Asia: Gema Randik 97 FM Enjoys Increasing Popularity, Radio Still Top Media


In this digital era, when access to information is fast, it turns out that radio still has its own devotees. This is evident with the community at Gema Randik 97 FM in its studio and office at the Dinkominfo, Musi Banyuasin Regency, South Sumatra, Indonesia.

The Muba Regency government-owned radio station has seen increase in visits by fans, listeners and organizations including that of Dharma Wanita Persatuan (DWP) Dinkominfo Muba led by Patricia Lisnawaty Sinulingga together with DWP member Dinkominfo Muba last March 6, 2020 Friday.

Dharma Wanita is an organization whose wives are Civil Servants (PNS). Dharma Wanita was established on 7 December 1999 at a national meeting. The main objective of establishing Dharma Wanita is to improve the quality of the resources of PNS family members to achieve national welfare.

Based on the Nielsen Consumer Media View survey (Nielsen Indonesia Survey 2017), radio penetration is still ranked fourth compared to other types of media.

“Television is still the main media for the people of Indonesia, where the penetration reaches 96 percent,” said DWP Chairman Dinkominfo Muba Patricia.

Furthermore, outdoor media has 53 percent penetration, internet 44 percent and radio media is fourth position with 37 percent. The penetration of newspaper media is only 7 percent and magazines and tabloids 3 percent.

“From the survey, there are still many radio listeners and I am sure that radio listeners will not be eroded by the rapid progress of information technology. But instead they will compliment each other, “he said.

Meanwhile, Head of the Information Communication Office, Herryandi Sinulingga, represented by the Head of Public Communication Tri Nurhayani, explained that anyone and any organization who wants to take part in broadcasting to share positive information with the people of Muba is welcome to visit radio stations.

“Because radio can be a forum for information and communication tools. We believe that radio still has a place in the hearts of loyal listeners because radio listeners are usually communities who are loyal to their favorite radio programs,” he said.