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Adele, Billie Eilish & Ed Sheeran: More Imaging Blueprint Artist Focused Sounds

Imaging Blueprint is always first for branding new music! Recently, Imaging Blueprint clients owned music by Adele plus Billie Eilish & Ed Sheeran before their competition!

Imaging Blueprint is the first and only artist focused radio production service, truly covering the core artists on your playlist! IB features an innovative, online database containing over 50 thousand audio files including sound design, music beds, artist-imaging workparts, vocal work parts, topical elements and much much more!

Visit www.imagingblueprint.com now

Coldplay & BTS, Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber: Imaging Blueprint Branded New Music

Imaging Blueprint is always first for branding new music! Last month radio stations owned music by Coldplay & BTS, Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber before their competition!

Imaging Blueprint is the first and only artist focused radio production service, truly covering the core artists on your playlist! IB features an innovative, online database containing over 50 thousand audio files including sound design, music beds, artist-imaging workparts, vocal work parts, topical elements and much much more!

This is a small demonstration of audio uploaded to Imaging Blueprint throughout the month of September 2021. For more info go to www.imagingblueprint.com or www.premierenetworks.com

Z100 New Music, Beatmix, Elvis Duran IDs on ProductionVault CHR

ReelWorld’s Production Vault CHR brings in new production gems for September 2021, for Z100: new power intro Olivia Rodrigo Traitor, Maroon 5 Concert Promo Tour, New Music BeatMix, Sean Mendez Intro, and Elvis Duran ID Morning Show.

Also fresh are new imaging and production elements for ProductionVault AC, Classic Hits, Classic Rock, Country, Hot AC, NewsTalk, Rock, Urban AC and Urban.

ProductionVault is the world’s most trusted radio imaging service.

“I enjoy ProductionVault so much, that I’ve never used my safe word!”

Z100 New York, Creative Services Director Staxx

Check out the recent highlights from ProductionVault for September 2021, and get in touch with the team at www.productionvault.com

2021 Z100, KIIS FM – Always On-trend On Air Sound with ReelWorld ONE

ReelWorld ONE continues to be Most Comprehensive Updating Sonic Branding Service On The Planet.

This service is a massive library of custom jingles, music beds, imaging workparts, song intros, sonic logos and vocal elements plus monthly updates to keep your station brand sounding current and musically on-trend.

Your One library starts with a huge collection of core and specialty Jingles including Top of Hours, Morning Shows, Weather, News, Traffic, Holiday and Contest Themes. And your library continues to grow with new Jingles added every month.

Access the massive updating catalog of Produced ID’s. These Imaging/Jingle hybrids give you a unique way to brand your station using the power of an Imaging piece combined with the energy and proven recall of a sung jingle.

Sonic Logos
A massive updating library of your station sonic logo in a vast array of sounds, textures, keys and tempos. Provided as Imaging-style stingers, long-form talkover pads and drones plus standalone logo tones to give you maximum flexibility.

Song Intros
Fully produced song intro shells featuring either a vocal element or a musical sonic logo to stamp your brand onto the intros of hit songs.

Vocal Kit
Your station name sung in every key, plus positioning statements, dial positions, specialty sings and more, giving you the toolkit you need to make your brand sing.

Key & BPM Charts
Quickly find critical key and bpm info for chart songs allowing you to seamlessly key and tempo match your Jingles and Imaging with the music you play.

CHR, Country or AC, contact the ReelWorld ONE team now to get started. https://reelworld.com/one

Selection of Z100, KIIS jingles from ReelWorld ONE in 2021

WHTZ TOH 2021: Serving the Universe

A capture of the Top of Hour Station ID of WHTZ 100.3 FM Z100 New York by _jaybustamante, showcasing the iconic “Serving The Universe” jingle and ReelWorld ONE CHR imaging, captured 9/7/2021.

Other news:

Sanjo Radio 79.7 Kyoto Japan Starts New Show Nippon Night Talk

A radio program entitled NNT-radio (Nippon Night Talk) will begin at Kyoto Community Radio Sanjo Radio Cafe FM 79.7MHz. This program welcomes guests every night (midnight program) with the themes of “traditional culture”, which is a topic unique to Kyoto, “art” regardless of age, and various “manufacturing” topics.

NNT-radio, along with main commentator Tamamura Ryo, has three personalities: Dalia Lucina, who came to Japan with an interest in Japanese culture, Marie Mizuno, who develops art activities in Kyoto, and Kaori Sakurai, a popular person in the streets of Kyoto.

Nowadays, there is a feeling of distance among Japanese people due to the health issue, but based on the three themes (traditional culture, art, and manufacturing) that can be said to be Japanese specialty, listeners can see the future of Japan by listening to the stories of people involved in manufacturing.

Japan, which used to be the center of producing consumer items, in recent years there have been more stories of being overtaken by other countries. People who are still steadily working on manufacturing are in many local cities, including Kyoto, and they support families. 

In terms of art, Kyoto has long been the center of Japanese art and has created many artists, and even today, young and talented artists are secretly working on the creation of works day and night. 

Including them, the city of Kyoto has created and nurtured traditions and culture over the years of 1200. There is the power of Kyoto and Japan that cannot be seen just by visiting Kyoto for sightseeing. However, these themes have a high threshold, deep and heavy impression. Therefore, in order to make it easier for people to see and hear on this radio, the team aimed for a community-radio broadcast that can be enjoyed by setting the broadcast to midnight.

Sanjo Radio Cafe 79.7 is online at https://radiocafe.jp, its broadcast origin is from Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

The Sound of Z100 New York, Hot 97 NYC, Kiss 92 Singapore will now be yours

Radio Express, the world’s most extensive radio imaging, production and broadcast service provider, announced the success of its recent 5-day offer of its Buyout Imaging Libraries.

With emphasis on quality and expansiveness, Jessica D’agostin, President of Sales at Radio Express said the 5-day event generated positive feedback leading to interest in the company’s Premium Imaging Libraries. 

“Our Premium Imaging Libraries are for stations who want a unique, exclusive, and premium sound in their market that no other station else will have, guaranteed.

I know that won’t suit all stations, or be in budget for many, however, I can help make your station stand out in your market with exclusive imaging that is world-class.”

With this, Radio Express is now offering stations around the world the chance to sound big like the radio giants: Z100 New York, Hot 97 and Kiss 92 Singapore.

To avail of the Radio Express “Exclusive Imaging” for your station, get in touch now with Jessica, visit https://radioexpress.com/contact/ and send in your message.

iHeart Radio Countdown, Elvis Duran, Z100 go better with Imaging Blueprint

Imaging Blueprint is always first for branding new music!

Recently, station clients owned new music by Miley Cyrus, BLACKPINK & Selena Gomez plus Dua Lipa before their competition!

Imaging Blueprint is the first artist focused radio production service. It features an innovative, online database containing thousands of audio files including sound design, music beds, artist-imaging work parts, vocal work parts, topical elements and much more!

This is a small demonstration of audio uploaded to Imaging Blueprint throughout the month of August 2020 including demos for iHeart Radio Countdown, Elvis Duran and Z100.

For more info go to www.imagingblueprint.com or www.premierenetworks.com

Z100 New York Radio Imaging Highlight Mid 2019

Z100 Imaging Director Brent Williams has just posted an update of Z100 New York’s imaging including branded intros, sweeps, and promos, with clever copy and use of song snippets from Khalid songs.

Speaking of Khalid, in some related news, the collab with him and Ed Sheeran continues to be a massive hit.

From 12 July the project “it will be available in stores and in all digital platforms. 6 Collaborations Project ”. After choosing “I Don’t Care” with Justin Bieber and ” Cross Me” with Chance the Rapper and PnB Rock, the third single extracted is “Beautiful People”, in collaboration with Khalid. These are the words of Ed Sheeran about his colleague: «Khalid has an undoubtedly soulful voice and I knew it would be perfect for this track. I think we get connected to the song in the same way and I’m really happy that we ended up working together. ” Another piece with a summer flavor that deals with the importance of staying true to oneself. In the text Ed Sheeran speaks of people who think only of appearances (“Beautiful People”) and of the need not to be influenced. What matters is not the material goods, this is the strong message that the songwriter has transmitted to the song and in the video. In fact, in the images that accompany the song, the two artists find themselves in a world where the things that matter are only luxury and appearances. A world of excesses that need not necessarily be shared. The video was directed by Andy McLeod, while the song is produced by Shellback, Max Martin, FRED and Ed Sheeran.

The album comes eight years after the last “Collaborations Project”. Meanwhile Ed Sheeran has become one of the most appreciated and loved by the public international artists. He is currently on tour in Europe and will end his live activity in August with four shows in Ipswich. The “No. 6 Collaborations Project ”arrives two years after“ Divide ”from which were then extracted iconic singles such as“ Shape of You ”,“ Castle on the Hill ”and“ Happier ”. Ed Sheeran’s intention is to have fun and entertain with the help of colleagues and artists he loves and who represent a source of great inspiration. “My rule was: if I listen to his music in the car, then I’ll cooperate. There are a lot of great artists I could have worked with, but it wouldn’t have made sense.

Imaging FX Blend Perfectly With these Z100-flavored Radio Imaging

Rex FX continues to reign as the beastly king in radio imaging FX as heard on Radio Globo Italy. The FX blended perfectly with the IDs that are infused with the time tested Z100 sonic logo.

Rex FX is the package that helps you inventing your one of a kind sound for your station’s imaging. So leave all the other copy-paste stuff and create a really unique sound for your station that enhances the recognition of your station’s name. It’s the ultimate audio branding tool for any CHR, Hot AC, Greatest Hits or Rock station in an overcrowded market.

Visit STICKYFX.COM for more info https://www.stickyfx.com/en/products/rex-fx.html

Related info – DJ Stefano Rises to the Top With Smashing Hit As Heard on Radio Globo

The new year for the Italian dj / producer Stefano Reis started with his new single “Back To School”, released this year on the Italian label Total Freedom and the recent song “All The Way Up” on Area 94, a Federico Scavo label, both available on all digital stores and Spotify.

Stefano Reis is one of the most promising djs / producers of the Italian scene and he approached the world of djing and clubbing at the age of seventeen. 
In recent months, he has established himself thanks to his music and his Italian radio tours created in collaboration with his team managed by Andrea Scirè, with whom he has made stops on several radio stations including Radio Bocconi in Milan, RLB in Cosenza, RADIO 675 of Livorno, RADIO KAOS ITALY of Rome,

The producer after having released last February 4th the song “Back To School”, supported by international artists including Emanuele Inglese, Kenn Colt, Lumberjack, Joachim Garraud, Alaia & Gallo, Sunstars, Niki Bellucci, Kenny Carpenter, from relevant radio as KISS FM, RADIO GLOBO and 76.1 InterFM of Tokyo, the Italian RADIO 105, VIVA FM, ONE DANCE and after having reached the first position in a few hours in the Electro House ranking on Traxsource, releases its new and overwhelming production, “All The Way Up “. 

“All The Way Up” is connected to the sounds of the previous song, it maintains a specific sound and a “build up” that characterizes the artist’s productions and introduces the drop ready to explode.
Stefano Reis proceeds with his contemporary, elegant House / Progressive House imprint and the mix of all these elements lead the listener into a pleasant journey in loop and full of positive energy. 
“All The Way Up” has already received support from artists such as Samuele Sartini, Nicola Fasano, Rio Dela Luna, Federico Scavo, Djs From Mars, Danilo Seclì, Alaia & Gallo, Luca Guerrieri, Fedde Le Grand, Kryder, Robbie Rivera, The Cube Guys, Sam Paganini and radio KISS FM UKRAINE, Radio Studio Più, Radio CRIK CROK, to name a few. 

WHTZ Z100 New York Power Jingles from ReelWorld (Archive)

Produced for Z100 WHTZ New York, CHR jingles from the ReelWorld ONE CHR service released in 2007

ReelWorld is the world leader in radio imaging, jingles and services like Morning Prep and Production Vault.

Visit ReelWorld.com

Z100 Beatmixes from ReelWorld Seattle

Z100 Beatmixes or Power Intros from ReelWorld. They were first introduced more than a decade ago as Beatmixes.

Beatmixes yes that is the name.

However it should not be a confusing term with a music based production that are beatmatched also called a beatmix.

These ReelWorld Beatmixes are called so because they are integrated into the DNA mix and beat of a song’s intro.

They usually come in custom jingle packages before with the jingle logo syllables incorporated to the song intro.

After that it was made available and standard feature in the ReelWorld ONE services.

For stations in Asia and the Pacific, contact Ricky at reelworld.com/contact

New CHR Jingles for Z100, KIIS, Kiss 108 & More

When it comes to sung jingles, nothing beats the world leader, ReelWorld.

This month fresh & radio jingles, imaging and song intros as heard here for Z100 New York, KIIS FM Los Angeles and Kiss 108 Boston.

As well as new jingles for country stations 100.3 KILT, Cat Country 96 and for AC station 93.9 WLIT.

So be it, AC, CHR or Country there is a wide variety of choices and best of all the service is updated monthly.

ReelWorld One is always current, always fresh, always musically on-trend. The service also includes vocal, logo and imaging tools to ensure your station brand continuously sounds as hot and happening as the songs you play.

So if you want your station to sound as fresh as your music, the choice is clear, ReelWorld ONE.

Make sure to drop them a line at reelworld.com/jingles and for stations in Asia and the Pacific, look for Ricky Brataamadja.

These Z100 Jingles, IDs Are Ten Years Old Already

A decade ago, ReelWorld launched the ONE jingle service dubbed as the last jingle package ever.

And it was a huge success and continues to be one.

The idea that stations can get a package that is continually updated every month was a hit and stations around the world subscribed to the revolutionary imaging service.

Each month ReelWorld puts out fresh productions that include ramps, slogan and shotgun versions, beatmixes or power intros and produced IDs.

Before 2008 ended, ReelWorld ONE CHR jingles were heard in stations all over the world using time tested sonic logos like the KIIS, Z100, KDWB and WXKS.

Heard here in this demo is a power intro for Jordin Sparks, a produced ID called HipHopaGNOME, the NewsBreaker jingle theme and Obsidian jingle theme.

Visit http://reelworld.com/one/chr to sign up for the ONE CHR service.

For stations in Asia and The Pacific get in touch with Ricky Brataamadja.

Free 6-Hour Music Mix from Z100 NY’s Most Trusted Mix Show @BenztownRadio #TotalRecall

America’s Most Trusted Mix Show has prepared an amazing gift for your station this July 4th – a FREE 6-hour Hot Mix Total Recall music mix showcasing artists like Beastie Boys, 2 Pac, Naughty By Nature, N-Sync, Tone Loc, Aqua, Baha Men, Slick Rick and way more.

Visit the link below on how to get this free 6 hour mix

About Hot Mix

The Original Hot Mix is a concoction of the hottest hits on the radio and charts mixed beat-to-beat and back-to-back.

It will arrive at your radio weekly designed and done by professionals, it is personalized for your station complete with your station’s local commercial and radio ID.

Allow your radio DJs to personalize Hot Mix Mainstream, they can host the show from your studio, or even come up with a weekly on-site program.

Hot Mix Mainstream is the mix show of choice for Z-100/New York.

Show Info:
  • 4 hour weekly show
  • The music is ON POINT…utilizing MediaBase Monitoring and the hottest club tracks.
  • For over 25 years, Hot Mix has delivered consistent mixes, consistent quality, and consistent results.
  • Hot Mix Mainstream features hits from artists such as: Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Adele, Usher, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Beyoncé & More!
  • Hot Mix Crossover features hits from artists such as: Rihanna, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Pitbull, Ludacris, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Usher & More!
Delivery & Other Details:
  • No licensing fees (in the USA)
  • Hot Mix is available via FTP & CD.
  • You have the flexibility to air the show whenever you want…no restrictions to specific time slots.

Visit https://www.benztown.com/programming/hot-mix

NEW: Z100 New York Summer Radio Imaging 2018

Hear the latest imaging for Z100 for Summer 2018 produced by Production Vault and all recent highlights from all formats.

ReelWorld helps radio stations around the world sound their best.

They make unforgettable Jingles, Imaging and Prep.

Make great radio at ReelWorld.com

Z100 Did It Again! From The Top of the Empire State Bldg Stars Are Closer Artist ID

Stax of Z100 did it again with this awesome artist positioner built upon the hit music of Kendrick / SZA “All the Stars.”

This uses production bed available at ReelWorld One.

Staxx said, “thanks for Erik Huber from Reelworld for getting a very convincing custom acap sung for this one!”.

Go to http://reelworld.com/one/chr

Follow Z100Staxx on SoundCloud.

Z100 Pay Your Bills

01 New Release Rundown, ReelWorld Jingle (This week’s iHeart New Release Rundown on Elvis Duran)
02 Z100 Pay Your Bills ID, Kelly Kelly Kelly Dave Foxx (Send us your bills at Z100 dot com)
03 Lets Go Right Here Right Now Sweeper
04 iHeart Radio Sia Featurette
05 Top of Hour Z100 ReelWorld Jingle Seattle
06 Z100 Paying Your Bills Register
07 Katy Perry Charlie Puth Sia Get To You Sweeper
08 Zee One Hundred Kelly Kelly Kelly
09 Student Loan Pay Your Bills Spot (Is that a student loan in your pocket …)
10 Music Promo

Captured October 21, 2016 9:15 am to 10:15 am iHeart Radio

AUDIO: Z100 Jingle Ball Announce promo

Launch promo announce our Z100 Jingle Ball 20-17 lineup!

Built using:
SFX from Robert Dudzic’s TrynityHDFX DFS package
Dramatic music from Alpha Music Libraries.
Acap’s from ProdVault CHR.
Captured audio from various iHeart events.

Ex-Z100 New York DJ Returns To Dallas For KPLX AM Show

Cumulus Media reports that it has named radio DJ Trey Morgan as new Co-Host for Mornings on 99.5 The Wolf/KPLX in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Morgan is joining established 99.5 The Wolf morning show anchor Lisa Taylor on the Wake Up with the Wolf morning show weekdays from 5AM-10AM CST, appearing Monday, October 31, 2016.

Morgan arrives at Cumulus Media-Dallas Fort Worth from CBS Radio-New York City, where he was Host, Afternoons on Fresh 102.7 (WNEW-FM). Preceding that, Morgan was in Los Angeles and WHTZ in New York.

Mac Daniels, PD, 99.5 The Wolf KPLX is excited:

“Trey brings a high level of talent, experience and results across multiple platforms to the top-rated Wake Up With The Wolf morning show. His fresh perspective will be a great addition to one of America’s leading country music brands.”

Morgan said:

“I am excited to return to my hometown, Dallas, and join the talented team at The Wolf (KPLX)! I have had the chance to learn from some of the best in the business; Jim Ryan, Tom Poleman and Sharon Dastur have been instrumental in my development over the past 10 years and I am thrilled to bring my experience to the city I grew up in. Thank you, Mike McVay, Dan Bennett, Dave Milner, Doug Hamand and Mac Daniels for the opportunity to join the wildly talented Lisa Taylor in one of America’s fastest-growing cities.”

Listen to 99.5 The Wolf here


Yes, You Get To Produce Alongside Dave Foxx or Staxx of Z100 on @TheImagingDays

The Imaging Days is THE event that’s 100% about radio imaging.

Again, many radio producers, imaging professionals and creative leaders come together for this two-day radio imaging event.

See ProTools, Ableton and Adobe Audition sessions from other producers, discover new plugins and exchange experiences.

By request the team at The Imaging Days will introduce something new this year: 1MAG1NG 1ON1.

On both days, for one hour the stage is yours! Bring your own audio and MAKE IT BETTER – together with your favourite producer!

Were there way too many effects?

How was the copy of your promo?

How does your station voice in the overall mix?

Grid? What’s that?

1MAG1NG 1ON1 is part of The Imaging Days 2016 on 3 and 4 October.

Speakers this year are Dave Foxx, Staxx (Z100/WKTU), Bart (Top of Mind Media Branding), Chris (Ignite Jingles), Denzil (RTE 2FM), Jean-Paul & Anthony (Spine Jingles), Chris Ward (Bauer), Niels & Joost (Qmusic), Ryan (ryanontheradio) and Christian (89.0 RTL).

Tickets for the event are available through theimagingdays.com

The Imaging Days 2016 Premium Partners:

Ignite Jingles, TRIL – The Radio Imaging Library, Spine Jingles and Helios Pro Audio Solutions

6 Years Ago Today These Were on Z100 New York

Radio imaging on the air at Z100 between last week of March and first week of April 2010.

Showcased are a Black Eyed Peas Weekend Promo, Z100 Payoff, Free Money, Lady Gaga Weekend ID, 2 music image promos and the Justin Bieber weekend spot.

The Bieb in 2010, wow, he was only 16.

Credit to Dave Foxx, Kelly Kelly Kelly and Dave Kampel, with jingles from ReelWorld.

10 Reasons To Go ‘BLUE’ For CHR Radio Imaging

Blue Sound Design is a multi format imaging production library. Each format has a unique personality and sound, while still maintaining the core Blue production value. Only the most relevant workparts, beds, and FX are used for each specific format, making Blue perfect for any playlist. With it’s compelling and groundbreaking production, Blue Sound Design satisfies the most demanding producers.

You know creative. You know imaging. Get to know Blue Sound Design! Also comes with Hot AC and Country formats.

Here are 10 reasons why you should get Blue:

  1. Imaging/Promo Shells w/ Mixouts; Just drop in your VO and you’re done, or pull apart these idea starters to make you’re own custom creation.
  2. Power Intros: Format specific (pending appropriate format) branded song intros with artist id’s and your stations name.
  3. Workparts: Elements that speed up the imaging process, pre-produced stagers and sequences.
  4. FX: The glue that pulls your production together, everything you need from wipes, to hits, and format specific sounds.
  5. Beds: Fresh, new, and modern scores produced with the latest in technology and sound aesthetic for each format.
  6. Atmospheres/Drones: Textured sustains that add presence and establish dramatic mood in your productions.
  7. Artist/Celebrity ID’s: General greetings from today’s hottest celebrities relevant to each format.
  8. Listeners: On the street and on the phone audio with testimonials, winners, positioning statements, shouts, and more.
  9. Drops/Phonics: Pop culture sound bites relevant for each format, from the latest in TV, movies, and entertainment.
  10. Beatmix Music Promos: Unique CHR promos and workparts that feature today’s hottest hits beatmixed to brand your station with the music.

In addition, Blue Sound Design has thousands of cuts available, it’s constantly updated, and market exclusive.

Affiliates have direct e-mail access to producers within Blue to enquire about specific needs or production questions they may have.

Visit http://www.bluesounddesign.com now




Is She The Next Kelly Doherty, Or The First Her?

It would be totally unfair to her, but this lady is the next big (thing) or voice in the world of radio imaging. The great Kelly Kelly Kelly is irreplaceable of course, but we know her story, from her humble beginnings to a radio production goddess. But we can’t help it.

She has just been referred to by the production god – Dave Foxx, a true voice talent, a producer for the Z100 morning show and the voice of the recently launched PromoBeds.com.

Is she the next Kelly, Kelly, Kelly?

She is the first Loren Raye – the Athena of radio imaging.

Who is Loren Raye?

A passionate and vivacious chick, Loren is grateful to be a producer for Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, a nationally-syndicated radio show based out of the world-famous Z100 in New York City!

For eight exciting and challenging months, she trained extensively with (incredibly brilliant!) voice over artist/mentor Joan Baker, and Emmy Award-winning Creative DirectorRudy Gaskins. She continues to train with the dynamic duo today! To develop her radio imaging skills, Loren works withDave Foxx (radio imaging Prod God!) who is based out of Z100 and heard worldwide. Loren is represented by Don Buchwald & Associates and is a member of AFTRA.

She can be heard on nationally-syndicatedClub Kane, and (with Dave on) 106.7 The Beat in Detroit, Michigan. A true nerd at heart, she was elated to have recorded in the famous Howard Schwartz Studios, and firmly believes that three things are essential to a happy life: good food, good company, and a comfy pair of sweatpants!

Visit LorenRaye.com