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Capital of Media’s New My Radio 2022 Package Turns up the Feel Good

Capital of Media presents ‘My Radio 2022’, a fresh Modern AC package that brings a smile to the sound of your radio station.

Created with the authentic style of jingles, complimented with today’s audio engineering and effects.

My Radio 2022 contains 15 cuts including a Top of Hour, news, weather, traffic and 10 IDs.

Capital of Media helps brands, radio and television stations/programs develop and deliver audio in any way imaginable.

Their work can be heard every day on national, regional and local stations and on every popular podcast platform.

Capital of Media has a team of 10 members and a permanent team of freelancers who do one thing every day: making #audioforpeoplewholoveaudio in the broadest sense of the word.

Visit https://capitalofmedia.com/

Capital of Media: The Sound of Christmas 2021

It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas!

Capital of Media LOVES Christmas, so each year the team really likes to work on magical productions for the most wonderful time of the year.

Results can be found in TRIL: The Radio Imaging Library of course.. but also as jinglepackage!

Introducing: The Sound of Christmas. Originally created for CBN Radio in the US from Capital of Media, now available for all radiostations around the world. Get in touch now with Capital of Media, visit


The latest news with the latest sound from Capital of Media

Fresh from the Capital of Media studios and ready to air on your station: “BNR Nieuwsradio 2021”. It’s the 3rd update of the station sound of BNR by the team of Capital of Media, the package comprises 16 jingles, beds, bumpers and a huge amount of mixouts. 

Andre Dortmont, BNR Nieuwsradio: “At BNR Nieuwsradio we bring the news all day long, we don’t play music. But just like with our news updates, we want to be on top of the music styles in our imaging. That’s why we teamed up again with Capital of Media. They listened very carefully to the input we gave and created an amazing new custom package for us. The end result exceeded our expectations! The team of Capital of Media are professionals without the fuss!” “In 2015, Capital of Media already introduced ‘news radio with a CHR flavour’, because the time of timpani, strings and trumpets on news radio is REALLY over. A completely instrumental jingle package, supplemented with the station voice of BNR. The third update we delivered ensures that BNR sounds fresh again!“, adds Anthony Timmers (Capital of Media).

Hear all the latest and greatest packages and get in touch with Anthony at Capital of Media https://capitalofmedia.com/

TOPradio kicks off summer with fresh new jingles

TOPradio from Belgium, has returned to Capital of Media for an update of their station sound. The start of summer was celebrated at TOPradio with the launch of the third jingle package in a row from our team. 

Bram Vanhee, TOPradio: “For the third time, Capital of Media has outdone itself. With this package we wanted to take the next step: the perfect blend between jingles and imaging.That worked out really good. Very excited about the new sound of TOPradio: fresh. musically and full of energy!” “It is always great fun to work with the TOPradio team. Real CHR radio with a thick edge of dance. A playlist of the hottest tracks from the hottest artists of the moment, such as Dua Lipa, Martin Garrix, Meduza, Regard, Major Lazer and Ava Max needs matching sounding jingles. May we present “TOPradio 2021”: including 8 IDs, a Top of Hour, and beds for news, traffic and weather. Creativity is highly valued at TOPradio, we were able to move on to the next level in a musical and imaging way!”, says Capital of Media’s Creative Director Anthony Timmers.

Capital of Media helps brands, radio and television stations/programs develop and deliver audio in any way imaginable. Their work can be heard every day on national, regional and local stations and on every popular podcast platform. Capital of Media has a team of about 10 members and a permanent team of freelancers who do one thing every day: making audio for people who love audio – in the broadest sense of the word. Link here https://capitalofmedia.com/

3 Mini Songs from Strike Jingles, Capital of Media are a Strike of Magic

Strike Jingles of Capital of Media have produced 3 mini songs for NPO Radio 2 DJ Paul Rabbering.

“Working with Strike jingles is magic. Ideas for 3 new songs for my late night show were transformed into musically, very catchy jingles in no time. The working atmosphere is loose and the jingles are tight.”

NPO Radio 2 DJ Paul Rabbering

Their late night show “Rabbering Laat” wanted something specific and we nailed it! Very proud!

Anthony Timmers – Founder, Director of Capital of Media

Hear more at www.capitalofmedia.com

Strike Jingles Created “One Take” Package for 10th Anniversary of Paradise FM @CapitalofMedia

Paradise FM celebrates its 10th anniversary with new jingles from Strike

Strike Jingles are happy to report that there’s already another radio station that has made “the switch” to Strike Jingles.

Maybe it was the reason why it stayed sunny and nice in the Netherlands for a long time: the staff of Paradise FM, a well-known radio station on Curacao, were working in the Netherlands with the team of Strike Jingles.

The cooperation has resulted in 5 IDs, a Top of Hour and news/weather/traffic elements.

All tracks are composed for the Modern AC format that Paradise FM has, but caribbean Curacao can also be heard back in the music.

“This month, we’re on air for exactly 10 years. This will be celebrated on the island itself, but of course
also on the radio.. with a new jingle package – made by Strike Jingles. Very nice how the entire process
went. First extensive consultation about our specific wishes, together we checked the playlist of Paradise
FM and then they went to work.

To be honest, all tracks were “one takers”! The vocal recording sessions went great, we loved that we had influence during the sessions. Also the end-of-mix phase, with a lot of extra versions that we got, made it a very good cooperation!

On air? They sound VERY NICE and it gives a wonderful new sound on Paradise FM! “, says Kees Baas
(Owner/Director, Paradise FM).

Visit capitalofmedia.com

These Are Energetic and Positive Jingles That Evoke Happy Feelings @CapitalofMedia

Holland’s nationale public radio station, NPO Radio 2, has returned to Strike Jingles by Capital of Media to develop an update of the jingles for lunchtime show “Gijs 2.0” with Gijs Staverman.

“We are very happy with the jingles Strike made for us. I had an idea and guideline. Strike Based on that, Strike came back to us with 6 significant tracks that all have exactly the right feel for “Gijs 2.0”. The jingles are energetic and positive, and gives your afternoon a happy feeling! The guys at Strike Jingles understand us and their profession!” said Gijs Staverman – host of Gijs 2.0 on NPO Radio 2.

“Gijs 2.0” is heard every weekday from 12 to 2PM on NPO Radio 2.

Strike is the world’s youngest jingle label. Already creating compelling new identities for happy clients around the world. If want don’t want sound to like your competitor get Strike Jingles visit capitalofmedia.com

New Modern AC Jingle Package for Haarlem 105

One of Holland’s biggest local radio stations, Haarlem 105 has a new on air sound by Strike Jingles. The station that delivers the news and information of the Haarlem region, the capital of North-Holland and known as Amsterdams sister, came back to Strike Jingles for an update of their on air imaging.

Program Director of Haarlem 105, René Kint says: “Everyone knows Haarlem 105 in the Netherlands, because our station is the start for many professionals. That basis must be good. We do that with our local content, our programming, music scheduling and of course the jingles and imaging. Capital of Media has been our “go to” for years, their label Strike made this great jingle package. All music styles that we play, are represented in the jingles. Of course, the urgent news and information elements are the perfect addition. We are very satisfied with our new sound, that’s on air from the city to the beach!”

Strike Jingles created a custom package, consisting 6 IDs, a Top of Hour and several news and information elements.

The new Modern AC sound of Haarlem 105 is on air now and available for your station.

At this moment the Strike team is producing new custom jingles for Dutch national public radio NPO Radio 2, a new sound for Radio Weesp is coming up and a custom package for NPO Radio 5.

Listen to the individual cuts at https://strikejingles.com/strike-jingles-by-capital-of-media/jingles/19.html

FREE Imaging Kit for Radio’s Biggest Event, Here’s How to Get It

TRIL has announced the official release of the World Cup Kit 2018 and it’s absolutely free!

What is World Cup Kit 2018

The TRIL “World Cup Kit 2018” contains elements for imaging producers that will cover the biggest sports event of the year.

The Kit comes with (Russian) themes, SFX and workparts that will surely sound like a winner.

“The TRIL World Cup Kit 2018 is FREE for everyone! Just go to capitalofmedia.com and it’s yours!”, says Anthony Timmers (Capital of Media, Founder & Creative Director)

Below is a secure link to get the World Cup Kit 2018


LISTEN: Ever heard a jingle that goes from dance to metal, this is it! @capitalofmedia

Hollands number 1 radio station NPO Radio returns to Strike for new drive time jingles

Holland’s number one rated radio station, NPO Radio 2, has returned to Strike Jingles by Capital of Media to develop an update of the jingles for their popular drive time show “De Wild in de Middag”. The show is hosted by Ruud
de Wild, one of the most unique and talked-about DJ’s in radio and also in the latest ratings, the most listen to drive time show of the country.

Capital of Media’s Creative Director Anthony Timmers explains: “Dutch national public radio station NPO Radio 2 is leading the way in the Netherlands in the further development of radio.

You can hear that in the format of the station and the content that is brought. In addition, the station also dares to have a different sound when it comes to jingles and imaging. That is why we are very proud that the country’s most-listened afternoon show ‘De Wild in de Middag’ came back to Strike Jingles by Capital of Media for an update of their jingles. Just like the program, the new jingles also go in all directions in terms of creativity. Ever heard a jingle that goes from dance to metal? Yes, haha! We really did it!”.

“It was great working with Strike Jingles by Capital of Media. Like no other they were able to translate Ruud’s crazy and out of this world ideas into jingles and sound bites of this time. Strike was hands on and delivered a package with great diversity that’s gonna lift the show to a higher level,” said Peter Brinkmann – Editor in chief of “De Wild in de Middag” (KRO-NCRV, NPO Radio 2).

“De Wild in de Middag” is heard every weekday from 4 to 6PM on NPO Radio 2.


Full package and details can be found on capitalofmedia.com and strikejingles.com.

Capital Power Intros, Power Shells + more, Check Out The #BIG1200PARTY Blowout by @CapitalofMedia

Capital of Media is proud to have welcomed their 100th station at TRIL – The Radio Imaging Library. At Capital of Media they think it’s a good time to celebrate the success of TRIL – The Radio Imaging Library! TRIL presents the #BIG1200PARTY. Become a new imaging friend of TRIL! Subscribe to TRIL in May, and you’ll get the imaging update service a whole year for only 1.200 euro (that’s 100 euro per month!).

Anthony Timmers – Creative Director, Capital of Media: “You can not believe how proud I am that we’re already on 100 radio stations around the world, in less then3 years. We’re officially the fastest growing imaging service and that needs a celebration of course! For a limited time only we have this amazing deal, that will allow the biggest, smaller and even online radio stations (mostly with less budget) to get access to our imaging update service. We’re on top of every CHR/Hot AC/Modern AC/Top 40 playlist, always first with branded intros and TRIL was the first with a custom request form. From swingles and promo shells to song intros, sound fx,
listener and artist clips and drones. TRIL – The Radio Imaging Library gives you everything you need to make amazing radio imaging for today’s pop radio. I couldn’t think of a reason not to get TRIL.”

The celebration price will give you full access to TRIL. You’ll have the team of imaging producers standby for your station. Unlimited downloads, new updates every day and even our succesful custom requests are available to you! Make your station sound like a million, for this amazing price. Get your account this month, go to capitalofmedia.com and they’ll give you access within minutes! The imaging update service by Capital of Media can be heard on big stations like Virgin Radio, Z1o8, Radio 538, FunX, TOPradio and 95 other stations.

Real Brass, Real Guitars: These New Jingles Strike A Chord @CapitalOfMedia

NPO’s Ruud De Wild show get Strike Jingles

Holland’s number two rated radio station, NPO Radio 2, has availed of the services of Strike Jingles by Capital of Media who develop an entirely new jingle package for their popular drive time show “De Wild in de Middag”.

“De Wild in de Middag” is hosted by Ruud de Wild, one of the most unique and talked-about DJ’s in radio. With his show firmly established, creating a new jingle sound presented a complex challenge, so de Wild turned to the team from Strike Jingles with some very specific wishes: creating the perfect combination of recognizable and happy jingles from the 80s mixed with influences of today’s pop music.

“It was great working with Strike Jingles by Capital of Media. Like no other they were able to translate Ruud’s crazy and out of this world ideas into jingles and sound bites of this time. Strike was hands on and delivered a package with great diversity that’s gonna lift the show to a higher level,” said Peter Brinkmann – Editor in chief of “De Wild in de Middag” (KRO-NCRV, NPO Radio 2).

Capital of Media’s Creative Director Anthony Timmers explains: “NPO Radio 2 dares to sound different, that’s why they made the switch to Strike by Capital of Media. It was such an honor to create the new sound of Holland’s most talked about drive time show, “De Wild in de Middag. The challenge was to create a strong melodic powerful package that sounds catchy and recognizable immediately, we’ve used real brasses and real guitars: amazing! We’re very proud to have re-branded the drive time show on NPO Radio 2”.

“De Wild in de Middag” is heard every weekday from 4 to 6PM on NPO Radio 2.

Strike Jingles is an all-new jingle company, recently re-branded from Capital of Media’s popular Spine Jingles.

Full package and details can be found on capitalofmedia.com and strikejingles.com.

TRIL’s New Imaging Web Platform is ‘Game Changer’ @CapitalOfMedia @AnthonyTimmers

TRIL V3 – New web platform to reshape future of radio imaging

Today one of Europe’s leading creative forces, Capital of Media announced the latest upgrade of their TRIL radio imaging platform. ‘TRIL V3’ offers a totally new user experience featuring the industry’s fastest browsing, playing and downloading of radio imaging elements.

TRIL – The Radio Imaging Library is the first and only multi-format imaging service that’s as diverse as today’s radio playlists. TRIL is a music intensive, crossover imaging package geared towards Modern AC, CHR and Urban radio. Power packed and updated constantly TRIL provides stations with hit intros, promo shells, workparts, playlist elements, beats, drops, drones, FX and more.

The newest and fastest growing radio imaging service in Europe, TRIL has already begun to make an impact in US and Canadian radio markets over the last few months. The biggest winning for TRIL was jumping on board with the whole VIRGIN RADIO GROUP in Canada.

Anthony Timmers, President Capital of Media is proud on all steps TRIL has taken in 2016. The 100% completely new interface and workflow will definitely help growing the imaging service. “We’ve completely re-written the interface together with one of Holland’s best IT companies. Based on some wishes by users, we optimized the workflow – with TRIL V3 as result. Please be careful, cause using the new interface can cause binge listening!”

Niels Franken, Creative Manager TRIL: “Searching. Fast. Playing. Fast. Downloading. Fast. The productions. Fastastic!. Over the last four I’ve been on board with TRIL, we’ve been thinking about how to get TRIL’s interface to the next level. I think we can be honest about the result: amazing!”

Dave Marsh – President of Splat! Imaging, our US & Canada partner: “This is a game changer, the guys at TRIL have proven once again why they’re among the creative elite of radio imaging. I’m happy they’re our partner and not our competitor!”

TRIL and Splat! are syndicated in North America by Syndication Networks Corp of Chicago, IL. www.syndication.net. In North America demos for TRIL can be heard at splatoline.com/tril.

Radio stations in Europe and the rest of the world can visit capitalofmedia.com. The most comprehensive radio imaging service, can be delivered against very interesting pricing.

The Best Song Intros, Promos and More This Month @TRILTweets

Listen here

TRIL – The Radio Imaging Library is the first crossover imaging package that’s as diverse as today’s radio playlists.

TRIL is a music intensive, multi-format imaging package geared towards Modern AC, CHR and Urban radio.

Power packed and updated constantly with branded intros, promos, workparts, beats, drops, FX and more.

Visit theradioimaginglibrary.com

TOPradio Turns To Spine Jingles For Fresh Summer Imaging @CapitalOfMedia

We all know that the Netherlands aren’t playing during the UEFA Euro 2016 this summer. That gives us more time to score with new jingles. This time we do it in Belgium. One of Belgiums best rated radio station TOPradio (CHR), makes the switch from Top Format to Spine Jingles.

A radio station that plays the hottest hits of the moment, such as The Chainsmokers, Justin Timberlake, Calvin Harris, Jonas Blue, Major Lazer and Tinie Tempah needs equally sounding jingles and imaging. TOPradio chose Spine to be their new partner for new jingles. On top of that TOPradio is the newest member of TRIL – The Radio Imaging Library.

Bram vanHee, TOPradio: “At TOPradio, we swear by young and refreshing radio. After two years, rethinking and freshening up our imaging was long overdue. We were therefore looking for a partner who is completely in tune with our brand for the production of our new jingles. Their incredible amount of experience and their refreshing ideas which sparked our imagination as soon as we first got together with Anthony and Jean-Paul, made our decision to work with Spine an obvious one.

Youri Beaumont, TOPradio: “Never before were we so closely involved in the production process and this really shows in the final result. TOPradio is ready for summer and the new radio season with a brand new audiologo en fresh imaging. Starting July 1st, the most sparkling TOPradio-package we have ever presented goes on air, completely in sync with today’s music!

Jean-Paul van Druten, Spine Jingles: “It was a real pleasure to work with Youri and Bram at TOPradio. We reflected the hottest hits and combined it with our new and unique style and production workflow. Really proud to have TOPradio on board at Spine!

Anthony Timmers, Spine Jingles: “Exactly! 🙂

The TOPradio package by Spine features a new Sonic logo, 12 Basic IDs, 12 Ramps, 12 Shotguns 12 Rapid Fires, 12 Falcons, a Top of Hour and information elements. Europe’s hottest jingles are now On Air at TOPradio and available for your station.

Hear more at http://capitalof.media/

First and Only Imaging Service for ‘Visual Radio’ @CapitalofMedia

capital of media large
Capital of Media announced the immediate availability of their new label Eyedents: Visual Radio Design. It’s the first and only imaging service for ‘Visual Radio’.

Michael Janssen, Creative Director Eyedents, says: “In the Netherlands we call BNR Nieuwsradio ‘Hitradio with News Only’, the station is on top of news and delivers it to their listeners in a very CHR way. With Visual Radio and the power of design the BNR brand ties its relationship with their audiences in an even more engaging, emotional and dynamic way and re-imaging radio into a more fluid and intuitive platform.”

This new label by Capital of Media brings over 20 years of video and television experience to the world of radio. Eyedents are produced custom and are available for each part of radio imaging, in each format – but also for brands that have a radio commercial running on air.

Founder and director Capital of Media, Anthony Timmers: “Capital of Media is a creative, full service one- stop-shop for radio stations. Spine Jingles delivers high quality, creative jingles. TRIL – The Radio Imaging Library is a full service radio imaging platform with everything you need in radio imaging and now we’ve launched the perfect addition to the line-up: Eyedents: Visual Radio Design. We’ve been talking about it since the first small steps of Visual Radio, but the next generation Visual Radio is here and needs a little help on imaging. We’re proud to have started with BNR Nieuwsradio”.

BNR Nieuwsradio Visual Radio can be watched live on BNR.nl.

Urban Radio Imaging Has A New “TRIL” @capitalofmedia

It’s Super Tuesday March 1, time to announce that The Radio Imaging Library (TRIL) by Capital of Media is expanding its imaging service with a new format: Urban.

For existing subscribers, all 3 formats CHR, Modern AC and now Urban are all accessble.

No extra licenses per format, simply one login that include three formats.

You could say on this Super Tuesday, TRIL is unstoppable 🙂

They’re the fastest growing imaging service, with thousands of imaging elements ready for immediate download.

Everything you need for radio imaging is in TRIL: intros, promo-shells, FXs, beats, workparts, artist drops etc. When you’re part of the TRIL Family and couldn’t find what you’re looking for, just drop them request in your TRIL Dashboard and you’ll have it within 48 hours – produced by one of the six TRIL audio producers.

Get your trial today on theradioimaginglibrary.com and be sure to make your Tuesday, a Super Tuesday with TRIL!

Spine Is Both Revolutionary And Evolutionary Jingle Company, Here’s Why

RadioJinglesPRO.com is proud to present the opening of a brand new jingle company, Spine Jingles, announced just recently during The Imaging Days 2015.

Anthony Timmers and Jean-Paul van Druten are the brains behind the new company and the concept is simple but right on – “Rethinking Jingles”.

The two is what I describe as radio jingles dream time. Their combined portfolio includes NRJ, Radio 538, Warner Bros., MTV, Sky Radio, BBC Radio 1 and WKTU.

October 5, 2015 will be remembered as the day when the people at The Imaging Days were sent chills down their spines (pardon the pun) with this revolutionary and at the same time evolutionary jingle company – Spine Jingles.

Anthony shared the concept behind it:spine-jingles-logo

“The origin of jingles is fading more and more. With Spine we bring back the original structure, combined with contemporary sounds and production styles. But also our workflow has completely changed. Spine is creating the “Spine Backpack”: a database consisting of a wide variety of ’now sounding’ jingles.

With our concept “Rethinking Jingles” we also provide more sustainability of our cuts, there’s a clear production link to the playlist – but will not have sound-a-likes as result. So in terms of jingles: we got your back!”.

Jean-Paul van Druten added,”Exactly! 🙂 “.

On SpineJingles.com the introduction of the company can be heard and viewed again, of course lot’s of new productions can be found on the site. Also via Twitter (@spinejingles) and Facebook (/spinejingles), Spine will be giving updates.

Capital of Media Is Looking for Radio Imaging Producers

So, you’re in radio imaging.
Your friends around you say all the time “what is it that you’re doing?” or “really? does it take that long to make a thing of 8 seconds?”.
You’re crazy about plugins, music, radio, fx and ProTools is part of your life?
Capital of Media is looking for: RADIO IMAGING PRODUCER
Wanna make #audioforpeoplewholoveaudio?
Well, good news! Capital of Media is looking for you!
Be part of the team that’s responsible for Europe’s fastest growing radio imaging service for CHR and Modern AC: The Radio Imaging Library.
It gets better: you can work in your own studio if you want, doesn’t that sound great or what?
What are you waiting for?
Send your 4 minutes presentation (everything should be produced yourself, no use of production services!): iwannawork@capitalofmedia.com 

This is How Your Radio Imaging Should Sound This Year, NRJ and P5 Agree. Check It Out!

Capital of Media is proud to release another service:

The Radio Imaging Library.

It’s the first custom online imaging service that covers everything
in radio-imaging and updated constantly.

Today the service is officially released, but it’s already on air at the biggest brands in Germany, Canada, Belgium and Holland.

Last December NRJ and P5 started working with The Radio Imaging Library in Norway.

Imaging-Director Daniel Hubinette says:

“We chose for The Radio Imaging Library because it’s new, it sounds fresh and awesome.

But most of all, it’s custom. If they didn’t produce the thing that we we’re looking for, I just send a request and the team of The Radio Imaging Library produce it directly. It’s the perfect imaging service for us here at NRJ and P5 in Norway”.

The Radio Imaging Library is updated constantly by Europe’s hottest imaging producers, details and updates can be found on




The Radio Imaging Library Introduction | Capital of Media from Capital of Media on Vimeo.

What Makes This News ID Package Unique? It’s CHR Flavored!

Today Holland’s biggest commercial news station, BNR, had the kickoff of their new custom made ‘CHR flavored’ jingle package by Capital of Media.

The package comprises 20 jingles, beds and bumpers.

Sjors Fröhlich, editor in chief BNR Newsradio: “I’ve been knowing Anthony Timmers for a long time. We did several projects together. So therefore I know Anthony is a freak when it comes to sound and radio. That’s the reason why we had great confidence in asking Capital of Media to produce the new station identity package for BNR Newsradio.

Being the biggest commercial news station in Holland, the sound logo and jingles are very important to us.

BNR wants to be an urgent, fast and modern news station. You can hear that in our formats and our anchors. And from this year on, you can also hear that in our jingles. We are very proud of our new sound. Thank you, Capital of Media. It’s been great working with you.”

Jeffrey Hermans, format producer BNR Newsradio:

“Working with Capital of Media was fantastic. The package has become exactly what we want. What I liked so much about the cooperation is that Anthony and his team always think with the client and are not afraid to give their opinion on proposed ideas, this can only result in benefits for the product. Along with the love for audio at Capital of Media, this has resulted in a great jingle package! 2015 could not start better!”

Listen to the 20 unique cuts montage on SoundCloud

Learn more about Capital of Media at http://capitalof.media.

Most Explosive Jingles from Europe/UK this 2015 @wbjingles @capitalofmedia

“Even though they have just hit the air, I’m already looking forward to our next project, cause man, this new stuff is epic!”

These are the words of Chris Hartgers of Radio 538 when their 538 jingles went live.

The IDs are produced by Wise Buddah London in consultation with Anthony Timmers of Capital of Media.

Radio 538 is Holland’s number 1 station and Anthony and Chris did a great in the conceptualization to the production of the sung IDs.

The Top of Hour is designed to make an impact, putting the legendary six note logo at the core of the theme and a sound design that speaks of today’s music.

It contains five main thems,four shotguns, three elements such as news, weather and traffic and for the first time bazookas.

Bazookas are a brand new imaging element taking advantage of the sonic logo.

Listen to the entire package at Wise Buddah now.

Capital Of Media Introduces ‘CapIntros’ + Xite, Veronica TV New Imaging

Capital of Media announced the launch of their new imaging service “Capintros” – a new way of making the songs on the playlist part of the imaging. Also released are new imaging for Veronica TV and Xite TV. Capital of Media – are architects of jingles, leaders, commercials, audio-imaging for radio, visuals for television and multimedia productions. Visit www.capitalofmedia.com

The Radio Imaging Library – The First Custom FX Library

Capital of Media proudly presents the best news in radio imaging: The Radio Imaging Library (TRIL). The first custom, online FX-library. A team of FX-producers from all over Europe have worked relentlessly to create this revolutionary new way to create radio imaging.

Founder of Capital of Media, Anthony Timmers:

“There are dozens of FX-libraries and we know them all. But there is always something missing and it is always that one effect that you really need. To help imaging directors with this problem I myself had for years, I came up with the idea to create a custom FX-library. After almost a year of producing we can finally present our new service to the radio industry. No one else but you als Imaging-Director know what you need to create the best promos, sweepers and more. So you tell us what you need and we create it for you!”

The Radio Imaging Library already has hundreds of FXs ready for direct download in different categories, such as atmospheres, breakers, starters, enders, impacts, risers, hitbeats and beepers. All files can be downloaded in 48kHz, 24-bit WAV-files and have logical file names, so that the FXs can be easily traced in your ProTools sessions.

Every month TRIL is updated with at least 10 new FXs, but as an Imaging Director you have the opportunity to put in requests. Do you need something special for your production and do you need it fast? All registered users of TRIL can request custom effects, that will initially only be available for you. After a month this effect will be available for all members of The Radio Imaging Library.

Go to www.theradioimaginglibrary.com and listen to TRIL samples to hear what kind of FXs you can expect.