradio Ö3 Austria’s No.1 station with 2.6 million daily listeners. The creative team behind the station sounds of the biggest names in European Radio (including BBC Radio 1, Radio 538 and N-Joy) have delivered a 7 x Main ID custom package inspired by Hitradio Ö3’s philosophy of constant innovation. 

The new package is Wisebuddah’s contribution to the next generation of jingles on the station as Hitradio Ö3 launches a series of new shows with strong personalisation and distinct identities.

Wisebuddah’s Managing Director Paul Plant said “working with the team at Ö3 has been a real pleasure and this package is a great example of the cutting edge CHR sound our producers are known for!”

Wisebuddah has recently produced packages for Skala FM (Denmark), Radio 538 (Netherlands), Fun Radio (France), Planet Radio (Germany) and BBC Radio 2 (UK). Hear the latest packages at www.wisebuddah.com and get in touch at jingles@wisebuddah.com to discuss your next station sound today.

Hear more packages from Wisebuddah

Brand New 16 Custom IDs + 5 Christmas IDs, these Wisebuddah Jingles are Fantastic, Delicious, Good Feeling @WBJingles

Skala FM return to Wisebuddah for new custom jingles

In 2019 South Denmark’s No.1 commercial station Skala FM returned to Wisebuddah to produce a new station sound consisting of 16 Custom IDs + 5 Christmas IDs. The new package retains the unique sound familiar to Skala FM’s half a million listeners and introduces the latest imaging production styles as heard in Wisebuddah’s industry leading work for BBC Radio 1, Radio 538 and Fun Radio.

Skala FM’s Head of Imaging, Jacob Nohr, said: “We have worked very closely with Wisebuddah for many years and were the first in Denmark to receive a jingle package from Wisebuddah. We have always felt safe in the hands of Wisebuddah, they have a special ability to listen and understand our goals and vision, so the choice fell to us quite naturally.”

“Fantastic, New thinking, Delicious, Good Feeling – we’re really happy to work with Wisebuddah again and very pleased with the result. Our listeners will love the new sound of Skala FM!”

Dom Scott, Wisebuddah’s Business Relations Executive, added:

“We have a great relationship with the team at Skala FM and sister stations VLR and Radio Viborg. The new Skala FM package is the third Wisebuddah package to go on air with the group since 2018 so it’s been a productive period for our partnership. It’s always a pleasure to host the Skala FM team here at our studios in London and we’re very proud of the work we produce together!”

Wisebuddah has recently produced packages for Radio 538 (Netherlands), Fun Radio (France), Planet Radio (Germany) and BBC Radio 2 (UK). Hear the latest packages at www.wisebuddah.com and get in touch at jingles@wisebuddah.com to discuss your next station sound today.

Interview with Skala FM Head of Imaging Jacob Nohr:

Why did you choose Wisebuddah?

We have worked very closely with Wisebuddah for many years and we were the first in Denmark to receive a Wisebuddah jingle package. We have always felt safe in the hands of Wisebuddah and they have managed to create the sound that we would like and the sound we would like to brand ourselves with. Wisebuddah has a special ability to listen and understand, what our goals and vision are, so the choice fell to us quite naturally.

What did you hope to achieve with the new station sound?

When we got the first jingle package from Wisebuddah in 2012, we got the sound of Wisebuddah that we know it today and which has become a worldwide brand for Wisebuddah, but it is almost seven years ago and both Skala FM and Wisebuddah have moved on, So our hope was that Wisebuddah could invent the new sound of imaging and production, and recreate the unique sound that Skala FM has always been known for, without compromising our goals and target audience.

How was your experience of the production process?

Amazing is the first word that pops into my head because it really was, the guys at Wisebuddah really understand listening to us from Skala FM, both in terms of landing a new agreement on a future collaboration but also in terms of preparing things and hiring the singers. They really did a fantastic job.

The interaction between the Wisebuddah producers was incredible, they have really spent time and created something magical together, and in the studio with them you just have to say that they are really good together and make ideas and magic go up in a higher unit.

We have been really happy with the cooperation and the decision to work with Wisebuddah again, and very pleased with the result.

We are convinced that our listeners will love the new sound of Skala FM.

Wisebuddah are the ‘Jingle Champions of 2019’, listen to new Hot AC IDs

P5 Hits the spot with new Wisebuddah jingles

Norway’s P5 Hits has launched a new custom ID jingle package produced by Wisebuddah in London. Playing the biggest hits, the station commissioned 9 brand new Main IDs and a new Top of the Hour, along with a custom News suite. 

Wisebuddah also expanded their breakfast portfolio with the station, taking the song written in 2017 and creating three brand new versions which all keep the existing melody. All the new pieces will sit alongside Wisebuddah’s IMGR Hot AC production service on the station, as well as Wisebuddah’s brand new fx bundle, WisebuddahFX1 – which will act as the station’s one and only sfx package.

Aleksander Lilleøien, Imaging Director for P5 said: “For P5 Hits we wanted to take our jingles to a new level, and gave the jingle wizards at Wisebuddah the job of coming up with a new, fresh and feelgood sound. It had to reflect the music we play and be hotter than your normal Hot AC package, while at the same time not being as hot and hard as a CHR package…and to make it a bit more of a challenge, we also wanted the Main IDs to be no more than 10 seconds long.

As always, we’re super happy with the result and once again Wisebuddah have proved that they’re the best match for our stations and in our opinion the 2019 jingle champions of the world.”

Wisebuddah Jingles’ General Wisebuddah Phil Tozer added: “Working with Aleks is always a pleasure; he tested us yet again to produce a package which sits in that unique gap between CHR and Hot AC. It meant that from the initial briefing right through to the final vocal mix, it was great fun to collaborate and interpret where the line was musically.” 

Wisebuddah has also recently created new packages for Radio 538 (Netherlands), Fun Radio (France) and Planet Radio (Germany). Check out all of the audio at wisebuddah.com 

Summer Jingles So Lit Rapper Goes Freestyle Over It @WBJingles

Wisebuddah announced the release of the brand new Summer 2019 jingle package for Radio 538 The Netherlands consisting of five high energy IDs that are airing along with the station’s existing Wisebuddah package. Chris Hartgers, Imaging Director of 538 shared the fun they had making the jingles that a freestyle rap went over one of the IDs. Listen to the audio below.

Summer is 538 with new jingles from Wisebuddah
The Netherland’s number 1 CHR station Radio 538 has once again launched a collection of new Summer updates, produced by Wisebuddah. The five brand new Custom IDs – which were produced in London and recorded in the renowned Dutch Wisseloord studios – will run alongside the existing package, which was also produced by Wisebuddah. 

Radio 538’s Imaging Director Chris Hartgers said: “This update was SO MUCH fun to do! Cutting edge and high energy as always…along the way we had a guy freestyle rapping over an ID and we thought ‘this sounds GREAT, let’s use it!’. At the end we’ve made an extended version of that particular cut, as everyone loved it (shown in the demo at the very end). 

It’s becoming standard, but; I’m already looking forward to the next update with the Wisebuddah guys!

Wisebuddah has also recently completed work for Sky Radio (Netherlands), Fun Radio (France) and Hits Radio (UK).

Hear more at www.wisebuddah.com

Young, Feel Good, Energetic Summer FUN Jingles from Wisebuddah

Wisebuddah announced the release of the 2019 jingle package for Fun Radio France, consisting of eight young, feel good, energetic CHR IDs that fit the defining summer sound of Europe’s iconic radio station. Fun Radio loved the package so much so they are excited to work on the next jingle update.

Summer of Fun Radio Updates from Wisebuddah
Listeners to one of Europe’s most iconic CHR networks, France’s Fun Radio, are waking up today to the sound of a host of new audio idents airing on the station; produced by English production company Wisebuddah.

Recorded in Paris, produced in London, and comprising 8 brand new IDs: the updates form a continuing evolution from the existing package (also produced by Wisebuddah in 2018). The package uses contemporary music influences, from EDM to French Urban, combined with modern vocal production techniques, to stand at the forefront of CHR imaging in Europe.

With the unique Fun Radio sonic trigger cutting through the new idents, the iconic brand is once again creating the definitive sound of the summer in French radio.

Julien Le Ny, Imaging Director of Fun Radio, said: “Working with Wisebuddah is a pleasure, we love the results. The production process was seamless, creative, efficient and exciting and we’re looking forward to the next update package already!”

Wisebuddah Jingles’ General Manager Phil Tozer added: “It’s an honour to be working again with one of Europe’s biggest radio networks. Building on a highly successful first package, the updates we’ve produced really hold at their heart the core values of a young, feel good, energetic CHR station. Hopefully the summer will be as hot as these idents!”Wisebuddah has also recently created new packages for Radio 538 (Netherlands), Hits Radio (UK) and Sky Radio (Netherlands). Check out all of the audio at wisebuddah.com.

Wisebuddah delivers Hot AC jingle package that really pops!

CHUM 104-5 launch new Wisebuddah Jingles

Canada’s CHUM 104-5 have teamed up with Wisebuddah to recently launch an extensive new jingle package. With a new Hot AC sound built around a core sonic to help punctuate the station’s key message to ‘Make Toronto Pop’, the station asked the London based production company to produce a dozen new custom IDs.

Wade Taylor, Imaging Director for CHUM 104-5 said “The Challenge: To re-brand an already successful, heritage radio station in Canada’s largest and most competitive market. To take CHUM not only to the next level, but retain its loyal listeners. It’s definitely like walking the tight rope, and it wasn’t at all the usual “let’s put a fresh coat of paint on the station”. It was a complete sonic overhaul, Wisebuddah accepted the challenge, and now CHUM 104-5 is born!!

Wisebuddah were instrumental in helping us achieve this new sound – their talent, fresh thinking, and ability to create and harness a concept, in my opinion, is unmatched. They were an absolute pleasure to work with, involving us in every step of the process! Of course, there was the always difficult “need it on air yesterday” ultimatum, and they may kill me for saying this…BUT, they delivered, in the most impossible time frame, and quality-wise, they totally killed it!

Wisebuddah Jingles’ General Manager Phil Tozer added “CHUM came to Wisebuddah to help create the sound of their major rebranding strategy. Now, working closely with Wade to focus on the musical references based on the more Pop side of the station format, CHUM has a sound unlike any other Hot AC format in the marketplace. Based around two amazing voice over artists coupled with one of our talented singers this package is cool, unique and punchy.”

Wisebuddah has also recently created new packages for Radio 538 (Holland), Hits Radio (UK) and Fun Radio (France). Check out all of the audio at wisebuddah.com

This New CHR Package is Feel Good Infused

Planet Radio 2019 Jingle Package from Wisebuddah
Planet Radio 2019 Jingle Package from Wisebuddah

Wisebuddah Jingles return to Planet Radio

Germany’s Planet Radio has once again launched a brand-new custom ID jingle package produced by Wisebuddah in London. The CHR station, based in Frankfurt, returned to Wisebuddah for a package comprised of a TOTH and Showopener suite, alongside 15 new IDs.

Mick von Oppen and Elinor Pomeranz, Planet Radio, said: “As with the last couple of years, Wisebuddah provided Planet Radio with a great sound package, tailored to our sound ID and exceeding our expectations.

Professional, up-to-date and fun! It’s always a pleasure to work them and thanks to the entire Wisebuddah Family for the magic you create!”

Wisebuddah Jingles’ General Manager, Phil Tozer, added: “We’re very excited to launch this new package for Planet Radio, as we’ve developed the sound from our previous work with them to infuse some real feel-good elements into the music and vocals to create a cool, clear and contemporary mix for CHR in 2019!”

Wisebuddah has also recently created new packages for Radio 538 (Netherlands), Hits Radio (UK) and Fun Radio (France). Check out all of the audio at wisebuddah.com.

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New 2019 CHR Package from Wisebuddah = Epic, Energetic

New Station Sound from Wisebuddah for Hits Radio across the UK

Hits Radio have today unveiled a new station sound, created in partnership with world renowned production company Wisebuddah.

Mixing high energy music with sung vocals and the latest imaging techniques, the new station sound incorporates a 4 note sonic identity that is completely unique in UK radio.

Hits Radio Network Programme Director, Paul Gerrard said “We wanted a sound that was rammed with energy, passion and pride in a music radio brand that we believe will become world-class. The team at Wisebuddah took the brief and blew us away! The new sound they’ve created has stamped our music position of playing the biggest hits and the biggest throwbacks and has given us a distinctive sound that I know will give us huge impact as it hits the air… It sounds epic!”

Chris Ward, Group Production Director of the Hits Radio Network said, “We wanted to create a new station sound for Hits Radio. It needed to be big, bold, and confident. High impact and full of energy. What the guys at Wisebuddah came up with is absolutely world class. This is the most exciting jingle package I’ve heard in years. It’s the perfect hybrid of imaging and jingles, exciting, powerful, credible and full of energy. What’s not to love!”

Phil Tozer, Wisebuddah Jingles’ General Manager added “We are proud to have played our part in developing the sound of Bauer over the last 5 years and we are excited to take it one giant step further with this new exciting sound. We’ve lifted the energy and given the brand a truly unique sound which I know will make Hits Radio jump out of the speakers.”

Hits Radio is home to Hits Radio Breakfast with Gethin Jones, Gemma Atkinson and Dave Vitty, The UK Chart Show with Sarah Jane Crawford and The Hits Radio Throwback, every day at 10am. Broadcasting across the UK from Manchester playing the biggest hits and the biggest throwbacks!

Wisebuddah has also recently created new packages for Radio 538 (Holland), Absolute Radio (UK) and Fun Radio (France). Check out all of the audio at wisebuddah.com.

WisebuddahFX1 from Wisebuddah Jingles Now Available

Wisebuddah has launched a brand new, updating FX Library.

WisebuddahFX1 launches with over 500 individually designed sounds to help you punctuate radio imaging and jingles in a modern, cutting edge fashion and it can already be heard on some of the biggest radio stations in Europe, including the Netherlands’ Radio 538.

All sounds have been created with usability in mind so you can easily mix and match different components. Whether you need in-your-face ear splitting breakers and heavy impacts, or light touches with wipes, risers and hi-frequency glitches.

Phil Tozer, General Manager of Wisebuddah Jingles: “We’ve seen a big influx of requests for a new, high quality FX library which sounds like nothing else out there, so we’ve obliged! This is the first volume of WisebuddahFX: our new, updating sound FX library… and Volume 2 is already on its way.”

Chris Hartgers, Radio 538: “We’ve been lucky to get our hands on WisebuddahFX over the past couple of weeks and they’re already all over the station. There’s some seriously good stuff in there! Some of the FX are drag and drop, others are great to re-edit and create your own SFX. Every single effect is usable!”

Check out the demo and for more info or to purchase WisebuddahFX1, contact Wisebuddah in the usual way by contacting jingles@wisebuddah.com or visiting www.wisebuddah.com.

Wisebuddah has also recently created new packages for Sky Radio (Holland), Absolute Radio (UK) and Fun Radio (France).

Diverse, Unique – Wisebuddah Radio Idents Air on New BBC Radio 2 Shows @WBJingles

New radio shows from the BBC with new idents from Wisebuddah

As part of its recent schedule change, BBC Radio 2 commissioned Wisebuddah to produce a host of new idents across the station’s output.

The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show sees four brand new Show Openers, whilst Sarah Cox has two new Openers as well as a makeover for All Request Friday. Both shows air a new shared Sports theme and have also had various music elements created by Wisebuddah for their regular features.

In addition, Wisebuddah created bespoke themes for Trevor Nelson’s Rhythm Nation and Rylan Clark-Neal’s new show ‘Rylan on Saturday’. There’s also a re-mix of the travel bed, along with a new theme for the network’s story-writing competition, 500 Words.

Paul Plant, MD of Wisebuddah Jingles: “As ever it has been a truly rewarding experience for our production team faced with the challenge of creating something from scratch for the UK’s most listened to network. The range of content and music across the station is as broad as it gets and, in this respect, makes BBC Radio 2 unique”.

Wisebuddah has also recently created new packages for Radio 538 (Holland), Absolute Radio (UK) and Fun Radio (France). Check out all of the audio at wisebuddah.com.


P7 Klem Upgrades Soft AC Sound with Wisebuddah Jingles, IMGR AC

P7 Klem return to Wisebuddah Jingles

Norway’s P7 Klem has launched a new custom ID jingle package produced by Wisebuddah in London. The station plays your soft AC favourites from the 60s through to today and launched the new sound alongside Wisebuddah’s IMGR AC production service from January 2019.

Aleksander Lilleøien, Imaging Director for P7 said “Having had jingles from Wisebuddah since 2014, 2019 was the year where we wanted give our soft ac station a serious jingle upgrade, and once again we came back to our great friends in London. This time, we gave them quite a challenge. Not only to create a custom package that provided more warmth and a positive feel good sound to our station, but also to do so in less than two months so it would be ready to air when we flipped our Christmas station back to its normal soft ac format. 

Once again, Wisebuddah proved that they’re one of the best jingle companies out there and delivered above and beyond our expectations.”

Wisebuddah Jingles’ General Wisebuddah Phil Tozer added “This was a fresh and exciting challenge set by Aleks which tested us to produce something distinctive, unique and contemporary. We recorded the vocals in London and just a couple of weeks later the whole package was on air which shows just how seamless working with Aleks and his Team has become. They’re fast becoming part of the Wisebuddah furniture!”

Wisebuddah has also recently created new packages for Radio 538 (Holland), Absolute Radio (UK) and Fun Radio (France). Check out all of the audio at wisebuddah.com