Listeners take pride of Gamasi 105.9 South Sulawesi Indonesia for almost 40 years service

Founded in 1980, the radio is the pride of the people of South Sulawesi, Gamasi 105.9 FM. On Friday (6/28), they are celebrating their 39th year.

Situated at the Veteran Selatan, Marinda B2 Makassar Complex, listeners, staff and on air crew are celebrating the milestone.

Coupled with balloons hanging in the room it added to the joy of a radio birthday which is famous for its slogan “Makassar Style is here”.

Lines of directors from partners and Corporated Radio Gamasi attended to give congratulations and birthday cakes. Among the South Sulawesi Provincial Government Public Relations, and Sukriansyah Latief from FAJAR.

Senior Announcer and Content Formulator Gamasi, S daeng Nai said that in the age of Gamasi radio, which can be said to be quite senior in terms of broadcasting, it was always maintained.

Daeng Nai also said that maintaining programs and broadcasts that many of his listeners are fond of are characteristics of Gamasi radio.

“We follow the wishes of listeners and always maintain broadcasts as a form of our commitment,” he said when met by FAJAR.

One of the announcers on Radio Gamasi Makassar, Asis Nojeng said that everything has not changed and no one could replace it.

He continued, some of the program content produced by himself included the Pacarita program, Bugis songs (Laugi), as well as some Makassar, Tambara Gamasi song programs or health programs.

“Many can provide new ones but Gamasi does not present such a thing and makes it a place of reflection and indeed there are still many who are looking for it,” said Sis Nojeng.