LFM, the largest French-speaking commercial radio station in Switzerland,  has chosen BRANDY as its new imaging partner. The Belgian branding  house has created a new sonic logo and implemented it in a new fresh on air  sound. The package includes 10 jingles, a top of the hour, and beds for news  and weather. 

At the end of last year, LFM chose Brandy’s sound for its Christmas styling. Now,  that avant-premiere of LFM’s new sonic logo has received a definitive follow-up. ‘LFM, les plus belles chansons’ has been integrated into a stylish, contemporary  jingle package that radiates great positivity. The clever integration of the slogan  gives the logo even more character and melodic recognisability. 

Fabrice Benedet, Artistic Director at LFM: “Brandy has done a wonderful job! LFM  needed a thorough makeover. And that mission has been accomplished thanks to  all the talent Brandy is known for”. 

The LFM package is composed of custom-made tracks and a few tracks from the  Brandy catalogue in which LFM’s new sonic logo has been incorporated. Have a listen to the aircheck