Long Live Local Radio, Town Takes Pride of FM Station Run by Market Merchants


Visible Radio is now celebrating its third anniversary. The station broadcasts from the first floor of the Wholesale Market Support Center in the Doma Big Market. 

Baek Seung-jae, now 61, spearheads the operations of the radio stations which came about to serve the community.

The station first went on the air in 2016 and was the project of Daejeon City Hall Media Center. Eight representatives from the area go on board as radio personalities.

Mr. Baek is the one who handles news, travel and health, while his youngest son Yeon-Ha takes care of song requests. Everyone in the area is a contributor to the station as they receive input and suggestions from their Market Social Network Service and the Customer Support Center.

In line with its mission to serve the community, Visible Radio invites police officers and firefighters to provide information and tips for listeners.

Kim Jak-Jun is the top star in Visible Radio as he is known for his musical talents.

“The Doma Big Market is the second largest market in Daejeon after the Central Market with about 1,100 merchants working in 470 stores. There are three parking lots, and it is cheap and has an assortment of markets. I hope this will remain to be an avenue where merchants and residents can communicate,” says Mr. Baek.