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Modern Sung Jingles for Glam Radio from LFM Audio

New trending Glamorous Sung Jingles from LFM Audio

LFM Audio composes Modern Sung Jingles for Glam Radio to ensure they have a trending sonic sound on the airwaves – 6 Themes with multiple cuts for just $2899.

These Sung Jingles are now available to be customised and resung for your station in either English or German for just $699 one time cost.

Make your station sing with LFM Audio, visit https://www.lfmaudio.com/glam-radio/

Listen to the package here:

Watch behind the scenes here: https://youtu.be/4bC_xTgM_28

Sung Jingle Package Starts at 299USD #LevelUpwithLFMAudio

Get Resung Jingles at never before prices This month only! LFM Audio has a big Mid Winter Sale on Sung Jingles. Whereas usually, Resung Jingle Packages start at $799, they are from $299 this month. More online here: https://www.lfmaudio.com/jingle-sale

Stations around the world choose to level up with LFM Audio sung jingle packages.

LFM Audio came through not only in performance to the Jingles but throughout the process. They kept us informed from start to finish and even changed things to better fit our needs. We will be using them more in the future.

Sean Vaughn, KJIC

LFM Audio has stepped up our station’s production game 100%. For the imaging and the sung jingles they did for the station, they exceed the competition and are very affordable.

Jake Litwin, Hit Music Central

They sound amazing and as polished as the songs we play. I rarely use jingles because they don’t match the recording standards but I have to say yours feel right at home between songs.

Ocean Surf Radio

Fresh Soft Rock Jingles Launch for Houston Station @LFMAudio

Houston Radio Platinum launches new Sung Jingles from LFM Audio

LFM Audio specializes in creating Radio Imaging and Sung Jingles for Radio Stations worldwide. Recently Houston Radio Platinum hired LFM Audio to produced fresh Sung Jingles to match their Soft Rock format.

Houston Radio Platinum is an online Soft Rock station that offers melodies from the 60s through the 90s. The new Jingles remixed and tailor-made by LFM Audio is based on the original Grumpy Dingo Radio Jingle Package.

The Grumpy Dingo Radio Jingle Package consists of three resung themes, including Ramp, Slogan, Sting, and Acapella cuts of each. For an affordable one time price of $799. They even provide payment plans allowing Internet Radio Stations to get them without the full upfront cost.

“We started our online station this past May, and I really wanted jingles to make our station sound “big time”. I thought this would be out of our budget before finding LFM Audio…I was amazed at the price and value! I’m so happy about how the project turned out… I highly recommend them!”

– Houston Radio Platinum Team

LFM Audio has fast become a favorite with radio stations that seek premium quality custom audio, including Resung & Composed Sung Jingles. Get more information, listen and pick your new Jingle Themes. Just check out www.lfmaudio.com

A fresh Summer Radio Imaging Package for CHR Mainstream Radio @LFMAudio

LFM Audio’s Summer Imaging ’18 – available now

A fresh Summer Radio Imaging Package for CHR Mainstream Radio. Hot, Fresh. Scripted & Ready For Air Now.

* 18 Imaging Pieces
* Customized with your Station Name
* Voice Talent/s – you get to choose!
* Professionally Scripted – we challenge you not to laugh!
* Fast delivery – within a week
* Unlimited lifetime usage
* Monthly payment plan available


Buy now at lfmaudio.com/summer18

Here’s What’s Missing In Your Station’s Imaging

Introducing LFM Audio’s ‘Power Intros’ – a great way to engage your audience and introduce the latest hits and artists. At only $20 US per week, they are extremely affordable and are proving a must have for CHR Top 40 radio stations.

LFM’s Power Intros are making it easier than ever for your CHR Top 40 radio station to get weekly updated Song Intro Imaging. They include both a snippet of a new hit song and a short voice over from the artist. Branding comes in the form of your station or show name, along with a particular station imaging voice chosen by you.

To date, they have received rave reviews from CHR stations worldwide:

“The Power Intros are an excellent way to introduce the hottest songs while keeping your station sounding fresh and HOT!” – JT, Pulse FM

Every Monday, LFM Audio sends a list of trending CHR songs out to everyone who is subscribed to the service. You can vote on which songs you want to be included in the weeks Power Intros. Every Friday, the top 2 most voted songs are turned into Power Intros, branded with your Station Name and delivered ready for air.

“Very happy with the quality of service, the communication from staff was excellent. The Power Intros are of high quality and at a very reasonable price.” – Manuel Guthman, Radio M4

If you are looking for a way to make sure that your CHR Top 40 radio station stays fresh and ahead of your competitors, then consider using LFM Audio’s Weekly Power Intro service. Included artist interviews and snippets will make your station sound big, on trend and will increase listener engagement. Head to the LFM Audio website to hear examples of past Power Intros and Subscribe Now.


AUDIO: Massive Hits – Imaging Oct 17 (by LFM Audio)

“The audio is sounding absoultely amazing on Massive Hits that you recently created. In fact, I know that I’ll be back for more very soon…
” Terry @ Massive Hitz

Get massive custom imaging now at LFMAudio.com

German Radio Show Gets Authentic Jingle Funk From @LFMAudio

Funkytown Radio: German Jingles with a Funky Feel by LFM Audio

Funkytown is a funk, disco, and soul-inspired radio show produced by Thomas Kreher for an audience in Osnabrück, Germany.

The show’s creator wanted a series of jingles that would match the feeling of the show, but since the package would be for just one show — as opposed to being for the entire station — the budget considerations were even greater.

Kreher discovered LFM Audio, knowing they could deliver a quality package for an affordable price — and in German, no less.

Creating “funky” jingles in the German language was a new challenge for the team — and one that is not often found in the industry today. Still, they used their expertise to create something that fits the disco, funk and soul vibe of the show.

In total, they came up with four composed themes (with slogans, sting and acappella cuts) for the show, all with an unlimited broadcast license. This package is available to be resung for your station now for under $1000!.

The client says the package price was “perfectly priced,” and was more than pleased with the results.

“From the beginning I was well informed about the individual production steps. My requests for changes were immediately implemented to my satisfaction,” says Kreher. “I would recommend LFM Audio (to) all who want to have a good jingle package and only have a small (budget).”

Learn more at www.LFMAudio.com

Village Radio gets a Resung Jingle Package (Power 181) – LFM Audio

From LFM Audio :

“Ethan & the crew at LFMAudio understand radio imaging… and deliver it at an affordable price,”

“While working with us to adapt a resung jingle package for VillageRadio.Net, they asked plenty of the right questions and guided us through the production of the package, step by step. They were truly a PLEASURE to work with!” says RJ Jordan of Village Radio.

Get this package customised for your station now for under $1000!

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Commercial Reel March 16 by LFM Audio – LFM Audio

From LFM Audio :

Here is just some of what LFM Audio has been busy producing for Radio Stations worldwide.

Enter Script, Pick Voice and Order Online at LFMAudio.com OR start a wholesale account with us for VIP Rates and Priority Turnaround.

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Greatest Hits Station Gets New Jingle Package @LFMAudio

Radio station 104.1 Territory FM plays Greatest Hits, with a “Rocky Edge.” It’s a strong branding idea, but their on air sound and branding didn’t quite match. The station needed some some sung jingles that would fit that “greatest hits meets Rocky” theme.

How LFM Audio Helped

LFM Audio produced a Sung Jingle package for Territory FM, including 3 Ramp Cuts, 3 Slogan Cuts, 3 Sting Cuts & 3 Acapellas, all with the Rocky theme that listeners would love and remember long after they turned off their radios. The station staff was thrilled with the result.

The End Result

Not only did LFM offer the Sung Jingle package for less than $1000 — a nearly-unheard of price — but offered an unlimited broadcast license that allowed Territory FM to broadcast the audio forever with no ongoing costs.

“The LFM Audio team are great to deal with. From first contact with Ethan to the final production work. The team kept us in loop with progress and design. Thank you Ethan, Igor and team for the pro work!” said Matthew Bernasconi (Station Manager, Territory FM)

Visit www.lfmaudio.com to learn more.

NewsTalk Jingles? LFM Audio Delivers! @lfmaudio

WFLN 1480: LFM Audio touches down in USA with a new custom composed

Jingle Package

WFLN 1480 is a news talk radio station that’s been delivered programming in Arcadia since 1955. Like many other stations, the station manager at WFLN wanted a package of new jingles that would fit in perfectly with the station’s format. In this case, that meant a little bit jazzy, with tunes that were singable and memorable for their audience of people between 35 and 75 years old.

How LFM Helped

With such a wide range of audience members, producing jingles that would appeal across the board was going to be a challenge. As the company known for producing jingles for Current Hits radio stations, Newstalk was a new genre for LFM Audio. Still, LFM Audio were able to compose a fresh new package for WFLN’s airwaves, including a custom composed sung jingle package at an affordable price, with an unlimited broadcast license.

For a very low price, WFLN got the Jingle Package it needed, without having to pay ongoing costs for the package.

A Satisfied Customer

With the combination of a low price and a jingle package that fit well with the station’s branding, WFLN’s team was thrilled with the outcome.

“LFM did an excellent job at producing sung jingles for our station,” says WFLN station manager Joseph Fiorini. “They kept me in the loop through every phase of the process and made any changes that I suggested. The end product is amazing and better then I imagined. Thanks Ethan and company.”

With this delivery, LFM Audio proves once again it can tackle any format, any station, in any location around the world.

Get LFM Audio to compose your station its OWN Sung Jingle package or get some of this package resung for under $1000 at LFM Audio.com.

“Radio Branding that resonates!”

LFM Audio touches down in Germany with a Resung Jingle Package in GERMAN

The Challenge

Radio M4 is a station playing today’s hits — but the station is in a market that was new territory for LFM Audio: Germany.

Radio M4 wanted jingles that would fit perfectly with their Slogan of “Your Life, Your Music,” format and with the German language requirement, it was going to be a challenge for any jingle provider to get the pronunciations just right.

How We Helped

It was our first foray into the German market, but we accomplished the task with careful attention to detail. We created 8 Ramp Cuts, 8 Slogan Cuts, 8 Sting Cuts & 8 Acapellas — all in the German language. We customized already-composed jingle themes, adding new German lyrics and then re-singing the tune of the jingles to match Radio M4’s style, as well as composing a few new themes.

With the price and the products we produced, to say that Radio M4 was happy is something of an understatement.

The End Result

Today, Radio M4 has a full battery of jingles they can use to present themselves as a top-quality “today’s hits” station in the German market. Not only did Radio M4 get a large package of jingles for a very low price — but the package also came with an unlimited broadcast license, meaning they could broadcast the audio forever, with no ongoing costs.

“From the first contact, to the communication during the production until the master
production, I worked with professionals (Ethan, Igor & Team) from LFM Audio. They know what Radio M4 need(s) and make it perfect. Especially with German singers. And the conditions are also very good. Got a lot (of) amazing jingles for a really good price,” said Radio M4’s station manager Manuel Guthman.

With the conclusion of this project, it’s yet another Radio Station that joins the LFM Audio family in Germany. We are growing worldwide with clients in Spain, Netherlands, Australia, UK, New Zealand and more.

Get LFM Audio’s affordable Sung Jingles for your Station now for under $1000 at LFM Audio.com.

LFM Audio’s new Bay FM UK Jingle Package

LFM Audio touches down in the UK again with a composed jingle package for under $1000!

“I’ve always wanted to have sung jingles for Bay FM. I’d spoken to many UK companies and the quotes were way out of our reach one company quoting at least £5K for the same work LFM had produced. One of the big challenges was to bring them into the mix without Bay FM losing its identity. LFM help achieve this and we’re very pleased with the result. Listeners love the new sound as say “They’re very Bay FM”

Visit www.lfmaudio.com

LFM Audio offers new Catchy And Upbeat Jingles

LFM Audio and Ethan Lessiter (Creative Director), Igor Smelov (Senior Composed), are so excited to present LFM Audio’s latest composed jingle package composed for Mix Net Radio. Mix Net Radio was pleased with the price, the quality and the finished package. We are also excited to offer this as a resung package available now to other radio stations.

According to Jeff Harris of Mix Net Radio, “I am very impressed with the jingle package LFM created for Mix Net Radio and am excited to get them on the air at mixnetradio.com. The jingles are catchy and upbeat without being too heavy and blend perfectly and seamlessly with Mix Net Radio’s playlist. LFM kept me informed of the progress at all times. I am very happy with my LFM Audio sung jingle package and would absolutely use LFM Audio again in the future!!”.

Ethan from LFM Audio said , “If your radio station wants high quality, creative, affordable and big hearty radio jingles then this package is for your radio station too. This is already being resung for stations in Germany. Just drop us a buzz and we will customize it for your station now for under $1000”.

This new Mix Net Radio jingle package is available now customized and resung for your Radio Station. This package suits well to Small to Medium size Hot AC/CHR Stations. You can listen to each jingle cut at http://www.lfmaudio.com.

LFM Audio Offering Affordable Resung Jingle Packages

LFM Audio is offering its new Resung Jingle Packages at even more affordable rates. Such affordable rates give even the smallest internet radio stations (like Melody FM below) an opportunity to get quality Sung Jingles.

Speaking to the media, a representative from the company stated, “Yes, we are now offering our Resung Radio Jingle Packages at the best possible prices. Usually we compose Sung Jingles and create them from scratch. Now we are selling Resung Radio Jingles; we take an original jingle, already composed, and modify it to some extent to fit another radio station’s name and
slogan; later we ‘re-sing’ it. Recently we had composed (and produced) a CHR / Dance Jingle Package for Power 181.

Erwin Favrim from Melody FM has bought a resung ‘Power 181 Jingle Package’ from LFM Audio. He asked for it to be re-sung for his radio station Melody FM using their slogan ‘Beat After Beat’. Melody FM is a CHR / Dance internet radio station and Erwin wanted a powerful, fresh, energetic and memorable jingle package that would be remembered and hummed by their listeners all the time.

When asked, Erwin said, “The jingle is worth more than I paid for it. LFM Audio has done an amazing job for Melody FM, producing a comprehensive Resung Jingle Package using our slogan and highlighting other features.” He further added, “The Resung Jingle Package LFM Audio produced for Melody FM adds great value to the station. Everything was effectively organized and managed and their services are well priced and delivery is fast.”

LFM Audio offers audio services to radio stations that include radio imaging, radio commercials, sung radio jingles, commercial script writing and more.

Visit www.lfmaudio.com

This “LITE” Jingle Package Is Big-time AC Sound w/o The Big Price Tag

LFM Audio Releases New Resung Jingle Package

LFM Audio, creator of reasonably priced sung radio jingles and radio imaging, today announced the release of a new resung jingle package. The package, originally developed for LifeFavourites.com, consists of four ramps/acapella/slogan sung radio jingles. They are available for resing worldwide. The package presents an attractive alternative, in financial terms, for radio stations that want original jingles but do not want the expense of creating and recording jingles from scratch.

“Our client wanted something with a ‘wow’ sound that fits their soft adult contemporary radio station,” said Ethan Lessiter, Producer at LFM Audio. “The challenge was to create a set of jingles that packed a lot of punch for the initial use, but which could be resung later and retain their original sparkle.”

LFM composed, recorded, sung, produced and mastered the complete jingle package from scratch. The creative team live-recorded many of the instruments, including drums, guitars and brass. The package was composed by Igor Smelov, who also performed some of the instrumentals. Lessiter produced the package.

Client reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. “It was perfectly priced,” said the client. “I have purchased many jingles over the years, from many different companies, but was never able to afford my own CUSTOM jingles… built exactly for MY radio station — until now! The crew at LFM Audio put my ideas to music. I highly recommend them. I’m already planning my next package.”

More info at www.lfmaudio.com

These Jingles Pop and Rock!

The catchy tune that has been on air courtesy of Pop Rock FM of Netherlands is the work of LFM Audio. Their premier sung radio jingles are one of the many tunes that have been produced by this production company.

While reviewing the sung jingle tune, the spokesperson of Pop Rock FM of Netherlands, said that LFM Audio has given them a fantastic sung jingle package and the radio station highly recommends them for their quality and reliability.

The company representative said that the radio station was particularly happy for the great service that they received from Ethan, Igor and the rest of the team. “The level of involvement in the process of producing such sung radio jingles made everything come out as expected, “revealed the company representative.

Pop Rock FM said he could not hesitate to recommend LFM Audio to other radio stations as the sung jingles they have delivered is already helping them reach far and wide audience. He concluded that their affordability also puts them at a class of their own!.

Visit www.LFMAudio.com

This Will Be Your First Jingle Package in 2015 and 6 FREE Radio IDs

LFM Audio produces quality audio suitable for use in radio, video, business and on the telephone. They focus on two core things; affordability and creativity. Firstly, they make sure that your radio station (or other organisation) sounds superior to that of your competitors, and secondly, that you are getting the best deal.

They keep prices affordable so that you don’t have to put up with bad audio production due to constraints on your budget. The customers really appreciate the fact that they always keep them foremost in mind when it comes to pricing structure. LFM also make sure that they take the time to listen to the needs and to take them fully into account.

The founder and manager, Ethan Lessiter works tirelessly to maintain these core ideals of affordability and creativity; ideals which are at the heart of their outstanding audio production service; LFM Audio.

Ethan is a qualified Audio Engineer with many years of experience in the audio industry, so he knows how to get the job done to the highest of standards, along with the rest of their highly qualified team. If you are looking to vastly improve the sound of your radio station or similar organisation, then LFM Audio is the right place to start. They provide radio imaging, sung jingles, voice overs, commercial script writing and any other audio related services. If necessary, you can even outsource your entire radio production needs to them!

Listen to LFM Audio’s recent projects at www.lfmaudio.com

Also join the monthly free 6 Radio Stingers draw, just go to the Monthly Draw section at the footer of the website and enter your details.