Radio Wibawa Mukti Wins First Place in the LPPL Award


LPPL Radio Wibawa Mukti, owned by Bekasi Regency, won first prize in the 2019 LPPL Award for the Audio Visual Version of the Archipelago, the best Audio Visual Version on the 1st National LPPL Radio and Television Anniversary at the Grand Tjokro Hotel, Bandung on Wednesday, (Wednesday 10/9/2019).

Radio Wibawa Mukti set aside a number of other archipelago sound production candidates including Radio Gema Bungo Jambi and Radio Sonata Bandung and Radio eRKS Sumedang.

The Chairperson of Indonesian Radio and Television LPPL, Erwin Ibrahim, hopes that with the 2019 LPPL Award Individuals can motivate LPPL to improve their capabilities and quality in broadcasting news, especially Suara Nusantara news.

“I hope this award will be a motivation to improve the quality of LPPL production in the future so that the tagline of one million votes can continue to reverberate,” he said.

Meanwhile Radio Wibawa Mukti Manager Heru Budian Timor said that the achievement was used as capital to continue to work professionally in managing LPPL Radio Wibawa Mukti as a media of information that could be trusted by the public in presenting development news and work achievements of SKPD, sub-districts and villages in Bekasi Regency.

“I am on behalf of the manager of LPPL Wibawa Mukti thanking for the award which was the result of the assessment of the committee of the Indonesian LPPL Radio and Television Association as the champion of the Nusantara Voice Production category,” he said.