MBC FM4U to announce new morning show host


MC Kim Je-dong (45) MBC FM4U ‘Good Morning FM Kim Je-dong’ is getting off.

Radio DJ Kim Je-dong is stepping down as host of Good Morning FM on MBC FM4U. 

MBC issued an official statement, “we haven’t decided yet,” and said, “we are discussing the whole matter ahead of the fall reorganization.”

Earlier this day, Kim Je-dong signed off at ‘Good Morning FM Kim Je-dong’ in line with the fall program reorganization, and it was suggested that MC Jang Sung-gyu (36) was mentioned as a successor. Kim Je-dong took over the program following MC No Hong-cheol (40) in April 2018.

KBS 1TV Preview Program ‘Tonight Kim Je-dong’ was abolished after the last broadcast on August 29.

MBC FM4U is a radio station from the Republic of Korea stations of the Cultural Broadcasting. It was launched from Busan Cultural Broadcasting on April 15, 1970 and on Cultural Broadcasting on September 19, 1971. MBC FM4U metropolitan frequency is 91.9 MHz.

The nickname ‘FM4U’ began when it was reorganized in autumn 2001, meaning that ‘ 4 ‘ in ‘FM4U’ was originally ‘For’. In addition, the letter ‘U’ is the same as the word ‘You’ which means you. In other words, ‘FM4U’ means FM for you, FM for you.

The metropolitan area broadcasts traffic information for 57 minutes from 6:57 am to 9:57 pm (from 7:57 am on Sundays) and provides weather and traffic information every weekend for 1 minute every 30 minutes . In some regions, cultural broadcasting stations broadcast separate advertisements such as campaign advertisements.

Starting at 0 o’clock on August 4, 2014, all regular broadcasts at Gusa Office Radio Station in Yeouido were terminated, and regular broadcasts were started at the Sangam-dong New Office Radio Station.

On November 27, 2016, a test broadcast was carried out for the transfer to Gwanaksan Transmitter, and on December 5 , 2016, a test broadcast of the Gwanaksan Transmitter was conducted for one week. The transfer of Gwanaksan transmission station was completed by removing all transmission equipment of Namsan transmission station on December 19, 2016.