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Kiss92 is official media partner for Yungblud Tour with Filipino Pop Singer Zack Tabuldo

On September 27, the Capitol Theatre in 17 Stamford Road, Singapore will host the live music tour, showcasing performances by Singapore-based singer-songwriter lullaboy and British pop-rocker Yungblud.

The presentation, organized by Universal Music Singapore also includes two more acts from South-east Asia: the Filipino performer Zack Tabudlo and the Thai-Belgian alt-pop artist Violette Wautier.

Only those with an invitation can attend, however Singaporeans may win tickets by entering a contest at the Straight Times website The competition ends on September 18.

Yungblud is the headliner, and his 2020 album Weird!, whose self-titled follow-up is scheduled to be released on Friday, said in a statement: “To share the stage alongside the biggest performers from South-east Asia is extremely thrilling to me. Singapore is a beautiful place.”

He continues, “particularly in music, this experience will be remarkable, as I adore traveling and discovering various cultures.”

llulaboy, an American born with Indonesian descent, rose to fame with songs like someone like u (2022), which has had over 24 million Spotify streams.

Universal Music’ss pre-pandemic 2019 debut edition featured artists like local singer Charlie Lim and American vocalist Jeremy Zucker.

The official media partner for this event is Kiss92 Singapore, owned and operated by SPH Media.

In Singapore, SPH Media Trust (SMT) is a media company with operations in print, digital, radio broadcast, and outdoor advertising. It was formally incorporated as a company limited by guarantee on 1 December 2021, following Singapore Press Holdings Limited’s successful transfer of its media business.

With Mediacorp, it is one of a duopoly that controls Singapore’s mainstream media. SPH Media Trust employs more than 2,500 people overall, including a staff of about 1,000 journalists who serve as international correspondents.

Is Radio Korea selling the radio towers in its 38-acre property posting?

Although there are no transmission towers included, the 38-acre property should intrigue developers.

Multiple radio broadcast structures that are part of the property are where the station’s transmitter is situated; nevertheless, the listing specifically states that the towers and the vicinity around them are not included in the sale.

The undeveloped site, which consists of two neighboring acres, is being offered by P&Y for slightly over $38 million. The listing, which delves heavily into the property’s clear potential attraction to speculators or other developers, went live on property websites on Thursday.

The listing exclaims, “An incredibly RARE OPPORTUNITY to construct one of the VERY few EXTREMELY extensive land accessible to DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES,” while highlighting the property’s views and vicinity to numerous significant freeways, parks, and medical facilities.

The listing’s broker, Wade Woodcock of Keller Williams, did not immediately reply to a request for a response.

The property is situated at 4600 Carter Drive in Los Angeles, in an Eastside neighborhood that is semi-rural and residential.

Since many years ago, various radio stations have owned the location. According to documents, P&Y paid $8 million for the bigger of the two properties, which is 22 acres, in 2007. The vendor was a radio station situated in Seattle.

The broadcasting company was established in 2007 and has its main office on Wilshire Boulevard, in the center of Koreatown. According to a 2007 media report, it paid $33 million for KMPC, the station that later became the home of Radio Korea and had previously broadcast on a separate channel.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a long relationship with Radio Korea, one of the top Korean-language stations in the area.

The 24-acre site of Marymount California University, a local college on the Palos Verdes Peninsula that previously confirmed its imminent closure, also hit the market in June, sparking a frenzy of development interest. The 38-acre land block, which is currently designated for agricultural use, is among the largest possible development sites to have recently reached the market in Greater L.A.

Tokyo FM Celebrates Music of Haruki Murakami with new program Murakami Radio

TOKYO FM’s music program “Murakami RADIO” (last Sunday of every month from 19:00 to 19:55), in which the writer Haruki Murakami acts as a disc jockey.

Tokyo FM announced the success of its first broadcast of Murakami Radio, a new program celebrating the music of renowned artist Haruki Murakami, who also acts as the presenter. It airs every last Sunday of the month, 7 pm.

The show was piloted with the theme “The Haruki Murakami Library” from Makoto Wada Record Collection.

Murakami’s music has always been honored at the station as a live event, but this time Tokyo FM turned it into a regular program.

Mr. Murakami himself presents and talks about music at a studio built at the Waseda International House of Letters (commonly known as the Haruki Murakami Library), which opened in October last year.

The theme of this public recording is “From Makoto Wada Record Collection”. Makoto Wada, an illustrator who died in 2019, has a close relationship with Murakami and has worked on many bindings and illustrations for Murakami’s works.

This time, the station introduced the record collection that Mr. Murakami carefully selected from the huge number of records left by Mr. Wada and donated to Waseda University, along with valuable episodes and explanations

Travel Radio FM 91.5, Thai Tourism Partner in Digital Skills Program

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) joins forces with Travel Radio FM 91.5 and Blogtech Academy to organize 12 courses to enhance digital skills and knowledge techniques of its citizens.

The government aims to empower the community and businesses in the new normal of digital marketing.

According to local authorities, this is part of the “SOS Campaign (Save Our Stakeholder)” campaign to open the economy for both foreign tourists and domestic tourists by helping entrepreneurs in the tourism industry using digital techniques.

There are a total of 12 lectures, 1 hour each, and are ongoing now in the month of October. The courses can be listened to on the Travel Radio FM 91.5 radio station from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM with live broadcasts on the Travel Radio page.

Lecture topics include:

1) Facebook & Instagram:
2) Youtube Marketing & Video Content
3) TikTok Marketing & Video Content
4) Selling well on Google & Website & Sale Page
5) SEO & Content & Blog Techniques
6) Creating Sales Power with New Trends
7) E-Commerce & Dropship
8) Banner and strategies for advertising products
9) Creative and professional photography techniques
10) Videography skills
11) Preliminary Layout Design & Podcast Marketing Techniques
12) Digital Transformation Canvas & Social Branding Modern Business Strategies

Ms. Satita Sorassa, Director of Blogtech Academy, said that all digital marketing professionals have devoted themselves to this project. And the broadcast of its lessons through radio via Travel FM 91.5 will definitely reach more citizens and entrepreneurs.

Love FM Festival 2021 A Big Boost for Radio and Businesses

Love FM (Japan) - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

The radio team of Love FM Japan announced that the Love FM Festival 2021 was a big success. With the aim of bringing together listeners and the community in unity in these times, the event drew record audiences both in person and on air as it was broadcast throughout the country. The festival also aimed at promoting local businesses to revive the community economy.

The Love FM Festival, now on its seventh iteration, was cancelled last year 2020 due to the health emergency crisis. This year, it was held at the Kurume Hyakunen Park in Kurume City, Fukuoka for two days from October 9 to 10.

Artists who performed during the event were the Sendai-based 4-member band MONKEY MAJIK, the two Maynard / Blaise and the popular 5-member mixture band Kroi, R-Shitei, peko, KZ, and other groups “Umeda Cypher” and the Okinawa-based band “Umeda Cypher”. Popular artists such as “Kariyushi 58” and SOIL & “PIMP” SESSIONS also made appearance.
Jeff Taro, Anna, TOGGY, and Shoko Shimokawa were in charge as MCs.

The event also catered to local businesses such as the launching of the Kurume restaurants Mohikan Ramen, Kushiyaki Hotaru River, Tokonatsu Bar RAKUEN, Ishida Farm in an effort to further kickstart economic activity.

Pors Impact Creative 2021 Jingles for Radio RADIO OSNABR ÜCK in Germany: A Level Up!

New radio jingle package for RADIO OSNABR ÜCK in Germany has just been released and is produced by Pors Impact Creative.

We listened to the jingles on the team and are thrilled. Very well sung and very well implemented. Everything is great!


Listen here:

Radio Mewat Fights Fake News Amidst Health Crisis

Mewat, or Nuh as it’s new name, is one of 21 districts in the state of Haryana, located in the northern part of India. The main communication tool or broadcasting device is community radio, but fake news now has proliferated.

In Mewat district, only 27 households have televisions. Most people do not have enough money to buy smartphones, resulting in not receiving news accurately and keeping up with the situation.

When most people don’t have TVs and smartphones. The radio station is a readily available communication channel as it helps fill the loopholes in news distribution.

Radio Mewat, a community radio station 90.4 MHz, which has been established for more than ten years, with the objective of disseminating information to the public to be aware and understand in many aspects from primary health care to rights and gender equality. The station serves 2-5 hours daily, and reaches 170 villages out of 431.

Even though the government issued a rule prohibiting community radio from broadcasting news on current affairs and political issues. But when the cvid-19 crisis started, the staff at the community radio station was obliged to serve information about health care, wearing masks and social distancing. They also have to present accurate information to combat fake news. This creates fear and causes many villagers not to get vaccinated.

Sohrab Khan, manager of the radio station Radio Mewat said that there is a huge challenge to change the mindset of people. But the community radio station strove hard to provide useful and accurate information, and helped in explaining that the vaccine is not as fatal as rumored, people began to follow the governments health mandate. Vaccines are an important shield that will help boost immunity and help prevent contracting the cornavirus from worsening or even death.

Make Nuh MasksAtchara Kapoor, founder of Radio Mewat, added that Radio Mewat is supported by the non-profit organization SMART (Seeking Modern Applications for Real Transformation) and is committed to helping people have a better quality of life.

“In addition to encouraging community residents to behave properly in the situation of CVID-19, there are other things we do that contribute to the society, such as hiring 285 women to make masks and pay wages. Then distribute masks to the community for free, and promote heavily the importance of wearing a mask”, said the founder. (report by Spring News TH)

New South Korean Radio Station Receives Full Support from Community

Seodaemun Community Radio launched in Sep 1, 2021

Community radio is a low-power broadcast of less than 10W for small areas (si/gun/gu). Residents can directly share the news of the village and participate in content production. In Seoul, there are radios that have been with the region for nearly 20 years, such as Gwanak FM and Mapo FM, and there are radios that have been officially approved for business as a village media. Such is the case with Seodaemun Community Radio. 

Seodaemun Community Radio CEO Jang Su-jeong, who was busy preparing for the launch of the corporation, met on the afternoon of the 1st at the Bukgajwa-dong studio. Seodaemun Community Radio is the representative village media in Gajwa-dong. So, the original name was ‘Gajaeullanduo’. Gajaeul is the old name of Gajwa-dong. It is a pure Korean word for ‘a village away from a big village’. 

In Seoul, there are village media representing each autonomous district. This is the result of the Seoul village media support project in 2012. The same goes for Seodaemun Community Radio. At first, it was all about a small community space and recording facility. They held village meetings and supported small groups to grow the network. It continued to grow and solidified its position as a village media. 

At that time, Gajaeulla Duo (predecessor to Seodaemun Community Radio) operated the first mini FM (which receives a temporary frequency and broadcasts FM for a certain period of time) as the first town media in Seoul. So eight years have passed. The certificates that filled one of the studio showcases contain the time that has passed. There has been some good news recently. Seodaemun Community Radio was selected as one of 20 new operators of village community radio by the Korea Communications Commission in July. CEO Jang was humble. He cited ‘trust’ as the selection factor. 

CEO Jang said, “I think the selection was due to the fact that I have been working as a village media for 8 years. 

A signature campaign prepared in haste… There were many heartbreaking moments until 

the activists who wrote down the 9 lines of ‘great reward’ to the support of 600 people and the sponsors who came through the rain were all selected as ‘first-class contributors’ . Before I submitted my application, I got signatures in a hurry. More than 600 people signed it in a week. Among them, there was an activist who wrote a 9-line poem on ‘Seodaemun Community Radio’ with a prayer for selection. Another day, there was a housewife who broke through the rain and came to the studio to verify her identity by direct debit of sponsorship. 

CEO Jang said, “There is not much feedback on radio broadcasts, but it was rewarding to see more than 600 people signed in a short period of time.” He continued, “The concept of community radio is difficult, but the residents clearly understood it. He was proud of ‘the radio we make’,” he recalled. 

Seodaemun Community Radio is engaged in the development and dissemination of customized media technology. In order to operate the village media, the participation of residents is required. A bigger issue is cost. We need to create good content with limited support, but if the technology is difficult, there is a barrier to entry. We are focusing on finding technologies or equipment that can be broadcast live at low cost, sharing them with other media, and finding technologies that users can easily access. 

A local publishing business is also planned. I am about to compile contents such as ‘Gajaeul Music Hangout’ and ‘Seodaemun History Tour’ into a book. CEO Jang said, “There are not many contents that deal with local news meaningfully, and there is less movement to discover. 

Can community radio, an analog method, survive in the digital age? CEO Jang cited the advantage of being able to deliver information needed in real life at a short distance. 

CEO Jang said, “The role of community radio is to deliver local news to people who have no connection. 

“I want to have a good experience with community radio” 

Seodaemun Community Radio will open on September 13 next year. The national day was set according to the frequency (91.3 MHz). There is a lot of homework to complete during the remaining period of one year and a little more. Seodaemun Community Radio is currently exporting content through podcasts and YouTube. In order to broadcast 18 hours a day from now on, it is said that more than 200 people will be needed every week. You also need to provide space to accommodate them. The issue of housing for activists remains a challenge. 

CEO Jang conveyed a small wind. He hopes that community radio will tell more stories than before and give people a pleasant experience. 

CEO Jang said, “I have been thinking for a long time that I want to create a space that many people can share. said 

He added, “My biggest ambition is to create a broadcasting station, but I hope that people will have a better experience, communicate well, and accumulate a lot of that experience.”

JDC Airs ‘Peace Radio’

The Jeju Free International City Development Center (JDC) in South Korea successfully presented the ‘Peace Visible Radio’ at the 16th Jeju Forum with the Jeju 4.3 Peace Foundation.

JDC held the ‘Youth Peace Talk Show’ at the 15th Jeju Forum last year, and they continued to be a sponsor of the Jeju Forum this year as a youth-centered event.

This event streamed and broadcast last June 24th. Dibbed ‘Peace Visible Radio’, live talk of the cast was held and the story of young people were focused on. 

‘Peace Visible Radio’ began with an interview with broadcaster Sang-jin Oh, JDC Chairman Moon Dae-rim, and Jeju 4.3 Peace Foundation Chairman Yang Jo-hoon. Then, a special lecture by famous Korean history lecturer Choi Tae-seong and a discussion by a youth panel took place. Finally, it concluded with a story event by guest singers Yozo and Daniel Lindeman.

Instructor Tae-Sung Choi, who was in charge of the Jeju 4.3 special lecture, appeared in the commentary of the permanent exhibition room of the Peace Memorial Hall discussing the lessons of a sad historical event such as the Jeju 4 3 and the importance of history education.

On Air ‘Classroom’ Radio is the New Normal For This Asian School

Choi Soo-young and teacher Seul-gi Choi are in the air. /Provided by Inchang Elementary School

Guri Namyangju Office of Education – Inchang Elementary School through their Principal, Hyun-Sook Lee has announced the start of their on air radio schooling program for 2020. Namyangju is a city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.

The program includes the airing of pre-recorded broadcasts for grade students, parents, and staff. Its schedule is twice a week and runs 20 to 30 minutes a day via their campus radio facility.

The contents of the broadcast consisted of educational materials, stories of success, student/parent stories and songs, direct phone interviews, teacher introductions, conversations with the principal, even quizzes, and teachers’ day celebrations.

The program which has been on its third year is a success as told by radio staff Choi Soo-young.

“When we were laughing and singing together during radio interviews with students, other students were curious and decided to join us.”

Students and families share their stories of listening in their car or going to work. And their radio team has formed as strong bond when they are recording their programs with parents and teachers.

“I felt proud of the idea that we are part of a community,” he said.

The school announced that the on air broadcast is just part of their comprehensive program in conducting remote classes for students and teachers during this time of sheltering.

Principal Hyun-Sook Lee of Chang-In Lee said, “as the satisfaction of students and parents is very good, we will actively support the continuous operation of the radio broadcast centered on students and parents after the Corona situation has ended.”

Indonesia Uses Power of Radio, New Media for Education Amidst Health Crisis

Since the Indonesian government decided to conduct learning, work and worship activities at home since March 16th. All schools and children are currently adapting a study at home approach using radio and online media.

Many breakthroughs have been made by the government so that children can learn optimally at home. One of them is a learning program through Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI). As reported on the official website of RRI, a special program schedule for home study is broadcast on Monday-Friday through the RRI Programa-2 network and can be enjoyed in all regions in Indonesia.

“The learning program in Program-2 is a program initiated by RRI in this health crisis period. So that this program is held every Monday to Friday starting at 10 to 11 Western Indonesia Time (WIB),” said Director of LPP RRI , M Rohanudin in a press statement at the Media Center of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling COVID-19 BNPB Graha Building, Jakarta.

All subjects are guided and delivered by teachers who are competent in their fields and accompanied by interactive question and answer sessions. For regions that cannot access RRI channels manually. RRI launches the RRI Play Go application which can be downloaded at Goodle Playstore for android users and in the App Store for iOS users.

“That is downloading the RRI Play Go application, you can see it on pro1, RRI Takengon. Younger siblings can listen to how to learn by air, all subjects will be delivered by competent teachers, “said Head of LPP RRI Takengon Darno.

Radio 1 emergency broadcast station has poor reception in 7 out of 10 tunnels

Korea Communications Commission (South Korea) announced nationwide that the tunnel disaster broadcast reception status of KBS Radio 1 has a rating of 27.4%.

KBS or Korean Broadcasting System is a public broadcaster of South Korea and one of its network of stations KBS Radio 1 is an emergency information station.

On April 27, 2020, the Korea Communications Commission announced the results of the ‘Disaster Broadcasting Environment Survey’ for 4,371 road, rail and subway tunnels nationwide.

Through the survey, the Korea Communications Commission measured both analog broadcast and digital reception inside 2,716 road tunnels, 685 railroad tunnels, and 970 subway stations.

As a result of the survey, the FM broadcast reception rate was 27.4% up 5 percentage points from 2017 (22.4%).

Conversely, the reception was poor in 3,173 tunnels, which is 72.6%.

Specifically, it was found that the broadcast reception rating was 23.1% in the road tunnel, 3.5% in the railway tunnel, and 56.3% in the subway.

DMB or digital radio transmission technology is South Korea version’s HD radio in the US or DAB in UK.

DMB’s broadcast reception rate rose 16.4% from 19.3% to 35.7% (1,562).

In 2,809 tunnels, which accounted for 64.3%, broadcast reception was poor.

It was 38.2% in road tunnels, 5% in railroad tunnels, and 50.5% in subways.

In particular, in the railway tunnel, the FM broadcast reception rate was only 3.5%, and the DMB broadcast reception rate was only 5%.

In the case of DMB, it was explained that broadcast reception was not possible when the reception status was poor, but in FM radio, it was possible to listen with 967 (30.5%) out of 3,173 locations indicated as poor reception.

According to the Korea Communications Commission, the number of tunnels increased by 515 compared to 2017, but efforts to improve the reception environment and installation of disaster broadcast relay facilities in newly created tunnels have increased the rate of broadcast reception.

Korean Broadcasting System(KBS; Hangul: 한국방송공사; Hanja: 韓國放送公社; Hanguk Bangsong Gongsa) is one of the public broadcasting, which was established in 1927. KBS headquarters are located in the Yeouido district of Seoul. It is one of the biggest South Korean television networks.

KBS Radio 1 is running on the format of news, current affairs, drama, documentary and culture. It also provides disaster and emergency information.

Hybrid Radio by CBS a big success

CBS in Korea has partnered with a domestic smartphone manufacturer this month April 2020 in launching a ‘hybrid radio’ service that can receive both airwaves and internet data simultaneously.

According to CBS, the hybrid radio, which started service this month, allows listeners to tune in to the radio through the existing airwave broadcasting network via the FM chip embedded in the smartphone. do.

Until now, to listen to the radio on a smartphone, people had to listen to the broadcast through the Internet through their own mobile app, but using hybrid radio, listening to the broadcast is possible through the air, so there is little data usage burden.

“If you listen to streaming radio with a smartphone app, it consumes about 1 MB of data per minute,” CBS said. “Assuming you listen to the radio for an hour a day, you can save 2 GB of data a month.”

In addition, CBS emphasized that receiving a radio with an FM chip consumes less power, saving battery power, and providing excellent radio wave propagation to effectively prepare for disasters.

Hybrid radios can be used on all smartphone models released by LG Electronics last year, and since this year, Samsung Electronics has also begun to collaborate with Samsung Electronics to use them on Galaxy S20 and Note 10.For other models, the smartphone OS must be upgraded to Android 10.0.

CBS Digital Contents Director Ahn Jong-woo said, “It is the first time among Korean broadcasters to start a hybrid radio service through direct cooperation with a smartphone manufacturer.” The hybrid service improves the radio listening environment and actively utilizes bi-directionality to communicate with listeners. I will continue my efforts. ”

CBS is engaged in all forms of mass communications: radio, television broadcasting, internet and the smart device. CBS radio’s nationwide network consists of 14 branches, and CBS TV provides programs via cable and satellite to the Korean peninsula and other parts of East Asia. Thus CBS plays a leading role as the major Korean Christian communications organization.

Radio Station, Advertiser partner in easing effects of health crisis in Indonesia

Radio Prambors and Delta Makassar, which is part of the Masima Radio Network group, is in collaboration with well-known brand Chatime Indonesia, in extending help to the medical frontliners.

Assistant Manager of Marketing & Promotion of Radio Prambors and Delta Makassar, Andriawan said the assistance was one of the social activities of the ‘Moving & Sharing’ program.

“We support medical staff who are struggling to be in the frontline for handling this crisis. There are around 800 cups of Chatime products that will be distributed in several hospitals, including Wahidin Hospital, Unhas, Sayang Rakyat and Pellamonia, “Andriawan said.

With this activity, it hopes to be a bit of encouragement for medical personnel who currently have to continue to struggle.

“We hope this situation will improve soon. So that we can all move back to normal activities. Moving and sharing is a competition that is currently being run by each group, “continued Adriawan.

Rafly Pawaz, one of Makassar’s representatives, also invited Prambors and Delta young people to help with Covid-19.

“The way is easy with #dirumahaja you can be able to break the chain of the spread of the diseas and with that you can make people around you to stay safe,” said Rafa.

Asia: Gema Randik 97 FM Enjoys Increasing Popularity, Radio Still Top Media

In this digital era, when access to information is fast, it turns out that radio still has its own devotees. This is evident with the community at Gema Randik 97 FM in its studio and office at the Dinkominfo, Musi Banyuasin Regency, South Sumatra, Indonesia.

The Muba Regency government-owned radio station has seen increase in visits by fans, listeners and organizations including that of Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) Dinkominfo Muba led by Patricia Lisnawaty Sinulingga together with DWP member Dinkominfo Muba last March 6, 2020 Friday.

Dharma Wanita is an organization whose wives are Civil Servants (PNS). Dharma Wanita was established on 7 December 1999 at a national meeting. The main objective of establishing Dharma Wanita is to improve the quality of the resources of PNS family members to achieve national welfare.

Based on the Nielsen Consumer Media View survey (Nielsen Indonesia Survey 2017), radio penetration is still ranked fourth compared to other types of media.

“Television is still the main media for the people of Indonesia, where the penetration reaches 96 percent,” said DWP Chairman Dinkominfo Muba Patricia.

Furthermore, outdoor media has 53 percent penetration, internet 44 percent and radio media is fourth position with 37 percent. The penetration of newspaper media is only 7 percent and magazines and tabloids 3 percent.

“From the survey, there are still many radio listeners and I am sure that radio listeners will not be eroded by the rapid progress of information technology. But instead they will compliment each other, “he said.

Meanwhile, Head of the Information Communication Office, Herryandi Sinulingga, represented by the Head of Public Communication Tri Nurhayani, explained that anyone and any organization who wants to take part in broadcasting to share positive information with the people of Muba is welcome to visit radio stations.

“Because radio can be a forum for information and communication tools. We believe that radio still has a place in the hearts of loyal listeners because radio listeners are usually communities who are loyal to their favorite radio programs,” he said.

ASIA: ‘Radio Queen’ and Veteran DJ Hwang Jung-min goes back on air

(Seoul) Hwang Jung-min will finally be reunited with radio listeners on March 2nd at KBS Cool FM’s Hwang Jung-min’s Music Show.

Hwang Jung-min is greatly loved by radio listeners. The Great March was the No. 1 most listened to program for 13 consecutive years thanks to Hwang Jung-min’s charm. The show’s massive fandom is even called ‘The Royal Family’, which earned her the title, given by South Korean media, the Radio Queen.

Hwang Jung-min, who left radio for parental leave in 2017, and now she is returning as Moon Hee-jun’s successor.

Hwang Jung-min said, ‘I missed the royal family, I’m excited to meet the listeners’. Since reinstating in 2019, personalities from KBS 1 Radio and KBS Happy FM have been invited as special DJs.

Hwang Jung-min’s Music Show is a music-oriented program that will be centered around listeners’ stories. Hwang Jung-min’s said that the show’s refreshing format is expected to revitalize the afternoon block.

Hwang Jung-min’s Music Show, which will start airing on March 2, is broadcasted through KBS Cool FM (Seoul / Capital Region 89.1Mhrz) for 2 hours every day from 2 pm to 4 pm, and can also be listened to via the mobile radio Kong.

Asia: Radio LNT Reaches New Milestone, Celebrates 15 Years

Radio Luhak Nan Tuo (LNT) in Indonesia continues to grow. Now, with the Local Public Broadcasting Institution (LPPL) owned by Tanah Datar District Government, it is celebrating its 15 years.

LNT Radio began its work in the world of information and communication dissemination on 16 February 2004. On the 16th anniversary commemoration conducted in the courtyard of the Tanah Datar Regent’s Office, Tuesday (18/2), this radio continued to expand its network.

“Thank God, the collaboration with 17 partners was signed at that very important moment,” said the Head of the Department of Communication and Information (Kominfo) Tanah Datar Abrar, Wednesday (19/2), in Pagaruyuang.

It is said, as the Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD) which directly oversees LNT Radio, the Office of Communication and Information continues to foster and expand cooperation networks, so that the radio that broadcasts on the 102.5 FM frequency continues to grow and its presence is increasingly felt by the community.

Abrar explained, the collaboration was carried out in order to fill the programs that would be broadcast. The collaboration that was established yesterday, he said, included the District Military Command 0305 / TD, Tanah Datar District Attorney Office, Tanah Datar District Police Traffic Unit, the Office of Education and Culture, and the Ministry of Religious Affairs Office of Tanah Datar District.

The partnership marked by the signing of the memorandum of understanding was also carried out with the Indonesian Doctors Association, LKAAM, MUI, BPJS Labor, Bundo Kanduang, Himpaudi, IGTKI, IGGRA, Youth Hijrah, Genpi, BEM IAIN Barusangkar, and BKMT Tanah Datar.

In the future, he added, LNT Radio is expected to be the spearhead of the Tanah Datar Regency Government information. “We always evaluate and improve the quality of broadcast programs, so that it remains a channel of information that is heard by the public,” he said.

In addition to signing the collaboration, the anniversary of the radio was also enlivened by the Tahfidz competition at the elementary / MI level. The activity was followed by 30 groups from 23 Tahfidz Houses, centered on the Benteng Van der Capellen Complex. The Tahfidz Rumah Hati Cahaya Team from X Koto won the first prize, while the second winner was Tahulidz Darul Arqan, and the third winner was Tahulidz Nurul Qolbi house, Nagari Balimbiang.

Tanah Datar District Head H. Irdinansyah Tarmizi hopes that, in his more mature age, LNT Radio is expected to strengthen its position as a public institution, and be at the forefront of information delivery from the local government, and become an arena of public education. 

Asia: 19 Stations Unite to Air Special Show for Millennials

Ministry of Home Affairs Launches ‘National is Me’ a radio talkshow with the theme ‘Earthing the Pancasila Pearls’ which will be held in more than 20 campuses in Jabodetabek, Indonesia. In addition, the program will also be broadcast live and simultaneously on 19 Radio Stations.

“There are 19 radio stations that have collaborated to broadcast the talkshow live simultaneously, this we appreciate because it means they are committed to participate in the Grounding of the Pancasila Pearls,” said Acting. The Director General of Politics and General Government who is also the Head of the Ministry of Home Affairs Information Center Bahtiar in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The event that was initiated by the Ministry of Home Affairs through the Directorate General (Ditjen) of Politics and Public Administration in collaboration with the Bentang Merah Putih Foundation will involve millennial generation in more than 20 campuses in Jabodetabek to instill the value of nationalism to its roots so that it can become a strong foundation especially for millennial generation

“Of course we want to explore, direct and develop the value of nationalism in developing the characteristics of millennial generation, including through values ​​such as caring, tolerance and togetherness through a millennial approach,” Bahtiar explained.

The 60 minutes of live talk shows that are broadcast simultaneously through:

  1. Regional Radio Unity in Indonesia
  2. Radio Response 93.0 FM Padang
  3. Radio Harmoni 97.0 FM Makassar
  4. Radio Heartline 91.7 FM Lampung
  5. Heartline Radio 100.6 FM Jakarta
  6. Radio Heartline 92.2 FM Bali
  7. Radio Heartline 94.4 FM Samarinda
  8. Radio DKJ 94.4 FM Samarinda
  9. DKJ Radio 103.4 Lubuk Linggal
  10. Radio Shalom 90.2 FM Tobelo Halmahera
  11. Radio CWS 89.40 FM Manado
  12. Radio Gala 107.8 FM Banyuwangi
  13. Radio Elisa 103.9 FM Salatiga
  14. Radio Bonafide 90.1 FM Tarutung
  15. Blitar SGFM Radio
  16. Radio Suara Kasih 99.5 FM Tarakan
  17. Love Recovery Radio 96.5 FM Bajawa Flores
  18. Radio Rassinda Karang Anyar Solo
  19. Radio Shalom 107.7 FM Kediri, East Java

Station for Emergency, Disaster Relief Formally Opens

The City Government of Davao launches the community-based radio DCDR 87.5 FM Davao City Disaster Radio located at RJ Homes Bldg., Pelayo Legaspi St., Davao City, Philippines.

Present during the launching are Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte, Major General Ernesto Torres, Jr.,Davao de Oro Governor Jayvee Tyrone Uy, Davao Occidental Governor Claude Bautista and Davao Oriental Governor Nelson Dayanghirang.

DCDR 87.5 FM station is created for disaster and emergency preparedness for Davao Region.

DXRP (87.5 MHz), broadcasting as Davao City Disaster Radio, is a music FM radio station owned by government-run Philippine Broadcasting Service and operated by the City Government of Davao. Its studios is located at Braveheart Building, Gen. Douglas MacArthur Highway, Matina, Davao City; sharing studios with Radyo Pilipinas Davao and transmitter is located at Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City. It operates daily from 5:00am to 12:00mn.

87.5 MHz was used as a temporary frequency of Radyo Pilipinas Davao from February to August 2018, while conducting maintenance and transferring studios to the Mindanao Media Hub, to be located in Davao City.

FM1 Davao, the first regional FM station of PBS and FM1 Manila, was launched on August 1, 2018. It is being led by station manager Harriet Deniel (Joe Fisher); Maurice Abella, marketing manager and former Mix FM and Oomph Radio station manager, Joey Sy-Domingo.

In January 2020, however, the station went off-air for a month.

As Davao City Disaster Radio (2020–present)
On February 2020, the City Government of Davao took over the operations of PBS-owned 87.5 and was reformatted as an emergency-centric community station under the identity of “Davao City Disaster Radio”, with its music format is masa (Contemporary MOR and OPM). Prior to the launch, the city government announced its intention to establish a community station with a purpose of dissemination on disaster preparedness.

Asia: Disruption in Radio Advertising As TBS Enters

Traffic broadcasting (tbs), a subsidiary of Seoul Metropolitan Government in South Korea, is expected to disrupt the radio advertising market. Although tbs FM, which is the main driver of tbs radio, has only sponsored public service and public service advertisements, it plans to sell commercial advertisements after the independence to finance the foundation. In addition to terrestrial public broadcasters who fear that the publicity of broadcasting will be threatened as the advertising market shrinks, small- and medium-sized radio broadcasters, which are likely to lose some of the pie in the radio advertising market, are also watching for the upheaval of the ad market after the TBS corporation.

tbs eFM Live Streaming

The reason why tbs’ entry into the advertising market strains other broadcasters is that even though tbs FM does not receive commercial advertisements, its listening ratio is at the top based on the popularity of programs such as Kim U-jun’s News Factory. According to the results of the ‘Round Listening Rate in the Fourth Round of Metropolitan Area in 2019’ published by Korea Research on November 6, Kim U-jun’s News Factory was ranked 1st with a listening rate of 14.5%. The result is a record-breaking record, exceeding the 13.3% listening rate from previous surveys. In addition, TBS FM ranked second in the Seoul Metropolitan Radio Channel, with third and ranked 29th.

Therefore, the radio advertising market is expected to restructure once tbs finishes the foundation and starts selling commercial ads. As of the end of last year, the Korea Advertisement Promotion Agency (KOBACO) estimated that the terrestrial radio advertising market amounted to about 175 billion won. Among the commercials sold through KOBACO, MBC radio recorded the most at W66.5bn, followed by KBS Radio at W11bn, CBS Radio at W23.3bn, BBS Radio at W5.8bn, and W15.6bn. It is estimated that the amount of advertising sales for SBS Radio and local civilian radio, which advertises through SBS Media Lab, a separate advertising sales agency (Media Lab), is estimated at W53.2bn. Considering the sales forecast of 20 billion to 30 billion won after tbs entered the ad market, all radio broadcasters are likely to experience blue.

The analysis of a public broadcaster’s own analysis shows that the impact on MBC and KBS will be particularly high. If tbs eats up to 20% of the overall radio advertising market, MBC’s ad revenue is expected to exceed W10bn and KBS’s W2bn. This is because tbs is most likely to earn advertising revenue by incorporating them into media labs such as broadcasters. According to Article 5 of the Act on Broadcasting Advertising Sales Act (Media Lab Act), commercial advertising on radio broadcasting is only allowed to be advertised by Media Lab, which is responsible for advertising sales. SBS radio and local public groups are bundled into separate media labs, and comprehensive programming channels are also advertising campaigns through independent broadcasters. On the other hand, tbs is likely to be included in Cobaco, which has the largest proportion of ad sales, and broadcasters who sell ads through Cobaco are the first choice.

Tbs, which has been actively incorporating since December last year, has submitted an application for change permission to become an independent corporation to the Korea Communications Commission on October 31. Incorporation is a matter of pursuing the role of independent broadcasting, leaving the status of a subsidiary under Seoul, and solving the problems of political fairness and autonomy and financial resources.

So far, the overall situation has been progressing without any major obstacles to incorporation. In December 2018, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security deliberated on the establishment of local governments’ contributions and actors as well as the opinion that ‘the excessive dependence of financial resources on Seoul is necessary to prepare systematic measures to secure its own resources’ as it is a barrier to actual independence. Completed. In June, the Seoul city council also stipulated the tbs establishment and operation ordinances, and the paving stones for the incorporation are ready.

The remaining issue is whether to admit commercial advertising. As early as three months, early next year, it will be decided whether to advertise tbs. According to the data of the ‘tbs change permit review plan’ submitted by the Senate Kim Seong-su (Deputy Democratic Party) of the National Assembly’s National Institute of Science and Technology Information and Communication Committee, It will be promoted within days. ” On the other hand, the KCS believes that ‘financing resources’ means that commercial advertisements are allowed, so it is highly likely to allow commercial advertisements of tbs FM.

The incorporation of tbs as an independent corporation has been an alternative to the conservatives’ ongoing problem that the political bias of programs and channels has increased due to the siege of Seoul, but the inside of the broadcasting industry is complex. The annual budget of tbs is about 44 billion won, of which 36.5 billion won is from Seoul. The largest share of broadcasting resources depends on Seoul. Due to the inability to advertise commercially, only 6 billion won was imported. Logically, in order to get autonomous broadcasting away from the breath of Seoul, the corporation should be able to sell commercial advertisements.

However, existing public and small- and medium-sized radio broadcasters cannot be overlooked, but they also need a complex alternative to alleviate the impact of a sudden drop in advertisements and secure public interest. Kim Ki-man, president of KOBACO, said in a national parliamentary audit last October that “the market environment of public broadcasting and small and medium broadcasting is a” crisis of desperation “and” the emergency situation of the entire broadcaster is in the midst of financing.”

It is inevitable that the total size of the radio advertising market is shrinking due to changes in the advertising environment, but it is also pointed out that even though the sales of new types of advertisements such as indirect advertising and virtual advertising are gradually increasing, they are not evenly distributed among all radio stations. A local radio broadcaster also said, “If TBS is advertising commercially, terrestrial public broadcasting will be reduced, but only the small and medium-sized broadcasters are more seriously affected. “There is a need for measures, including rational property management, in the distribution of advertisements and support such as the ‘local broadcasting development fund’ coming out.”

Radio Wibawa Mukti Wins First Place in the LPPL Award

LPPL Radio Wibawa Mukti, owned by Bekasi Regency, won first prize in the 2019 LPPL Award for the Audio Visual Version of the Archipelago, the best Audio Visual Version on the 1st National LPPL Radio and Television Anniversary at the Grand Tjokro Hotel, Bandung on Wednesday, (Wednesday 10/9/2019).

Radio Wibawa Mukti set aside a number of other archipelago sound production candidates including Radio Gema Bungo Jambi and Radio Sonata Bandung and Radio eRKS Sumedang.

The Chairperson of Indonesian Radio and Television LPPL, Erwin Ibrahim, hopes that with the 2019 LPPL Award Individuals can motivate LPPL to improve their capabilities and quality in broadcasting news, especially Suara Nusantara news.

“I hope this award will be a motivation to improve the quality of LPPL production in the future so that the tagline of one million votes can continue to reverberate,” he said.

Meanwhile Radio Wibawa Mukti Manager Heru Budian Timor said that the achievement was used as capital to continue to work professionally in managing LPPL Radio Wibawa Mukti as a media of information that could be trusted by the public in presenting development news and work achievements of SKPD, sub-districts and villages in Bekasi Regency.

“I am on behalf of the manager of LPPL Wibawa Mukti thanking for the award which was the result of the assessment of the committee of the Indonesian LPPL Radio and Television Association as the champion of the Nusantara Voice Production category,” he said.

Radio Stations In This Part of the World Are Attracting More Younger Ears Compared to the US

New Gen Radio Personalities Take Over Korean Radio

Younger radio personalities have taken over the radio. Yang Hee-eun, Choi Hwa-jeong, Bae Chul-soo and other traditional radio stars are still very present in the industry, however new generation presenters are rising and gaining more popularity among old and new listeners.

The group’s Block Kyung Park, brother and sister duo Akdong Musician’s Lee Soo Hyun, A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji, B1A4’s mountains, and B2B’s Jung Il Hoon emerged as the new radio stars.

Unlike their traditional counterparts the new, these new voices represent contemporary youth.

Park made his presence through MBC FM4U (91.9MHz) ‘Park Kyung’s Dreaming Radio’ at 8:00 pm on weekdays. The program format is unique, and it gradually gained more listening in the following weeks after its launch.

Aksu musician Lee Soo-hyun is also someone listeners look up to with his near perfect English diction. KBS Cool FM (89.1MHz) airs his program, which runs every day from 8:00 pm for 2 hours, aptly called ‘Turning Up the Volume of Acoustic Musicians’. Listeners are responding that they enjoy the program thanks to its calming and relaxing format.

Apink Jung Eun-do has been loved as a new DJ since spring of this year. Choi Hwa-jung (SBS Power FM) and Kim Shin-young (MBC FM4U) have already secured a fixed audience, and are targeting a niche with calm and comfortable voice tones through KBS Cool FM ‘Jung Eun-ji’s Music Square’ from 12:00 to 2 noon.

Since August last year, the listeners keep pouring in every night at 10 pm to MBC Standard FM (95.9MHz) ‘The Starry Night of the Mountains’ (Star Night). Spearheading are Lee Jong-hwan, Kim Ki-deok, Lee Moon-se, Ok Ju-hyun and other talented DJs in the field.

Kim Hong-chul, general manager of Cool FM, KBS Radio Center, said, “It is aimed at lowering the listening age range throughout the day and night time in the atmosphere of renewal.”

While other countries and markets, radio is struggling to younger ears, here in this part of the world, they are enjoying rapid growth and increasing interest in radio.

MBC FM4U to announce new morning show host

MC Kim Je-dong (45) MBC FM4U ‘Good Morning FM Kim Je-dong’ is getting off.

Radio DJ Kim Je-dong is stepping down as host of Good Morning FM on MBC FM4U. 

MBC issued an official statement, “we haven’t decided yet,” and said, “we are discussing the whole matter ahead of the fall reorganization.”

Earlier this day, Kim Je-dong signed off at ‘Good Morning FM Kim Je-dong’ in line with the fall program reorganization, and it was suggested that MC Jang Sung-gyu (36) was mentioned as a successor. Kim Je-dong took over the program following MC No Hong-cheol (40) in April 2018.

KBS 1TV Preview Program ‘Tonight Kim Je-dong’ was abolished after the last broadcast on August 29.

MBC FM4U is a radio station from the Republic of Korea stations of the Cultural Broadcasting. It was launched from Busan Cultural Broadcasting on April 15, 1970 and on Cultural Broadcasting on September 19, 1971. MBC FM4U metropolitan frequency is 91.9 MHz.

The nickname ‘FM4U’ began when it was reorganized in autumn 2001, meaning that ‘ 4 ‘ in ‘FM4U’ was originally ‘For’. In addition, the letter ‘U’ is the same as the word ‘You’ which means you. In other words, ‘FM4U’ means FM for you, FM for you.

The metropolitan area broadcasts traffic information for 57 minutes from 6:57 am to 9:57 pm (from 7:57 am on Sundays) and provides weather and traffic information every weekend for 1 minute every 30 minutes . In some regions, cultural broadcasting stations broadcast separate advertisements such as campaign advertisements.

Starting at 0 o’clock on August 4, 2014, all regular broadcasts at Gusa Office Radio Station in Yeouido were terminated, and regular broadcasts were started at the Sangam-dong New Office Radio Station.

On November 27, 2016, a test broadcast was carried out for the transfer to Gwanaksan Transmitter, and on December 5 , 2016, a test broadcast of the Gwanaksan Transmitter was conducted for one week. The transfer of Gwanaksan transmission station was completed by removing all transmission equipment of Namsan transmission station on December 19, 2016.

Superstars join in celebrating POP Radio’s 20th Year

History of POP Radio Taiwan 91.7

Taipei Pop Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (English: POP Radio Co., Ltd., referred to as Taipei Pop Radio , POP Radio ) is a Taipei pop music radio station in the frequency of 91.7, which was announced at 7 am on March 18, 2009. Playing popular music, city information, instant news, the station can be heard in the Taipei Metropolitan Area, New Taipei City, Keelung City, Taoyuan City (partial), covering a population of more than 7 million people.

Now why is POP Radio only celebrating its anniversary in September of 2019. And if it was first announced in March 18, 2009, they are already 10 years old not 20.

Well here is the history and story.

POP Radio is located at the top of Wuzhi Peak at the junction of Wanli District and Yuzhi District of New Taipei City. The address is No. 1 235 (about 699 meters above sea level) South of the Wanli District, Wanli District.

This station was originally called “Taipei Women’s Life Radio Station”. On September 17, 1998, then it became Taipei Broadcasting Station of HitFM Network .

In 2006, it was renamed Taipei Pop Music Radio.

Then it exited the HitFM network on January 1, 2009.

On March 18th, 2009, “POP Radio” was officially heard. The station invited SHE as the singer of the station. The POP Radio station jingle composed by Ella and Hebe wrote a total of 25 versions, which was the highest in Taiwan’s broadcasting history. Finally, the radio version selected 10 versions as the official version, including the European style, the sweet romantic version, the moving lyric version, the sun surf version, the rock personality version.

On November 10, 2014, POP Radio was renamed “Taipei Popular Radio Station”, and Lin Shuzhen became the director. The daily “POP Instant News” was also broadcasted with Hit Fm on the same day (07:00, 08:00). instant news is broadcast on a separate, non-simulcast Hit Fm “Entertainment Delivery Service” (aired weekdays)), and invited Wang, Zheng Shi Cheng, Li Mingyi, Jiang Celebration, Cai Ping, poetry and other media celebrities to join the ranks. 

March 2018, after Fami Radio ( Family Mart convenience store in-store radio) started broadcasting, POP Radio stopped airing in Taipei.

However in June 17th, 2019, POP Radio went back on the air and ratings rose. The first hour was hosted by Qiu Mingyu and the second hour was hosted by Zhu Xueheng.

Now in the station’s official Facebook page, the official founding date is November 30, 1999. That was the time they started using Taipei Pop Radio after running as Taipei Women’s Life Radio. September was a special month for the station of becoming a true pop station.

The radio station is essentially celebrating 2 events, its 10th year being POP Radio and 20th year on the air in the 91.7 frequency. Whew, the station history is indeed colorful, as colorful as the artists who joined in celebrating their anniversary.

Pets Tseng is doing a new version of the station jingle. And pop stars are sending their messages for the station. 

Long Live Local Radio, Town Takes Pride of FM Station Run by Market Merchants

Visible Radio is now celebrating its third anniversary. The station broadcasts from the first floor of the Wholesale Market Support Center in the Doma Big Market. 

Baek Seung-jae, now 61, spearheads the operations of the radio stations which came about to serve the community.

The station first went on the air in 2016 and was the project of Daejeon City Hall Media Center. Eight representatives from the area go on board as radio personalities.

Mr. Baek is the one who handles news, travel and health, while his youngest son Yeon-Ha takes care of song requests. Everyone in the area is a contributor to the station as they receive input and suggestions from their Market Social Network Service and the Customer Support Center.

In line with its mission to serve the community, Visible Radio invites police officers and firefighters to provide information and tips for listeners.

Kim Jak-Jun is the top star in Visible Radio as he is known for his musical talents.

“The Doma Big Market is the second largest market in Daejeon after the Central Market with about 1,100 merchants working in 470 stores. There are three parking lots, and it is cheap and has an assortment of markets. I hope this will remain to be an avenue where merchants and residents can communicate,” says Mr. Baek.

New Radio Show Team Up Shakes Up Morning Programming in KL, Malaysia

Fara Returns to FM with a New Team. Fara Fauzana has returned on the air following three years of absence from the radio industry.

Fauzana who is now 39 years of age, is leading the morning show block on Suria FM. She is joined by Fizi Ali and Issey Fazlisham on Team Pagi Suria. The new program started just this week.

The radio personality’s return came about after her guesting on Super 8 Suria.

Fara shared that it has always been her aim to keep the listeners informed and entertained at the same time.

“And I still want to continue to add cheer to the lives of listeners,” she added.

Team Pagi Suria with Fara Fauzana airs Monday to Friday, 6 to 10 in the morning. This marks her 16th year in the business since first went on the air in 2003 at the station called Era FM. 3 years later she joined Hot FM and went on a hiatus in 2016.

Spoon Radio Now Has 10 Million Users

Spoon Radio, a personal audio broadcasting platform, has exceeded 10 million cumulative downloads. It’s been about 8 months since last November’s cumulative download of 5 million.

The Spoon Radio app allows anyone to become a radio DJ by freely opening channels. With more than 55,000 broadcasts per day, listeners can listen to their favorite tastes and concepts, and communicate via radio DJs and live chat.

Spoon Radio, which was first introduced in Korea in 2015, is currently being serviced in nine countries including Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and 70% of all users are international users. 

In particular, Japan, which entered last year, has successfully settled, showing rapid growth over Korea.

With service growth, monthly item sales also reached KRW 4 billion (as of July 2019), an increase of more than 75% compared to the same period last year, and the average income of radio DJs that make money through Spoon Radio is steadily increasing.

Choi Hyuk-jae, CEO of Mycoon, said, “Spoon Radio is committed to providing innovative services in accordance with the Z-generation content consumption method, which enjoys two-way communication.’ I will spare no money. ”

On the other hand, Mycoon plans to accelerate the expansion of the global market in the second half of this year following the entry into Asia.

SBS Love FM Announces New Radio Show to be Hosted by KPop Group Member

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha has been appointed as a new SBS Love FM radio show host for the program Narsha’s Abracadabra.

“Narsha’s Abracadabra” is a music show that combines exciting music with unique segments,

The show runs for 100 minutes from 2:20 pm to 4:00 pm on Love FM 103.5MHz featuring songs different genres of music, from pop, rock to urban.

Of course, as a seasoned pop artist, Narsha will showcase her artistisc side, from dancing to singing and she even will share her talent in songwriting and composing.  

Narsha said, “I always want to be on the radio, and I would like to make a fun radio show, though I may have some old sensibility.”

In 2006, she made her debut as a member of the group Brown Eyed Girls. She has been greatly loved for her top notch performance, and has been active as an all-round entertainer, showing her talents in various fields such as acting, performing arts and as well as hosting. 

Narsha’s Abracadabra will be broadcast on the 12th of August. 

SBS Power FM’s Popular Program Now On Air in 5 Frequencies Across South Korea

SBS Power FM in South Korea is trending this week with its much talked about radio show Boom Boom Power.

The on air variety show is being broadcast every 4pm to 6pm and that its popularity and format can be likened to a breakfast show in the UK.

The show’s host DJ Boom is famous for his antics ang gimmicks among the latest is him swallowing a microphone.

Boom Boom Power is heard Monday through Friday, and includes segments like Real Stories, Get a song, Foreign Listeners and AS Center.

Because of its phenomenal presence on social media, more and more stations are adapting the program. 

In the metropolitan area, it can be heard through 107.7MHz and 100.3MHz. Boom Boom Power can be heard through 99.9MHz in Busan and 102.5MHz in Changwon. In Daegu, Gyeongju, and Gumi, 99.3MHz, Daejeon, Sejong, Nonsan, and Gyeryong, it is possible to listen to ‘Boom Boom Power’ at 95.7MHz.

KBS World Radio turns to listeners to improve station

With the aim of better understanding the needs and expectations of overseas listeners and provide better broadcasting services, KBS Korea International Radio is conducting an overseas listeners satisfaction survey.

“The valuable opinions of every listener will become our valuable information to improve the quality of broadcast programs. ” – KBS World Radio posted onto their website.

For the listeners who participated in the survey, the station will send souvenirs by lot. Survey is accessible here. Below is the company’s message to participants.

The purpose of this survey is to help KBS WORLD Radio produce better programs and services. Please share your thoughts on KBS WORLD Radio and/or the ways in which you believe it should be improved. Your answers will be of great value to us in creating better programs. Your responses will be made anonymous, and will only be used for statistical purposes. We appreciate your honest opinions. Small prizes will be sent to a number of survey participants selected in a draw. Please submit your email address at the end of the survey to enter the draw.

KBS World Radio is the official international broadcasting station of South Korea. Owned by the Korean Broadcasting System, the station broadcasts news and information in 11 languages: Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Russian, German, French and Spanish.

VOH 95.6 in Ho Chi Minh City continues to enjoy high ratings from listeners, travellers, and motorists

VOH 95.6 is the only urban radio station in Ho Chi Minh City that provides complete information about traffic situation with the hope of being a companion to relieve traffic pressure of each traveller’s journey. VOH 95.6, the 3rd station of the HCMC People’s Voice Station.

For the people of the city, especially the drivers, VOH 95.6 is important in their every day drive. The station is considered a friend that brings a lot of useful information to help people get news and entertainment any time.

Mr. Hoa, a driver from Lam River – Ha Tinh, has been listening for over 4 years, sharing that he loves the VOH Traffic program. According to him, listening to VOH 95.6 lets him have a  comfortable ride, staying away from traffic jams and even get real time traffic info by receiving queries from listeners.

“My favorite is the VOH traffic program which is very useful because it helps me find other routes to make it easier. I can call the station and get information right away.

“I am addicted to listening to VOH. Because there are also some good music programs, reducing stress for the driver ”.

The station also offers rich, quality and diverse programs such as comedy, drama and health related shows.

Passengers who travel in long distances get entertained as well since the coverage of the station is wide.

VOH 95.6 employs a team of qualified reporters and editors who constantly monitor traffic situation from 5am to 11pm every day. 

Lieutenant Colonel Pham Cong Danh – Head of the Traffic Command and Traffic Control Unit under the Road Traffic Police Department (PC67) of Ho Chi Minh City Police affirmed, “VOH 95.6, The People’s Radio of Ho Chi Minh City (VOH) has made a significant contribution to the current traffic order and safety, a channel gradually becomes a close friend of the people, giving choices to the people to choose the appropriate direction. , avoiding traffic congestion, and positively supporting functional forces to quickly resolve the situation of traffic conflicts.”

On the other hand, VOH 95.6 also does a good job of disseminating  legal knowledge of traffic safety, improving traffic culture in the city. It is expected that in the coming future, the station will invest in CCTV system to further its mission to provide safe travel.