Radio Stations In This Part of the World Are Attracting More Younger Ears Compared to the US


New Gen Radio Personalities Take Over Korean Radio

Younger radio personalities have taken over the radio. Yang Hee-eun, Choi Hwa-jeong, Bae Chul-soo and other traditional radio stars are still very present in the industry, however new generation presenters are rising and gaining more popularity among old and new listeners.

The group’s Block Kyung Park, brother and sister duo Akdong Musician’s Lee Soo Hyun, A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji, B1A4’s mountains, and B2B’s Jung Il Hoon emerged as the new radio stars.

Unlike their traditional counterparts the new, these new voices represent contemporary youth.

Park made his presence through MBC FM4U (91.9MHz) ‘Park Kyung’s Dreaming Radio’ at 8:00 pm on weekdays. The program format is unique, and it gradually gained more listening in the following weeks after its launch.

Aksu musician Lee Soo-hyun is also someone listeners look up to with his near perfect English diction. KBS Cool FM (89.1MHz) airs his program, which runs every day from 8:00 pm for 2 hours, aptly called ‘Turning Up the Volume of Acoustic Musicians’. Listeners are responding that they enjoy the program thanks to its calming and relaxing format.

Apink Jung Eun-do has been loved as a new DJ since spring of this year. Choi Hwa-jung (SBS Power FM) and Kim Shin-young (MBC FM4U) have already secured a fixed audience, and are targeting a niche with calm and comfortable voice tones through KBS Cool FM ‘Jung Eun-ji’s Music Square’ from 12:00 to 2 noon.

Since August last year, the listeners keep pouring in every night at 10 pm to MBC Standard FM (95.9MHz) ‘The Starry Night of the Mountains’ (Star Night). Spearheading are Lee Jong-hwan, Kim Ki-deok, Lee Moon-se, Ok Ju-hyun and other talented DJs in the field.

Kim Hong-chul, general manager of Cool FM, KBS Radio Center, said, “It is aimed at lowering the listening age range throughout the day and night time in the atmosphere of renewal.”

While other countries and markets, radio is struggling to younger ears, here in this part of the world, they are enjoying rapid growth and increasing interest in radio.