Smack Trax, Distinctive Sonic Branding from Brandy Jingles

MNM, the youth brand of public broadcaster VRT, has launched its newest jingle  update. “The reactions from DJs and listeners tell the story: this is another  magnificent package,” says Bart De Raes, Imaging Director at MNM. BRANDY has produced a series of new station IDs, styling for theme weeks such as  Marathon Radio and end-of-year celebrations. In addition, several programmes have  received their own generic, one of which was played by a small symphonic orchestra. 

The Smack Trax series is now in its 7th edition. Together with MNM’s management,  BRANDY devised a clear line for the station’s unique sonic branding. 

Bart De Raes: “With familiar recipes, but also with a serious dose of innovation, Brandy has  succeeded perfectly in finding the balance between a classic radio jingle and a modern  sound like you hear in music today. A crazy idea – we want a programme tune played by a  live band – can become reality. And how!” 

With these kinds of productions, we can illustrate our team’s versatility,” says Tom Van der  Biest, Brandy’s Creative Director. “Every time MNM knows how to challenge us, not only in  sound but also in coming up with sonic branding that answers all the needs of this digital  media age. And it’s especially nice when we can once again produce something that you  don’t hear anywhere else.” 

Here’s how the new jingles sound:

MNM is the youth station of the Dutch-language public broadcaster VRT. The station draws a daily  reach of 8,9% and a market share of 7,7% (C.I.M. RAM Mar-Jun 2021). MNM brings contemporary  hits and lots of information for and by young people.  

Brandy is a European consultancy and production company, based in Brussels, specialising in on-air  branding for media companies, hear more at