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Positive NRJ for the world

Fresh & feelgood CHR jingles for the world’s leading Top 40 brand.

Broadcasting in 25 countries or regions, NRJ is the world’s most-franchised brand for Contemporary Hit Radio stations. Shaping their sound since 2008, PURE Jingles recently delivered part 2 of the ‘22 chapter in the NRJ story.

Over the years, radio’s position has been changing gradually, brand manager Gaël Sanquer says in this interview. “The value of a station was, more or less, the music. Today, it’s everything but the music. Our listeners have the music for free, everyday; everywhere. So we have to be creative in the branding, content, entertainment and events. And offer listeners what they’re not able to find on streaming services.”

The right mix
Creating and maintaining brand awareness is something he finds to be essential: “The branding and the on-air marketing is something very important for NRJ”. Every day, he’s diligently working on crafting the ultimate listening experience. On the right mix of scheduled music and accompanying imaging elements, such as power intros, format explainers and jingles. “To have something relevant, creative and unique.”

The station’s most recent imaging update consists of another 10 custom-made jingles that match the sound of today’s playlist. It can be heard all across France as well as on many stations abroad, which include major markets such as Germany and various Scandinavian countries.

The NRJ jingles can also be heard on the PURE Jingles website:

PURE Jingles creates award-winning radio imaging and sonic branding for broadcast & corporate. The radio specialists of PURE are helping program directors worldwide to position and market their brand. Winners of the Buma Award (and nominated several times) for Best Radio Imaging.

Brandy’s Memorable Sound on WNIC Detroit


A new series of jingles, produced by Brussels-based BRANDY, is on air at the legendary station WNIC in Detroit. This is the third time that morning host Jay Towers has called on the Belgian branding agency. Tracks from the Kick Up series were used as the basis of the new package and then were tailored for one of the leading morning shows in the States.

For the third year in a row, BRANDY has produced the audiobranding for ‘Jay Towers in the Morning’. The American radio and television personality has again selected tracks from the Kick Up catalogue, which is continually being expanded. The tracks are edited and crafted to sound as if they have been custom-made. “The special thing about Brandy is the unique sound they create,” says Jay Towers of WNIC. “Brandy always finds ways to give our show a memorable sound to enhance our brand. And it just can’t be duplicated.”

Tom Van der Biest, Creative Director at Brandy: “It’s a pleasure to work with Jay. He knows exactly what he wants. And a strong end-result almost always starts with a strong briefing.”

Jay Towers: “Consistency is everything for us. With our show, with our features. And when you use jingles, you want them to be an extension of your brand. They should never sound out of place. They have to be part of the fabric of your show. And our listeners come up and sing our Brandy jingles to us. So Brandy, Detroit loves you!”
Listen to the jingles… and Jay:

Brandy is a European consultancy and production company, based in Brussels, specializing

Brandy and TOP Make You Move: New Name, Slogan and Jingles for TOP


TOPradio is now TOP – and the station chose BRANDY to add musical and recognizable power to this change. In the last few months, the station has undergone a metamorphosis: new state-of-the-art studios, an updated program schedule – and also, since this week, ‘We Make You Move’ as a slogan and a complete jingle makeover.

The reactions to the audio design for a station with a unique positioning and a distinct musically danceable format are unambiguous: the result is top!

With the design for TOP, Brandy has once again created a unique jingle sound that accents TOP’s ‘hits with a beat’ format. The station also sought a highly recognizable auditory identity – and our audio wizards found the building blocks for this in the station’s new ‘We Make You Move’ slogan. “The fact that Brandy was involved in choosing the slogan is not only a sign of confidence in our expertise,” says Tom Van der Biest, Creative Director at Brandy. “It also helped bring the right ingredients together for a strong sonic brand.”

Brandy produced 8 basic jingles, a top of the hour, beds and service beds for weather and traffic. Moreover, the jingles received a thorough post-production treatment.

“The result is astonishing. Thanks to Brandy’s boundless creativity, TOPradio has literally become TOP,” TOPradio’s Bram Vanhee comments. “The collaboration with Tom and his team was intense and fantastic. The station’s sound has been perfectly translated into the new audio design. The immediately recognizable audio logo combined with today’s musical sounds achieve an unprecedentedly high international level.”

Here’s how it sounds:

Radio 1’s 2022 Jingle Package Makes Station Sound Fresher Than Ever

Radio 1 in Slovenia got a makeover thanks to Benztown’s amazing jingle team. Check out this terrific package put together by Rutger van Gelder, Philipp Wilhelm, and Shane Drasin!

Please, I would like one Oli and one Andy for every radio station in the world! Working with Benztown is so simple – like ordering a beer and a burger. Everybody can do a jingle! But if you want somebody who will understand your needs, who will read and even upgrade your brief, spend hours on meetings to really feel the station’s needs and somebody who will say “NO” when it’s needed, then you have to work with the Benztown, guys. We knew the guys from before, so we knew that we will get a great jingle package – but the final result is above that! Radio 1 now sounds fresher than ever!

Thank you guys for helping us to make the Radio 1 brand in Slovenia even bigger and stronger! Thank you guys, we really sound great!

Nejc Tisu, Creative Director & Brand manager, Radio 1 – Slovenia

Listen to the complete package here

Top Format Turns NPO 3FM Audio On To The Next Level

To reinforce the programming shift at NPO 3FM, the on air sound of the station has been refreshed by Top Format Productions. According to the NPO 3FM team, the new package fits perfectly with their new slogan ‘We Want More’ and an updated station playlist. 

This was a special cooperation with the NPO 3FM jingle team and Top Format. All music and sung vocals are made by Top Format. This new package is on air since Monday September 12, 2022 and contains 10 main ID’s including a new Top of The Hour.  

Dave Albers, Creative Director, Top Format Productions BV

“We want more” is the new NPO 3FM station slogan. That is what station manager Menno de Boer said in the podcast ‘Dit Was De Radio’. “It has to fit in well with the music we play. And with that, we also have to update the sound.”

The station manager also indicated what he wants to change. 

“3FM is een makelaar in misery geworden. Een bezorgde zender met een format dat niet echt te duiden valt en alle kanten opschiet.”

“Ze droegen de zender niet als een team. We gaan nu muziek belangrijker maken. Er werd teveel geluld en de muziek was maar bijzaak. Daarnaast moet de positiviteit en het plezier in radiomaken weer terugbrengen.”

The new jingle package jives perfectly with the refreshed programming. chatted with Dave Albers, Creative Director at Top Format Productions on the creative process.

RJPRO: How was the production process, what was the task given by 3FM?

NPO 3FM and Top Format aimed to create a jingle package that accompany the new brand strategy of NPO3FM.

In total 10 jingles / cuts are custom made.

RJPRO: When creating this package, were there specific songs you used as sort of inspiration for the production?

The briefing is build around descriptions and references like: Tate McRae, Foals, Harry Styles, Festivals and very tight drums.

RJPRO: How does your creative team balance between relatability (meaning the jingles are as recognizable as the songs played on air at 3FM) and remarkability (or how the jingles still stand out)?

In a very organic way: the mission really is to melt the “3” simultaneously with the core songs from NPO3FM. It works both ways: branding the new sonic logo in a strong and positive key to build instant recognizability ánd build a credible music track in front of the sonic that breaths the energy and music vibe of the brand.

RJPRO: Will this package be available for syndication or be resung outside of Europe or the Americas, such as Asia?

Yes. As any custom Top Format package the framework of each cut is available as customized syndication throughout the international radio and streaming markets.

RJPRO: The station has a new slogan “We Want More”, how did this new identity translate to the production and final sound of the jingles?

Literally by adding More musicality into each jingle. More recognizability in the vocal melody and more detail into the Mastering so that the audio imaging team at NPO3FM can adjust all of the cuts with the new stations voices.

RJPRO: It’s definitely the 2020s now, as they say in the media, it’s the time for the Gen Zs, what difference have you noticed in the production of jingles compared to, say, 10 years ago, aside of course from the new technology. Has the essence of station jingles evolved? Or is it still the same? 

The essence of audio imaging is in a constant movement. Due to production techniques, plugin updates, vocal talent and how audio branding is involved to fulfill the 360 strategy.  

Hear and find out more how Top Format can your help your station Turn Your Audio On to the next level at

NPO 3FM’s New Programming, find out more here

ReelWorld Fuzion CHR Vol. 3 is Here


The best of both worlds, this is what Fuzion CHR Volume 3 from ReelWorld is all about. High impact short-form IDs that combine the power of VO-driven imaging with the proven recall of a sung melody. Without sounding like a traditional jingle.

Fuzion continues to be a big part of what makes Power 96.1 cut through and stand out. There’s nothing else like it.

Dan Hunt, Program Director

Package Features

  • 15 Core Themes
  • Production Beds
  • Multiple Length Mixes
  • Produced Vocal Workpart Kit

KIIS and ReelWorld’s Iconic CHR Jingle Package 2022: This is the sound of LA’s number one hit music station

ReelWorld – the global leader in radio jingles, delivered a stellar master piece in the form of the KIIS 2022 Jingle Package for the one of the world’s recognizable radio brand 102.7 KIIS FM Los Angeles.

I’d always heard that taking delivery of a new KIIS jinglepackage was special. And now, as Program Director, I can confirm it’s true! Our new jingles sound just like the CHR format, capture the energy, excitement and diversity of the station, and build on almost two decades of jingle history between KIIS and ReelWorld.

Beata Murphy, Program Director, 102.7 KIIS FM Los Angeles

For stations in Asia and the Pacific, contact ReelWorld now to get this package for your station, visit

PURE Jingles Delivered A Grand SLAM! Package 

Grand SLAM! with PURE Jingles

One of the Netherlands’ forward-paced radio stations is SLAM! It has a fresh sound that will become the new benchmark for rhythmic CHR.

The SLAM’s radio director is Martijn Zuurveen.

“We have recently presented a new schedule and an upgraded brand story. Imaging is a key part of that, and extremely important for any station as it co-creates your brand identity. .

SLAM! was looking for on air sound that suits its Pop & Dance format, which is primarily geared at male listeners between the ages of 20 and 40. 

“PURE Jingles has delivered a jingle package that fits perfectly with our energetic music mix, because at SLAM! the rhythm never stops”, says Raoul Schram, the content coordinator.  “After an intensive collaboration of several months, we came up with a renewed audio logo and rock-solid vocals.” 

Positive energy 

In addition, Martijn Zuurveen says: “SLAM! stands for positive energy and you can hear and feel that in our audio branding. It’s completely in line with this time and with the taste of our target audience. The sound design can also be perfectly combined with our SLAM! promotions, such as the Amsterdam Dance Event and our Formula 1 Month.” 

The custom-made jingle package of SLAM! consists of 10 main themes and a red-hot Top of Hour. A full demo can be heard at Over the last months, PURE also created the imaging for RadioCorp’s two other stations; Dutch-AC format 100% NL, and Soft AC brand Sunlite. 

Magic FM 2022 Jingle Package from Pors Impact Creative


Magic FM’s on air sound has been freshened up. Summer has officially started and that includes new summer jingles from Pors Impact Creative.

Nico Silvius, director of Magic FM: ‘With these jingles, we can hear where we are and what we stand for. Not only the station but also the summer of 2022 is MAGIC! ‘.

Click here to listen to Magic FM’s new summer lineup:

Radio Producer Chooses This FX Library for CHR Station Playing Upbeat 90s Music

It’s time for a new unique tool that lets you re-invent the sound of your station. With Sticky FX Grand FX you can get your imaging ready to take on all the competition in today’s radio world. A library with 365 FX & Work Parts including Starters, Impacts, Breakers, Hits, Sweeps, Beat Slams, Glitches, Risers, EDM Work Parts, Drones, Stoppers, Shots, Beat Starters, Apps, Slams, Stagers, Noises and Beds.

Grand FX is on air now at Joy Radio.

Marcel de Vries, DJ & Audiovisual producer at Joy Radio: “At Joy Radio we have a CHR format with lots of up-tempo 90’s music. Of course that needs imaging with the same kind of energy. Grand FX has proven to be an awesome investment, the complete new imaging of the station has been made with FX from this package. It has precisely the punch and freshness that blends perfectly with the music of Joy Radio.”

Get Grand FX and make your station’s imaging bulletproof to your competition, from wherever it may come! Visit

Listen to Grand FX on Joy Radio here:

TIPIK 2022: A PURE-ly Unique CHR Jingle Package


Walloon public broadcaster RTBF commissioned another PURE update of seasonal  idents for their youth channel, TIPIK.

Playing today’s best music with a Rhythmic Pop accent, they wanted to match the  current chart hits while reflecting the vibe of the summer. The 10-cut strong custom  package also includes show openers and thematic jingles for specific purposes.  From the drive-time show to live events.

Uniquely recognisable

“We therefore aimed to let every jingle within the package be unique”, says Thomas  Giger, responsible for client relations at PURE Jingles. “Always with the ‘TIPIK mark’,  including their recognisable logo & vocal sound. One of the aspects that makes this  package stand out is the vocal treatment of the voiceovers and the sung parts.”


RTBF TIPIK and PURE Jingles are working together since 2016. Fun fact: the station  was then still known under its former brand name, Pure. In 2021, they also became a  subscriber to the monthly-updated PURE Intros (branded song intro) service. The  newest package can be heard at

Listen and follow PURE Jingles on SoundCloud:

Pors Impact Creative – Radio Jingles with Longevity

Be it CHR, AC, Hot AC or Lite AC, Pors Impact Creative is your dependable partner for powerful branding and imaging. Its growing CHR catalogue of radio jingles, for instance, are now heard in stations around the world.

Mix & Joy is a contemporary hit radio jingle package that covers all the basics and more. From pop, rock, urban to dance, Mix & Joy is an epic package consisting of 17 themes that highlight your station’s identity effectively. It also comes with News, Weather and Traffic.

Today’s CHR and Modern Hot AC formats have more diversified playlists than ever. The Mix & Joy package delivers both versatility and utility. But with ever changing playlist entries, Mix & Joy comes with a sound of longevity, so the jingles never burn out.

Henrie Pors, founder of Pors Impact Creative, made it his lifelong commitment to create professional, outstanding radio jingles for stations around the world.

“At the age of six I started to learn piano and from that time I have been enchanted by the beautiful sounds that came from simply pressing a key or two. In over thirty years as a professional composer, I have created an innovative trail with custom made music. This turned out to Pors Impact Creative. Pors Impact Creative is the ongoing manifestation of my lifelong passion for music”

Henrie Pors, founder of Pors Impact Creative

To hear more, visit and contact the Pors Impact Creative team now

Mid-West Family Broadcasting Chooses WIZZFX to Keep Momentum, Bring More Excitement to WQLQ On Air Sound 

Live 99.9 WQLQ (99.9 FM), a radio station licensed to Benton Harbor, Michigan  by Mid-West Family Broadcasting, has chosen WIZZFX to produce the station imaging.

The directive was straightforward to create on air sound for a station that plays fresh and current music.

“Modern effects, vocal samples and music cuts are all built to bring the energy and hype. Not only does that keep the imaging on point with current music production styles, but it also helps forward keep momentum and bring excitement to the station.” – WIZZFX Team.

“It’s not just a cookie-cutter production service. They listen and they deliver the sound I’m looking for”, says Bill Gamble, General Manager Mid-West Family South Bend.

Since being birthed in 2003, WIZZFX has been used worldwide across radio stations, podcasts and more. Sound design packages. Bespoke music. Fully produced custom branding. You ask, WIZZFX delivers!

Hear more by visiting

Modern Sung Jingles for Glam Radio from LFM Audio

New trending Glamorous Sung Jingles from LFM Audio

LFM Audio composes Modern Sung Jingles for Glam Radio to ensure they have a trending sonic sound on the airwaves – 6 Themes with multiple cuts for just $2899.

These Sung Jingles are now available to be customised and resung for your station in either English or German for just $699 one time cost.

Make your station sing with LFM Audio, visit

Listen to the package here:

Watch behind the scenes here:

The Ultimate Kick For Radio Branding

The ‘Kick Up’ jingle series has been expanded again. Eight new tracks – with a high sing-along factor and huge doses of enthusiasm and positivity – fit perfectly with any Hot AC format. For CHR stations, the Brandy producers have pulled out  all the stops to provide muscular remixes.  

Kick Up is on air in the USA, Poland, Ireland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

The Kick Up package is continuously growing bigger to respond to current music trends.  These tracks form the basis for the on air design of dozens of radio stations around the  world. And yet they all sound different. The unique personalization allows each station  to retain the energy and feel-good of the base tracks – but with the updated sonic logo  and unique vocal sounds, the jingles sound like they’ve been custom-made.

For more information, visit

Have a listen to the air check:

LFM Goes For Unique Sound In Radio

What can distinguish LFM in the Swiss radio landscape? Its on-air branding! So  the market leader among French-language commercial stations in Switzerland is  working with BRANDY, the Belgian producer of sonic design. This spring, LFM is  receiving 10 new tracks – and 3 of them have been custom-produced for the station’s morning show. As the commercial market leader in French-speaking Switzerland, LFM is known for its  solid content and exquisite musical format. By implementing the new audio branding at  the end of 2020, LFM added a decisive factor.

Fabrice Benedet, Artistic Director at LFM: “Brandy’s powerful jingles give LFM a strong emotional colouring. In no time, they became part of the original soundtrack in Suiss Romande.”

This spring Brandy produced a hybrid package with original tracks for the morning show  and jingles that were first composed for Joe and Radio 2 in Belgium. “And yet every track,  every jingle, sounds like it was custom-made. At the same time, everything forms a  unified whole,” says Diederik Decraene, Managing Director at Brandy. “That makes a  hybrid production advantageous: it delivers a unique sound for a lower budget.” 

Have a listen to the aircheck:

SONIC SPRING presents Pure FM 2022 Jingle Package

SONIC SPRING presents Pure FM, America’s Party Station.

Unique and one of a kind jingles for Rhythmic-CHR.

Jamtraxx Media created the Pure FM format designed to appeal to audiences currently not being served by traditional mainstream Rhythmic and CHR stations.

This is a syndication of Sonic Spring’s Joy Radio package.

And here’s how it sounds on Pure FM:

VRT Radio 1 Jingle Package 2022 from Audio Brothers: A Complete Evolution of Sound

VRT Radio 1 has broadcasted their brand  new custom made jingle package, created by Audio Brothers. The complete new audio branding consists of a Top-of-The-Hour, News  Imaging, Show Starts (incl. Extended Versions), and Flow Jingles.

The overall sound and feel is “The soundtrack of what is happening in  the world today”. A package with an urgent and international character  for current affairs and news on the one hand, and variety and  playfulness on the other. All in support of the spoken word.

Listen here to the new custom jingles of VRT Radio 1 here:

“Audio Brothers fully understand how we want Radio 1 to evolve in  terms of audio branding in the future. Radio 1 unites many worlds,  which they feel perfectly and translate into their compositions. Their interesting musical approach and the close cooperation are a plus for us”. 
– Alain Ryckman, Head of Radio Imaging VRT

Swiss Radio Rouge Gets An Upgrade with fresh jingles from Newtones

The creative team at Newtones, a Production Studio based in Switzerland, has given Swiss radio station Rouge a major upgrade in their on air sound with 8 new radio jingles.

The jingles are part of a core update to the original and powerful Rouge jingle package launched in 2021.

Newtones CEO, Thomas Bise: “The guys at Rouge were a real pleasure to work with, and their feedback about the entire package was extremely positive. We’re happy to continue this collaboration over a new set of jingles in the coming months.”

Newtones offers services for companies, brands and medias. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of production for different radio and TV media groups, they make your skins, jingles, Radio or TV credits. Their great works are heard on RJB, RTN, OneFM, Rouge, Radio LAC, RJF, LFM and RTS.

Hear more at and follow their socials:

Qmusic 2022 – The Sound of Today’s Musical CHR Imaging

The commercial market leader in Belgium and the Netherlands, Qmusic is one of the sexiest radio brands in Europe. And as the station strives to innovate continuously with its imaging, Brandy reinvented the power intro especially for Qmusic’s image … and Q made it hot again! 

The station wants to set the example in all areas in 2022 as well. The latest jingle package – ‘Q Hits Better’ – was remixed to drive the energy levels completely through the roof at certain moments. This is the sound of musical CHR today.

Get Brandy Jingles for your station now, head to for more.

OnlyHit Radio USA CHR Jingles 2022 from Floyd Media – 3-note branding for next-level radio!

CHR Jingles package created to go perfectly with current hottest hits on USA’s OnlyHit station.

This package contains custom ear-catchy melodic vocals and the attitude to go anywhere in the playlist – even as seamless transitions between different genres.

Full length talk-up Ramps, Basic ID’s, Shotguns, Hyper ID’s, mixouts, workparts… everything 24/7 contemporary radio needs has been covered.

“They all sound amazing! We are really happy and proud to have worked and trusted you with this! These jingles sound way better than we expected :)”– Vince Durousseau, programme manager, OnlyHit Radio –

This package is available for re-sing and customization in other languages with your station’s name, slogan and sonic logo.

Visit today!

Listen to the demo:

Capital UK 2022 PURE Jingles

Audio branding in CAPITALS

The UK’s Number 1 Hit Music Station, Capital, has received another massive update  from Dutch sonic branding specialist, PURE Jingles.  

Operated by the UK’s leading commercial radio company, Global, the Capital network  attracts close to 8 million listeners per week. It is the home of Capital Breakfast with  Roman Kemp, and of landmark events such as Summertime Ball and Jingle Bell Ball.  “Working with this iconic brand and its dedicated team is always an exciting creative  endeavour”, PURE Jingles sales director Thomas Giger says.  

Following an earlier package of the same size, Global commissioned another batch of  10 Individual Top of Hours. Musically inspired by the biggest hits from today’s hottest  artists, these assets are designed to keep Capital close to the ever-evolving music  cycle. The package is completed by Out of Breaks; quick shots to exit commercials  and kick off music sweeps.  

“Capital is one of those rare stations that set a standard for CHR. They’re playing in  the league of Z100, KIIS FM and NRJ. Many programmers are getting inspiration from  what’s happening at Leicester Square. So we’ve wanted to create imaging that spells  their brand in CAPITALS. You’re welcome to check out the result in the PURE Jingles  Showcase, and to let us know what we can do for YOU.”  Visit the showcase page here:

103.5 KTU NY New Show IDs for Carolina with Greg T in the Morning

Blasting a ‘Rhythmic Hot AC’ format from the top of the Empire State Building, KTU is The Beat of New York, spinning hit songs from core artists Ava Max, Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd and others. Well-known personalities such as Carolina & Greg T, Wendy Wild, Sean ‘Hollywood’ Hamilton and Lulu & Lala keep The Big Apple moving, and benchmarks such as the ‘KTUphoria’ concerts have become incredibly popular.

PURE Jingles is contributing to KTU’s on-air sound since 2014. PURE Jingles expanded their collaboration, which started with custom jingles and bespoke branded intros, into tailor-made show imaging. The Show ID package for The Carolina with Greg T in the Morning Show can be utilised in various ways; in sweeper mix-outs over song intros, and as stand-alone idents.

Some idents are specifically constructed to flow into ad breaks, and used to pre-sell benchmarks coming up after the stopset, such as Battle of the Sexes or commercial-free hours. (Every weekday before 9, listeners are being treated to 2.5 hours of non-stop music on WKTU.) If you’d like to hear sung jingles of The Beat of New York, you can find those by searching for ‘103.5 KTU’ on the showcase page.

Listen to the showcase here

Champagne FM Pops With Brandy Jingles

More than ever, Champagne FM is positioning itself as ‘La radio pop’ in the  Champagne-Ardenne region (France). So, in their search for an earcatching sonic  signature, the station turned to Brandy Jingles. The Belgian audio designers  created a new and super-recognizable sonic logo that clearly distinguishes the  package of 11 jingles and the news styling. 

Following Contact FM and RDL, Champagne FM is the third station of the Rossel Radio  group to receive an imaging makeover from Brandy. 

The Champagne FM team selected basic tracks from Brandy’s extensive catalogue – each track then received a remake tailored to the brand with an updated logo and catchy  vocals. 

The jingles fit perfectly with the station’s optimistic, lively and familiar atmosphere. 

We are delighted to be working with Champagne FM,” said Diederik Decraene, Brandy’s  Managing Director. “Among other things, the station was looking for an effective way to  bring its new ‘La radio pop’ claim to the market. With this branding, they’ll be able to  captivate listeners with the positioning in no time.” 

Here’s how the package sounds: 

Champagne FM is part of Rossel Radio, the French pole of Belgian Groupe Rossel, and has a  daily reach of just under 120,000 listeners. You can listen to the station in the Champagne Ardenne region and in the l’Aisne département. 


Brandy is a European consultancy and production company, based in Brussels, specialising in  on-air branding for media companies. Hear more packages at

New Year, New Sounds for Mega Top 30 from Top Format Productions

Top Format Productions has revealed Mega Top 30 has new sets of on air sounds. Mega Top 30 is a Dutch music chart broadcast every Friday from 16.00 – 18.00 on NPO 3FM. It originally started on May 23, 1969 as the Hilversum 3 Top 30.

Top Format posted this announcement via their social media page, with video below:

Top Format Productions studio’s are based in Haarlem (NL) where they create next level audio production for a wide range of customers.

They create sounds, such as audio, sound logo’s and postproduction for the advertising industry, retail brands, online activators and those who need to stand out with their audio identity.

Top Format create jingles, audio imaging, idents, custom made music, sweeps, tunes and show-songs for the international radio industry, online broadcasters, DAB+ stations, podcasting and all radio driven clients who aim for musicality, authenticity and creative novelty.

Learn and listen more of Top Format Productions by visiting their website

Adele, Billie Eilish & Ed Sheeran: More Imaging Blueprint Artist Focused Sounds

Imaging Blueprint is always first for branding new music! Recently, Imaging Blueprint clients owned music by Adele plus Billie Eilish & Ed Sheeran before their competition!

Imaging Blueprint is the first and only artist focused radio production service, truly covering the core artists on your playlist! IB features an innovative, online database containing over 50 thousand audio files including sound design, music beds, artist-imaging workparts, vocal work parts, topical elements and much much more!

Visit now

PURE Jingles – A high level of NRJ

NRJ France and its worldwide affiliates have expanded their PURE Jingles sound with  another batch of station idents, plus news, weather & traffic beds.  

In a client video on PURE’s website, brand manager Gaël Sanquer shares his love for  Top 40 radio with powerful processing and bold branding. “The typical NRJ sound is  creative, fresh, and something that cannot be heard on another radio station. We’re  creating a new package every 6 months in order to have something very up to date.”  

Carte blanche  

“Being part of their brand since 2008, we’re always aiming for the next level”, PURE  sales director Thomas Giger says. “NRJ is basically giving us carte blanche to shape  their on-air sound. Our team finds inspiration in the station’s hit rotation to stay close  to leading-edge trends.”  

Apart from ever-evolving music cycles, there are other forms of constant innovation.  “Together with NRJ, we’re coming up with add-ons. Recently, we’ve included tempo  transitions for natural segues from song to song. And sound-wise, voice inserts and  playful ad-libs are crisp ingredients in the vocal mix.”  

Jingle package  

The jingles of NRJ (internationally also branded as ENERGY) are now being heard in  25 markets, and featured in the PURE Jingles showcase.  

PURE Jingles creates award-winning radio imaging and sonic branding for broadcast & corporate. The  radio specialists of PURE are helping program directors worldwide to position and market their brand.  Winners of the Buma Award (and nominated several times) for Best Radio Imaging.  Visit the new for jingles, sounds & visuals for the love of radio.

Orbyt Media Brings Wisebuddah to Virgin Radio in Canada

Orbyt Media Brings Wisebuddah to Virgin Radio in Canada

Wisebuddah announced the release of the 2021 jingle package for Virgin Radio Canada.

Canada’s number one hit music network, Virgin Radio, have teamed up with Wisebuddah, launching a brand-new station sound package, that has been produced by the London-based production company.

At the heart of the package is a brand new unified sonic identity, which will be the branding focal point for all 12 stations across the Virgin Radio network. The IDs are made up of 6 bespoke music themes with genres ranging from Pop to Hip Hop; and all featuring a range of vocalists never heard on a Canadian package before.

Bell Media’s, Director of Radio Content, Sarah Cummings, said: “Wisebuddah worked with our teams to create sonic identifiers that extend beyond commonly-used traditional sounds. The result is a refreshed audio identity that embodies the Virgin Radio brand attributes with a healthy dose of cutting edge and sophisticated energy!”

Wisebuddah’s Managing Director, Phil Tozer, said: “It is great to be extending our partnership with Virgin Radio; and to craft a bespoke new sound which will be heard by over 5 million people every single day. Creating something that will resonate with listeners from Vancouver to Toronto is no easy feat; and so to work on a package that brings together the entire sound of a nation was a fun challenge for the team!”

Orbyt Media is Canada’s premier content syndication group, providing the most comprehensive lineup of programs and best-in-class broadcast services to over 380 stations in 155 markets across the country. Orbyt Media delivers the world’s best in talk, entertainment and sports programming, in addition to industry-leading imaging, production, show prep, and research tools.

Wisebuddah is a leading specialist in the production of sonic branding, radio imaging and jingles. Their award-winning team has extensive experience creating branding for all formats, from cutting-edge CHR to unforgettable AC and everything in between. In Canada, Wisebuddah are a trusted partner of Bell Media, Rogers Media and Rawlco Media. Internationally, they work with many of the world’s leading radio brands including: BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, Radio 538, Sky Radio, Fun Radio, Bauer Media International and many more.

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104.3 KRBE, New York’s Country 94.7 and Holiday Jingles from TM Studios TMNext

TMNext is the newest and hottest updating jingle service from TM Studios, available across multiple formats with a range of vocal options and sonic logos. Here’s a sample of the October 2021 updates, including festive jingles for AC clients.

From the legendary company that invented the ‘updating jingle service’ in 2006 comes this brand new service. Featuring the very best in TM talent, together with a fresh new team of composers and vocalists from around the world, TM Next is an innovative way to brand your radio station.

They’ve adapted to the industry’s recent changes to make your next jingle and imaging service even more useful and effective than ever. With more formats, vocal and logo options than any other updating jingle service on the market, you create your sound, not theirs.

Jingles – Your way.

TM is amazing to work with, start to finish. They understand music and radio, and expertly help us craft jingles that perfectly match our brands.Steve Jones

EVP Programming Stingray Radio Canada


Wisebuddah Introduces Imager – Evolution of the Ultimate Imaging Partner for Stations

imager (formally IMGR) announces rebrand and restructure. 

imager, from Wisebuddah, announced the company has completed a full rebrand and restructure of imager as it continues to evolve to become the ultimate imaging partner for radio stations worldwide.

Updated daily, the imager library serves CHR and HOT AC stations worldwide whilst all other formats will be delivered via a new service, imager Custom

Imager is offered via the updated URL on an entirely new user platform, built to deliver content to users even faster, whilst making the producer experience more intuitive than ever. 

Phil Tozer, Managing Director of imager, said – imager provides users with exactly what they’ve asked for: world class imaging delivered via an intuitive and user-friendly platform. We’ve also added exciting new talent to our creative team and as a result imager is producing regular content for some of the biggest brands in radio, including BBC Radio 1, RTÉ 2FM and Nova in Australia. 

The launch of imager Custom marks a significant step in imager’s offering, as we can now commit to offering content of any format to any radio station anywhere in the world.” 

imager – cut through the noise.

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